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Amazon's Reign: Off with their Heads!
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It had been a good day of practice for the Hale soccer team. Their coach hadn't worked them too hard today and the early fall weather had been just the right amount of cool. The locker room would have been filled with happy chatter, jokes, and the occasional prank. Sadly, would have were the keywords, as none of that was happening now. No, those had stopped the moment the “Queens” had graced them with their presence.

Queens... pah, it was a title Richard despised, yet couldn't deny it fit. The three women, Kimberly, Rebecca, and Susan, were royalty in all the ways that mattered. Even for amazons the three were big, the shortest, Susan, being at least fourteen feet. That alone would have granted them "privileges" but not enough to rule the college. No, that was thanks to all three's parents being the biggest donors to Hale. And no one, not the teachers, deans, or even the President of the college, wanted to be the one to explain why Mommy's "little" princess was unhappy. Even if said princess was in the wrong or sent someone to the hospital… And the police were just as happy to look the other way once they received donations. Which was why the Queens could just storm into the boy's locker room and decide it was time for the soccer team to be their personal toys.

"Come now, don't be so bashful around us, Brent. It's not like we haven't all seen it before and, besides, those clothes really are dirty," Kimberly said as she prodded their star center, Brent, with her knee. Kimberly was the leader of the queens and the biggest of the three. Standing at fourteen and a half feet tall, she towered over everyone, even most amazons. Her blonde hair was cut short, just barely passing her ears and her blue eyes twinkled down at Brent. She was wearing her usual skirt, which she knew was short enough to let men see up, and a button up shirt. Despite the slight smile on her face, it was obvious to everyone it was a mask to hide her real emotions.

Brent had been halfway through changing when the three girls had stormed in. Poor guy had been the closest to them and was, now, their sole focus. Richard wished he could help, but knew it was pointless. Besides, he couldn't risk getting on the three's bad side right now and Kimberly always enjoyed toying with him.

Fighting back a sigh, Brent did as he was told and began to remove the rest of his uniform. Brent was a senior at the college and had been around long enough to know the "rules". Kimberly might have acted playful, but the unspoken threat was anything but. Brent WAS going to remove his clothing, his choice was whether it was going to be by force or not.

The Queens all started to giggle as Brent took off his pants. He and the rest of the team tried to look away as Brent stuffed his dirty uniform into his locker. The three girls continued to eye him as Brent reached down to pic- oh no, Brent no!

Richard wanted to warn Brent, but knew it was too late. The moment Brent's hand touched his jeans, Rebecca's boot shot out and smashed him into the locker. Brent cried out in pain as he was slammed into the unyielding metal and Rebecca let him fall to the ground before stomping down onto his side, thankfully not with her full weight.

Rebecca was the muscle of the Queens and looked the part too. She was the second tallest, being a bit over fourteen feet, but was clearly the strongest. Her tight shirt and leggings made her muscle definition obvious for all to see and she was more than happy to show off that strength. Usually by breaking someone’s limbs on “accident”... Her black hair was cut very short and Richard could not remember ever seeing her wearing anything but boots. Today it was thigh-high leather boots...with heels...

"Who the FUCK told you to put your clothes back on?! Stupid manlet, I am going to kick some goddamn sense into you!" Rebecca said as her foot moved back. Richard swore and had to tighten his grip on his own clothes to stop himself from leaping out. The foot started to come forward an-

"Rebecca," Kimberly said, causing Rebecca's boot to stop inches from Brent. Brent's color had drained completely and he stared in unhidden horror at the heel frozen in front of him.
"Let's not ruin our soccer team's star player in the middle of soccer season. I think that nasty heel wound is more than enough of a reminder," Kimberly finished with an annoyed glance at Brent. Rebecca looked less than happy and slammed her boot onto the ground. Rebecca's eyes turned away from Kimberly and began to move about the area. Shit... Richard did his best to look as uninteresting as possible and the other upperclassmen did the same. Of all the "rules", the most important was to NOT draw attention. It was a rule all the boys learned quickly. But the underclassman were, often, slow on that lesson.

Richard risked a glance back just in time to see Rebecca lock eyes on one of the new freshman. Fuck... the idiot was STILL staring at them and with a look of utter terror to boot! He might as well have been jumping into a den of wolves with a steak strapped to his neck. Rebecca's furious scowl turned into a blood-chilling smile...

"What about him?" Rebecca asked, pointing the freshman out. The freshman's face lost all color as Kimberly simply waved Rebecca away. Rebecca snapped back toward him and a smile that would have looked more in place on a serial killer spread over Rebecca. The freshman started to back away as Rebecca began to move after him. She moved just slow enough to let the terror sink in fully and blind panic sent the poor boy running. Richard hide his wince as Rebecca took off after him. She caught him in less than two strides and lifted him off the ground with ease. She then slammed him into the wall dividing the stalls and showers, causing the boy to scream in pain.

"You fucking, SHIT!" she yelled before smashing him into the wall again. This blow must have knocked the boy's air out as his screaming stopped and turned to gasps.
"Trying to run from me? Think I am so kind of monster?! Oh I am going to SHOW YOU A MONSTER!" Rebecca said before smashing him into the wall again. She let his limp body fall to the ground and dragged him back into the showers... all the better to wash the blood away... His fresh screams made Richard's blood boil, but he didn't dare try anything. There were still two Queens here and he would just join the freshman if he tried anything.

"Umm...Kimberly? Can...Can I have Brent? I haven't had him yet and...And I really need it," Susan, the last queen, asked as she started to squirm a bit. Susan's red braids began to swing as she continued to squirm and a few of the other's couldn't help but stare, Brent among them.

While all the queens were considered beautiful, Susan was thought to be the most by far. She had curves in all the right places and tended to wear clothing that showed them off. As she shifted, her huge breasts wobbled visibly in her low cut shirt and her tight pants stretched to contain her wide hips. She bite her lower lip in anticipation as her hands started to sink toward her waist.

Kimberly raised an eyebrow at Susan before turning away as if in thought. Susan waited a second or two but her breath began to quicken as the seconds ticked by. Her swaying increased and she began to glance back and forth between Brent and Kimberly.

"Kim...." Susan half whined half moaned before sinking onto her knees. She lifted Kimberly's skirt before plunging her head into Kimberly's underwear. Every guy in the locker room was now staring, including Richard he was sad to admit, as Susan began to lick Kimberly's covered pussy. Kimberly's eyes closed as she started to tighten up in response. Richard began to hope Kimberly would be unable to resist Susan and the two would focus on each other rather than them. But his hope was dashed as Kimberly pushed Susan away.

"Alright! Alright, you win. Just try to be gentle," Kimberly said as she let out a long sigh. Susan's face lit up as Brent's seemed to ping pong between fear and anticipation. She whirled on Brent and grabbed him up in her arms before he could decide which he felt more. Brent swore as he started to try and wiggle free, but Susan was just too big for him to resist. He pushed against her head, but Susan ignored him as she started to plant kiss after kiss over his body. Brent keep struggling for a few seconds, but his resistance began to fade as Susan's kisses moved lower and lower. Brent's resistance ended completely once Susan's mouth pulled his boxers down and her tongue began to slide over his penis. Susan shifted her weight and laid back as she began to suck on him like a baby on a bottle, causing Brent’s resistance to end completely. For his part, Richard breathed a sigh of relieve for Brent. He was lucky she was giving HIM head and not the other way around. More than a few guys had been sent to the hospital that way...

Richard and the rest of the team's focus on Brent and Susan came to a sudden end as a gut-wrenching scream echoed from the shower. Richard turned just in time to see the poor freshman came skidding out of the shower, his right arm bent out of place and a number of heel-shaped bruises covering him. Rebecca stormed out after him, completely naked now. Her right hand was plunged into her crotch as her left shot out to grab the boy again. The boy began to beg for help, crying as he did, but only earned quick kick for his troubles.

"SHUT UP!" Rebecca yelled before grabbing his head to start to carrying him back. It was all Richard could do not to say something. Dammit, Rebecca was going to CRIPPLE that boy, maybe even kill him, if this keep up! Was Richard really going to just stand here and watch?! Was his plan really that important?!

Richard would never know what he would have chosen, as someone made the choice before him. A sophomore, Justin if he remembered right, rushed after Rebecca. He was still wearing his cleats and they clacked across the floor as he sprinted toward the amazon. She had just enough time to turn before Justin leap up. Shit, he was going to flying kick her! Justin rose into the air and rotated to bring his legs forward, before being slammed to the ground by a large blow to his chest. Richard felt his heart and spirit fall as Justin crumpled onto the ground by Kimberly. She had noticed him making a move and caught up to him before he could even lay a finger on Rebecca. Now he was gasping to try and scream in pain as Kimberly shifted to stand over him.

"This one is mine," Kimberly said, stonewalling the raising hate that was filling Rebecca. She looked less than happy, but turned away just the same. With her gone, Kimberly looked down at Justin.

"Congratulations, you just volunteered for my favorite game," Kimberly said with a vicious smile. Justin's attempts to catch his breath were forgotten in favor for struggling to crawl away as he realized what that game was. Kimberly simply giggled at his attempts to flee before shifted and squatting over his face.

"Make me orgasm and I'll let you go. Don't..." Kimberly didn't finish as she flopped down on top of Justin. Justin's arms and legs began to flail as he fought for air, but Kimberly ignored them. Instead, she shifted a bit as if to get comfortable before turning a glare toward her rear.

"I'm not feeling much of anything down there. You might want to get to work, good workers get air. Bad workers," Kimberly said before flicking Justin’s crotch. If Justin let out a scream of pain from the blow, it was absorbed by Kimberly's mass.

With the three Queens all busy, a few of the upperclassmen began to grab their things and flee, hoping to slip out unnoticed. Richard hated running from this, hated leaving his three classmates at the mercy of these... "women", but he had no choice. He couldn't stop them even if he tried and he had too important a task to do later.

Ignoring the screams and pleas from the shower, the flailing and silent screams from under Kimberly, and the short curses escaping Brent as Susan began to pull him in tighter and tighter,, Richard gathered his things and left the locker room. He couldn't stop this horror, but he could stop future ones. And that was more important… Or at least that is what her told himself.


For the hundredth time, Courtney glanced at the clock on her phone as she tried to not look to her left. Despite seeming like an hour, only five minutes had actually gone by and the infuriating squeaks and moans continued relentlessly.

Tiffany, Courtney's amazon roommate, had brought home yet another boy and was busy putting him to work. The boy was attempting to please Tiffany by licking and petting her pussy. Hearing the gasps and moans from Tiffany, one would think the boy was succeeding, but Courtney knew better. All that fake moaning and shit was just an attempt to make Courtney look so Tiffany could get what really got her off.

A sudden loud gasp caused Courtney to, instinctively, look over. She regretted it immediately as she locked eyes with Tiffany. Tiffany's faked smile changed into a real one as she shifted just enough to let Courtney take in the full view of the tiny boy trying his damndest to please her huge body. Fucking bitch… that should be Courtney sitting there having a boy to toy with!

Courtney had thought Tiffany was different when she had first moved in with her. Unlike pretty much every amazon, she didn't constantly mock Courtney for her tiny form, or "accidently" bump into her, or make sure she was always around when they were hitting on a boy, or any number of other shit Courtney had put up with her whole life.. Instead, she had acted nice and understanding, even took up for Courtney a few times. But it had all been a ruse. All Tiffany really wanted was to know what got Courtney's goat and the second she learned that Courtney dreamed of being an amazon and having boy toys of her own, these "meetings" became a constant practice. It had all been so Tiffany could use Courtney to get her own fucked up jollies. Fucking cunt had used her... and Courtney HATED her for it.

Whirling away in fury, Courtney did her best to try and focus on something, anything else but that damn moaning and slapping. Leaving would have been the best way, but as bad as this was it was nothing compared to what the amazons outside would do. She'd be lucky if they just mocked her out there, but it was far more likely they would use her as a doll or their own personal servant.

Goddammit, it wasn't fair that someone as stupid and shallow as Tiffany and the others were given amazon sizes and Courtney not. It had NEVER been fair. Her own mother was an amazon and STILL she was born weak, tiny, and pathetic. And because of that she had never known a moment of peace. Never been able to go anywhere without being stared at like some kind of freak!

From the second the first of the girls start to grow to amazon sizes, Courtney had been a prime target for bullying. Not being an amazon was bad enough, but being only 5'3 made it so much worse. She wasn't just small, she was tiny and it made her an easy target. No matter where she went or what her parents did she was constantly barraged by mockery and ridicule. Fuck even boys tended to push her around! BOYS!!!

A sudden rumble from nearby shook Courtney out of her thoughts. Her phone alarm had, finally, gone off. Thank fuck... Grabbing it, Courtney leap out of her bed and made a beeline for the door, doing her best not to even glance at Tiffany.

"Oh, am I being too loud? Sorry about that, it’s just hard to be quieter when you have such BIG needs," Tiffany mocked faking another loud moan. Courtney stopped just long enough to give Tiffany a death glare before storming out of the room. She charged through the hall, avoiding the downward glances of the amazons in the hall. She ignored their snickering and giggles as she practically sprinted out of the building. Soon... soon they were ALL going to regret every fucking with her. Soon, she was going to be the size she had deserved and then...then she was going to make them all pay… and they would be the ones she used to get HER jollies.


It was ready... After so many failed trials, false leads, dead end research, and useless studies the serum was complete. Richard had come to Hale and made sure to become a chemical assistance just for this. Now... now he could bring this twisted, unfair world to an end. Now, he could bring the chance for equality back and stop the inevitable descent into oppression.

But as much as Richard wanted to believe everything would work, he had learned, often the hard way, that such thoughts were dangerous. He had thought his serum was ready more than once and the results of those failures had been... Honestly, he didn't want to think about them. He was just glad he hadn't tested them on people... But this time, this time he was. Dear God what was he thinking?

"She did volunteer... and she saw the risks too," Richard said to himself. It was little comfort considering what might happen to Courtney. She had been a godsend as an assistant, but her overeagerness was always worrying to him, just like it was now. And yet… and yet she HAD agreed and this test would have to come at some point. He had taken every precaution he cou-

The door opening tore Richard away from his thoughts. He turned and let out a relieved sigh to see Courtney moving toward him. Her long black hair was pulled back into a ponytail and her brown eyes seemed to twinkle in excitement. Richard could understand why they would as it was no secret how awful the amazons treated her. The chance of, finally, being able to put that all to an end would excite anyone.

Despite being twenty-five, Courtney was so skinny and small that it wasn't uncommon for people to think her much younger. She wasn't unattractive by any means, but when compared to amazons... well to say it was an unfair match would be to put it mildly. Her own tiny height only added to her far younger appearance and made her an easy target for both amazon and boy bullies. It was, also, why Richard was somewhat willing to do this test. No one else in the school deserved, or needed, the size increase more than her.

"Is it ready?" Courtney asked in obvious anticipation. Richard switched the last few tests he had been running off and turned to face his assistant.

"Yes, everything is ready for the test. But before we begin," Courtney's eagerness fell a bit at those words, but Richard continued, "are you absolutely sure about this? I know you have seen the potential... results if things go badly, but are you really sure you are ready to risk your life for this?" Courtney's face shifted a bit as if unsure on what to feel. After a deep breath, it settled into a soft smile.

"Yes, I'm sure. The potential good this could do is more than enough to face the risks. Besides I... don't have much of a future either way," Courtney said, turning away from Richard as her smile faded. Richard wished he could say that was untrue...but he would be lying if he did. The amazons were taking over everything now and it wasn't going to be long before anyone not an amazon would be made a second-class citizen. And as small as Courtney was she would be lucky not to just disappear one day, never to be heard from again. It was already starting with the odd disappearances, lack of police responses...

Nodding in understanding, Richard moved back to his work table and picked up various medical devices to monitor Courtney. He placed the devices onto her and made sure they were all working. Hopefully, they would give Richard enough of an early warning of something going wrong for Richard to keep Courtney from being killed. Or, at the bare minimum, they would give Richard good data on the results of this test... as horribly morbid and selfish as that was. But he knew Courtney would not want her death to be in vain and Richard would make sure it was not.

With his monitoring equipment set up, Richard took out his newest serum.

"One last warning, I haven't done anything with the taste so it might be... well horrid," Richard admitted. He had been so busy just getting it to work he never even thought of how bad it would be going down. Courtney either didn't care or didn't hear as she snatched the vial away. She gave Richard enough time to get back to his machines before she started to drink.


Finally... FINALLY! The tool to get her rightful size and her rightful power was in her hand. She had spent so many months sucking up to that dumbass Richard: agreeing with his naive BS, acting all nice and helpful, fighting back so much vomit that her mouth seemed to be forever coated in it, and steering him toward getting the serum to work on women first. All of it, finally, was going to pay off.

Struggling to keep a twisted smile off her face, Courtney brought the vial to her mouth. She took her first chug and had to fight not to spit it up. Dear God, it was AWFUL!!! Courtney had taken some nasty medicine, but this was beyond anything she had ever drank. But drink it she did. It could have been a hundred times worse and she STILL would have chugged it down. The taste would pass, but the size, respect, strength, and POWER, THAT was worth any horrid aftertaste.

With an inward yell, Courtney got the last of the serum down and gasped for breath. The taste was still coating her mouth and she could feel herself wanting to retch, but she fought the urge down. She was NOT going to lose this chance now.

"Fuck... that was bad," Courtney said, not even trying to keep her good girl facade up. Thankfully, Richard didn't seem surprised or confused by her cursing.

"I did warn you... Assuming this works, I'll do what I can about the taste," Richard said giving Courtney a sympathetic look. Ugh, Courtney wanted to cuss the prick out, but pushed the urge down. She would make him pay AFTER she made sure this serum worked.

Courtney looked herself over and...didn't see or feel anything. She was the same tiny little shrimp and didn't feel herself stretching or expanding or however growing was supposed to feel. Dammit, she so wanted to demand what the fuck was wrong, but knew she still needed to play her part for now. Maybe this was another failure...

"Is...Is something supposed to happen?" Courtney asking, keeping her anger out of her voice. Richard glanced up from his monitors and shook his head.

"Not right now. Since you took the serum orally it is going to take a few minutes for it to spread through your bloodstream. Injecting it would have caused the change to be near instantaneous, but would have made any complications almost assuredly fatal," Richard answered as he went back to looking over his machine. Courtney rolled her eyes and let out a low snarl. Damn fucker and his lust for "safety". She had seen what had happened to the failed subjects and already knew damn well she was fucked if this went bad. But it was worth that risk and, worse came to worst, she would rather be dead than stuck at thi-

Courtney's thoughts slammed to a halt as a sudden wave of pain washed through her. Courtney doubled over as the pain began to grow in intensity, driving her thoughts away and causing her eyes to water. Courtney had to fight to keep breathing as the pain grew to levels she didn't even know existed. Her pain filled mind was dimly aware of Richard rushing toward her, but even that part was blocked out as the pain grew. And soon she was aware of nothing but pure agony.


"COURTNEY!" Richard yelled as he rushed to her side. No, no, no, NO, her heart rate was racing to fatal levels while her blood pressure was nearing the limits of her arteries! He had to act fast or Courtney's insides were, literally, going to explode!

Snatching up a depressant he had made ready, Richard keep Courtney's writhing body still long enough to administer the drug. He tried to keep Courtney from hurting herself with her trashing and prayed he had been fast enough. Dammit, he KNEW this had been a mistake!

Looking back at the monitors, Richard let out a relieved sigh as Courtney's blood pressure began to normalize and her heart rate slowed to fast, but not fatally so. Even better, Courtney began to gasp for air and stop her violent shaking. That had been too close... another second and he would have lost her, maybe even less.

With the threat of death averted, for now, Richard headed back to his worktable to get the abort drug. Courtney was unlikely to be happy with the effects of this drug, but it would make sure his failed serum didn't kill her and that was far more important. Turning back to Courtney, Richard was a bit surprised to see her beginning to stir. He moved over and pushed her back to keep her still.

"Don't move, Courtney, you are still in danger. Stay still while I give you the abort drug," Richard said in as calming a voice as he could manage. Courtney still seemed to be a bit out of it and her eyes blinked and roamed about, unable to focus. But even so, she still managed to shake her head and mouth out a no.

Richard respected her courage and willingness to sacrifice for the greater cause, but he would never forgive himself if he let her die when he could have saved her. Besides, he had gotten good data from this already and that might be enough for him to learn what had gone wrong. Courtney had done, and risked, more than enough.

Holding Courtney down to keep her weak flailing from interfering, Richard leaned down and moved the syringe tow- Suddenly, the needle began to press into Courtney's arm. Richard pulled the syringe back and narrowed his eyes. Wait... he hadn't been that close a second before. How ha-... could it be?

Setting the syringe down for a second, Richard turned one of his monitors around and looked over the readout. It was a machine he had designed and built himself to monitor people's mass. Normally, it read 0% showing the mass had not changed. But there wasn't a 0 by Courtney's readouts. It was a 4...

Whirling back, Richard grabbed Courtney's hand and held it tightly. Sure enough, he could feel his hands being pushed apart as Courtney's small hand began to demand more space. She was growing... It had worked... IT HAD WORKED!

"Courtney, how do you feel? Does it still hurt?" Richard asked, going completely into data mode. He needed to make notes, figure out the rate of growth, see what effects the depressant had, write down the time between administration and effect, an-

A moan of equal part pain and pleasure was Courtney's answer and it sent Richard's thoughts screeching to a halt. Courtney's eyes began to regain their focus and she pushed herself up...and up...and up. Normally, Courtney would have been about a foot lower to the ground than Richard when they were sitting. But now... now Courtney was only an inch lower...and that inch vanished as another slight moan escaped her.

"Yes... fuck yes!" Courtney said between gasps. Richard could only watch in awed silence as the tiny, scrawny Courtney began to expand outward. Shifting her weight to her feet, Courtney tried to stand, but another short spurt sent her tumbled forward. Richard stared in wonder as Courtney's, now fully on display, rear began to expand outward. A soft giggle came from her direction and Richard's amazement only increased as the growing rear began to sway in front of him. His stupor only ended when a loud ripping sound began to come from the pants that were now failing in containing the engorging ass.

"Dat... DATA! Shit, I need to be recording this," Richard said more to himself as he rushed back to his monitors. So much data he needed to be gathering and he was wasting time marveling at Courtney's new, still growing, magnificent rear. Having to fight practically every urge in his body, Richard did his best to focus on taking notes and making sure he got every bit of information he could.


The spurts hurt. Each one forced her muscles to swell, her bones to lengthen, and her flesh to spread and those changes brought pain. But it hurt SO. DAMN. GOOD!!! Seeing that Richard had snapped out of his ass-caused stupor, Courtney pushed herself back into a sitting position. She smiled in utter glee as more ripping sounds came from her pants and was thrilled to watch her shirt begin to lose the same battle as well. Fuck, the serum wasn't just making her bigger, it was making her curvier too!

Her breasts had been an A-cup of nothing before, but now they were pushing out, ready to challenge the world along with the rest of her. She groaned as she ran her hands over her lengthening legs, enjoying the feeling of her thigh muscles feeding off the serum. She giggled as she watched her hand cover more and more of the tiled floor, wondering how long till she could cover a whole tile with it. And she marveled as the tables tops began to move closer and closer, and then further and further as she started to grow past them, WHILE SITTING DOWN!!! Even better, the last shreds of her clothing, the bindings of her old, weak life, ripped away and she had to bite her lip as ecstasy seemed to wash over her.

Having had enough of just watching herself, Courtney got her now huge legs under herself and pushed up. She couldn't help but gasp as she watched everything fall away and keep falling away as her body continued its ascent. She turned back and had to laugh as she saw Richard. He was shorter than her belly button and still getting smaller! No... no he wasn't getting smaller, SHE was getting BIGGER!!! And her power was growing right along with her. But she wanted to do more than just to watch Richard shrink away. Oh she wanted to do SOOO much more...

Richard seemed oblivious to Courtney at first, but once she leaned down to put her breasts right behind the monitors, he snapped to her in record time. His jaw went slack as he stared at her and Courtney felt a thrill run through her. Yes... stare at me and see just how powerless you really are! How much BETTER I am than you! But just looking at him wasn't good enough. No no no, she needed MORE. Reaching forward, Courtney grabbed Richard and lifted him up and out of his little spot.

Richard tried to wiggle free at first, but stopped as Courtney giggled at him. Even with her new found height and strength, he was still rather heavy, but even that was shrinking away. Each passing second saw his weight melt away and Courtney marveled as her hands covered more and more of him. It was so insanely awesome... a man who had been nearly two feet taller than her moments before, was now light enough for her to carry like a baby. And just like her legs, her arms were feeding off the serum, gaining definition they had never had before.

 Yet all great things had to end and Courtney let out one last moan as the feeling of growing faded away. Damn... she had wanted to get even bigger, but she supposed this siz-...actually, how big HAD she grown? She had been so enraptured by her growth and toying with Richard she hadn't even bothered to find out.

Looking around, Courtney couldn't see much of anything to compare herself too. This lab had been made for boys and amazons, so the roof was twenty or so feet up. She hadn't hit that, so she was still under twenty feet. The amazon tables were looking a bit small, but she had no idea how big they were supposed to be. Oh right, Richard had been looking at her vitals and such maybe he knew. Good thing she hadn't gone straight to amusing herself with him.

"So how big am I?" Courtney asked the still somewhat stunned Richard. He didn't answer at all and, instead, just stared at her. She would have been annoyed at him not answering, but seeing the mix of fear and awe on his face made up for it. THAT was the kind of reaction she deserved! But she still wanted an answer.

"Richard... helloooo?" Courtney asked again, this time giving him a light squeeze. Richard grunted a bit at the squeeze and his eyes blinked a few times.

"Wh- what? Oh...size...right...umm..." Richard stammered out as he tried to get some semblance of control over himself.  He keep staring at her for a moment before glancing away with a worried gulp. Courtney raised an eyebrow and wondered just what was bothering him, and if she was going to crush him right here and now for it.

"You....you were....six...sixteen feet the last time I... uh...I looked," Richard said. Courtney stared at Richard for a second, her mind slowly coming to terms with this news. Sixteen...feet. She was...she was six- no even taller than that. She had grown more after picking him up so... She...she wasn't amazon sized... she was even BIGGER!!! HehehehehHAHAHAHA!
"HAHAHAHAHAHA!" Courtney laughed in triumph, excitement, and joy. Sixteen feet tall! She could out size and out power ANY other person on the planet now! No one even came CLOSE to her! Just like it had MEANT to be! Yes, yes, YES!!!

"Please, calm down Courtney! I know this is shocking, but I can fix this! If I ge-" was all Courtney let Richard get out before she pulled him into a lust-filled kiss. It was sooo much better than every kiss before. All the others she had been at the mercy of the man, but now... now he was at HER mercy. If she wanted, she could bite Richard's face off or crush him with her bare hands. But not yet. He had succeeded FAR beyond her expectations. She had figured she would be amazon sized, not super amazon-sized! And that deserved a reward. Besides, she wanted to test this body out!

Courtney chuckled as she released Richard from her kiss. A big grin seemed to be plastered on his face and he looked beyond out of it. She giggled as he leaned down and began to kiss her fingers and wondered if she really wanted to get rid of him. He HAD proven to be useful and he was so loving, apparently. Hmmm... maybe just a broken bone or two to get the poin- Broken bone... Rebecca.....

Almost instantly, Courtney's good mood vanished. That was right, Richard and her had planned to make those royal cunts pay for their crimes after she got big. Courtney wouldn't have given two shits about them a few weeks ago. But that was before Rebecca had decided to show off her strength by snapping Courtney's arm with one hand. That little slip up was going to see her and her two friends dead before this day ended.

"Oh...oh dear. Richard I... I'm so sorry, this was just so... unexpected and the rush... Here, let me...let me put you down," Courtney said, going back to her hated good girl act. Richard seemed disappointed at first, but it soon changed to embarrassment and relieve once his feet hit the ground.

"No, no, it's fine, really. I...I guess I need to make sure the serum doesn't have...sexual side effects after this," Richard said trying not to stare at Courtney's naked form. Courtney would have enjoyed letting him stare, but covered up like her good girl self would do. Not that it did much good, there was soooo much more of her now, hehehe. And from the way Richard was stealing glances, he was all too aware of that too.


Courtney's attempt at modesty was a bit of a wasted effort. His serum had worked miracles on the originally tiny girl, turning her into an amazon of unheard of size and unheard of...assists. A single arm did practically nothing to cover her new body and it was all Richard could do not to stare in wonder. Fuck he could still feel her massive lips moving over his own and her firm, but still light grip on h- NO no, he was blue balling bad enough as it was and they had more important things to do. He needed to focus on the next step.

"Right, seeing that the serum was a... success, we can move on to the next stage. Making the Queens pay," Richard said, finding it a bit easier to keep his eyes off Courtney now. The still fresh horrors those monsters had visited on the soccer team demanded justice and that justice keep him focused.

"I am more than happy to help with that. What is the plan?" Courtney asked as she shifted a bit to find a more comfortable spot, knocking over a, thankfully empty, table in the process. Richard had to fight not to look at her and keep on track with his thoughts.

"It's... ummm, it's rather simple," Richard started shaking his head to clear his thoughts, "The Queens have their own private meeting in the lab next door every Wednesday. All the teachers, staff, etc... know this so they will be doing their best not to be here or pay attention to what is happening. Even better, Kimberly likes to arrive a few minutes early giving us a window to remove her before the other two arrive.

"I...” Richard paused again as he glanced back at Courtney's massive form, "wasn't sure how effective the serum would be so I planned on needing surprise to win. That might not be the case considering... well." Courtney got a mischievous smile at his unspoken awe and gave a quick flex of her arm. A small, at least in comparison to the rest of her, bicep appeared on her arm and Courtney's smile seemed to spread. Ignoring the panic at the initial application, Richard serum had been more than a success. But he needed to stay on topic and not let his lower needs takeover.

"Bu-But I still think we should use it to our advantage. If nothing else, it will help get the fear and intimidation we are going for across. Once we have all three locked down, we can move on to giving them a taste of their own medicine and, hopefully, get them to see the error of their ways," Richard finished, having to look away as Courtney shifted again and started to lean forward.

"Umm... yes... so once Kimberly starts to go by, I'll slip out and lure her into here. Then you can tie her up with those cables till the other two arrive. Understand?" Richard pressed on, motioning toward the large metal cables he had borrowed for this plan. Courtney looked at them before nodding.

"Got it. You lure her in, I tie her up and then take care of the other two. And then," Courtney paused and got an odd mixed up face, "it’s time to teach them the error of their ways." Courtney's faced settled into a slight smile and Richard raised an eyebrow at her. What was that about? Richard was about to ask, but the sounds of footsteps stopped him. Damn, Kimberly was earlier than he had planned.

"Shit, that must be her. Get ready," Richard said as he moved to the door. Courtney nodded and shifted closer to the door as well while managing not to knock anything over. Despite having her huge naked form behind him, Richard was able to stay focused. This was the culmination of months of planning and years of work, his natural urges were NOT going to interfere. The Queens were, finally, going to be brought low and taught just how horrible their actions were.

Waiting till the footsteps got within a few feet of the door, Richard pulled the door open and stepped out into the hallway. His plan had been simple, walk out the door and plow right into Kimberly's leg. Being the egomaniac she was, Kimberly would never let what could have been just an accident go. No she would want to make sure Richard never did it again, doubly so when he took off running. And she would run right into the waiting arms of Courtney. But no plan survives contact with the enemy...or in this case Kimberly.

Richard stepped out into the hallway and charged forward. But his timing had been off and he didn't run into a thing. Swearing, Richard turned to head down the hall, but never got a single step in. His timing had been off, but very close. So close that Kimberly didn't have time to react to his sudden appearance. Richard turned and was, immediately, greeted with Kimberly's panties as they plowed right into his face.

Taken completely off-guard, Richard froze on the spot. His face was buried a few inches into Kimberly's pussy and his mind had gone completely blank. It wasn’t until Kimberly let out an annoyed growl that Richard's brain restarted. Shit, shit, SHIT! He tried to pull away and run, but he was too slow. Kimberly's hands clamped down onto Richard’s shoulders, both painfully tight, and Richard was only allowed to move back just enough to see Kimberly's face.

Kimberly was glaring down with a look of pure hate when Richard came into view. He gulped in panic as her eyes locked with his. However, Kimberly's look shifted as recognition flashed across her face. Hate gave way to surprise which then gave way to a slight smirk and Richard was unsure whether that was good or very, very bad.

"Richard... hehe. How nice of you to present yourself after we missed you in the locker room. I, usually, don't take such forward actions well...bbuuttt," Kimberly paused as she licked her lips ever so slightly, "maybe I'll make an exception for you." Before Richard could decide whether to be afraid or turned on, he was thrust right back into Kimberly's pussy. This time, there was a bit more moisture inside and a soft laugh and moan escaped Kimberly.

"Since you seemed so kin on getting in, I'll let you have the honor of satisfying me. Do it quick enough and I'll even let you walk without having to help the other queens," Kimberly mocked with a soft chuckle. Richard swore as he realized the plan was falling apart. He couldn't lure Kimberly back into the lab if she was keeping him pinned in her pussy. And if he DIDN'T satisfy her before Susan and, more importantly, Rebecca showed up...

Suddenly, Courtney's pussy pulled away from Richard and left him breathing open air. A slight yell of surprise came from Kimberly and Richard had just enough time to be confused before Kimberly's much larger frame plowed into him. They both flopped to the ground and Richard found himself laying on Kimberly's stomach. He pushed himself up and felt them being dragged back into the lab. He glanced behind himself and felt a wave of relief hit as he saw Courtney pulling them closer. Kimberly let out a gasp of shock as she noticed Courtney too and the slight second her mind took to register what was happening was all the time Courtney needed. She moved forward and pinned Kimberly's arms to the ground.

"Hello Kimberly," Courtney said with a wide smile.


HAHAHA, it was so EASY! Courtney could hardly believe how easy it was to hold down the once mighty Kimberly. She was, or rather had been, the biggest amazon at the college and Courtney wasn't even struggled to keep her pinned. Kimberly tried to squirm, writhe, and wiggle her way out, but it was all in vain. Courtney was far too big and strong for the tiny little weakling to break free. HeheheHAHAHA! The fact KIMBERLY was a tiny weakling sent chills down Courtney.

"Co...COURTNEY?! How- when..." Kimberly stammered out between attempts to escape. Her eyes were wide in horror and surprise as she stared up at Courtney. That's right, bitch, there is a new alpha at this school! Kimberly's eyes moved away from Courtney and to the slowly recovering Richard. Realization followed by anger flashed across her face as the wimp caught on to what had happened.

"I always knew you were smarter than you let on, Richard. Should have made you my personal servant a long time ago. So, what now? Going to make me pay for my crimes or something?" Kimberly asked, getting an annoyingly calm voice. Courtney was going to enjoy squeezing and breaking that calmness away. See if she could act so high and mighty when her legs had been ripped out of their sockets.

"That's right. You have terrorized the small people of this college and used your family's money to shield yourself for too long. It is time for you to feel what it is like to be helpless and controlled by another," Richard said, spouting off his usual idealist crap. Ugh... did he honestly think this shit would reform the Queens? That, suddenly, they would have a crisis of conscious and stop torturing people? Pfft, yeah right. More than likely, all he would do is sign his own death warrant by doing this. No all this was really about was making these cunts suffer as badly as possible before Courtney got bored with them. And if he didn't like it... well he could join them.

Kimberly seemed to be of the same opinion and rolled her eyes at Richard. Despite this he keep prattling on about her crimes and other shit. Fucking hell... Courtney debated on crushing his stupid face between her and Kimberly's breasts, but decided against it as she realized Kimberly would enjoy that. She didn't want her getting any pleasure from this, hence why she stopped that cunni- Ohhhhh now there was an idea.

"Richard, is right, it is time for you to learn how horrid what you are doing is. And why don't we start with something that happened a second ago. She tried to force you to give her head, maybe she should return the favor," Courtney suggested, stopping Richard mid rant. Richard seemed a bit hesitant to do that, but Kimberly looked absolutely disgusted. Courtney nodded to her and Richard managed to spot her disgust before Kimberly could hide it. Heheh, time to suck the piper "majesty".

"It does seem only fair," Richard said before zipping down his pants. Kimberly turned away in disgust and anger, but Courtney tightened her grip and pressed her knee down onto one of her legs. The unspoken threat was understood and Kimberly gave her a look of hate and fury before turning to face Richard. With a bit of hesitation, Kimberly took Richard's dick into her mouth and began to get to work.

The look of anger, disgust, and helplessness was priceless and Courtney wished she had a camera to record it. Oh this was the perfect appetizer for the main course and she was going to enjoy making this a permanent look of Kimberly and the others. Richard looked to be enjoying it too as he started to grunt and shift with Kimberly. And as his reactions increased, Kimberly's disgust and discomfort decreased. Wait... was she starting to ENJOY this?! Oh HELL no!

"Mmm, you two... are going to pay...for this.  You tiny....and big... nobodies," Kimberly said between sucks as she started to really get into her sucking. Oh great... just great. She was supposed to hate this, not find a new kink. Courtney groaned inward as she tried to think of something else to do. Maybe it was time to ge-

"Fuck, COURTNEY LOOK OUT!" Richard suddenly yelled as he spun around, wide eyed and alarmed. Courtney had enough time to look perplexed before a set of arms latched to each of her own arms. Now Courtney knew exactly what had scared Richard. Susan and Rebecca were here.


Dammit, he had been too slow. Kimberly's sucking had distracted him just long enough for him not to get the hidden message till it was too late. Now Susan and Rebecca had grabbed Courtney from behind and were pulling her off Kimberly.

"Fuck, let go!" Courtney yelled as she tried to pull away. One on one, Courtney would have, easily, overpowered either one. But this wasn't one on one, it was two on one and Courtney was losing.

"Like hell you freak!" Rebecca yelled back as she yanked Courtney off Kimberly. Courtney managed to keep from falling down, but that was about all she was managing. The two queens had an arm each and Courtney couldn't get in a position to bring her full strength to bear on either. They pulled her further back before a sudden rush forward by Susan slammed the bigger girl into the wall. Courtney tried to push herself back, but the two Queens were just too much even for her. Courtney was now the one pinned and Richard...

Richard fought back the urge to gulp as he turned back to Kimberly. She had shifted into a slight inclined position and had her head tilted to the side. Her tongue was still licking his penis every so often, like some kind of idle habit, but while it was gentle and caressing, the stare she was giving him was anything but.

"Richard, Richard, Richard... what am I going to do with you?" Kimberly asked, stopping her licking for a second. She gave him a cold smile before giving him another few sucks. Despite his fear and worry, Richard couldn't help but have to fight to suppress a moan of his own. Damn she was good at this.

"Here I was thinking you were one of the few to understand their place in the world. So very disappointing," Kimberly said, drawing this out for her own amusement. Richard knew how this was going to end, and it wasn't going to be with him leaving this room. And despite the grunts and cursing Courtney was spewing, it didn't look like she was going to leave either...

"But... maybe you can make up for it. I'm not unreasonable and can be..."she paused as she moved closer to Richard's penis. She blew a hot breath onto it before slowly licking the entire length of it. Fuck...
"Rewarding. Or," she paused again before bringing her teeth down onto Richard’s junk. It wasn't hard enough to hurt or do...damage, but it was more than enough to get the point across.

"With that in mind, how did Courtney get so big?" Kimberly asked, sending a wave of fear through Richard. No, no, he couldn't let her know that! He wasn't sure what a second dose would do, but the possibility of it making the Queens even bigger... He couldn't let that hap- Ohhhh shit...

Richard found his thoughts turn to jelly as Kimberly went back to her assault on his penis. Unlike before, she was both sucking and licking as she giggled at his reaction. He couldn't tell he- ohhh, if sh-sooo good. He had to...had to... getting close... As if sensing his nearing climax, Kimberly's efforts redoubled and Richard instinctive latched onto her. She giggled even more before giving one last big lick that, finally, sent him over the edge. Richard climaxed right into Kimberly's mouth and she sucked down his seed with a quick gulp.

Mentally and physically exhausted by the sexual attack, Richard flopped down onto Kimberly. She shifted around to let him use her breasts as pillows before, finally, relenting in her licking and sucking.

"So, do you want more of that or am I going to have to let Rebecca get the information," Kimberly asked with a clear edge in her voice. Richard tried to... so hard...tired and... All Richard could manage was a numb nod along with a gesture toward his work area. Kimberly got a triumphant smile and began to sit up, keeping a good grip on Richard as she did.

"NO! Richard do-" was all Courtney got out before a body blow from Rebecca silenced her.

"Wait your turn. We'll deal with you in a second," Rebecca said with a cruel laugh. Richard didn't react to either as Kimberly carried him to his work station. She knelt down so she could see it better and Richard blinked his eyes to try and focus. Yes...there it was. Richard reached forward for his target and took hold of the extra serum he had made. He turned back to Kimberly as Courtney began to fight all the harder to escape. Kimberly smiled at the offered vial as Rebecca and Susan made sure Courtney stayed put. None of them noticed Richard grab a syringe with his other hand.

The second Kimberly reached out for the vial, Richard struck. He slammed the syringe into Kimberly's arm and hammered the plunger down. Kimberly let out a howl of pain before smashing her fist into Richard. The blow sent him flying back, bouncing over a table and crumpling to the floor a good ten feet away. But as conscious slipped away, Richard was happy to let it go. The syringe was empty and the broken shards of the vial lay nearby, his serum slowly draining away from them.


Courtney swore as she saw Richard go flying from the blow. At least he had keep Kimberly from getting the serum and, maybe injected her with something lethal. Though knowing Richard it undoubtedly wasn't, fucking pansy. Whatever it was, though, it was causing some extreme pain for Kimberly as she continued to gasp and yell in pain.

"Dammit...what the hell...did he give...?” Kimberly stammered out as she gripped her arms to herself. Seeing her doubled over in pain was, almost, worth being pinned by the other two. The fact she was looking smaller than before was some nice icing... wait... She wasn't just looking smaller... Ohhhh Richard you sly, son of a bitch!

Courtney let a wide smile spread over her face as she watched Kimberly begin to shrink. Both Susan and Rebecca glanced back after seeing her smile and Courtney heard Susan gasp. Kimberly was still in too much pain to realize what was happening, but as she moved to steady herself by a table, a boy-sized table, realization and horror began to flood her face. Her skirt slipped off her body and her shirt began to cover more and more of her.

"Wha-... No..no NO! You fu- AHH!!" Kimberly started to say, but stopped as she collapsed onto all fours. Her body began to shake and creak as her shrinking picked up in pace. Already she was barely eight feet and her shrinking only speed up. Within less than a second she had shrank so much that her shirt buried her under itself. And still,  the small bump that was her continued to shrink and shrink. Finally, after a muffled cry of pain, the small lump moved forward and a tiny, barely six foot Kimberly crawled her way out of her old clothing, looking to have finally stopped.

"Ki-Kimberly..." Susan said in shock as she and Rebecca stared at their now tiny friend. Courtney wanted to laugh in glee at the pathetic sight, but a sudden realization stopped her. Susan's shock had caused her grip to slacken... With a vicious smile, Courtney threw all her power and weight into breaking free.

"Fuck, SUSAN!" Rebecca yelled as she realized what Courtney was trying to do. Her warning was too late, though, as Courtney managed to smash her elbow into the side of Susan's head. Susan, caught completely off-guard by the blow, stumbled back and lost her grip on Courtney. Her stumble sent her tumbling over a table and nearly landing right on top of Kimberly. With Susan out of the fight, Courtney turned her full attention to Rebecca.

Rebecca tried to keep Courtney pinned, but even her strength was no match for Courtney’s new body. Courtney yanked her arm forward and cause Rebecca to slam into the wall. The blow left Rebecca dazed long enough for Courtney to spin around to face her. Her free hand grabbed hold of Rebecca's throat and she began to gasp as Courtney clamped down. Courtney gave her a smile of triumph and lust as she, easily, lifted her off the ground.

"Remember how you broke my arm?" Courtney asked as Rebecca trashed and clawed at Courtney to try and free herself. Courtney ignored the pain as she grabbed Rebecca's arm. She gave Rebecca a smile before she twisted with all her might. With a sickening, yet ohhhh so sweet, crack, Rebecca's eyes shot wide as her arm was bent back in a way it was never supposed to. Rebecca tried to scream in pain, but Courtney’s vice grip on her neck made it nothing but gasps. But Courtney enjoyed those gasps just as much as a real scream.

No satisfied with just one arm, Courtney grabbed Rebecca’s other arm and snapped it with just as much ease. Rebecca’s rasps turned to pleas and sobs as she tried to beg Courtney to stop. But Courtney was, still, nowhere near satisfied. She grabbed Rebecca's head and gave her one last, twisted smile. Rebecca's eyes shot wide as she started to cry. Courtney twisted her neck and, with a sickening crack, it snapped like a toothpick. Rebecca’s trashing ended in an instant and her face had just enough time to get a look of terror and shock before all life drained away.

Courtney stared at the dead body in her hands for a second. She...she had killed her... A simple twist of the wrist and... Courtney's face twisted with such delight, such wonder, such POWER that she probably would not have recognized even herself. She let out a roaring laugh that seemed to shake the windows as she whirled around to face Susan and Kimberly, Rebecca's limp corpse still in her hand.

Susan had managed to recover from her fall, but her composure was annihilated as she saw Rebecca's dead body. The color drained away from her face and she let out a scream of terror at the sight. Kimberly had much the same reaction, but managed to keep from screaming. Instead, she began to back away and looking around for something. She could look all she wanted, there was NOTHING either could do to stop Courtney now. There was nothing ANYONE could do!

"And then there were two. You know, I didn't give a shit about helping Richard with his revenge on you three idiots. No, I just wanted this power so I could, finally, get the respect and awe I DESERVE!" Courtney said as she began to advance on the two remaining queens. She let Rebecca's body flop to the ground, but made sure to step on her head as she passed, enjoying the slight crunch that came from it. Susan began to crawl away, whimpering a bit in terror as Kimberly began to glance at Richard's workstation.

"But you just couldn't help FUCKING with the wrong bitch. And now..." Courtney paused as she stopped her advance. She glared down at Susan who only whimpered and continued to back away, but cast a quick glance at Kimberly. Susan could wait, Kimberly was next.
"Now you are going to die and no one will shed a fucking tear for it," Courtney said before lunging forward. Susan balled up and let out a scream, but Courtney ignored her and headed for Kimberly. Realizing she was the target, Kimberly took off for the work bench and tried to grab something on it. Courtney, however, was faster and brought her hand crashing down onto the small woman. Kimberly collapsed like a car had been dropped on her and the cracks and crunch from her body sent chills of excitement through Courtney. She lifted her hand back up and smiled at the utterly ruined form of Kimberly. One of her legs was bent way out of place and blood was slowly seeping out of her head. She wasn't dead, but she was beyond unconscious. And the two syringes she had been going for were still undamaged.

Susan was still whimpering away as Courtney turned back to her. Her whining was becoming annoying, but so was Courtney's lack of satisfaction. Having seen just how powerful she now was, Courtney wanted to please her lust right away, but letting Susan do it would just turn the little freak on. Unless...

A smile spread over Courtney's face as she grabbed one of the syringes. She started to move away, but stopped as she glanced at the other. With a twisted smile, she grabbed the other as well. Susan continued to whimper and beg as Courtney moved to loom over her. Courtney gave her a kick and she cried out in pain.

"Hold still,” Courtney ordered as she pinned the last queen down and moved the syringes closer. Susan did as she was told till she noticed the syringes. Her eyes shot wide and she began to beg and plead, but Courtney ignored her as she slammed them in and emptied their contents into her. Susan's pleads turned to cries as her body began to convulse like mad. Courtney held her down to make sure she didn't break herself before Courtney got the chance to as the serums took effect. Kimberly had shrank quickly with just one, Susan practically vanished.

Within less than a second, Susan's form disappeared into her clothing and Courtney had to back away to avoid crushing her. Susan's screams faded away and nothing was left of her save her clothing. In fact, there wasn't even a lump like there had been with Kimberly. Shit...maybe Courtney had gone a bit overboard...

Courtney reached forward and patted Susan's clothing, making sure to be gentle. She felt nothing save cloth, though and a sudden bit of fear began to run through Courtney. Not for Susan, of course, but for herself. Damn, she had shrunk Susan out of existence! Which meant Courtney could be too...

That horrifying thought was dispelled, however, as a doll seemed to crawl out of the neck of Susan's shirt. Courtney bent down toward it and she gasped as realized it WAS Susan. Susan's now insanely tiny form turned toward the gasp and she let out of terrified, tiny scream. Courtney stared in wonder at the now doll-sized woman and a wave of lust washed through her.

"Well hello there my new sex doll," Courtney said before snatching up the doll that had been Susan. Courtney could feel the tiny thing trying to fight her hand, but she would have been better off trying to stop a tidal wave. Courtney pulled her up toward her face and giggled at the look of utter horror plastered onto her face. Courtney could feel herself getting wetter as she tightened her grip on Susan. The tiny doll began to cry and scream in pain, but could do nothing else. Courtney controlled EVERYTHING about her and it was turning her beyond on.

"Can't wait any longer... Alright, my new dildo, time to do your job," Courtney said as she moved her newly promoted dildo toward her crotch. She ignored the little squeaks coming from it and shoved the toy into its home. She moaned in enjoyment as she pulled it out. Heheh, one of the queens of the school... now nothing more than her dildo! THIS was how it was supposed to be!

Feeding off her control and power, Courtney plunged Susan into her pussy again and again and again. She ignored whatever noises her dildo made, ignored the fact blood was beginning to leak out of her, and ignored fact her dildo seemed to be losing pieces. All that mattered was she was getting close and her dildo hadn't finished till SHE had.

Finally, with a gasp of pleasure, Courtney hit her climax and a small pool of her juices began to form beneath her. Mixed in with it, was blood and body parts. Courtney pulled her hand out and found most of Susan gone. Only the lower half of her was still there and even that was looking broken and battered. Oh well, she wasn't that good of a dildo anyway.

Feeling a bit hungry after her climax, Courtney scooped up the few bits of Susan left and plopped them into her mouth. She had done a shit job as a dildo, so she could become shit. With two of the Queens dealt with, Courtney only had one left. Pity, she was enjoying herself ever so much, hehe.

Walking over to the crumpled form of Kimberly, Courtney tapped her lips as she thought of what to do. She was satisfied sexually... had an OK meal... she could do some more bone breaking, but she wasn't sure if Kimberly would even feel it being unconscious. Worse, she had no idea when, or if, she would ever wake up. Pity she couldn't... just...keep...

Courtney turned back to work bench and smiled as she saw one last syringe waiting to be used.



Richard groaned as darkness began to give way to pain. The sweet oblivion of nothing was looking a good bit more appealing, but Richard pushed it away as he struggled to regain consciousness. He let another gasp of pain escape his lips as he tried to force his eyes open. His eye fluttered between open and closed while his pain began to move from all around to a spot in particular. The right side of his face was screaming in agony and… and his right eye wasn’t opening. What had happened?

As Richard tried to piece things together, he noticed a figure looming over him. He blinked a few times to clear his vision and the figure focused into Courtney. She was squatting down beside him and had a slight smile on her face. What was sh- HOLY SHIT SHE WAS NAKED! Richard’s eye widened in shock and his surprise only increased when he saw how… amazing Courtney looked. It was like sh- wait… The Queens!

Finally, Richard’s mind had gotten his thoughts back in order. His serum working, their ambush, the other queens, him getting punched… Richard tried to sit up, but Courtney’s large hand pushed him back down.

“Don’t move,” Courtney said with an odd tone in her voice. Richard was a bit confused why she wouldn’t want him to move until another spike of pain hit. Ugh…right he had taken a nasty blow and should take it easy.

“Right, sorry. The Queens?” Richard asked as he laid back down. Courtney’s smile spread a bit as she gave him a rather intense stare.

“Dead,” she said with that same odd smile.

“DEAD?!” Richard yelled, instinctively trying to sit up. Courtney, however, keep him held down. He stared up at her in shock and hoped to see her smile spread a bit or the beginnings of a laugh. But Courtney did neither as she held Richard’s gaze. Dear God… she had killed them…

“Courtney…why? We were supposed to pay them back, not kill them!” Richard said as his mind began to race. The Queens had been horrible people, but killing them?! It was too far, even for them! Worse, their disappearance would be noticed, eventually. Yes their general bad reputation would slow that report, but it was still inevitable. And if either he or Courtney were linked to it… All his work…all his research…

“This is bad… I still haven’t finished the serum yet and if the police find this…” Richard said out loud as he ran his hand through his hair. Courtney’s smile, finally, seemed to fade as she narrowed her eyes.

“The serum isn’t finished? But it worked!” Courtney said as she leaned a bit closer to Richard. Richard, though, only partily heard her as his mind was busy trying to figure out what to do.

“For now, but I don’t know how long it will stay working. The serum might work its way out of your body and, if it does, you will shrink back, but that isn’t important right now. Let me up, I need to see the state of the place so I can figure out if there is a way out of this,” Richard said as he pushed against Courtney’s hand. Courtney’s face seemed to lose a bit of color as she, numbly, let him up. Richard figured the full weight of what she had done was finally hitting, getting through the adrenaline and survival instinct. Whatever it was it had to wait.

Richard looked over the area and was shocked to see only Rebecca’s body. Her neck had, obviously, been broken but the only signs of Susan and Kimberly were their clothes. Seems his abort drug did have side-effects when used on amazons… small side-effects. But, their bodies should have been around here…

“What happened to Susan and Kimberly?” Richard asked as he glanced back at Courtney. Courtney still looked lost in thought, but snapped out of it as she looked up at him. She got a odd deer in headlights look for a second before glancing away.

“I…I tried to just… They wouldn’t stop fighting so I used that stuff again and… They were so small I didn’t even see them till…” Courtney trailed off as she turned completely away. Shit… Richard had never intended for that abort drug to be used twice and it was possible a second dose could result in an overall decrease in size. A terrible, and yet rather poignant, way to go… And it did make covering up the evidence easier. Richard felt bad thinking like that, but it had to be done. This was too important to let them be stopped now.

“I see… Don’t… beat yourself up too much, Courtney. I am sure there are a few of their victims who did feel death was their only just punishment. And I am sure they didn’t give you a choice in the matter,” Richard said, trying to comfort Courtney. She didn’t turn to face him, but nodded all the same.

Turning back to the mess, Richard began to put together a plan to get rid of Rebecca. It wasn’t going to be pretty, but it was necessary to keep them both out of jail. But she wasn’t the only problem. Courtney’s sudden increase in size was going to draw a lot of unwanted attention as well if they didn’t introduce that right. But that would have to wait. Richard needed to focus on Rebecca for now.

“Courtney, it might be best if you hide out in the old part of the college for a few days. I’ll take care of…this and come see you when I have an idea of how to keep everyone from freaking out about your…change,” Richard said as he let out a bit of a sigh. THAT was going to take some doing…

“My changes… you said they were not permanent. How long till I…?” Courtney asked, still facing away from Richard. Richard sighed and could guess where Courtney was going with this.

“Not soon enough, most likely. Might be a few days, might be a week, I won’t know till I do some more tests. Just… don’t worry about it for now, alright?” Richard asked as he tried to calm Courtney down. She nodded and slowly stood up. Richard couldn’t help but stare as she moved to the door and ducked under it to leave. He let out another sigh as he looked over the place. What a fucking mess he had made…


Courtney had to fight not swear like mad as she left the lab. Temporary?! THIS WAS FUCKING TEMPORARY!? THAT FUCKING DUMBASS! HOW could he make a serum that wasn’t permanent! Fucking God dammit, and she had thought she was finally, FINALLY done with that naïve idiot! Now she had to put up with him unless she wanted this power vanishing one day. FUCK!!

Courtney’s rage continued to boil till she felt something shift in her cleavage. Courtney looked down and smiled as a small hand appeared out of her cleavage. Well… at least this day wasn’t a complete waste. She HAD gotten the power she had always dreamed of, made the three biggest bitches in the school HER bitches, and keep one as a souvenir. Courtney let out of low giggle as Kimberly pulled herself out of Courtney’s cleavage. She looked around in confusion before, slowly, looking up at Courtney.

“Good morning, my new toy. Hope you had a good rest because we have a long day of fun ahead of us.”

Chapter End Notes:

This is going to be sorta a episodic thing I am going to be doing off and on. Each will be its own self contained thing, but have an overarcing plot.

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