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            Tom stared at the device in his hands. The little remote only had five buttons, one for each direction and a circle in the center. The little LED screen above the buttons had a single word written above it, “Property”. He was at a loss as to the remote’s purpose. When he had found it sitting on his front porch he had assumed it was just another remote that their cat had tried to spirit away. But it didn’t seem to go with any of the TV’s or other devices around the house. Even his dad, who owned half the stuff, had never seen it before.

            Tom looked around his room, besides his computer there was nothing electronic to try the mystery remote on.

            “What do think Jasper? Just a prank?” Tom pointed the remote at his cat, who was lying on the bed, and pressed the center button, for no other reason than he was bored. He was, therefore, surprised when the LED screen lit up with the word “Jasper”. “What the hell?” How did the remote know his cat’s name? Intrigued, Tom sat up and as if he already knew what it would do, he pressed the “up” button. Jasper’s name disappeared and was replaced with: “Generic properties: Size” next to the text a “100%” appeared as well.

“I wonder…” Tom’s voice trailed off as he pressed the “Right” button. Immediately the 100% increased to 101%. He looked at Jasper, who as happily licking his crotch, Tom couldn’t see any difference. He pressed the button again, longer this time, and the number jumped to 122%. Looking back at Jasper Tom’s mouth nearly hit the floor. His cat, while still within believable size, was definitely bigger.


            Tom knew what he wanted to do with the device as soon as he learned what it was for. Even better, through experimenting on Jasper he had discovered that it could alter more than just size, it could control things as specific as color or hair length and things as arbitrary as overall physical appearance. And the best thing was that the person, or cat in this case, being changed had no memory of being altered. Jasper, now a three foot long tabby with black stripes, trotted around as if he had always looked that way. Even his sister, who spent the most time with Jasper, didn’t notice the change. His sister, that brought him to where he was now.


For a long time Tom had felt mixed feelings about his sister Emily. He hadn’t been very tall growing up, where as his little sister was always slightly big for her age. Their age gap was large enough, four years, where she had never really caught up to him, but there was a time when he truly believed she would pass him in height. At that time he was humiliated by the idea, but as time passed he grew accustomed to it and in the deepest corners of his mind he even grew to desire it. But as fate would have it he began growing around the same time she did and managed to maintain his height advantage through both of their respective puberties. He was now 19 years old and 5’8” and she 15 and 5’3”. But he had never been able to completely quell that part of him that wanted to see his little sister taller than him, and now he had the means to make that a reality.

            As he walked into the kitchen with the remote behind his back he found Emily sitting at the table reading a book. His parents were out for the night at some dinner party so it was just him and his sister.

            “Hey Em,” He had to try hard to keep his voice from cracking.

            “Hey.” She said back, engrossed in her book.

Tom sat at the opposite end of the table and, pretending to take out his phone, pointed the device at his sister under the table. A few button presses later and he was ready. “Size: 100%” he held his breath, and tapped the “Right” button, stopping at “105%”. If his calculations were correct this should make Emily around 5’6”. He looked up, it was hard to tell if it had worked when she was sitting.

            “Hey Em’, c-could you stand up for a sec?” His sister looked up, her naturally flush face looking bewildered.

            “Why? What’s up?”

            “It’s nothing, I just need to check something” He grew in confidence, an idea forming.

            “Sure I guess…you’re acting kinda weird though.” As she stood her slight frame came into clearer view. Her legs were the first thing he noticed. They were visibly longer, fuller too, though not fat. His gaze traveled up her body taking in every extra inch. Her, wider hips, leaner stomach, broader shoulders, even her short brown hair all seemed to be amplified by her new height. As she stood to her fullest Tom walked over to her. She was still about two inches shorter than him, for now. He stood less than six inches from her, looking into her eyes. He pressed the button again, and watched as his little sisters head rose steadily higher. He was looking directly into her eyes, then up into them, then even further up. When she stopped she stood a solid 5’11” tall, 3 inches taller than her big brother.     

            “So,” she said, in sing song tone, “What’s up…little bro?”


Tom stared up at his younger sister, at a loss for words. When some did finally manage to escape his mouth all he could say was,

            “You’re so much taller than me…” Emily giggled.

             “You say that like it’s a new thing, don’t you remember? I’ve been taller than you since the fifth grade. You always were kinda shrimpy, don’t worry though little bro, I love you any way.” With that she pulled Tom in for a hug, tucking his head over her shoulder. In the process Tom was so surprised that he accidentally hit the button yet again, bumping his “little” sister up to 6’1”. Her stance altered and she now had his head tucked under her chin.

Something he hadn’t been prepared for was his sister’s proportional increase in strength. He doubted that he could pull away, even if he wanted to. Tom gave in to his sister’s surprising strength, and hugged her back, snuggling his head into her neck. This caused her to giggle.

            “Don’t have too much fun down there, or people might start to think I’m older too.” She pulled away, holding Tom at arm’s length. Tom looked his little, well younger, sister up and down. She still retained the same proportions she had at 5’3”. She had a good figure, long legs, full round hips, a flat stomach and average breasts. Average, he could do something about that.

            “Hey watch where you’re looking Romeo.” Emily cupped his chin in her hand and lifted his head to look up into her eyes, her soft face smirking down at him. Her attitude towards him had clearly changed as well. Whereas before she was rather nonchalant about his presence, they now seemed to share a much closer relationship.

            “So,” she said “What was it you wanted?” Her smile broadened, almost as if she knew what had changed.   


Chapter End Notes:

I plan on continueing this, not sure how far it's going to go though. 

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