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Mira was groaning as she sat down next to Sally..Mira was A 17 year old Lady with a Pure heart, she is Pretty much a pacifist, who Seldom asked for many favors, which was the Problem, her Brothers Noah and Adam stayed home while The Parents left for 3 Weeks, she doesn't know what to do as she Believes they'll fuck up the Slumber Party. Mira has a Large chest, D-Cup, she Wore a Beautifully Checkered Skirt with Short pretty Sneakers, Mira had lovely tan skin, Beautifully blonde hair, with lovely Pink glasses, with her Red Vest, and finally her pink Tank top, as she began to ask Sally for help.


"Ugh..Sally, The Party is Tomorrow..but..Adam and Noah are Bringing there Friends over too.." Mira Groaned..


Sally was 16 years old, and was a Tall, yet skinnyish Girl, she wore Long black pants, a Blue Tank top, with freckles on her face, with short red hair, as she brushed her lanky hands over her head, as she tapped the floor with her light brown boots.


"Relaaaaax." Sally said with a Smile, as she picked up a Piece of paper, and and began to write a Plan. "Look, remember that Shrinking elixer Mrs. Caroline told us about?" Sally asked with a grin, as She saw Mira gain a Perplexed look.


"H-Huh? oh..Y-Yeah, so...Shrink them with a Potion?" Mira nervously suggested, seeing Sally groaned a tad, as she drew a piece of cake. "Bake a cake, but add a...Well, lets just say use the Shrinking Elixir with a Little...Kick~" Sally giggled.  "O-Oh..T-Thats a really good idea Sally! after The two little ones head to school tomorrow, I'll get baking!" Mira shouted out loud in glee, Knowing now she'll finally have her party in Peace.


-The Next Day-


"Mira!! We are home!! And the others are here!!" Noah called out, as He looked for Mira, scratching his Head.  Noah was 15 Years old and the Second oldest Member of the Kids, Noah is quite shy, it was a MIRACLE how he Made friends with Jake, Josh, and Lucas, he work a Nice Red hoodie that he always had on, he wore Maroon Sneakers, and his Pants were his baggy Khaki pants, as he Looked over at Adam, who was Drooling at Mira's food table for the Party.


"Adam!! That's Miras and Her friends Party Foooood!!" Noah Shouted, wanting to make sure Mira doesn't get Livid at them for eating her food, as he sighs. "Whoops, Sorry Noah, wasn't Thinking for a Moment there.." Adam said A Tad ashamed of himself.  Adam was 14 years old, and is a very Impulsive, yet Friendly individual, He wears Black baggy pants, a Black coat, is Pretty Skinny, Like Noah, and Has Black hair, with a Nice short black Boots, as Adam suddenly began to start at the Living Room table.


"Um, Noah? I Think that Cake is for us Five.." Jake suddenly blurted out, Kneeling down infront of the Table with the Deliciously Tasty looking Chocolate Cake with a Knife so he cut the Cake as He looked at Lucas and Josh licking his Lips.  Jake is a Very silly Boy who likes to Blurt out random stuff, Jake wore a Nice Brown Vest with Black Glasses with Black Hair, he had Nice Khaki Pants and was 15 Years old, Lucas was very caring as he was Very Mature, he was 17 years old, and wore a Purple Shirt, Brown Boots, and Dark Blue Jeans.  and Josh was Tallish, young (16) And Wore an Orange Shirt, Black Shorts, Black Shoes, and had Blonde hair.


Jake eventually Finished Cutting the Cake, as Noah entered Mira's room and Put it in its Container and Picked up his Slice, as He began to eat it..Along side the Other 4 Boys, "Urgh...I-Is...Is Anyone else Having a Huge Headache All of a Sudden?" Noah Groaned and Moaned, until he Saw the Clothes of his Friends.


"ADAM!?" Noah Screamed as he too Began to Shrink, he Saw Adam & Josh on the Table, Jake hiding under the Couch, Lucas on the Chair, and the Worst Part? Mira just got Home.


"Noah? Adam? Oh, they Must have Eaten that cake and Brought it into their Room!!" Mira figured as she Began to Prepare the Living Room, she Began to clean the Table, Josh and Adam desperately Managed to avoid Being Wiped up and Crushed, but Adam suddenly Slipped and fell into The Dip of The Snack and Dip bowl, Complete with Crackers, Celery, and Chips, Josh, however, Fell face first into Mira's Fleshy Boobs, as He slipped in between the Massive Chest...the Doorbell Began to ring....








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