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His world was moist, and darkness overtook him.

 He heard her giggle sultry as the wind: felt the rapid rise of air-on-skin as she raised him to his fleshy end. Fear and excitement shot through him, yet with sharp and natural grace her holy lips parted all the same. She breathed upon him as he dangled, and he knew a snack he would now be made.

                Her breath was sweet as it was sour: Colgate, Zinfandel, and Tic-Tac on the surface, yet underneath… the pulsating, primitive scent of organic digestion and desire. How he exulted as she lowered him down! Her tongue caressed his feet and curled around… A slurp, a suck, a moan.

                Lisa Swallowed.



Mark was a solitary creature, and did not frequent the dance-floor. His was an existence of lonely rooms not quite empty, echoes of a distant is-not-here… and ever so occasionally, he’d gaze at the stomach of some tall gone girl, and wish he was there. Squeezed and swallowed. It was odd, but all he truly wanted. Mark did not frequent the dance floor.

He lived as everyone pretends to do. He worked, played, built connections, waltzed the corner, and kept a quiet arsenal of judgement fit to nuke any bridge worth burning. He made money, but not friends. He laughed, fucked, and transgressed with the best of them, yet found no satisfaction in the simple thrill of life and death. Mark wanted more. Mark dreamed of being in deep baby… and that’s what led him to Lisa.

                Lisa… that desperate and querulous star, flush with desire, burning in twisting cyphers to the rhythms of an unknown appetite…

                She took his hand amidst the whirling chaos of the music, drew him close, and with wide eyes entranced him. Hands slipped ‘round hypnotic hips in lusty communion, breath mingled with breath as strangers parted from themselves in pursuit of one another. He kissed her, and she kissed back, dancers both in the oddness of night. Lisa frequented the dance floor: these strobing lights, and pulsating Top 20 Hits were her primary hunting grounds. With every twist, each careless grind, and one long, saturated glance he fell farther and further for her. Amidst the endless music Lisa led Mark into a shadowy corner with all the authority of a cat toying with a squiggly little mouse. He was led so easily, blinded by her everything, watching with rapture the swaying of her belly accentuated by the starkness of the lights.  Mark wanted with all his secret taboo soul to be swallowed alive by this beautiful woman. Lisa cherished the anticipation of how willingly said mousey would squiggle down.

                Alone in their entranced and hidden corner Lisa and Mark entwined, kissed, sighed, and moaned together. They shared the secrets only unknown lovers ever share. Gyrating to the mad and mystic beat, she looked him in the eyes and asked if he was certain…

                He was.

                Lisa pouted her lips in her sultry way, and parted them slowly, giving him full view. She stuck out her long salubrious tongue and opened her throat so he could see the darkness down which he would disappear. He stood transfixed; gazing down the slippery walls of an impossible dream. She closed her eyes, licked her lips, and leaned in close to whisper in his ear.


                “Are you certain?”


                “More than anything. Eat me Lisa… I’ve dreamed of this for years. I mean…I… you’re so beautiful… I want this… I…and…”


She ended his stammering by licking him full on in the face. Mark shuddered to his core at the rough, yet gentle caress of her warm tongue. She liked his taste. It didn’t matter whether he was certain: Lisa ran a paid service and Mark had already paid. He belonged to her wholly and completely.

“Take this, my sweet little morsel, and be my meal…” she said, handing him a small, yellow pill. “Shrinking pill. Highly scientific. You’ll fall unconscious for a bit, but I promise to wake you before I begin the main course!”

He took it without hesitation, washing it down with a swig of whiskey and determination. Lisa laughed inwardly, exulting in the thrill of the hunt. The pill was a placebo made mostly of sugar. She had slipped the real medicine in three drinks ago. She ran a paid service and Mark had already paid. She did love him for his willingness to be her meal. It was cute how subservient he was… how genuinely excited he was to disappear down her lusty throat forever. She knew he would wriggle in joy, and her stomach longed for him.  

Lisa rubbed her belly moaning in anticipation. She licked her lips as she jiggled her breasts, knowing he was enthralled beyond escape. She sighed, danced, enticed, and thrilled in the bestial ritual of gathering prey. She leaned in close casting her sweet breath full upon his failing senses…


“You’ll be a delectable snack Mark. I’ m certain.”

Mark began to sway, and his eyes sagged. He slumped and tottered in the shelter of their entranced and hidden corner: not quite falling, but shrinking rapidly shorter. Lisa kept a watchful eye on the crowd, for there were opportunistic girls who would try and snatch a hard-won tiny and swallow them down to their own depths… but none seemed to notice. Lisa was the queen of her game and had well-planned her location. Mark was swiftly reduced to a tiny, slumbering form amidst a pile of now-useless clothes. With the authority of a conquering lioness Lisa plucked him delicately off the floor and gave his naked form a long sensual lick, delighting in her power over this helpless morsel-to-be. Lisa deposited Mark in a special pocket of her purse, disposed of his clothes in a near-by bin, and made her way out of the club swaying her hips, and making eyes at the many men who ogled her. They were all potential customers. She felt her belly rumble as a bolt of passion shot through her tingling sex. “Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life” the voracious vixen whispered smugly to herself.   

Lisa frequented the dance floor.



Lisa arrived home without incident, thoroughly overwhelmed with anticipation. She loved gulping down tiny men, and took pride in being clever enough to earn a substantial living doing it. Voreaphilles were becoming more and more common in this strange new modern world. Many were lonely, yet intelligent people disillusioned by the grind of typical society. They didn’t desire to labor, procreate, draw social security, and eventually perish in raw and painful natural circumstances. They wanted to give up, and yet live on. Suicide is painful: slipping down the gullet of some busty young girl was relatively easy, and the warm embrace of an eager and accepting throat was preferable to any other form of dying. Vore was, in a way, a return to the natural order. Prey is consumed, digested, and absorbed into a greater being, becoming part of her forever. Scientific progress had made shrinking organic matter a very real possibility in recent years (her ex was part of the team that discovered the breakthrough, and he became the first willing, squiggly little mouse to go cascading down her warm, voluptuous throat.)  Lisa was wise and hungry enough to recognize this trend and profit from it.  Those who couldn’t pay, she happily ate for free.  

 She set her purse down on the kitchen counter and gingerly placed Mark on the ceremonial plate she reserved for all her willing and well-financed meals. Lisa looked at him lying unconscious and utterly helpless in the warm lighting of her midtown apartment and felt the old familiar rush of power surge through her. She could swallow him now, and digest him before he even knew it. She could crush him, toss him out the window, slice and dice him, feed him to her cat… do anything her wicked mind could think of… but Lisa was a woman of honor. She promised Mark she would swallow him alive and whole, and that she would wake him before she did. He wanted it more than anything in the world, and she owed him that much. A twinge in her belly reminded her of her ravenous hunger and she salivated over his scrumptious, naked form. Lisa put these impulses aside: there was a process to be followed.

She stepped back and slowly, ritualistically removed her shirt. One hand gently caressed her waiting stomach as the other undid the strap, setting free her ample breasts. Her nipples hardened instantly in the air-conditioned room, and she moaned as her hand slipped lower, unsnapping the button of her jeans. The game was on, and Lisa was the queen. Her fingers plunged deep into erotic ecstasy as panties went falling to the floor. She was lusty, beautiful, and completely in control. She was a goddess moments away from receiving sacrifice! She cupped Mark gently in her free hand and maneuvered her way to the bed. As she fell plunging into the soft reverent sheets, where so many men met their fate in her smooth, welcoming stomach,  she anointed her meal in the oil she kept by her bedside. Mark awoke: startled as they always were, and confused. Shrinking took a heavy toll on the mind and it was if he arrived back at consciousness with the most dire of hangovers. The drowsiness quickly passed as he gazed at her smiling face, and beheld her lithe, naked, sumptuous body ready to receive him. He remembered all and grew intensely eager to truly be her meal. His eyes brightened, and his whole being became stiff with ecstasy and primordial fear as she dangled  him swiftly above her now open mouth. Her vast and sensual tongue glistened with saliva receding ponderously back to the darkness of her throat. Her uvula quivered in anticipation and welcome; inviting him to join the great organic water-slide of his deepest desires. Her breath (sweet as it was sour) washed over him in undulating waves of hunger and warmth. She wanted him! She had him! She dropped him in…


His world was moist, and darkness overtook him. He landed on her tongue, and felt the smooth, uncompromising muscle wrap around him in a primitive, predatory hug. Her lips closed, shutting him off from all light forever. She moaned deep, vibrating the entire fleshy cavern. He was hers! Entirely hers! She rolled him gently to the back of her throat, tilting her head as she worked her fingers deeper, faster, and stronger towards orgasm. He was food now, nothing more. Lisa screamed in climax as she swallowed her prey, and the pleasure crashed in waves as it went sliding down her throat: “Oh God, Oh God, Oh God…!” Lisa writhed in ecstasy on her bed as she felt her meal slip down and settle into her stomach. Said mousey was still squirming, enjoying himself in the warm confines of her lovely belly.




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