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Story Notes:

A story from my DeviantArt (https://vexedstories.deviantart.com)

Sure RedCo had shrunk you down to less than an inch tall and boxed you, but you had no concerns. Your girlfriend had figured out which box you'd be in and lined up outside the door to the store days in advance to ensure she could get you first. 

You'd not be your regular size but at least a stranger wouldn't purchase you. From the confines of your box, you heard people storming in the store and the sound of boxes being grasped off the shelves. Suddenly your box zoomed off the shelf and you felt yourself being carried away. 

Some time passed and you figured your girlfriend had took you home. You awaited her beautiful face as the lid was lifted from your prison. As your eyes adjusted to the light in the room, you spoke to her “hey bab…”, you stopped.

Fear came over you as the face above was not your girlfriend. “Hey baby!” the girl said back to you with an evil grin. You couldn't believe it, your crazy ex-girlfriend stood before you.

Your ex-girlfriend, Kelsie, was stunning. With her silky and long black hair, her goddess-like hourglass figure, her sizable perky breasts and an ass any woman would kill for. It was a shame that she was a lunatic.

She began speaking, “I know I'm not exactly who you expected, but I think we are gonna have a great time together”. Loosening your bonds in the box, Kelsie plucked you out of it. “Wow you're tiny, I'll barely even feel you when I put you inside me”.

Your eyes bulged out your head as she said this, you began clawing at her hand in hope to make her let go. “No no no NO” she screamed as you attacked her. “That is NAUGHTY!” she screamed again as she pondered on your punishment. Halting your feeble attack in fear, you had no idea what she was going to do.

Kelsie angrily pulled open a drawer and plucked something out of it, putting it in her pocket. “I think you need to learn to appreciate being with me now” Kelsie said as she left her room and entered the bathroom. Full of steam and clearly occupied, you noticed that Kelsie’s Mother was in the shower behind the curtain.

Kelsie's Mother was a much larger woman than Kelsie. Her hips were double Kelsie's and her ass could suffocate a fully grown man. If she did suffocate a man she'd barely notice. 

Unaware that Kelsie had entered, her Mother continued to clean herself. Kelsie approached the clothes that her Mother had laid out. Pulling out the item from her back pocket, Kelsie displayed it to you: super glue.

Placing the glue on the floor, she began to rustle through her Mother's clothing. Kelsie, with her free hand, plucked out her Mom's G-string and placed it down on the floor in front of her.

Being sure to be extra quiet she squeezed out the glue onto the G-string and firmly placed you against it. “Assuming you survive, I'm sure you'll be begging to stay with me after this” she whispered down to you. With that, Kelsie placed the panties back in her Mother's pile of clothing.

Satisfied with her handiwork, she snuck back out of the bathroom. You struggled to pull yourself away from the G-string but had no such luck. You peered over at the shower curtain as you heard the squeak of the tap turning off and the spray of the shower stop.

The shower curtain suddenly was thrown aside and you saw Kelsie's Mother appear in all her glistening glory. Realising that your doom was so much closer now, you hysterically tried to tear yourself away from the G-string. You screamed out in pain as you tried to escape but the glue kept your skin stuck to it firmly.

Panting and defeated, you awaited your fate. Kelsie's Mother rubbed herself down with her towel. Satisfactorily dry, she approached her clothing. Plucking you up from the pile, she held you out in front of her.

You screamed out to her as she stared directly at you. However, at this size, she didn't notice you at all and lowered you down towards her feet. Stepping her left foot into the left leg hole and then the other into the right, she began to slide the panties up her legs.

Horrified at what you were now witnessing, you began to scream out for any God to help you. Her Mother's ass got closer and closer before suddenly, it engulfed you. 

The weight of her ass cheeks compressed you beyond comprehension as she pulled the string deeper between her cheeks. It was pitch black within her ass, there was no way light could breach through. 

You continued deeper in between her cheeks, the stench got more and more pungent as you went. You weren't surprised at this, how could the woman properly clean a rear this large? She'd need a tunnel boring machine just to reach her asshole.

Eventually hitting the deepest point, you were presented in front of her asshole. You prayed the glue would hold now as you felt it twitch, almost as if it were hungry for you. You writhed, trying to pull yourself away from it as best you could. Beth, Kelsie's Mother, noticed her G-string not fully against her ass and pulled it taught again.

Your attempt to pull yourself away only served in pulling you closer as your entire body was now pressing into her asshole. If she were to allow it, it could almost definitely take some of you inside it along with part of her G-string.

Beth, now satisfied that her G-string was on properly, continued putting on the rest of her clothes. She struggled to pull her skinny jeans up over her ass. Jumping up and down, her ass shook until it finally gave in and the jeans reluctantly slid over it. 

You felt the pressure of your prison increase as Beth put on her jeans. Her cheeks now pressed down on you with more force than you could've imagined. As this happened, you tried to push yourself away from her asshole as the cheeks now pushed you towards it. Giving away to the pressure, Beth's asshole allowed your hand to enter as you pressed against it.

Suddenly you felt her asshole suck your arm in and refuse to give it back. You pulled at it with all your strength but it did not budge. 

You were going to get far too familiar with this asshole you feared, as Beth walked out the bathroom. Her cheeks grinding together as she walked, you felt your body smearing against her wretched hole with each step she took.

Kelsie was in the living room, awaiting her Mother's entry. “Hey Mom” Kelsie said as her Mom came in the room. “Hey Kelsie” she replied, smiling and planting her ass on the sofa.

You felt Beth's ass expand as she bent over to sit, it pulled in your other arm as you tried to keep your head out of its stinking grasp. Acting like handcuffs in front of you, her asshole now held onto you; leaving your face at its mercy.

Then, as Beth plopped her ass into the seat, the cheeks pushed into you more. This launched your head and shoulders into her grimy hole, swallowing part of her G-string along with you. You thanked Kelsie, in your mind, for gluing you down rather than leaving you loose.

The smell worsened tenfold. You could now hear the gurgling of Beth's bowel. You had become the gatekeeper between her wretched insides and the G-string she had choose to ruin this day.

“Shall we order in tonight?” Kelsie asked her Mother, smirking. “I kinda do want Mexican” her Mother replied. “That sounds perfect” Kelsie said as she stood up to get the phone from the kitchen.

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