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Author's Chapter Notes:

Introduction to set up the story, have faith, the good stuff is yet to come ;)

The C-130 Globemaster touched down at the Raleigh International Airport in north Carolina, USA. Within a dozen or so minutes the complement of some 400 US Marines was grounded and marched leisurely into the cleared terminal where their families awaited. Walking along the hot tarmac, still in duty uniform was Lt. Andrew Sanders. A skinny man with a chubby face, owing to his physique before deployment, Andrew was walking beside his combat partner and soon to be colleague at the US Marine Corps intelligence service, Lt. Sanders had served in the front lines of many conflict for almost 13 years and now he was free to work on home soil. He figured that way he would constantly be leaving his family.


Lt. Sander’s wife and two daughters had lived in Raleigh without him for a very long time. Given his constant deployment and movement, and the sensitive nature of his work, sending photographs or making direct phone calls had been deemed too dangerous. As a result, all Andrew had received from his family had been written letters from his wife. In his wallet he carried the last photo he had been given by his wife, a portrait of her; Susanne, and their biological daughter, Beth, at age 8.


In his third week of training, Andrew had received word that his best friend from his high school days, Alex Beeckman had passed along with his wife. He had made one request of Andrew, which the Marine accepted gladly for his friend; adopting his daughter, Ella. Andrew had only met Ella a few times before he was deployed. He vaguely recollected a shy, energetic girl of about 4 years when he left, but couldn’t remember what she looked like. 


“Excited to see your family,” PFC Lainey Mendez asked. Having been partners for a few years the two had gotten quite close and shared about their families.


“More like meet my family,” Andrew replied, “I haven’t seen them in such a long time.”


The two continued to talk as they entered the crowded hall, now full of movement as families were reunited after months, sometimes years apart. Andrew scanned the room for Susanne’s face but was finding it hard to locate her. There were so many people in the hall, more than he had imagined as sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, wives, husbands and even parents came to find their loved ones. 


All of a sudden, Andrew made eye contact with a young girl, probably about 16 or 17 years old. Her emerald green eyes struck him as familiar, but he wasn’t sure how. The young woman was certainly beautiful, standing somewhere over 6-feet tall, with an athletic body. Lightly tanned skin was visible below the line of a navy blue, pleated skirt. A white tank top was stretched taut over a flat stomach, emphasising a pair of full, round breasts. The girl’s face was oval, with full lips and cute dimples. A vibrant, cherry red lipstick coated her lips which curved into a smile of pure joy, she ran towards Lt. Sanders.


Before Andrew could react, the young woman had thrown her arms around his shoulders, pulling him into a warm, tight hug, drowning her towards into his chest; Daddy! Andrew still couldn’t register who the girl was, but he did not resist. As she clung to him, he felt an overwhelming sense of happiness; she had an aura that dispelled his fatigue. More than that, as her scent filled Andrew’s breaths; a sweet, innocent yet sensual scent, he felt himself wanting to hug her back, to hold her, as his member began to harden. His excitement reached a new high when the girl planted a soft, loving kiss on his cheek, leaving a faint trace of her lipstick on Andrew’s face, and his eyes glazed over in a surge of lust. He was saved the embarrassment of her feeling his now erect member as she released him from the hug and looked into his dream-gazing yet still confused eyes.


“Don't you recognise me daddy?” she asked in a sweet song, oozing shyness and caressing his ears.

“Beth?” Andrew tried. As if with a hammer, the girl’s smile was shattered and Andrew cringed as the corners of her mouth dropped and her eyes moistened; she bit her lower lip, stifling a sob.


“Ella!” Andrew corrected himself as quickly as he could, “I'm so sorry sweetheart. I haven’t seen you in such a long time.


“So you do remember me?” Ella asked, her smile returning slowly.


“Of course I do,” Andrew replied smiling and dropping his bag, and opening his arms. Ella stepped into his embrace and rested her cheek against her adoptive father’s. As he hugged her, Andrew felt once again the overwhelming attraction to the beautiful young girl, compounded as he felt her soft breasts pressing against his chest. He inhaled her scent from her wavy brown hair and again, it both relaxed and excited him. 


“Where are Susanne and Beth?” Andrew asked as they finished their hug and he picked up his bag. 


“Mother is waiting by the doors,” Ella replied, “She said it would be easier to get out if we were closer to the car, I’ll take you.” She slipped soft fingers between his as she took his hand and led him through the crowd. Andrew felt like he was melting at the warm caress of her skin against his and he had to force himself to rid his mind of such thoughts: she’s your daughter for Pete’s sake, get it together. Still he couldn’t help but gaze at Ella’s ass, which swayed from side to side, ruffling her skirt as she walked ahead of him, the length of the sensible skirt preventing him from seeing more than he could handle. 


Susanne had definitely aged since Andrew could recall, her breasts had sagged slightly and at 48, her once youthful face showed the wears of stress and worry, of having to raise a family by herself. She seemed like she was in a rush as Andrew and Ella approached. Seeing Ella first, seemingly alone, Susanne scowled, and as Andrew appeared, her smile didn’t take shape fast enough and Andrew wondered what he had done to merit such anger from his wife.


“Welcome home honey,” she said, hugging him for a few moments and releasing first, “Well, let’s get to the car then.”


“Uh, where’s Beth?” Andrew asked, looking around to try and spot his daughter.


“You know Beth doesn’t agree with your lifestyle,” Susanne said bluntly, turning to the doors and walking out, leaving Andrew both offended and confused. He was brought back as a familiar hand took his and urged him forward.


“Don't worry daddy, she’s at home so you’ll get to see her really soon,” Ella smiled and her joy was contagious, she lifted Andrew’s spirits. Then, picking up his duffle bag, Ella led him out of the terminal, clinging to his arm like a child. Andrew loved it, he really felt like he had a daughter, albeit not his own yet. Ella placed the bag in her mother’s car and turned to walk away, Andrew stopped her by grabbing her wrist. He had to tense to prevent her from leaving, the girl’s strength impressing him. She turned to face him and tilted her head curiously, “What's the matter daddy?”


“Ella where are you going?” Andrew asked.


“To get my bike daddy, that’s how I got here,” Ella said giggling as if it was a trivial question, unknowingly further attracting Andrew to her.


“Ella that’s crazy, we live so far away. Bring your bike and hitch it to the rack on the car, you’re riding with me,” Andrew said smiling as his daughter’s eyes lit up. She glanced tentatively towards Susanne, who shot her a look of disgust, spurring Ella to protest, but Andrew was not having it.


“You're riding in the back with me sweetie, Mommy can be the chauffeur,” Andrew said, jokingly nudging his wife. She was not amused. Regardless, the girl grabbed her bike and pushed herself gracefully onto the hood of the car. Andrew watched in admiration as Ella expertly tied the bike to the rig, all the while keeping a calm balance on her feet with a wide stance. Equally, Andrew couldn’t help but admire the view from below her skirt. A pair of pale pink panties hugged her toned, ample butt, riding a little up her crack, it was almost hypnotic. 

Just as easily as she had gotten on, Ella hopped to the ground beside her father and entered the car with him. Sitting next him as Susanne began to drive, Ella was the first to break the silence.


“Oh, daddy I missed you so much,” she cooed, leaning her head on his shoulder, “You just have so many things to tell us. What have you been doing all this time?”


Andrew had been waiting for the bait and launched into his preprepared tales of heroism from his many years in the forces. While Susanne barely acknowledged him, Ella gazed at him wide eyed and open mouthed as she recounted his stories of danger and daring. She hung on each word, gasping when Andrew had put himself in danger, and squealing in delight when her would succeed; it truly made him feel like it had all been worth it as his adoptive daughter showered him with adoration.


Chapter End Notes:

Hope y'all are getting a feel for the characters and aren't too bored to continue reading. All feedback is thoroughly appreciated.


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