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Story Notes:
Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. No money is being made from this work. No copyright infringement is intended.
Author's Chapter Notes:
The Mobile Infantry soldiers
marched forward to their target
location. When they got to the edge
of a steep ridge, they looked down
upon the vast plain. Private Thomas
Haggerty expected to see the place teeming with bugs, but instead, they
found nothing except a few bugs
running around below them. ?Oh great, HQ had us march to the
edge of the Grand Canyon,? he
said. ?Zip it, private,? Lieutenant Hayes
said. ?We?re here mostly as support
for our newest weapon against the
bugs.? ?Another weapon? We already have
a full stock of nukes, what else could
we possibly need?? another soldier
asked. Hayes nodded. ?True, but this one
not only causes mass destruction,
but doesn?t put us in any danger
from the explosion.? Before they could continue, a bright
light flashed in the valley. They all
turned to see a giant woman
standing there. She was barefoot
with red toenails and was wearing
jeans and a pink t-shirt. As soon as her vision cleared from
the transporting, Meghan looked
around and scoped out the area. As
predicted, everything around her
looked like a green rug, which was
actually a dense forest that extended from the horizon to about
a few feet (her scale) before her.
There was also a very small river
running along the contour of the
cliff behind her. Before she left, she
was told by her commanding officer that the target size for her was
about 500 feet. To her side, she saw the cliff ledge
with a little light that was drawing
her attention. She leaned over and
pressed the button on her earpiece
microphone, which was set to
amplify regular transmissions and quiet down her booming voice.
?Lieutenant Hayes, is that you?? Hayes pushed the button on his
earpiece. ?Yes, it?s us,? Hayes
responded, tossing the flare down
the cliff. ?It?s time to go to work.
According to our scans, the jungle
area is full of bugs on the way to our base. Your orders are simple?
smash the area and take out as
many bugs as you can. We?ll take
care of any stragglers that get
through.? Meghan gave a salute. ?Yes sir.? She
stood up and turned around to
watch the edge of the green jungle
edge. She wiggled her toes in
excitement of what was to come. ?Here they come.? Seconds after Hayes? voice gave
the warning, Meghan saw the
arachnids start to come out of the
jungle. Immediately, she reached out
with her foot and started squishing
the bugs with her toes, mostly the big toe. Each imprint took out a few
bugs at a time, with her big toe able
enough to take out six or seven at
once. All of this squishing and small, barely-audible crunches had started to get her a little hot. Meghan licked her lips, which gave way to an evil smile. ?Die, you little pests!? As more and more poured out from the woods, Meghan?s footsteps became quicker and harder. She gradually started using more and more of her foot, starting with the pads of her feet and eventually using her whole foot. At one point, Meghan lifted her leg up high, until her knee was bent at a 90 degree angle. Before the troops on the cliff could brace themselves, she slammed her foot down on top of a large grouping of bugs. Lieutenant Hayes and the rest of his detachment fell to the ground from the massive impact. The excitement from seeing such a sexy, powerful woman had drawn most of their attention to their other heads. ?Holy shit!? Private Haggerty exclaimed.
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