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Allison 6’4  Alyssa 4’5”  John 4’3


“H-e-ya Allison!”  Beneath him, his sister’s hand squeezed his ass.  Sensing she wanted him to be polite, he lowered his head and said hello.  “Hi, Alyssa,” he muttered.  Allison gave him a reassuring pat, good job little guy.  “Alyssa, thanks for coming,” his sister chirped above him.  The two girls continued to move closer to each other until they stood centimeters apart.  “Oh, when you told me everything I just had to!”  *giggle*


Without warning they hugged.  John’s now omnipresent erection twitched painfully at the sight.  He wanted release desperately.  But doing so meant shrinking even smaller, didn’t it?   His cheek was squashed against Allison’s enormous left tit.  He turned his head to the side, trying to avoid contact with his sister's breast.  Instead he was now looking down slightly a Alyssa.  She looked up at him, like she used to.  However the illusion was ruined by his sister’s large, supple breast flesh at the edge of his vision.  The way Alyssa was looking him sent a shiver down his spine.  There was a hunger in her eyes, like she wanted to eat him.  They locked gazes for a few more moments, then John turned away.  Satisfied, the smaller girl turned her attention to his sister.  “Like, Gawd, Allison.  Just look at you!”  Allison blushed.  “A-lyss-a” she whined with false modesty.  The other girl was having none of it.  “Your breasts are huge!”  To demonstrate this, she reached up both her hands and squeezed and massaged the other girls massive breasts.  John heard his sister breath in sharply.  Allison was experiencing the same enhanced libido he was.  No doubt feeling someone grab her sensitive breasts was churning the hormones burning inside her.  


“S-stop it.” his sister squealed playfully.  She twisted a little causing her hips to undulate against her brother.  John groaned audibly and focused all his efforts on not cumming. “Alright.” Alyssa said reluctantly releasing the enormous tit flesh.  She leaned forward and kissed the taller girl’s creamy, jiggling flesh.  *Mwah*  “I’m sorry boobies,” her lips loudly smacking against the rippling, juicy flesh. “Pwease don’t be mad.”  Allison was turning red.  Her hips were swiveling, causing John to shift like on some amusement ride. “I-I’m heading out to work,” Allison was breathing heavily.  She couldn’t lose control.  She needed to leave now before things escalated.  She released her grip on her brother’s buttocks.  John slid down her long legs and landed softly on the floor.  He finally got a chance to get a good look at Alyssa.  She was wearing a tight white t-shirt with the words ’sassy’ written in pink on the front.  Her ripe breasts pushed outward, creating distortion on the s between the a and the s.  



“Take care while I’m gone, Johnny,” Allison said bending down.  “Don’t be scared, I’ll be back soon,” she kissed him, her full lips smacking wetly against his forehead.  Standing up she walked thru the open door, waving at them as she left.  The door slammed shut and a sense of ominous foreboding set over him.  He was alone, shrunken, with a girl who he had pissed off.  Worse, he was sure that, if she wanted, she could shrink him further. 

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