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You had worked on it for months: the first ever transformation pill. You'd simply swallow the pill and in exactly 5 minutes you'd transform into whatever you were thinking about. Nobody knew about what you had been working on. To celebrate your feat, you decided you would surprise your girlfriend.

You snuck into your girlfriend's house to surprise her. Swallowing the pill, you sat on her bed in wait. Her family were downstairs and she was in the shower.

Your plan was flawless. You were going to transform into the thong she left on her bed to change into after her shower. She always leaves her panties on her bedroom floor after use so there'd be plenty of space for you to transform back. You just needed 5 minutes and plenty of room to become human again. 

5 minutes passed and you suddenly transformed into a sexy black thong. Your senses felt as if they expanded to every inch of the thong. Excited, you now waited on her bed, unable to move now.

“Hey sis!” you heard her cousin, who was visiting, shout through the bathroom door to your girlfriend. “I'm going clubbing tonight and you can see my panties through my dress, could I borrow a thong of yours?” she continued, still shouting through the door.

Fear rattled through your fabric body as you heard this. Surely she'd check your girlfriend's panty drawer, rather than take the one laid out for your girlfriend, wouldn't she? 

Suddenly the door swung open and your girlfriend's cousin appeared with her panties in her hand and wearing a tight black dress. She had a stunning figure, similar to your girlfriend's. The major difference between them being your girlfriend's cousin's long black hair and her taste for dark makeup. 

Her name was Leah, you had met her before. She was sexy beyond belief to any outsider but anyone who truly knew her knew she was a slob. She looked around the room for a moment and then went straight for the drawers.

You heard the bathroom door open and you could see your girlfriend walking towards the room, wrapped in a towel. You thanked God that her cousin opted for the drawer.

You peered back over at the slightly gothic Leah. She rustled through the thongs, holding each to her body and shaking her head before placing each back inside.

Your girlfriend, unphased by her cousin being in the room, dropped her towel. She picked you up in admiration and prepared to put you on. Leah turned to face her, not paying much attention to her nakedness.

“Oh those would be perfect!” Leah said, pointing to you in your girlfriend's hands. “What? These?” your girlfriend asked, displaying them to Leah. You began to panic, you desperately tried to change back but could not as your girlfriend's hand was wrapped around you. 

“Yes they're perfect can I use them?” Leah pleaded. Your girlfriend, not really bothered by which pair she wears, shrugged and passed you to Leah.

Without hesitation, Leah hiked her dress up and slid you up her slender legs. You watched your beautiful girlfriend put on a different pair of panties as Leah claimed you as hers.

Soon, Leah pulled you up her completely. Your fabric body covered her vagina and her smelling asshole, you could feel every clench and twitch that she made in that region; consciously or not. 

Ensuring that the ass strip was deep between her cheeks, Leah began to pull her dress back down. You longingly watched your girlfriend continue to get dressed, wishing you could be with her. Your view was slowly covered by the black dress as it slid over Leah's crotch.

“Thanks!” Leah said to your girlfriend as she walked out the room. Your body grinded against her crotch as she walked. All you could see were her long legs and high heels as she strutted through the house.

The beep of a car horn was heard outside. “That's my ride!” Leah declared to your girlfriend's family. “See you all later!” She said, giving each person a hug before leaving. Leah opened the cab and climbed inside.

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