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As she turned I got both a look at
heaven and hell. Her ass. Words
can?t say what it was like as she
slipped her panties off. Toned, firm,
tanned, sexy as hell. The kind of ass
I had held in my hands many times and had hoped to do many more.
Truly stunning. But at my new size I
felt as much fear as I did arousal.
The cheeks of her ass must have
been the size of three or four city
blocks. The tan flesh was firm and looked hard as rock. The ass could
be carved from stone. Her ass crack
was deep and dark? if her belly
button alone could eat me whole
then I could surely disappear
without a trace up her ass. Before I had any more time to think on it she
slid her panties back up and turned
back to me lowering her face over
me. Her hair fell down on all sides of
me and her wide full lips where right
above me about 20 feet away from my point of view. ?So you remember that do you little
guy?? she asked in a whisper. ?I think so.? I shout back. ?I bet! OK well let?s get this bit out
of the way fast. I shrunk you
because my last pet? Well I need a
new pet.? ?Most girls might be happy with a
hamster!? I yell. ?Now do you really think I look like
most girls?? she asked. I had to admit she did not. ?You see it?s kind of a long story
but I will just give you basics. My
mum is a witch and she kept people
as pets, I grew up as a witch too. I
use magic and I do the same. Now if
you want you can do the whole bit where you tell me magic is not real
and I can turn you in to a grain of
living dust and leave you in the
bottom of my old gym shoe till you
work out that it is real. Or I could
turn you in to a living dart board and put you up for a few weeks?
See if you believe me then. I have
taken the liberty of using my magic
to stop you saying anything about
being human not a pet. Sorry about
that but it gets soooo boring after a bit.? I tried to yell up that I was a man
and to let me fucking go. But the
words stuck in my mind. I could not,
as hard as I tried, beg to be free. ?Did you try it? Hahah I do love to
hear a pet begging but trust me in a
few days your freedom will be the
last thing you beg for. I have also
taken the liberty of using my magic
to stop you touching yourself or cumming until I say you may. Your
body right now is still human. I
could give your body the properties
of gum so you won?t die if you end
up under foot but I think that giving
you that before you have worked and earned is not fair. If you?re a
good pet you will be given it to
make sure you can be my pet for a
long time. But if you?re bad then it?s
your own watch. But let me say I will
not adjust anything for you. It?s up to you to get out of the way of my
feet. Is that understood?? ?Fuck you!? ?Well you wish you could. But see I
am kind I could take all the fight out
of you but I love seeing you brake
on your own hahaha. Ok if you
don?t get it that?s fine just means I
will have a stain on my carpet for the next pet to clean up really it?s
you who will end up the worst of if
you don?t hear what I say. You
understand that I trust??
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