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It is the late 19th century in rural England. In a large estate Lady Penelope Cummings was in the middle of an important meeting. She was a lady of great wealth and standing from an old noble family. When her husband became ill and passed away it only further increased her wealth making her very desirable. She refrained from being wed to protect her wealth from any that seek to steal it away from her through marriage. That wasn’t the subject of her current meeting though. The subject was her two darling children.

Her twin son and daughter, Alexander and Alexia, were the best children a mother could ask for. They were polite, well-behaved, intelligent, and always did what was right. Which brought up the question why she was having this meeting in the first place. The woman she was speaking with said she was a nanny. Lady Penelope had some doubts about that claim. She certainly looked the part with her white shirt, black skirt and heels. Along with a face that Penelope was slightly jealous off. There was just something off about her though. Something…evil. Besides her children were angels and didn’t need a nanny. She was about to tell the woman to leave the premises but something came over her. She suddenly needed to hear her out which brings them to this meeting.

“I’m sorry miss…uh.” Said Penelope who realized the woman hadn’t even told her name.

“Shrinkie, Ms. Shrinkie.” She said with a smile.

Ignoring the strange name Lady Penelope continued “Thank You. As I was saying Ms. Shrinkie I won’t require your services.”

“Really?” she said a smile crossing her face as she gripped this old wooden cane she carried with her. “May I ask why?”

“Well my children are very well behaved and…” Lady Penelope trailed off as Ms. Shrinkie tapped the floor with her cane.

Ms. Shrinkie smiled before saying “Repeat after me. Your children are very misbehaved.”

“My children are very misbehaved.” She repeated in deadpan.

“They need a firm hand.”

“They need a firm hand.”

“I am prepared to give you complete authority to sort them out.”

“I am prepared to give you complete authority to sort them out.”

Ms. Shrinkie tapped her cane upon the floor again bringing Lady Penelope out of her trance. “I accept” she said to Lady Penelope

“Good. I believe we must discuss payment?” said Lady Penelope

“I won’t require much in monetary funds. I ask that I be given a room, meals, along with Sundays off.”

“You ask for so little?” said Penelope surprised.

“My dear Lady Penelope children are my life. Besides this job will give me large amounts of personal satisfaction…”


Alexander and Alexia were both in their respective rooms enjoying the afternoon. They recently celebrated their 14th birthdays and were playing with their toys. Alexander or Zander as most call him was slightly taller than his sister. He spent most of his time inside studying though he did play a mean game of cricket. Alexia wasn’t like normal girls. She enjoyed doing things that were traditionally seen as men activities like playing cricket with her brother. That did mean she didn’t like doing ‘girl stuff’ however.

“Hello” said a woman’s voice. “Children?”

Opening their doors and peering in the hallway they could see one of the family maids Mary waiting for them. They liked Mary. She was only a little older than them at the age of 19 making her seem like a big sister at times.

“Your mother needs you downstairs in the library. I think you might be getting a new nanny.” Said Mary

After glancing at each other they could see they were both thinking the same thing. Why would mom get them a nanny? They pushed it out of their minds since it must be for a legitimate reason.

“We’ll be right down.” Said Zander

Down in the library they could see their mother sitting with who must be their new nanny. Both Zander and Alexia privately admitted that she was very attractive. The woman noticed them entered a smiled at them in a way that sent a chill up their backs.

“Kids this is Ms. Shrinkie.” Said Penelope “She’ll be your new nanny. I’ll leave you all to get introduced.”
After the departure of their mother the three stared at each other waiting to see who would speak first. Alexi after seeing their nanny not wanting to speak first decided to introduce herself. “Ms. Shrinkie, My name is Alexia and I…”

“Shhhh.” Interrupted Ms. Shrinkie “Just… savor this moment…”

The children were confused. Why should they savor the moment? Ms. Shrinkie stood and slowly paced around them holding her can tightly in her hands. “Oh kids we are going to have TONS of fun together…”

While the idea of fun was appealing to them the way she said it was short of being outright malicious. Their instincts told them to run far away from this woman as they could.

“Excuse me, Ms. Shrinkie. I have a question.” Said Alexia

“What is your question? Who knows you might just get an answer.” She replied

“What did you mean about us savoring the moment?”

Ms. Shrinkie smiled wickedly. “That’s because this is the last moment of your normal lives.” Ms. Shrinkie then tapped her cane upon the floor and this strange wave rushed over Zander and Alexia. They could feel their bodies compressing very rapidly. They tried to scream but their mouths wouldn’t open. Unable to cope with the pain they both blacked out.

* * *

Ms. Shrinkie looked at her latest handiwork with pride. A pile of clothes that of a young boy & girl lay before her. She picked the clothes up and placed them on the sofa before scanning the floor. Luckily the polished wood floor let her locate them rather quickly. There upon the floor lying unconscious were two tiny human children less than a centimeter in height. She let out a little grunt of annoyance. She hoped they would remain conscious through the whole painful ordeal. No matter. There would be endless tortures awaiting them when they wake up.
Ms. Shrinkie has lived for a very, very, very long time. Long enough that she can’t accurately tell you her beginning. The closest word to describe her would be ‘witch’. For thousands of years she has been the bane of children’s existence. She doesn’t know why she hates children so much. She just does. Originally she used her magic to…dispose of children in unimaginative ways. She looked back on how she was back then and shook her head. How foolish she was. Why did it have to be quick when it could be excruciatingly slow?

She started shrinking children…oh a thousand years ago give or take a few centuries. The thrill of watching the tiny child run around only to be stepped on, squished, smashed, squashed, eaten, shat on, chopped to pieces, and even raped by those bigger than them. Those that so happened to be their very own friends and family. It was a simple matter using her magic to convince a mother a child was nothing but an insignificant bug and should be treated as such or a sister to think her younger brother was a sex toy. Why should she kill the children when their family could do it for her?

However what she planned to do to them was something she started doing 200 years ago. Instead of killing the children outright she just break them. She would make them immortal while having their family and friends slowly drive them to madness by killing or torturing them constantly. Once the child is turned into a gibbering wreck she’d leave for the next family. Who knew how long that would take though? The shortest amount of time was a few weeks while the longest took decades. The little boy kept young by her magic finally cracked after 30 years at the feet of his elderly mother. She must admit she was impressed by his resilience. Maybe that was why she removed his immortality and allowed his mother to finally put an end to him under her toe. Hopefully these kids would last just as long…

Oh what is this? Looks like her tiny charges were coming to. Ms. Shrinkie left to get their mother. She’ll be the one to start breaking them
Chapter End Notes:
Next Chapter soon...ish.
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