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Story Notes:

This is a revamp of a previous story of mine which, just didn't work the way I would have liked. I will release the chapters as demand dictates.


So if anything seems overtly similar, it's because I worked from the same notebook.


Enjoy :)


Author's Chapter Notes:

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

On a highway in the middle of Kansas, there was only one car, a Ford F-150, which was travelling west, straight into the sunset.


The driver of that truck was Myri, a twenty-three year old girl, who worked a dreary job as a receptionist in a large town near the village that she just moved into.


Myri had much on her mind, she knew moving to Kansas would be difficult, but it should have been more rewarding. She was struggling to find the reward in any of it. Her mind wandered as she looked for the positives. She realized that there were a number of events she would be attending in town which sounded fun. Hopefully an opportunity to relax.


It was slightly positive, and it was enough.


She thought more about that upcoming opportunity, when suddenly she was jerked back to reality. She realized she had been doing 71 in a 55 zone. As evidenced by a set of blue and red lights, and the shrill siren of a highway patrolman.


“Damn.” Myri cursed as she pulled to the side of the road and stopped the car. The police cruiser parked right behind her. The officer got out of the car and approached Myri's driver side window.


“Ma’am, do you know why I pulled you over?”


“I was doing fifteen over the speed limit.”


“Thanks for your honesty, may I see your license and registration?”


“Yeah…” Myri handed these items to the officer, who looked at the driver’s license.


“Myrium LaFayette?”


“That’s me.”


The officer sauntered back to his car to do the report.


Myri sighed, “Thanks fate, I finally found a positive, and I get pulled over. Screw you.”


Myri stared into her deep blue eyes in the rearview mirror, frustrated with her luck. She looked down and tugged on her skirt to reveal a little more of her legs. Perhaps the officer would let her off.


She hoped he wouldn’t give her a ticket just for being “kind”.


She stewed more, and was thoroughly frustrated with the situation by the time the officer returned. Myri was proverbially shaking her fist at the fates, the sky, and her rearview mirror, he analyzed Myri’s eyes, looking for signs of intoxication.


“Have you been drinking ma’am?”


“No I’m not drinking, I’m fine, just thinking and being frustrated with my day."


"Where are you from Myrium?" he inquired


"The next town past Roland, Kanesville, why do you ask?"


The officer continued, "Did you move there recently? Because this address is not in Kanesville, and we are certainly a long way from Seattle."


"Just last week sir, I haven't had a chance to get my license localized.”


The officer sighed, and just looked out into the nearby field, rolling his eyes. Having not found any physical sign of intoxication, he decided against giving Myri a ticket.


"I would really not like your first impression of the police here to be a speeding ticket in a no traffic zone, and you probably have the whole world on your mind. How about I give you a warning, and I just consider this a welcome to our state?"


"That would make my day feel better sir, sorry for taking your time."


The officer extended his hand and Myri took it in a firm handshake. "Alright Myri, I hope you have a safe drive home, and welcome to Kansas.”


"Appreciate it Officer…"


“Derrik Allen."


“Thanks, Officer Allen.”


Myri rolled up her window and turned the motor back on and started back on the highway. As she drove along a strong rain storm began pounding on the windshield, making it much more difficult to see the eroded road. As she passed through Roland the rain intensified.


Soon she was on the final mile into Kanesville, and she saw a young woman walking along the side of the road. She had long blonde hair and was rather tall, she was wearing a wet yellow blouse and white capris.


Myri pulled over and opened the windows so she could hear her. "Hop in, I will take you into town!"


"Are you sure?" she asked


"Are you kidding? Come on!" Myri popped the door open and she gracefully hopped into Myri's car.


Her smile was incredible, her perfectly straight teeth shined in the little light available, framed by her beautiful pouty lips. Myri looked her up and down. She had to be almost six feet tall, about half a foot taller than she was.


"What's your name?" Myri inquired


After wiping some of the water from her face she responded "Alliana.”


Myri thought she was quite beautiful, "Well nice to meet you Alliana, I am Myri, and I just moved into town last week."


Alliana laughed softly "Well I knew that had to be the case because I should know everyone in this town, and if you had lived here for much longer than a week under my nose I would be very disappointed in myself.”


Myri let out a little nervous laugh, “Where is your place Alliana?”


“Oh, turn left up on Maple, I live in the third house on the right."


There was a long silence, one which was punctuated by the sound of the rain beating on the windshield.


Alliana broke the silence, “Your truck has a really comfy seat.”


She looked toward Alliana “Well cared for, and broken in.”


Alliana smiled even wider, “My car isn’t nearly that comfy, I might just hitchhike to town with you and sell my car.”


Myri laughed at that prospect, despite it being a sarcastic comment.


"Well it is really nice to meet someone in town. Even the silly girl who was walking around on the highway in rain."


"At least I walk! Keeps me healthy!" she responded, crossing her arms, pressing them into her chest.


Myri noticed her perfectly maintained bare feet, clean due to the water she had tread through. “Do you usually go walking barefoot? Or was that just today?”


Alliana turned to her, “It wasn’t raining when I started!” she leaned closer to Myri, “But, I like the feeling of the ground, it is rejuvenating.”


"I'm just glad I could help you out Alliana." Myri forced a smile as she pulled up to Alliana's home.


Alliana opened her door "Thanks for picking me up and taking me home, it was kind of you."


"No problem Alliana, we should hang out.”


Alliana turned around, “That would be nice, what’s your phone number?”


Myri recited her number, which Alliana did not write down.


Alliana closed the door and started walking back to her house. Myri then noticed her generous butt, beautiful, without being overstated. Myri wished her own butt was that nice.


Myri drove home, glad to have made a new friend.

Chapter End Notes:

No Giantess Content yet, a couple more chapters of character building.


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