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Approaching his house after walking home from school, Ryan walked up the long, eroding sidewalk to his house and opened his front door. As usual, no one was home, so Ryan proceeded to walk into his room, drop his bag on the floor and plug his nearly dead phone in. Exiting his room, he walked down the hall to the kitchen and began making a sandwich to satisfy his hunger. Quickly throwing some turkey and lettuce onto a piece of bread, he didn't even bother to grab a plate as he began to make his way back to his room and chow down on his sandwich. Practically gone by the time he reached his room, he sat down at his computer desk and threw the last bite into his mouth. The sandwich wasn't enough to hold him over, but he was too lazy to get up and find something else to eat. "Eh, I'll find something later. It's not like mom's cooking dinner tonight anyways" he says to himself as he begins to log into his computer. Quickly searching his Facebook for anything of interest, and unsurprisingly finding nothing, he gives up and logs off for now. Still bored, he decides to play some video games. Looking through the selection of games on his computer, he decides upon Overwatch, one of his favorites. Opening the game, he calls his friend Josh on Skype. After waiting a minute, Josh doesn't answer, and so he decides to play alone for the time being. Throwing his headphones on, he zones out of reality and into the game.

Nearly an hour later, he's startled by a knock at the door. Pausing his game, he gets up and walks to his living room to answer it. Turning the knob, he opens the door to find no one there. Opening the screen door to look down the street, he finds it's blocked by a relatively large package left on the doorstep. "Weird?" he thinks to himself as he pushes the door open, sliding the box along with it. Stepping through the small opening, he bend down and lift the box. It wasn't heavy at all, so he holds it in one hand and uses the other to open the door. Walking back inside, he sets the package down on the table and inspects it.

"Huh, there's no shipping information on it. Someone must've just left this on the doorstep and took off".

Now curious, he went to the kitchen to grab a knife to open the layer of tape used to seal the contents of the box inside. Making is way back to the living room, he sat down on his couch and pulled the box up onto his lap. Carefully sliding it into the tape, he slid it along the tape until he reached the end. Placing the knife on the coffee table, he used both hands to pry open the top of the box. Suddenly, the top sprung open and Ryan was hit in the face by a small amount of powder.

"AH! What the hell?!" he yelled, obviously surprised at what had just happened. "Did someone put drugs or something in here? Jesus!". Now panicking, he ran to the bathroom to wash the remaining powder off. Looking in the mirror, he found that he now looked pale, and felt himself getting dizzy. He ran back to the living room and picked up the box, looking to see what was inside. Finding a small label, roughly the size of his thumb, he quickly read the contents. "Herresy Bio-Technical Labs". Grabbing the label and the box, Ryan rushed back to his bedroom to look the company up. But just as he entered his room, he blacked out.

Chapter End Notes:

Hey guys, I'm new at writing on here so I hope you liked it! I'm no expert, so I'm looking to you guys on feedback for what works and what doesn't. Anyways, Enjoy and I'll be back soon with another chapter!

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