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Story Notes:

All tags will be used by the completion of the story.

Author's Chapter Notes:

Mostly standard exposition, next chapter we start getting into the real fun still. Stay tuned my little bugs~<3 or you just might get squished. 

In a separate universe there is a world much like our own, all except for one key difference. The people of this Earth tend to be more varied in size, with some of the population being nano, less than half an inch tall, while the other half are the normal size you'd expect to see. Despite their differences society runs fairly normally, though they often keep separate. Almost all buildings in the country except for houses are designed to accommodate those big and small. Most schools even offer mixed classes to promote teamwork and keep people from being segregated based on size.
In this instance we'll be looking at what happens when a high school attended only by nanos gets a giant girl as an unexpected exchange student.

Samantha was just your average sixteen year old girl, she played soccer, had friends, a nice family and home. She was a little shorter than some of the other girls and had straight black hair, but the biggest thing that set her apart from her peers was hey she nano fetish. Now inter-size relationships were a thing, but what she was interested in wasn't all lovey-dovey. She loved the idea of torturing them, nothing quite turned her on like bullying or nearly crushing them under her. Unfortunately though, she lived in an only normal sized neighborhood, so she could only satisfy herself with online videos that didn't quite get the spot. That is, until she saw her school was offering an exchange program with a nano school a few cities away. She begged with her parents for days until they finally agreed, she told them it would be because it'd look good for college. She finally arrived late on Sunday to her host family and their house which was only a little bigger than they were; still less than an inch. They were nice people, even made her dinner, even though at her size it was barely even a crumb worth. The whole time Samantha was incredibly turned on, seeing the tiny house and people down at her shoes. Of course she wouldn't actually be staying inside of the house, the exchange program set up a tent behind the home for her to sleep and she'd be given food over the next few weeks until the program ended. When they all went to bed Samantha decided to have a little fun to start off her little vacation, so she “accidently” fell asleep with her feet outside the tent, all night they towered over the tiny house, worrying the time man and woman inside, but they didn't want to disturb her being a guest, and being nano they couldn't even hope to wake her.

In the morning Samantha woke up still in the tent and got dressed in her school uniform, as they were required by most schools in the district. She pulled up her long black socks and slipped on her dress shoes before stepping outside the tent, her first step nearly crushing her guest home and the couple inside it, but luckily for them she remembered they were there and barely avoided them but still making the house shake. Samantha thought it'd be good to walk to school, get a look of a nano neighborhood, besides that it was her only option. She looked around and it looked like she could see for miles, Samantha was obviously the biggest thing around, except for the school that is. All public schools had to be able to accommodate students both big and small by law. Not houses though, and in nearly every direction she could see possibly hundreds of tiny houses all lined up next to little streets. She was walking on one of the larger sidewalks all cities were required to have to keep nanos safe. Even though the sidewalk was for the normal sized people, as Samantha looked down she saw what looked like nano teenagers walking besides her, staring up at her as she passed; they've probably never seen a giant before. Samantha smiled, she could tell her steps were shaking the ground for them, making them stumble and nearly panic. For the first time in her life she felt like she was living her ultimate fantasy, for the first time in her life she felt powerful, for the first time in her life, Samantha was actually excited to go to school.

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