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John 6’  Allison 4’11”  


“J-O-hn,” his sister said with a cute stomp of her feet.  “Wh-A-t,” John replied with a teasing grin.  Allison stuck out her lower lip and scowled, “Don’t make fun of me.”  He reached over and gave her a light tickle under her arm.  She couldn’t help herself.  She was extremely ticklish and the bastard knew it.  “Hee..stop that..heee.”  She twisted away, futilely trying to push him away.  “Only if you promise to stop pouting, Ally.”  She sighed.  “Fine.”  


“Well in that case,”  John stood up and grabbed his coat.   “Your taking me?”  Allison’s squealed and hugged her brother.  John wrapped him in her arms.  She liked to feel him touch her like this.  She pressed her soft curves into him.  But it was for not.  No matter how hard she tried, John refused to notice her!


“So what’s this exhibit about Sis?”  John asked as he drove.  Allison smiled from ear to ear.  “It was set up by the FDA!  Infectious diseases.  The highlight is that new disease that came out of Georgia.”  John’s forehead furrowed.  He’d read something about that.  “Was that the one about the wasting sickness that guy got?”  Allison nodded.  “It was more than that though.  The disease affected him and his wife.  They developed a kind of symbiosis.  I’m a little sketchy on the details.  I think they named it after the two.  The Blake virus.”   


They arrived soon.  John closed his door and followed his sister inside.  Allison was brimming with excitement.  She pranced from side to side with her dark hair swishing in its pony tail.  Her cute little butt wiggled.  John was already thinking about everything else he had going on.  He didn’t particularly like science and found diseases morbid.  But Allison loved science and was big into disease study.  


Walking inside, the place was packed with people.  Allison put her arm around John’s and smiled.  “Look,” she pointed to the center of the room.  “A enlarged model of a cold virus.”  “Yeah,” John said in his best deadpan.  She punched his arm.  “Stop pouting, bro.”  With a chuckle, John went with her to check out the exhibits.  




John 3’10”  Allison 6’4”


John’s jaw dropped.  Allison’s finger was playing with his hair as he processed the implications. He wasn’t stupid.  “You infected us with a deadly virus!”  His hands balled into fists as he shook with impotent rage.  “Are you insane!”  Allison struggled with all her might not to laugh.  He didn’t understand…how could he?  Her big brother was now little more than half her height.  More, he was a skinny stick of a man while she was….big.  She softly soothed him.  “Shhhh, calm down Johnny.”  She firmed her grip on his head as she pulled him torward her.  He stiffened and struggled against her.  How funny, he still thought he could stand against her.  Didn't he understand?  He was so small and weak compared to her that his little struggles felt like a baby!


John couldn’t believe her flip attitude.  He struggled to get her to stop pushing him torward her large, bare breasts.  This wasn’t the first time Allison had disrobed in front of him, but it was the first time she’d touched him while nude.  “A-alli-.” his words were cut off as she pushed him into her enormous soft cleavage.  He was surrounded by the soft, warm breasts of his little sister!


“Shhh, silly boy, its going to be alright.”  Allison said.  “I love you.  And I’d never infect you with something that would kill you.”  She released him from his lush prison.  He looked up at her red faced and out of breath.  “So…I…huff…don’t…uh….have….wheeze….the Blake virus?” he asked.  



Her face twisted.  “I wouldn’t say th-A-t.”  she smiled.  

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