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The girls quickly left the club and headed for the nearest taxi. Drunkenly, they all climbed into the vehicle and made their way to Leah’s empty home.


They soon arrived outside Leah’s and wasted no time in heading in. You were seething at this point, you felt the semen seep into your fibres as Leah sat dormant in the taxi.


Hurrying from the taxi, they ran out of the cold and into Leah’s house. “I’m gonna get some comfy clothes on” Leah began, heading towards the stairs, “all your pyjamas and sleeping stuff are in the living room, I’ll meet you guys in there!”


You felt her thighs kneading your body like a baker with dough as she climbed each step. She quickly entered her bedroom, slipped her heels off and began to shimmy her dress up off her body. Soon your vision expanded in all directions as the black dress no longer covered everywhere but down. 


You watched Leah in her wardrobe mirror as she unclipped her black bra and slid it off over her arm, leaving her totally naked apart from your conveniently matching black body wrapped around her most private of areas.


Running her hands delicately over her petite body, she admired the way you hugged her figure. You felt her fingers grip your waistband and pull you away from her body as she peered down at her stained gusset. “I guess I don’t have to worry about getting these any dirtier!” she said to herself, laughing. Like she would any thong, she uncaringly released her grip and you slapped back against her toned stomach.


You watched as she made her way towards her drawers and plucked out her favourite oversized tee, quickly throwing it over her before making her way towards her ensuite bathroom. You, a fearful spectator, forced to experience all of your senses as this notoriously unhygienic girl headed towards a bathroom with nothing in mind but her usual post-drinking release.


Leah ritualistically flipped the light on, lifted the toilet seat up, reached over to the window above and unlocked the latch. Hearing the distinct click of the latch, you immediately recognised what that meant and before you could even express your horror in a failed attempt at screaming she slid you to her knees and sat down on the porcelain.


Your view from here allowed you just enough scope to peer around the room, up at Leah, and into the toilet slightly just under her thick asscheeks. Your lack of eyelids serving only to cause you mental harm as you were about be forced to witness whatever was coming out of her, smell it, and then potentially taste and feel the remnants of whatever she doesn't fully wipe soak into you.


A powerful jet drove its way between her lips, the copious amounts of alcohol finally freeing themselves from her intoxicated body. You watched as it left her, sizzling in the water as it hit the surface with such force.


Shortly it lessened to a trickle, you prayed it just wasn’t quite time for her to… You know what… Even though the odds were definitely stacked against you. The click of the window opening still haunting you.


Almost comically, a fart burst it’s way out of her asshole; it echoed through the bowl before slowly flowing back out towards you. The odour hit you like a train as it permeated outwards and over your body. Leah slumped herself over slobbishly, her elbows pressing you into her knees as she leaned over.


The lean, acting to provide a straighter digestive path, granted Leah the bodily freedom to evacuate her bowel in a swift and efficient motion. The horrifying sound of scattering shit battered the bowl, you winced internally with each vomit-inducing splat. Like a disgusting cherry on top, Leah moaned from pleasure as the load within her finally lifted; the noise of her pleasure almost as bad as the pebbledash. 


Satisfied at her sudden emptiness, Leah reached over to grab some toilet roll. “Ah shoot!” Leah said, unphased by the predicament she now faced. “I guess they were already dirty”.


You screamed and squirmed in desperation, your mind in a state of fight or flight, but no movement or sound came. Paralysed and terrified, you observed the girl you'd grown to learn all the things you wish you'd never learn about a girl slowly raise her totally unclean body away from her throne and reach down to pull you up.


You would’ve cried if you could, screamed out for help, begged Leah to stop. However, it was all no use as the completely unaware girl pulled you firmly against her crotch. You felt the unwiped drips of pee soaking into your already semen-stained form.


Finishing the motion, Leah pulled the back strip of the thong into her asscrack, ensuring it was covering her dirty hole completely. If the smell within her ass and pussy had been bad before, this was a nightmare you’d never wish on anyone. The stinking, viscous goo coated her ass, it sinking into your soul in a way you believe you’d never truly forget, or even simply be able to wash out of your skin if you ever became human again.


She dropped her tee down over her waist and headed back into her room. Realising her ass wasn’t exactly clean, she grabbed a pair of booty shorts from her drawer, pulled them up over you in an attempt to seal in the smell. Finally prepared for the remainder of the evening, she headed downstairs to meet the girls.


The pressure from the booty shorts was unbearable. Not only did it seal you in with her stench, but it also forced your already coated body into the deepest crevices of her ass and vagina. You prayed for a miracle.

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