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Three blasts from the Great Hewing Horn, this was the signal of victory. It roared from atop the Citadel of the Red Horn, echoing through the battle-despoiled streets of the capital, filling what few defenders remained with the final dread of defeat, and inspiring triumphant invaders to let loose a great cry of victory. 

It had been the work of countless generations of warriors of the Purple Covenant to reach this day and earn all its attendant glories. The war with the heathens had swayed between sure victory and bitter defeats a dozen times, spawning hundreds of great heroes and despicable villains to be honored and despised in the peace that was now inevitable.

As the blue banners were raised above the citadel and the occupying army set to the task of gathering the spoils, the priests orchestrated greatful prayers to the Purple One- the divinity whose inspirations and commands had made their victory inevitable. 

Their invocations and prayers to their deity turned their eyes skywards, awaiting a sign of what they must do now what final victory had been assured. Instead of a swooping bird of prey or a sunbeam however the sky suddenly seemed to take on a sinister red hue. The collective gaze of the victorious army turned skyward as from the endless skies past the edge of the world descended the crimson visage of the Horned One, the heathen's unholy master. 

The soldiers knew this to be true, for it bore a great singular red horn from its forehead and stared down with a piercing and focused red gaze. They however were not sure how to read the fact that unlike every abstract and terrible statue that graced the defeated capital the god- goddess? -looked every bit as great and terrible as a frustrated girl who had just lost a board game.


Doji gripped her edge of the table tightly, digging deep trenches through the countryside along the border; a rules violation that mattered little since she had just lost. 

"Wha- I lost?!" she cried, lowering her face and squinting slightly to examine the fully upgraded capital of her empire fall to Musume's surprise attack, a tiny white pop-up of her casualties rising from the city next to a cartoon skull. 

[54,024 💀] 

"Yep! Haha, I win!" Musume grinned, snickering smugly. 

Doji stared, mouth agape at her unsalvageable situation before groaning in frustration.

"Yeah whatever, good game, I guess," she pouted, crossing her fit arms in front of her petite cloth-wrapped chest.

"I shoulda' seen that coming, you're always so darn sneaky!"
Musume squinted, still baring her grin and giving a slight twirl of her black and red skirt. 

"Eeeeeeh- Yeah, I guess I am! You wanna come watch me play against Jjubi' next?" she said, giving a slight tilt of her black-bowed head towards the door. 

"Nah. I gotta make up for nerding out all day with you!" Doji replied, the slightest bit of salt betrayed in her voice. Musume shrugged and walked towards the door labeled

'Common Room'. 

"Kay! I'll letcha know how it went tomorrow alright?"

"Sure. Kick her butt for me- she kept trying to eat my reserves as a mid-game snack last week."

"Haha, will do!" Musume giggled, walking into the room beyond and closing the door tightly.

Doji stood in silence for a long moment, staring down at her defeated nation with arms still crossed. She let out a low hum of irritation before finally turning her back on the table with an exaggerated 'Hmph!" 

Despite how petite she was Doji was exceptionally fit, as expected for an Oni, even of her age. Her narrow belly held well defined abs and her spats ensconced thick athletic thighs. Being an Oni her round pouting face was peaked with a long singular horn, framed by short-cropped black hair.

"Guess I'll just work out here," she resolved, and unzipped her satchel beneath the table ro extract an exercise mat, unrolling it beside the table and working into regimen of core and leg exercise.

Within a few minutes her crimson demonic skin began to stream with sweat, and the room began to practically fog up with radiated warmth. After half an hour Doji was groaning through clenched teeth, and as she finished her last set she let out a loud sigh of exasperation. 

Though working out always cleared her head she hardly felt any less frustrated with her loss, and turned to again stare at the game table. 

It was an impressive solid marble table, almost eight feet long and five feet wide, big enough that the girls in the club had to stand on milk crates to reach the center. An absurdly detailed miniature landscape stretched from one end of the board to the other- a masterful conjured world that the Nine Hells Gaming Club provided free of charge to its demonic members. 

Doji was less interested in the conjuring side of the hobby, and she would've probably played with humans that weren't even painted if they didn't come already finished. She was in it for the thrill of battle and the rush of victory that came after.

She didn't mind losing too bad most days. Today wasn't one of those days though, as she resented that Musume was always pushing her warriors around with her darn overpowered knights.

Placing her clenched knuckles on her hips she strode over to the table edge, letting her belly rest against the cool side of the table. 

"You probably think you're so good for beating me, huh?" she inquired to the continent, staring down at Musume's roving armies and cities that continued consolidating their power without either girl's presence. 

Normally the club members would leave the boards unattended at night and the girls who volunteered at the club would reset them to uncivilized wilderness by the morning, ready for another game. For now however the board was still alive with the movement of tiny armies and the sprawl of minuscule cities.

Sweat drops rolled down Doji's abs and plopped heavily amidst scattered settlements at the edge of the table, turning them into salty muck. Doji grinned in amusement, raising an eyebrow at the little pop ups that appeared at each impact.

[2 💀] [25 💀] [4 💀]

"Y'know I never thought of it but I bet I've wiped out at least one or two villages every game  just breaking a sweat, hehe." 

A strange, somewhat abashed look passed over her face suddenly. 

"Am I really gonna do this with the clubs stuff. It's one thing to buy a few extra packs of guys a month but..." Doji blushed as much as a red-skinned girl could.
She suddenly turned and locked the game room door.

"They have tons of the stuff, they won't even notice," Doji re-assumed her spot pressed against the table edge. 

Doji's demeanor changed, at once looking less frustrated but instead shifting her posture more aggressively over the landscape beneath her. Her form cast a vast shadow over the landscape, dripping perspiration in thick drops onto farmsteads, villages, and forests like a thunderhead. 

The tiny villages along the table edge were barely bigger than a penny, and were rife with flea-sized humans who fled from the monolithic cliff of red skin that had butted against the edge of their world. That cliff suddenly rolled forward, scraping over the edge and giving way to a pair of collossal spats and then a pair of earth-splitting knees that clambered atop the table as Doji crawled onto its sturdy surface. 

Now on all fours and staring down at the heartland of her conquered empire she grinned smugly. "Where's your smarty-pants boss now," she chided. "Think you can still beat me?"

Doji pushed her legs out and lowered herself onto the continent. A dozen towns and forts dissapeared under her black skin-tight shorts, their last sight the sweat-stained bulk of her taut butt as it fell atop them and rendered them a slight stain on the damp fabric. 

[29,240 💀]

The Oni wiggled in place and let out a soft sigh. Her thick thighs framed her fallen capital, which was still teeming with tiny legions of Musume's purple-clad knights.

Doji scooted herself forward, carving a butt-shaped stretch of the landscape clean down to the table surface beneath it.

Her crotch towered beside the multi-tiered citadel of the city; which was a veritable Tower of Babylon, though it was barely tall enough to reach her navel. The knights in the outskirts of the city saw the black taut fabric wrapped tightly around her mons darken, both with perspiration and more heady dampness.

"Here's a little reward for fighting so well," Doji muttered sensually. 

Without much fanfare she wrapped her fingers around the rear side of the city, scooting forward against it's near side and rubbing against it slowly. Those atop it's upper tiers were showered with drops of sweat freed from on high, smashing in roofs and flooding streets with their salty flow. Those in the lower tiers were caught in an overwhelming landslide of damp spats, backed by her overwhelming weight. 

The markets and barracks Doji had spent the game constructing and upgrading became stimulating bumps on her plaything, which crumbled against her spats and left streaks of debris and the occasional knight stuck in the seams that crossed her crotch. Those who avoided being squished or stuck to the wet fabric struggled to fight back against the colossal mons which pressed against the layered city over and over, imbuing it with a thick coating of feminine scent. Their bows and trebuchets were useless, pinging tiny damage bubbles with each impact.

[0], [0], [0]

Doji's grinding however quickly wore the citadel down to its base, and after a few moments the substructure buckled and collapsed as she bore down upon it heavily, a little white bubble popping up from between her thighs. 

[104,249 💀]

She lifted her crotch and examined the sweat-sodden heap of rubble with a smug expression and a flushed face.

"I thought my capital was tougher than that! No wonder she won." 

Doji smirked even wider at the sight of the remnants of Musume's legions scrambling about in the hot sweat-laden air under her spats, their banners flashing white as their morale shattered.

"Little perverts, what do you think you're gonna do, hide under there?"


Knight Ilus dropped his sword as he watched the great Red Citadel flatten beneath the mountainous crotch of the Demon herself. That she would lay low her own city for failing her was a terrifying realization. What would she do to those cities loyal to Musume, and why did she go unnoposed by her? 

It proved too much for Ilus' companions as well, and despite their commanders' efforts to rally them the army turned tail and fled as best it could. But trying to even escape the shadow of her massive thighs and waist proved impossible, as the jumbled terrain her impact had created was impossible to cross quickly. What more, the clinging overwhelming scent of her sweat made breathing difficult and the heat radiating from her ruddy skin was exhausting, and soldiers cast down their helmets and weapons all around him trying to ease their flight.

He turned his head skyward as he heard her voice rumble above. Her mons curved above him, wrapped tightly in black fabric and positively soaked in what couldn't have just been sweat. The cleft was painted with a grey stain where she had rubbed herself lewdly against her capital, as well as countless tiny red stains where she had 'defeated' a legion in a single bump of her crotch. 

That soft black mountain suddenly lurched forward and Ilus found himself pushed to the ground as the center cleft of her pussy squished around him against the earth. 
All around him the knights of his order were obliterated by the impossible weight, but Ilus and a few others were caught in the slight parting of her cameltoe and suck fast to the wet fabric of her spats, tangled in the breathable fabric. 


Doji leaned forward and squished a few legions under her crotch, elliciting an unintentional whimper at the sensation. 

[14,516 💀]

"Nnh, geez there's a lot of you."

She let out a rough breath before abruptly turning around in place and lying back atop most of the realm with a soft crunch. 

"Guh, this nerdy stuff really does make you into a wierdo..."

She glanced about at the kingdom arrayed around her, noticing and finding amusement at the large city that stood within the crux of her armpit. 

"Haha, look at all of you there. How do you like the new climate?" Doji teased, watching as her sweat soaked the tiny buildings and swamped the countless humans of the city in the streets. 


Caxilles was trying to flee through the South gate when the demon suddenly fell back upon the world with a deafening crash, obliterating mountains and tossing trees and distant castles across the landscape. 

Since their Goddess had left their leaders without inspiration their victory had been turned into sudden disaster as the enemies Deity set foot upon the mortal world unchallenged. Though as far as Caxilles was concerned there was a lot more explaining needed than just why their own Goddess had left them so. 

The crimson one looked young enough to be his daughter, and her demeanor suggested she was taking a far more intimate king of pleasure in despoiling the mortal plane than scripture suggested. 

Now he was looking at her torso in profile, her muscular sides trailing above his city like a sheer cliff towards her cloth-wrapped slight breasts. His city had avoided immediate destruction, but instead found itself framed on two sides by her collossal smooth underarm. At once the air was seized with an overpowering scent of sweat, which drove him to his knees and cloyed his mind with its impossible humidity. 

To make matters worse the sweat rolled into their city, pushing the walls over and splintering buildings into muddy paste. He made it through the gate along with a group of merchants but there was nowhere to flee to. Half their world was a glistening red wall of skin, and the other was menaced by her resting arm in the distance. 

Caxilles resisted the panic around him and simply watched the great Oni's movements. He had lived his life trusting all things in his Goddess' hands, and he saw little reason to die not doing the same.He had even less time to philosophize when the collossus looked down upon the city, seemingly straight into his eyes before smirking and in a single moment closing the sky above it in a valley of heated skin.


Flexing her arm, Doki savored the feeling of the little buildings getting smushed between the two slick sides of her underarm."Hey, that tickles!" she cried, clenching her arm involuntarily. 

[31,285 💀]

The sensation stopped just as fast.

"I didn't say stop. Ugh, lame." 

Her eyes darted about the table around her, searching for another source of entertainment. Finding its mark she turned slightly and took note of  Musume's old capital, another ziggurat city equally impressive to her own. She took hold of it with a free hand  and brought it over her toned stomach. 

"Here, I have a new place for you to live," she offered smugly, setting the city above her navel on the broad red plain. 

"Ditch the city though, and don't bother taking anything you won't need it," she commanded. Within a few minutes she saw enough of the tiny humans wander from the city out onto the hot skin of her belly. 

"Mmm, that's enough of you," she announced, and abruptly picked up the city again and crushed it in her powerful little fist, looking satisfied at the relatively low casualty report.

"Good, you're pretty obedient for being someone elses' toys. Now get to massaging me, I'm sore,"Doji lifted her hips and watched the little specks tumble across the hills of her abs until they were spread evenly across her body, some slipping under the tight bindings that covered her flat chest. 

She sighed with relish at the tickling sensation as they began to scramble about her vast form and fulfill her demands as best they could.

Crossing her arms behind her head, Doji chuckled. "I wonder if any other girls have this much fun with this game."

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