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Author's Chapter Notes:

Holy fuck. Bet you never thought I'd be back.

Yet I am. I took a 18 month hiatus to try to get my shit together, including school, life, and just stuff in general. Gonna be reuploading the couple of chapters I had finished, and then add on, hopefully being able to actually write this time.

Instead of giving up.



Chapter 1:

Kayla stared at the mirror, and sighed. Disappointment was etched across her face. She stared at her naked body, and frowned. She grabbed her breasts and felt around them. Then she felt her posterior, and sighed once more. It wasn’t that she was ugly. She was beautiful, and anyone that truly got to know her would know that.


But for some reason, most people stayed away from her. They thought of her as an outcast, someone best left alone. And everyday that Kalya went to her high school, she felt the stares.


Being with foster parents didn’t help much either. They were very supportive of her, but sometimes, the depression just got to her. Like now. Prom was coming up in 2 weeks. She had wanted a way to be able to remember her graduation from 12th grade and onto college by making out with a boy and having a story to tell. But it didn’t look like that would happen at all.


She sighed, and walked over to her bed, where her clothes were lying. She quickly threw them on, then walked out of her room. She lived in a 2-story house and her foster parents were very rich. But they couldn’t have children, and so they adopted Kayla.


Kayla had almost anything that a teenager could ask for. Her own room, a large TV in it, and her parents were always helping her through everything, whether it was homework or just plain life, without seeming too overprotective and letting her make her own decisions when she wanted to.


But the only thing Kayla lacked was friendship. No one to fall back onto. No one to trust. At school, she was all alone. At lunch she sat alone, and at home, where she could dive into her sanctuary of books, she was alone.


But in her life, there were plenty of bullies. At school especially. The popular kids who always thought that they were above everyone else would always make fun of her. At first it started out as teasing. Then occasionally, someone would trip her in the hallways. Then after school.


Then Emma had joined the school. Loud, obnoxious, and hot, she caught everyone’s attention and was almost immediately pulled into the popular kids’ group. She tried out for cheerleading, and was accepted instantly.


When she caught scent of Kayla’s weakness, one thing led to another, and as a lion hunts its prey, Emma did so to Kayla.


She spread false rumors, and joined the Kayla-tripping group.


Then she started waiting after school, pushing her and worse. When it got too rough, Kayla complained to the guidance counselor. And she didn’t believe Kayla because all the staff members loved Emma and thought she was perfect. And so Kayla was left to deal with her problems alone.


As Kayla walked down the stairs, she put on her best fake smile for her foster parents, who had no clue about what was going on at school.


“Hi Mom. Dad left for work, eh?” Kayla called out as she entered the kitchen, where her mom was flipping pancakes on the stove.


“Yeah, he did. Why don’t you sit down, honey, and I’ll have the pancakes ready for you any second now,” Kayla’s mom replied, and Kayla complied.


True to her word, Kayla’s mom brought over the pancakes and honey two minutes later, and poured some syrup on them.


“Aren’t you eating, mom?” Kayla asked, all the while digging into her food.


“I ate with your father, dear,” her mom said.


Kayla finished up the pancakes, and walked over to the sink, where she got a glass of water and washed her hands. Kayla’s parents were against having maids, because they believed that everyone should be able to and have to do their own work and chores. And so Kayla had chores.


Kayla dried her hands on a paper towel, then walked over to the living room, where she grabbed her bag from where she had set it yesterday, on the couch. She threw it over her shoulders, then walked over to the front door.


“Bye Mom!” she yelled.


“Bye honey,” her mom called back, to which Kayla exited her house and began the 10 minute trek to her school.


Upon reaching there, she took one look at the big red-bricked building that was the cause to all her problems.


“1 month left,” Kayla said out loud, and took a deep breath before entering the school building.

“You can make it.”


Some motivation never hurt, and when it was Kayla, the only thing that hurt were the bullies.


2 minutes later, Emma and her gang of hooligans walked in.



Chapter End Notes:

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