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The alarm clock went off and I quickly reached over to shut it off as not to wake my wife. I stretched, yawned and laid there for a few minutes to adjust my eyes to the morning twilight. I was getting up earlier than usual this morning as I needed to catch a flight out of town for a week long seminar I was attending. My boss thought it would be a good idea to take some sessions on some new applications being used by some of our clients. I looked over at my wife and noticed she hadn’t budged, she was still sleeping. I got up and quietly made my way around the bed to the bathroom and shut the door. After going through my normal morning bathroom routine, I realized that I forgot to take out any clothes for today and I would have to quietly make my way back into the bedroom and get my things.

I opened the bathroom door and light flooded into the bedroom. I was prepared to quickly shut the door as not to disturb her sleep but I saw that she was already making her way out of bed. She stretched and let out a big yawn as she stood up. I asked her why she was getting up so early this morning and she mumbled something back that she needed to get to work early herself to prepare for some meeting. I didn’t question her further as I had to keep moving if I was going to call a taxi and catch my flight. Since she was up, I hit the bedroom switch by me and turned on the light. On her way to the bathroom she stopped in front of me and gave me a quick kiss and wished me well on my trip. I was pleasantly startled as she gave me a nice tug on my penis and then continued on to the bathroom and shut the door. She knew I would probably be gone by the time she got ready.

With a smile on my face, I went back to the task of getting dressed as I heard my wife turn on the shower. I glanced at the clock by the bed and realized it was getting late and needed to get a move on. As I bent down by our large dresser to open one of the drawers, a wave of nausea hit me. I quickly stood up and became dizzy and disoriented. I started looking for something to grab to steady myself. I took one step back and fell back on the bed just behind me. I laid there looking up at the ceiling as my vision became blurred and fuzzy before passing out.

In that moment of being both asleep and awake, my eyes shot open wide and my heart pounded as I suddenly thought that I had missed my flight. I quickly sat up. I was frantic to see what time it was but couldn’t see the clock for some reason. How long have I been out? I then heard my wife still in the shower which calmed my anxiety a bit. I couldn’t have been out but a few minutes or so. As I looked around, I noticed there was a huge smooth mountain of white to my right and another huge ruffled mountain of white to my left. Both seemed very far off in the distant. The ground beneath me was pure white and ran in all directions. As I looked far past all the white in front of me, I noticed very a large brownish object. I was beginning to sense that something was not right.

I began to rub my eyes. Fear and terror started to overwhelm me as I slowly came to the realization that I was but a tiny speck in the vastness of our bedroom. I couldn’t have been more than a spot on the white sheet of our bed. I quickly came to the conclusion that the object off in the distance to the right was an enormous giant pillow and to the left was the top sheet crumpled and wrap over our top blanket. The large brownish object in front of me was our dresser that I was just at. It looked like the objects were miles away in all directions as was the edge of the bed. I couldn’t fathom how this happened and tried to get a hold of myself as I started shaking. This can’t be! Why and how did I become so tiny?

As I was trying to figure out what to do, I heard my wife turn off the shower. A thought flashed into my mind that I could try to get her attention to help me but that quickly faded as I recognized it would be a futile attempt at the size I was – she would never see or hear me. To make matters worse, I had packed my bags the night before and left them in the guest bedroom without her knowing so as not to wake her this morning. My office would have no reason to try and contact me and no one I know is expecting me at the seminar. I was certainly in a pickle - not one person including my wife would even give the slightest thought about me this week. This was not the one of the crash-course workshops I signed up for. I rattled my brains to try and comprehend the situation when the bathroom door opened. I froze in terror.

My wife entered the room wrapped in a towel still somewhat wet. As the site of her sheer size began to sink in, I began to panic even more. She was enormous to say the least. Even on the bed you could feel small tremors as she walked. Out of shear fright, I started flailing my arms and shouting - trying to get her attention. But just as I thought, it was useless. I just stood there motionless as I watched her go about what she was doing. She paused a moment and bellowed out my name and waited for a reply. When she heard nothing back she continued on. That was that - she thinks I left on my trip and she was all alone. I was now on my own to try and figure a way out of this mess. I had to calm down and think. I took a couple of deep breaths and my body slowly stopped shaking. I looked down on myself and realized I was still completely naked.

As she made her way to the dresser to the side of the bed that I was just at a bit earlier, she slid her towel off to the floor. I just couldn’t grasp the sheer size of my colossal naked wife. As she approached the dresser, her humongous breasts seemed to really bounce and jiggle with each step. To her, they probably just swayed a bit while walking but at my size they seem to rise and fall with amazing height slamming back against her body. My eyes traversed downward across her flat stomach, over her belly button and to her womanhood. I have to say that it was really impressive at my size. You could hardly make out her sex beneath the forest of hair that surrounded it. It amazed me how for out her pubic hair protruded from her body as she started to scratch it unknowingly with her long painted finger nails.

She turned toward the dresser and her magnificently round butt now filled my view. As she bent over for a moment to get something out of a drawer, she gave me an amazing shot of her pink vagina. I was in such awe seeing her huge pussy flaps from this perspective. I quickly snapped back into reality when I noticed that she was backing up and slowly descending on top of my world. She was about to sit on me. I resumed shaking and I ran in horror further towards the middle of the bed as fast as I could hoping I had enough time to escape the impending crash. I knew it would be a tremendous boom when her butt smashed into the bed and I didn’t want to be anywhere near it.

I made a last ditch effort and jumped for my life. Her butt just missed me and slammed into the bed. As I landed on my stomach, the bed gave way as she sank in and flung me straight up in the air at tremendous speed and height. In utter dismay, I now saw the bed rapidly approaching as she was just bending over. I landed near the top of the deep crater she made in the bed which sort of broke my descent as I continued to fall and slide down backwards on my stomach towards her ass. There was no way I was going to stop myself at this speed and I braced for impact.

I smacked directly into her body at the top edge of her butt crack just as she was starting to sit up again. For a brief instance I was being crushed until she started to rise from the bed. I cried out in terror as I saw the bed rapidly leaving me. I was stuck to my wife by the dampness of her body. I saw her butt cheeks close in on me and thought this was it and waited for the looming crush. I realized that I was still alive as her butt cheeks wiggled into place just too each side of me. That’s when I saw her white silk panties being pulled up and over me.

Her panties firmly pressed up against me as I squirmed trying to break free. Then out of nowhere, I was crushed into her body full force and rubbed. It let up as quickly as it came. I froze in place and waited. I realized that she probably thought that I was just an itch. Since I couldn’t bear that blow again and risk breaking my body, I decided to remain still. Pondering my situation, I could smell her panty odor. You would assume the odor would be pleasant from washing but it was pungent - like these panties have been used before. I couldn’t fathom how she would wear used panties. How long does she wear her panties before washing them? The smell was really starting to sink in when she decided to start walking and her panties stretched in and out, forcing them tight against my face with each step.

As she walked, her butt cheeks jostled me from side to side with each step. I felt her bend over as her panties stretched out in both directions and smushed me tight against her body and then quickly let up. I tried to take as few inhales of air as possible as the stench started to become unbearable. I figured she was back in the bathroom at this time. This time her panties really stretched out and pinned me tight. I could hardly breathe as I heard her rummaging through the lower cabinet for something. She must have squatted down. Finally the pressure let up as she stood again - I could breathe again as I took in more foul air and started gasping.

Out of nowhere and in the flash of on instance, I saw her thumbs enter and slide in behind her undies and push down. As I was pulled from her crevice by the rim of her panties, I tumbled down the silky fabric until I rested on my back head first part way down. She had pulled her panties down just below her butt and stopped. I couldn’t understand what she was doing as I laid there looking straight up at her flower as her panties were stretched out tightly between her legs. Her dangling pussy lips were huge from this vantage point and I couldn’t look away. What was she doing? I then heard some crinkling of paper being ripped and torn when it came to me what she was about to do.

I saw giant fingers enter over the front of her panties and come into my immediate space with what looked like a large white hundred story skyscraper – it was a tampon. All time slowed down to me. The tampon passed by and over me like a rocket slowly being rolled out to the launching pad. She pushed each pussy fold to the side with the applicator and swirled it around until she found her hole. I was right there front and center watching the whole ordeal. The massive tampon head was just now several yards above me. I was wincing quite a bit in anticipation of the applicator smashing into me.

For a brief instance, I could see up her dark ominous cave before she got set to push the applicator up and in. As she positioned the applicator upright for her lunge in, the back of one of her fingers came down hard on me. She bared down and stretched me out with her underwear even more. I was slowly being crushed. Finally, her hand eased off as she penetrated her vagina with the tampon. Once the applicator was about half way up inside her, I was completely freed and breathed a sigh of relief. She paused for a second to make sure she hit the right spot. Her massive index finger hovered just above me at the base of the tube. I could make out every detail of her nail paint job. When she was confident of her location, she swiftly thrust upwards on the tube and launched the tampon deep inside her.

When she decided the tampon was where it needed to be, she started to pull out the applicator slowly. The back of her finger rested down on me again. As she tilted the end of the applicator towards the front of her panties for exit, I was liberated once more. I watched in wonder as her vagina closed up around the string as the applicator was freed from her hole. I couldn’t believe how enormous the string was to me – it was many times larger than any rope I had ever seen. Without warning, the string fell free and slammed down on my body and knocked the wind out of me. Then I saw her giant fingers enter her panties once again. She was feeling around for the string as she was pinching blindly around in the air. She finally found it and pulled it forward along her canal lifting if off me. She brushed the string a couple of times along the route and patted it once at the end. Wow! What a rush. She didn’t even bend over and look down to see what she was doing…she was an expert at this indeed.

My world started to shift again. She lifted the rear of her panties forcing me to tumble forward to the white patch of her panties that would inevitably rest against her sex. I was now on my stomach facing forward staring directly at a soiled region of fabric. I didn’t have time to react to the stench. As I looked over my shoulder in shock and alarm, she pulled up the front of here panties and up I went right into the smack dab middle of her pussy flaps. I was slammed from outside her panties and smushed as she rubbed her crotch to make sure everything felt right. That last push engulfed me further between in her folds where I met her tampon string once again.

I was in full panic mode. I wriggled and struggled to break free and un-wedge myself – not giving any consideration of what that meant. This caused my wife to re-adjust herself as she took another swipe at her crotch and smushed me back in place. I couldn’t calm down. Just breathe I kept telling myself. This can’t be happening – it’s all a dream. I wriggled some more and this time my wife dug in with her nails and scratched. Holy crap that hurt! After a few seconds I started to calm down. I just froze in place. I had to make sure I didn’t move. I didn’t want to endure that pain again.

The air became heavy and stale making it hard to breathe. My mind drifted from one thought to another on how this was all going to end. In each scenario, the outcome wasn’t good. As I inhaled hard through my mouth, I couldn’t help but taste her inner pussy lips with each breath. The taste was sweet with a hint of body wash but very dry – there was very little moisture anywhere to be found. I was in complete darkness as any remaining light filtering in disappeared as her pussy lips closed in on me. The smell of her panties seeped in and that just made everything worse. I thought the smell was pungent before compared to this. I figured she must have been in her cycle for some time. That thought, along with the odor, got the better of me and I had to just let go and heave. What did it matter, you wouldn’t be able to distinguish between the different stenches anyway. I thought to myself how could things get any worse – I was jammed up in her pussy while having her period.

As she walked around the rest of the morning getting ready, I started to feel a bit of motion sickness as I was gently rocked and rubbed side to side with each step. I was trying to hold myself together but I just let it out again. She had no clue I was now part of her womanhood. I could only imagine her morning routine as she dried her hair, made coffee and put on makeup. By the way she jumbled around in place, I could tell she was getting dressed. She usually wore a nice button down blouse and a somewhat short skirt. As I felt one leg lift and then the other, I knew she was putting her feet into her black high heeled pumps. I could now hear each footstep on our wooden floor. She was ready to go.

From the position I was in, I could faintly hear the sound of keys rattling. She must be headed off to her car. I heard her open the door as her legs spread apart wide to enter. It was just enough to quickly breathe in what little putrid air hung around. It was really getting stuffy and very hot in here. She dropped on the seat with a mammoth loud thump as my world closed in tighter. As she adjusted herself and brought her legs back together, I heaved once more. I can’t believe she didn’t notice all the puke that was running down her channel. I heard the door slam shut and the car start. We were both on our way to her office.

My wife was motionless for the most part just sitting there and driving to work as she listened to whatever music she had on. After a while, I was becoming stiff and my body started to ache more than usual. I needed to move. I stretched as much as her vagina would let me and in an instant, she felt it and behaved on cue and re-adjusted herself. I felt her fingers smash me once again and begin to rub. I thought nothing of it since that’s what she seemed to do each time I moved and I was prepared for it. But this time she kept rubbing. Her pussy started to get moist and wet very quickly. Was she actually getting off while driving? She relaxed her pace and just kept rubbing her pussy slow and hard. Seems she was settled into just playing with it.

I was being squished, smushed and dragged all around the inside of her flaps and getting soaked. I again cried out in sheer fright of being crushed inside her pussy as she dug in and pushed me up against her clit. As she continued to pleasure herself, I couldn’t but help drink in some of that wetness. It was thick and tasted better than I thought – or it could have just been that I was so parched and dehydrated that I needed something to drink. I could hear her talking to herself about something about being horny. I really didn’t like where this was going – not while she was driving.

After a few minutes, she let up and I descended back down between her sopping wet lips. I composed myself as best I could. I was still cramped up between her flaps but this time I was now engulfed in all her wetness. I found it harder than ever to breathe but I managed somehow to find pockets of rancid air and stay alive. I heard her turn off the engine and proceed to get out of the car. She started walking again and I started swaying inside her vagina back and forth. By this time I got used to it. After several minutes I could hear her chatting with people and concluded we made it inside the building. Her motion stopped for a while and all I could hear was faint talk about work stuff among some of her coworkers. At this time her moisture began to dry up and I felt myself hard fast pinned to the inner walls of her folds. It was like being in cement as it cured and became hard - I couldn’t move at all. I couldn’t believe how fast her pussy dried out.

She starting walking again and in a few moments she stopped. I could feel the pressure coming up from below which meant she was sitting once again. Then the real pressure came when she crossed her legs. Her vagina squeezed in tight. Any tighter and I would surely pop. I had absolutely no room to move as my body started to truly ache. She remained very still and quiet as I pictured at her desk engrossed in whatever she was doing. It seemed like hours had passed as I must have dozed off or passed out from the lack of oxygen.

As she finally re-adjusted herself in her chair and changed legs that were crossed, I was shaken into consciousness and confusion once again. I woke up and started to break free from her harden slop and was able to move ever so slightly. Again she quickly took notice as she squeezed her crossed legs tighter together. Why doesn’t she just put me out of my misery? This time I could feel some moisture building up around me and could move a bit more to stretch. Was she getting aroused again? I felt such exhilaration and joy when she uncrossed her legs and swiftly stood up. It felt like a huge weight was lifted off me. I choked on all the air I could consume as my head spun and my body throbbed. We were on the move once again.

We must have been on a carpet floor as I could barely hear her heels striking the floor. After a few moments everything completely changed as I heard a door creak open and her heels clacking on tile. I heard some water rushing from a faucet and some light chatter when another door quickly open and shut. My imagination was running away with me as I quickly surmised where we were at. I dreaded this moment but I guess I knew all along it was inevitable.

My wife quickly pulled her panties down and started to bend over. I knew she was about to sit on a toilet and I knew the impact of her rotund ass against a hard surface would be tremendous. When she hit the seat, the collision easily hurled me out of my hidden place. I cried in terror as I was falling once again. Then something immediately and miraculously stopped my fall midway and my direction change. As I looked up I could barely see that my foot was tangled up in the strands of her tampon string and I was now swinging upside down like Tarzan. I swung back and forth for a few times until I gradually slowed to a standstill. I was hanging upside down just a short ways down her tampon string looking at the water below me. I immediately grabbed any string fibers I could find and hung on for dear life as a saw the rest of the string continue down into the depths of the bowl.

It took a bit to adjust my eyes to the dim light and I immediately noticed how much more easy it was to breathe. The air felt really great as I took it all in as fast as I could. As I look down above my head, I could see an ocean of water constrained by white walls on all sides. As I looked up below my feet, I could see daylight between my wife’s legs as she sat very still. Then I noticed that it was eerily quiet – too quiet. I knew that at any moment a river of urine was about to erupt and I braced myself as best I could. I had no idea how forceful it was going to come out and where it was going to go. I waited with much anxiety as my heart pounded out of my chest. The suspense was killing me.

Then I felt a slight tremor and it grew in size rapidly. She was about to blow. Her urine gushed forth streaking all over her bottom in different directions and crashing into me like a tidal wave. Her yellow fluid trickled down the string and engulf my entire body. I couldn’t but help swallow quite a bit as it poured over me. It was so disgusting I choked on it. The smell was so strong that I found more inside me to puke. She was killing me with her pee. After what seemed like an eternity, she finally took control of her flow as it streamed out hard like a firehose just feet from me to the waters below. I gagged out everything I could. I was coughing uncontrollably. Finally I was able to calmed down and re-focus. I was amazed how warm her pee was and just as amazed that I survived that blast. I now found myself completely drenched and boy did I reek.

The sound of her peeing was remarkably loud, almost deafening. It sounded as if I were standing right next to several Niagara Falls at once. As her warm pee hit the water, light steam started to loft up. The smell was awful to say the least but it didn’t matter now. All I could do was just hang there and watch. It seem to take an eternity for my wife to empty her bladder. Maybe she didn’t go to the bathroom when she got up. Her torrent flow finally subsided to a trickle and then completely stop. The quietness of it all was just was just as resounding. Was she finished? I couldn’t tell – she just sat there for a while. Just then I felt a huge tremor and realized she was not done. The second act was about to start. I watched in horror as her asshole puckered and then bulged outward and widen to extreme. I knew this was not going to be pretty.

I could feel her body tremble as she bared down. I could just make out the brown sludge that started to make its way out. Slowly her waste protruded out and started to form a log. I was so close that I could reach out and touch it. The log started to move a bit faster as her muscles constricted and pushed forth. The stench of her shit was intolerable and I had no problem puking once again. What the hell did she eat last night? The log grew monstrous in length as the weight of itself pulled more out. I was astonished at the sheer size of poop coming out of her. Where did she store it all?

Finally, the stretch of feces gave way as she squeezed her hole shut and pinched off the log. The crash below was extraordinarily loud like a bomb exploding. It heaved urine water up and all over the place drenching me once again and forcing me to swing violently on her string. I hadn’t realized that she was working immediately on another log as I slammed right into it and stuck. Her shit dragged down my whole body and face as I hung on the string for dear life before it released from her clutches. I was once again swinging as more sewage water hit me from below. Yep, it can get worse. I was now covered in waste, choking and puking. She sat there for a few minutes squeezing and relaxing her hole to ensure all was gone. I assumed she was finished and then waited for the next act to follow…the toilet paper wipe.

I was exceedingly tired and sore all over. I thought of just giving up but something in me just pushed on. I heard her unrolling the toilet paper and tearing a piece off. I knew what she was about to do but not from which direction. Was she going to wipe her gaping hole from the front or from behind? I hoped to hell that she would wipe from behind. I didn’t need to be dragged through paper and smeared anymore with her excrement - that would certainly be the last of me.

I felt her lean forward and watched her ass stretched to the sides allowing for easy access to her extremely filthy crater. Her enormous fingers enter from behind into the bowl pinching a wad of paper. She had no problem bumping me all over as she directed the paper to her ass. She dragged the paper backwards over her huge area. From my perspective, it sound like someone using sandpaper in slow motion as the grinding of rough toilet paper on body was immense. As the paper at the end of her fingers approached the opening, she dug in deep inside to wipe everything out. She twisted and folded over the paper and came back for more. As her hand left the bowl, she dropped the paper to the water below.

Unexpectedly, I was jolted upwards as I felt her lift up from the seat a bit and stop. I was now completely outside the bowl still hung upside down on her string. I looked down over my head at the disgusting mess she had just made. If it wasn’t so stomach-turning, I would have thought it looked incredible. I couldn’t believe how I ever survived that. Just then, I observed her fingers gripping more paper come back into view from the front. She was about to wipe her pussy. As she pushed in to the bottom of her canal, she pushed back on the string lifting me up. I was way to near to her butthole than I wanted to be as I noticed her anus reshape back and close up. She dug into her pussy lips and pulled the paper forward, wiping everything dry. The string gave way and I was yanked down as it stretched back into position by the weight of the wetness. I certainly would have fallen to my demise if I wasn’t holding on tightly. I saw the paper hit the water below. What next?

My wife unexpectedly crashed back down on the toilet seat nearly jolting me free from her tampon string once again. This time it was pitch black as her legs completely shut out any light. She sat there very quiet and didn’t move. The smell was rancid – when will my hell end? I had no idea what she was doing or what she was about to do. I started to get light-headed hanging upside down all this while. All this blood rushing to my head couldn’t be good so I decided to try and right my position on the string. It was a difficult task and it took me several attempts to pull my body up and over my feet since I couldn’t wrap my hands around this rope. I finally managed by grabbing whatever twines stuck out from the string and pulling myself up inch by inch. My foot was still entwined in the rope fibers and I let it be for the time being. My mind started to imagine horrible things again. Was she preparing to change her tampon? That’s the only thing I could think of unless she was just sitting quietly taking a break from everyone – I know I do that sometimes.

Finally my wife’s legs parted and light streamed in once again as she pushed her body further back on the seat. Fear crept back over me as I awaited my next fate. I knew I was about to see her massive fingers enter into my area once again and search for the string. My heart raced as I couldn’t think of how to escape this dilemma. The only thing I could think of was to free myself from the string and plunge into the depths below. But why would I want to do that? What would that solve? If she did pull out her tampon, she would just let it drop into the mess below. So if she just let it go after she pulled it out, I would be in the same situation anyway. All I knew is that I didn’t want to be down there in that sewage with everything she just let out – aside from the thought of being flushed.

As my mind was flying off in every direction, I saw her enormous fingers enter right towards me once again as expected. But this time her fingers were not positioned to grip on to the string. They were side by side and slightly cupped and stopped short of me. Was she going to do what I think she is about to do? In a flash of a second, she had her fingers resting on her vagina. She slowly started pushing them towards me and then away. Then towards me and then back away. She was rubbing her clit! Obviously it didn’t matter she was on her period – horny is horny I guess. I then felt her body rock a bit with the motion. As she pushed down and towards me, her body would slightly lift and pull forward. As she pulled away, her body shifted back. The ever so slight body movement caused me to sway gently opposite her motion. Her horniness finally got the better of her. I couldn’t but help think that was my fault in some small way. (No pun intended J)

As she took longer strides up and down her pussy, her finger nails came right at me. Her middle finger was now pushing on the string with each plunge down. She didn’t even notice or care. She pushed on the string so much it lifted me up and down as she stretched it backwards. I would eventually find myself being smushed on the underside of her long nail being dragged as the line became taut between her finger and pussy. Now with each pass, I was being scooped up, slammed into her nail bed, and then released. After a few rubs I could tell she was once again extremely wet as the string and I became drenched.

At this time I could hear her faintly moan. I could tell she was trying to be a quiet as she could – I would think she didn’t want to be caught. As she took one deep plunge down, her nail dug in deeper and ripped me from the string. I was no longer a slave to her tampon. Suddenly everything came to an abrupt halt as she froze her hand in place just below her vagina. I could clearly hear another woman enter the bathroom and take up residence in one of the stalls – that’s why she stopped. I then heard my wife whisper ever so softly, “Damn”. She waited very still for a while as I hardened in her goo on the underside of her middle finger nail. She decided to give up as my world shifted once again – and shifted fast at that.

I was pulled up and out by her hand into complete light. The movement of her hand created such g-force that I almost blacked out. I saw her body shift to stand as I plunged downward with her hand. I could see her massive pussy once again come into view underneath all that hair as the tampon string quickly approached. She grabbed it and pinched it between her thumb and the finger I was on. She pulled the string taut and quickly wrapped the string around her finger – again the finger I was stuck on, swirling me around like an amusement ride. Her thumb then joined back in and pinched the string just below me. She was about to pull her tampon out.

I could easily see the string making its way out of her pussy folds as she pulled tight. Her lips spread and her glorious cavern came into view and slowly opened wide. I now saw the bulge at the end of the string appear. She pulled ever so gently as the mass that was lodged in her was about to be released. Then it just plopped out and quickly vanished from sight as the string stretch over me and her nail. Her walls closed in quickly. She swiftly pointed her hand down and I could see the clump of her repulsive mess dangling just below - it did indeed need to be changed. It was gross. She swung her body around and positioned her hand over the bowl. I watched in fixation as she let the string unwind from her finger as it dropped into the toilet.

Her hand started to move at a rapid pace again. This time upwards as I could see her purse hanging on the back of the stall door that I was headed to. The purse handles quickly approached as I knew what she was going to do next. She was going to grab another fresh tampon. She seized her purse enveloping me in complete darkness as she clenched the handles. Just as quickly, her hand opened as she switched her purse to the other hand. The opening of the purse fast approached. The force of her hand movement was beginning to be excruciating. I don’t know how much longer I could take it. If something didn’t happen soon I was going to completely black out and it would all be over.

As I sank into the darkness of her purse, her hand was moving around and grabbing anything and everything. She then jammed her nail down on something hard and I was jolted loose. As she was pulling up with her treasure, I glided down the inside of the bag. I came to an abrupt stop as I slid right off a fold in her purse and landed in some object just below. I felt the purse moving again as everything shook and then come to a complete stop. I could only guess that she found her tampon and hung the purse back up on the hook. I knew it wouldn’t be long before we were on the move again.


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