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Ryan rubbed his eyes tiredly as he sat in front of the dim light of his laptop. He glanced at the time.

1:25 am

?Just a few more minutes,? he thought as he went back to his search. The sheets next to him rustled slightly with movement. Ryan shut the laptop closed quickly and held his breath.

?Stay asleep, stay asleep, stay asleep...? he prayed.

After a few tense moments. His wife didn?t move anymore and he could hear slow deep breaths, convinced she was still deep in sleep, he opened the computer back up to his research.
A bad feeling came over him, he didn?t enjoy hiding things from his wife. He loved her more than the day they got married and she was his best friend, he couldn?t stand the thought of hiding his one and only secret from her.
Jenna was everything an average guy like him could hope for. She was a inspirational fitness model, with a major following on Twitter and Instagram.

Jenna was perfect in every way to him.

She had long auburn hair that framed her shapely face. Her fierce green eyes were framed by high cheekbones and a thin shapely face,softened by her full pillowy lips. She was taller than the average woman, standing at 6? 2? barefoot. With all that natural beauty, people assumed she was full of herself, was high maintenance and were easily intimidated by her stature, but Ryan knew otherwise. Ryan knew she was an introvert by nature and enjoyed a simple life, preferring to cuddle up on a couch reading a good book and nursing full wine glass of Sauvignon Blanc.
Most people on the street, mainly instagram, would categorize her as ?thicc?, which in this day and age isn?t a big deal. However, growing up she was constantly antagonized by her friends and family for being overweight. To counter all the hate thrown her way, Jenna spent countless hours in the gym.
Over the course of her college years, she had gone from an unshapely, shy girl to a sexy, curvy and confident woman. With all the fat stripped from her body from years of cardio, her voluptuous hips measured at an impressive 55? at their widest, combined with her G cup breasts made for one beautiful tall hourglass shape. Unfortunately, this made doorways a bit of a challenge for her.
It wasn?t long after she graduated that talent scouts discovered her working at a local popular bar where she bartended since her sophomore year. It was during that time, through the encouragement of her clients, she started her own social media presence. One thing led to another and she was quickly a sought after model for numerous fitness brands and magazines.
Ryan was assigned as her first photographer and was immediately smitten with her. Sure he?d seen his fair share of beautiful women and definitely slept with many of them, but Jenna was different from the start. It was during their sessions he discovered she was just as timid as he was. Before too long thy hit it off and the rest was history. Fast forward three years later, through an engagement and an awesome sex filled honeymoon in the Bahamas, here they were.
Ryan tapped away into the search bar and opened up yet another forum. Ryan hoped this one would provide more insight than the others. He scanned the titles.

? My girlfriend and I share the giantess fetish, ask us anything you?d like to know.?

He looked at the comments underneath, not much helpful there again.

Yes, his deepest secret he kept from his wife was his giantess fetish.

To this day, he could not bring himself to tell her. They shared everything in the world, she had shared her deepest fantasies, how she enjoys biting, being tied up and role playing. They explored all of her fantasies together and it only brought them closer together for it. Yet somehow, he was still unable to bring up the subject when she asked about his fetishes and desires. Every time he lied and every time he felt terrible.

He felt the bed move as she shifted, once again he slammed the laptop shut and quickly placed it on the floor as he turned over. He tried to slow his breathing down and hope that she didn?t realize he was still awake.
?Babe,? Jenna breathed sleepily as she wrapped her long arm around him ?I want that dick of yours.? Before Ryan could roll over, she had pulled him towards her. He felt her soft naked breasts press into his back. Jenna?s hand found its way to his penis and began stroking his veiny shaft slowly. Her moans increased with the grinding of her hips. Ryan wasted no time as he flipped to face her, he pushed her against her pillow as he slid on top of her large frame. He began kissing and sucking on her hard nipples, massaging the other breast with his left hand while his right grabbed his dick and ran the tip around her clit. Her strong arms wrapped around his smaller frame and her nails dig into his back as he slipped his dick into her wet pussy. He bit her lip as he thrust, eliciting a new set of moans. Jenna entertained her legs in his as he slid his head in between her breasts.
Ryan imagined, her large body expanding around him as he continued to thrust his dick faster and faster into her right pussy. Within moments, he was ready to burst. Pulling out quickly, Jenna pulled him up, letting his pulsing dick spew hot sticky cum all over her abs. Ryan collapsed in her arms and Jenna sighed in satisfaction as their bodies relaxed. His dick pulsed lightly against her hard abs, he gave her one last passionate kiss.

?Tomorrow I will tell her.? Ryan promised himself as he drifted off to the sound of her heartbeat.
Chapter End Notes:
Had some great feedback from my very first story, which was really great for my confidence, a big thank you to this awesome community. Let me know what y’all think about my newest story!
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