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  THUD. You were shaken by the sound of the front door slamming shut. 

"Huh? Oh, mom must be home.." You thought to yourself, still groggy from having just woken up. Quickly remembering the event that transpired before your little nap, you jolt up and turn to look at your clock. "6:23".

"Shit, I've been out for a couple hours!" you yell, but something else didn't seem right. You look at your clock again, which read the same time as before, but... Why did it seem so big? Looking around your room, you notice that your alarm clock wasn't the only thing that appeared larger than normal, everything around you was huge! "No... This can't be right" you thought to yourself. "that's impossible." Then your mind trailed off to the box, and the powder that had shot out of it. Slowly, you remembered in full detail what had happened prior to your blacking out.

"That label. It had something about some bio lab on it? But still, shrinking people? There's no way that's possible." Deep in thought, you hardly noticed as the ground beneath began to shake. Suddenly, you heard a knock at your door, quickly followed by it swinging open to reveal your mother in the doorway.



"Ryan? I'm going out with some friends from work in a little bit. There's pizza money on the- ". Her words were cut off by the sudden realization that Ryan wasn't even in the room.

"Weird, he must be at a friend's house." She said aloud, taking a moment to ponder why he'd just left without letting her know where or when he'd be back. "He is a seventeen year old boy after all" she thought to herself. "He's grown up enough to make his own decisions. I'll text him later to see what he's up to." 

And with that, she began to leave the room.



Hearing your mother talk, you were too awe-stricken to pay any attention. You were so minuscule compared to her! I must be couple centimeters tall at the most! Suddenly, she stops talking, just standing in the room. You snap back to reality and realize that you need to get her attention before you get seriously hurt, or worse. The though alone makes you shiver, but you get a grip on and start a full-out sprint to your mother. Nearing her heels, you begin flailing your arms around and jumping up and down in hopes of getting her attention. 

"MOM!" you yell, but to no avail. Suddenly, she begins to turn around and walk away. In one last attempt to get her attention, you jump onto her foot. Maybe she'll feel you, you thought. Unlucky for you, she continues walking, completely unfazed by you. Holding on for dear life, you're thrown up and down with each step as she makes her way down the hall. Turning into her room, she shuts the door behind her and sits down on her bed. Quickly, you jump off, and just in time too as she kicks off her high heels. "That could've been nasty" you think to yourself, walking under her bed just to be safe. Suddenly, she stands up and rummages through her dresser, pulling out some clothes. 

"Oh no..." you say to yourself as you see your mother strip out of her blouse, revealing a black lacy bra underneath. You couldn't help but get turned on, even if she was your mother, she was still very attractive. Thin, but curvy in all the right places, ample breasts, long brunette hair that comes halfway down her back. You look down to see that you're getting a hard-on. But in doing so, you notice something else.

"What the hell happened to my clothes?!" you yell, wondering how you've gone until now without noticing them missing. But you only reminisce on that thought for a moment as your focus falls back on the gargantuan half-naked woman in front of you, now slowly peeling off her tight, black leather skirt showing off the even tighter black laced thong complementing the matching bra up top. 

"Ugh, I'm so happy I'm finally getting out of these work clothes" she says as she picks up the skirt and walks over to her laundry bin. With each step, her ass sways from side to side making your erection that much more intense. Throwing her skirt into the bin, she walks back over to the bed and starts getting dressed. Pulling the dark blue dress she'd previously picked out off of her bed, she throws it over her head and begins sliding down her body. Fixing her hair, she left the room for a moment, returning shortly with her purse. Digging through it a bit, she eventually pulled out a small make-up bag. Placing her purse on the floor, she walked over to her dresser and started putting on some make-up. Seeing this as your opportunity to get some help, you run out from under the bed and bang on her foot as hard as you can, but still, it doesn't appear to effect her as she continues on with her make-up. She then puts her brush down and sits back on her bed. Bending down, she reaches toward you. 

"Yes! She sees me!" you think, happy you're finally safe. But her hand reaches right next to you, grabbing her high heels to put back on.

  "Mom, please!" You yell, but all in vain. She puts on her first heel, and then proceeds to put on her second. In worrying over the fact that you might never get noticed, you glance over to the bed and see her purse sitting on the floor. "She'll have to notice me at some point if I'm in there!" you think, and so you run over to the purse and climb into one of the side pockets. Just as you're settled into your hiding spot, your mom finishes putting on her shoes and gets up. She walks over, picks up her purse, and proceeds to leave the house. You hear a door shut and so you decide to peek out of the pocket for a moment, just to see where you are. She's right outside your house, walking over to her car. You look around at the outside world, seeing just how big everything is, or better yet, just how small you've become. If it hadn't already occurred to you how small you are, it's starting to now. 

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