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Story Notes:

I wrote stuff on here before, but never followed through. Maybe I'll finally change that.

Author's Chapter Notes:

I wrote this a while ago, but decided to dust it off and post it now. Any comments are greatly appreciated!

Andrea put her bag on the floor next to the door. Another day, she thought.


Andrea was a fairly young woman in her mid twenties with wavy black hair and tan skin of Mediterranean or Arab descent. She was just on her way to her job in the quality control sector of this new high tech firm.


She walked past her desk in her office and headed to the door on the room's other side.


The emerged into a room with steel walls and floors about the size of her office. That is to say, not big at all. There was a small hole built into the left wall about the size of a mousehole on. On the other side was a slit in the wall two feet above the floor designed like a male slot.


Andrea pulled off her black leather boots, then pulled off her thick woolen socks, and her bare feet permeated the closet-sized room with a potent odor.


She turned around and pressed a button next to the door. Then turned to face the mouse hole.


Andrea waited a bit. Then a tiny light skinned man who seemed teenaged tentatively walked out the hole. He was wearing nothing but white underwear and had a collar around his neck with a tag that had a serial number on it. He looked about sixteen years old, but was really about six hours old, and was about three inches tall. He looked around at the room and spotted Andrea standing near the door.


"Excuse me!" he yelled at Andrea who observed passively in ambivalence. "Where am I?"


"Sorry, but my methods require you to die," Andrea said nonchalantly.


Then she walked over to the small boy and raised her colossal foot above him. He fell to the ground and screamed, then was silenced by the gargantuan ped.


This was the best part. Her entire foot was slowly lowering on the screaming doll person, and he could do nothing to stop it. She imagined the doll’s feelings of betrayal and isolation as he was tossed to the side and compressed under the unfathomable weight of her foot. Andrea heard a crack and a wet slish, then dragged her foot on the floor for good measure until it was painted red.


Andrea smiled and walked over to the door to push the button again.


This time a girl walked out. A woman, more accurately, as she looked like she'd be about thirty if at full height.


This time Andrea spoke first: "You were born for no reason besides to serve others. You must obey any command given to you and if you don't, you will be subsequently disposed of. Your first task is to lick the remains of what was once another one of you off of my feet."


The woman looked appalled for a moment, but quickly decided it was best to do what the giantess wants. She scampered over and began to lick.


"Stop," Andrea said, then she couched down to pick up the woman. "You've passed," she said, then she shoved the doll lady into the slot in the wall haphazardly.


Then she waited until another doll person left the mouse hole.

She loved her job.


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