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Author's Chapter Notes:

Gentle introduction to the story and the main characrers. Hope its not too slow.

Excited. Dante Hasarvana nearly fell onto his backside as he hopped around trying to get his trousers on, hurrying unnecessarily for the day he’d for which been waiting since last March; they’d finally found a school that would take him. The year hadn’t been easy for the Hasarvana family, though they were among some of the luckier families where at least the adults hadn’t been affected. When the Disease had ran rogue across the nation, many people had hidden away in their homes for weeks, fearing what would become of them should they shrink around others, but now, 2 years since the first case and almost 8 months since things had really kicked off, people were starting to come to terms with the fact that one’s size couldn’t be depended on, but that this was just a part of life. While the first few cases all reported the same; people shrinking to around 1cm in height, almost instantly and without warning, but since then, the disease must have mutated, weakened, as some people now shrank and stopped at slightly larger heights. The biggest affected person Dante knew was his older sister, Beatrice, who was just over 15cm tall. The blonde haired boy himself was about a tenth that, and was made aware of it more than he liked to admit it; something about smaller people just brought out darkness and depravity in humans …


“Hey pipsqueak! Don’t think just because we’re going back to school you can weasel your way out of your chores!” boomed an authoritative voice. Dante looked up from the zip of his hoodie to see a thick, tan leg before him. He had to crane his neck up to try to meet Beatrice’s eyes, but he could barely see them over the bulge of her bosom. She had chosen a nice, revealing pair of pale blue short-shorts and a black tank-top for her debut in the new school, all of which had been made available in her size only recently in general stores. When people started shrinking to slightly bigger sizes than a few centimetres, the fashion industry had caught on and was now churning out clothing to the ever-growing population of affected people, catering the shoe shrunken to 5cm or more. As such, Mrs. Hasarvana had been able to take Beatrice out from some back to school shopping and had gotten her an entire shopping bag full of clothes.


Dante unfortunately was forced to make his own garments or face the world bare. For the most part, anyone less than 5cm tall had a societal pass to go around naked, and some did, embracing the small freedom in their otherwise restricted and dangerous existence. But many still found it too awkward to prance around in the nude, and Dante was one of them. A little on the heavy side, he was very aware of his figure, what was more his mother would never let him out of the house without something on. Angie was a second-generation Indian-American from a family of 6, all of whom lived in the US. Following after her own mother, a Tennessee lady who had separated from her husband and taken the kids when they had been young, Angie lived alone with her two kids. Unless you counted her gentlemen-callers, of which there were many. From her, her children had inherited their tan skin that was just beyond the reach of their friends, along with some mixed features.


“Well, get to it then!” Beatrice snapped, hopping onto their makeshift cough (in reality an old pencil case). The two siblings had largely lived in the same room since their closely timed contractions of the disease. The space that had previously been Dante’s had been hurriedly converted for them by their mother. A table had been brought in and on top had been built their home. Their rooms were simply open topped boxes on on side of the surface. Beatrice’s was far larger, probably one that had held a computer, but inside it she had a cushion for a bed and sheets cut for her size. Dwarfed by this was Dante’s room, which had been fashioned from a small cake box. The walls were around three times his own height, but his sister could easily see over them, so really, he had almost no privacy. Also on their little table-top home was a portable DVD player with the pencil case facing it, like a couch and TV. Finally, Angie had made them a little bathroom, with a pyrex dish for Beatrice to bathe in and a soap tub for Dante. She left around three plastic cups of water for them to use along with a thimble for smaller water movement. Finally, and perhaps most cleverly of all, she had made a toilet; a biscuit tin tapped under the table so that it stretched halfway out and her children could climb on top of it. She had punctured a hole into the top of it to allow them to squat over it and use it like a normal toilet, and placed some cardboard in a ring around the whole thing for privacy, the opening of which was a little flap on the side.


It wasn’t the worst way to live, but Beatrice sure made it seem that way. Even then, as excited as Dante had been about going to a new school, she was dampening his spirit. She extended a big, bare foot out towards him and waited. He knew better than to resist. The first time she had demanded a foot rub he had tried to say no, but she was a lot stronger than him now. Even now, her smooth yet miraculously sweaty sole covered his head and upper body as well as most of his thighs. The soft flesh of her soles oozed more perspiration as she pressed it against him, forcing him back onto a knee.


"And don’t forget the lotion this time, I don't want dry feet when I’m making friends,” she added, already checking her Facebook, holding the old iPhone like a very large tablet. Dante didn’t fight it, he was in too good a mood to be put down by this kind of degrading punishment … although it hadn’t always been this innocent. He reached into the tiny tub of cherry-scented moisturising lotion and dipped both arms in up to the elbows. He then proceeded to latherer them against Beatrice’s slimy soles, hurrying so that he could wash his hands of her scent before they needed to leave. Dante was in fact quite nervous about going back. He had never really been a confident person and had thus struggled to make a lot of friends, usually ending up grouped with others in his position. But at under 2cm tall, it was inconceivable to others in his situation would be easy to find. He hoped that he would be different, but for the past 3/4 of a year, he had been more or less in contact with only a handful of people; his mother, his sister and the various men that had grunted their greetings while coming and  going from the house, and more specifically Angie’s room. He was not ready for high school.


The door to their room opened with a loud creak and the table shook as Angie entered, each step sending vibrations through the poorly balanced wooden surface. The woman in her late-40s was tan skinned with black-brown hair cut short and straightened. She was on the larger side, with shapely breasts and buttocks despite her 5’4" stature, but the weight also deposited in her limbs and belly.


“Alright kids, its time to get moving,” she said, keeping her usually loud voice down for the benefit of tiny ears.


“Ugh, fine,” Beatrice groaned, drawing her feet back and inspecting the soles, “I guess this will do.”


She stood up, towering over her brother and whispered, “But you’re in for a treat tonight, or rather I am.”


Giggling, she went to get her little backpack and Dante did the same. His own was just a bit of fabric that he had stitched together himself with a sling, containing a stack of torn up bits of paper for him to write on and a few shards of graphite from a pencil. He collected these and came out of his little room to see his mother.


“How are you feeling?” he yelled up to her as she absentmindedly tapped away on a Black Berry; Angie wasn’t the most attentive person in the world. Luckily for her, along with shrinking came miraculously quick healing, so Dante had been able to survive shattered legs and arms and even a crushed spine when she had stepped on, or once even sat on, him without realising.


“A little nervous little guy, are you sure you’ll be alright?” she asked softly.


“Sure we will, mom,” Dante said, not convinced himself if that were true, “Its a really good school.”


True enough South Danely High School had a good reputation for fairness, diversity and competition, so there were definitely some very respectable people there. Indeed the “diversity" statement was why they were among the few schools allowing shrunken children to start in their regular school program, integrated with unaffected children, but this also meant that there was a wide variety of types of people that would be attending, and this worried Dante a little more than if he had been normal sized.


The left to the car was quick as usual, especially for Dante who watched the world rush by as he sat in his mothers' hand, struggling to stay upright between his sister’s legs as she too sat sprawled on the woman’s palm. The tiny boy had to brace himself on her knee once as Angie’s hand tilted while locking the front door. He quickly looked back to see if she had noticed and saw a cruel grin that made his blood run cold. Angie unlocked the passenger door and dropped her kids gently onto the seat before going around to the other side. The 17-year olds waited patiently as she attached the seatbelt and Beatrice slipped underneath the waist band, standing up to do so. Dante took a seat by her feet; he would have to grab them for safety if the need arose, but he preferred to stay away from those legs whenever possible. A memory flashed through his mind.


"Get back here!” Beatrice yelled, her long legs quickly closing the gap between her and her diminutive bother. When she was in reach, she stuck her foot out, smashing it into the back of his legs and causing him to tumble onto the wooden tabletop in a heap. Without giving him a chance to recover, she dove onto him and pinned him beneath her. Dante was permitted to roll onto his back, but he instantly regretted this as Beatrice’s sizeable butt came down on his body and her legs stayed out, leaving his head poking out between them. He was forced to stare at her camletoe only a handbreadth from his nose.


“You know, if it wasn’t for these gorgeously long legs, I wouldn’t have caught you and you wound’t be so comfortable under me,” she sneered triumphantly, “I think you should give my helpful little thighs a kiss, don’t you?”


“Get .. lost!” Dante managed, the weight of his site crushing the air from his lungs. But it had been the wrong answer.. With a malicious chortle, Beatrice hopped forwards. Dante saw the full scale of her ass a fraction of a second before the pantie-çlad mass landed on his face. He thrashed about uselessly against her weight as his nose and mouth were buried in the stale, sweaty flesh. He heard her laughing through the vibrations that traveled down her body, the sounds seeming to drift away as he began to pass out. She got up a moment before his vision went, allowing him to gasp a deep breath of her pungent odour as he sought relief.


“Kiss them now?” she asked innocently, crashing her weight onto his chest again. Without much choice, the tiny boy begrudgingly turned his head pressed his lips into the slightly hairy, meaty thighs that trapped him, repeating the motion bilaterally as she laughed above him.


They arrived at the school soon enough and Angie took them out into the car park in front of the main building. The noise was what hit Dante first. The deafening chatter of students and yelling and shouting were so overwhelming that he had to cover his ears. Beatrice tried to seem unfazed, but she too went rigid, taking in the chaos that was high school. At normal height, she had been at the top of the food chain, able to make or break another student’s day on a whim, but it was hard to imagine that she would have such an impact here at her size. 

Chapter End Notes:

Hope you all enoyed it! If you'd like, please comment and tell me what's good and what's not so good.

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