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Story Notes:

This is a strange story, so strap in. The main thing featured is a human as a body part. Read to find out which part! Note, there is sexual violence. Please read with caution.


Katherine had known that it was coming; she had long suspected. From the moment August had come into her small village, looking for a beautiful bride, she knew things would not work out. As the daughter of the village shaman, she had taken it upon herself to be chosen, played coy and was lucky enough to be his type.

Her purpose was simple. She was supposed to bare him children, after the customary courting period and the official marriage. And she went along, sure to appear unaware of his nature. He was a prince after all and she was supposed to be enamored with his very existence.

She smiled, laughed, and slept with him, even before their wedding night. He was not half bad, but she determined it was a matter of him being born with a better than average body, being fed well enough to support his stamina, and having nothing better to do than practice. She enjoyed it. He was not particularly inventive and she did not mind his drunken aggression in the bedroom.

After they were married, she bided her time, waiting to be written into the family. He was the second born son and it showed. He had no sense of responsibility, but all of the ego. She slept well at night knowing that he would have his comeuppance.

She spent nearly two years married to him, getting to know him and his family. He was undevoted, in many regards. He slept around, which was unsurprising, but he also showed no care for her. She was a tool to him, a means of shutting his mother, Elizabeth, up. If he was married, she could not complain, and since he was not married to a noble born, he did not have to concern himself with politics.

He had two siblings, the crown prince, Sebastian, and a younger sister, Flora. The two of them, Flora especially, were more respectable, Sebastian for his dedication to his duty and Flora from her charm and care. They softened Katherine’s existence as a piece of human furniture, providing pleasurable company and decent conversation. They made Katherine almost want to ignore August’s faults and live in the palace without a care.

However, Katherine’s upbringing as a commoner did not sit well with Elizabeth or Dalia, a noblewoman who August shared his bed with more often than Katherine. Elizabeth was snide, but most often ignored her, choosing to treat things as if she were not present. Dalia was straight up cruel, referring to her as a dog, even in the presence of August or Elizabeth. They made the two years painful, but all the more worth the anticipation.

So, the long awaited day came, the night of August’s twenty-fifth birthday, and a day of grandiose celebration. August was obscenely drunk, which made it all the easier to put her plan in motion. She performed a ritual she had been practicing for two years, granting her grant magical power, for the duration of one full day. It was all she would need.

She let the power fill her, let it darken her heart, and revelled in the possibilities that were opened up to her.


August woke with a the strangest sense of limpness. His body felt like all the bones had been removed from it and he lay in darkness, unable to move. The surface he was upon was hot and it felt like he was nestled in something akin to wire.

Figuring he was just drunk, he tried to call out to Katherine, who should have been next to him, if he was actually in his bed. No words came. He could not even feel the muscles in his throat move, in his attempt.

“Perhaps you would care for an explanation, for your struggles?” The voice was so loud and its tone was familiar in the most unsettling way. He felt his mind seemingly expand, new senses flooding him. He could see out, but it took him a moment to adjust to his perspective, as it did not come through eyes, but instead from his entire self.

To make matters worse, he could also, in a omnipresent way, see himself. And what he was looking at was horrifying. He was staring at himself, a flaccid cock that he recognized as his own, while also observing what should have been his body, from the perspective of said cock.

“Are you getting it, yet?” He heard the words in time with watching the mouth that should have been his moved.

What a fucked up dream, he thought.

He saw a grin spread over his lips. “This is no dream, August,” the man assured. “Things are as they appear.”

To back the information, he felt the hand that was once his envelop his body and hold him loosely. The fingers, like bodies all their own, were warm and he felt the slightest tingles of excitement. What the fuck, he groaned, internally.

“Let it sink in - I am in your body and you are your own penis!” He had never heard his voice with such a gleefully sadistic edge.

Kat? The hand began to stroke him, cutting off any attempt at contemplation as elation surged through him, and he was overwhelmed by heat and need. His body expanded, filling the once-his hand, and he felt tension build.

“Fuck, this is nice,” he heard. “I see why you want to shove this in everything.”

As he became engorged, his skin unbearably tight, the fingers moved faster, and he watched through near unconsciousness the way his head lolled back and his chest heaved. He wanted to gag as he felt the first bit of precum dribble from the opening that served as his mouth, but then the frantic stroking brought the lubricant lower and it allowed for a smoother jerk.

If he could breathe, he would have been holding his breath, his whole being consumed by the need to expel the seed held within the testicles below him. He felt his body convulse and then suddenly he was projecting gallons worth of semen onto the floor of the room he shared with Katherine.

After sitting still for a minute, his body rose from the seat at the end of his bed. “That alone was worth the effort,” he barely heard, feeling totally spent, “but we are far from done.”

What else could there possibly be? Had he the energy, he would have known, but instead he just stood, leaned against the tight skin if his lower abdomen.

He let his thoughts leave him as he tried to recharge. When he came to, he recognized the waiting room of Dalia’s chambers, just outside her bedroom. There was no warning as he slipped in and suddenly the room illuminated.

Dalia roused, looking groggily looking toward the door. “August?”

“Morning,” the false version of him greeted.

“You are awake early,” she noted as she sat up.

“I wanted to see you, after I did not have the chance on my birthday,” it was a phrase he could imagine himself saying and he was unsurprised to see the grin that spread across Dalia’s face.

“I see you are ready to go,” she purred.

“I have been ready for a while,” his voice said, and somehow he knew the words were directed at him.

Kat, please, he screamed mentally, but a pulse shook him at the words. He realized after a moment that not only was he heard, but his pleas excited Katherine.

Dalia had moved the covers and he was pressed close to her as she and Kat made out. Kat was sure to get her excited, but her patience soon ran out and August was faced with her wet pussy. “Happy Birthday,” Dalia cooed.

“Indeed,” Kat said and August’s ‘face’ was kissed up against Dalia’s entrance. The molten heat was inviting and he felt another pulse course through him. He was pressed firmly into her, sliding into the darkness of her vagina, to be completely encompassed by its firm embrace.

Kat, stop!

His face slammed hard into the deepest part of Dalia and was ground in for a few moments, as Katherine and Dalia adjusted. And then his world became a blur of friction, noise, and heat. He was more conscious than he had been when Katherine had jerked herself off, but that made it worse as he felt every impact and resulting shiver of pleasure. And the need to release what he held was all too powerful.

And then he was gushing cum into Dalia as Katherine continued to thrust frantically, thoroughly coating him in his own discharge. He wished for death, listening to Katherine’s out of breath laughter in his head.


Dalia was surprised by how quickly August came, but still more surprised by the fact that he did not just roll off of her after he was spent. Instead, he continued a slow pace, sloshing his seed within her. She had not been satisfied, so it was relieving to know he would be up for another round.

Her eyes closed and she focused on the feel of him within her. She rocked her hips, trying to get the right contact, his efforts having gotten her nowhere. Suddenly, his hand was around her throat. Her eyes opened lazily, not unused to his kinks, but something felt off.

She had expected him to need to build himself back up, but she noticed the way he expanded within her. It got to the point where he was uncomfortably large within her and that was when she saw how big his face looked. And his body. And the feel of his hand around her throat, two of his fingers forced to move to her collar, unable to fit between her chin and shoulder.

She tried to scream, but he squeezed, blocking her airway. His cock was overlarge and she felt like she might split in half. Tears welled in her eyes as he used his free hand to pull her hips up, his dick spearing more deeply into her. Her entire torso and head was not as long as his thigh and she dangled in his hands, her hands grasping desperately onto his wrist, to help relieve some of the weight from her vagina.

His hand shifted so that his thumb was across her throat and his fingers held her shoulder, keeping her off the bed. And then his hips began to move, rocking slowly at first, using the semen as extra lubricant, but nonetheless feeling like he was tearing her apart.

And then, he stopped and their eyes met. “Come on, dog, I am surprised you are not drooling over this bone,” the words were cold, with a quality she had never heard from August.

“Kat,” she was barely able to question with the limited access she had to oxygen.

And then August’s hips surged down into her, and she could have sworn she felt some part of her insides give, but did not have time to wonder which because Katherine set a blinding pace. Pain was all she knew. She had no time to brace, no time to adjust. Even if there were no fingers around her throat, she would not have been able to scream.

Shock hit her system and darkness took her, even before the hot geyser erupted within her.

She woke, blood and semen dripping down her legs. She looked around, unable to recognize her surroundings, but noted that she was suspended in the air. She looked down, the ground so far below her, but then it shifted up, before receding once more. There was a strange topography to it and it was all flesh colored.

And then it struck her that she might need to focus differently. And she wished she did not.

She floated what felt like hundreds of feet above the massive column of August’s cock, laid down against his stomach. She could hardly see where it ended and struggled to make out anything beyond.

Out of nowhere, another entity entered view, even larger than the penis, and it took her a moment to register it as a hand. Its movements seemed impossible, given the size of them, but panic gripped her more as she began to put together that they were not large, but in fact, she was microscopic.

The obelisk was erected below her and the tip of it, when standing fully was just below her, uncomfortably close.

“You are the worst person I have ever met, Dalia. You are dirt.” The soundwaves shattered her eardrums, but the words found their way into her mind. “Now you shall exist as less than dust.”

Gravity took hold of her and she fell, the slit at the tip of August’s colossal dick welcoming her. Every side of the tunnel seemed to be a mile away as she dove to the base of the inside of his phallus.

She was certain she broke every bone in her body on impact. Her brain was fried by the shock of it and her last thought before the light died in her was that at least it was over.

She woke to laughter in her head. It is never over. Enjoy!


August was exhausted from all the mental screaming. He had felt himself bloody Dalia from the inside and had watched her tears and silent screams from Kat’s eyes. And then to see her shrink while she lay passed out, until she was nearly impreceivable. He could not handle it.

She fell. Into him. Into the long tunnel of his urethra. Do not worry! I made sure she would survive!

Kat mocked him. Jeered at his circumstance. He cursed her with all he had, but she just laughed, giving him a quick shake.

“Looks like I could go again,” she happily intoned.

No, please, no, there was no longer any variety in his begging. He could only conjure a few words, amidst his misery.

Katherine trekked through the palace, finding her way to the chambers of August’s parents. She entered with a flourish, startling them awake.

“August?” His father murmured.

“Sleep forever,” Katherine commanded, and he fell back, the blood draining from his face. “I hate complacency.”

“August, what are you-”

Katherine waved a hand and Elizabeth stopped talking, shock coloring her expression. “Up,” she scrambled to obey. Katherine pulled a chair to the center of the room and dropped into it, setting in. “Suck me off, Mother,” she directed.

Elizabeth knelt before her, expression indignant, but fearful. She kissed the tip, her eyes screwing closed as she did as she was told. And then she was taking the whole length  into the mouth and throat, gagging as it filled her. The moisture was delightful and disgusting for August, as her tongue played along his underside.

Katherine sighed, content at the view of Elizabeth’s tears. She looked her in the eye and said, “take it all the way and hold it there.” She saw the flash of fear, before Elizabeth skewered herself, choking as the tip of August’s dick pressed deep into her throat, but dutifully held still.

How does it feel, to be half way down your own mother’s throat and to know that she is going to die choking on her son’s cock, thinking it is actually you?

August dissociated, relinquishing his human consciousness, but not in time to miss the light leave his mother’s eyes.

“Fuck,” Katherine was so hot with lust and started fucking the throat of the dead queen. “Still have to deposit Dalia somewhere,” she reminded herself, letting the euphoria of her power overwhelm her.


Dalia, who was awake in the darkness of August's cock, was confronted by chaos. The first bit of precum consumed her as her prison shook in ways she could not even comprehend. And then she joined the torrent of semen as it left Katherine’s mighty prick. She had no sense of where she ended up. All she knew was semen. It was the air she breathed. It was the only presence around her. And she would only ever know it, as the Queen’s body was buried in the family crypt, August’s semen still in her stomach.


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