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Story Notes:

A beautiful woman has a bad case of diarrhea (going by the title, no surprise there) and a bunch of boys get to share the experience with her.

Author's Chapter Notes:

This short story is written from three perspectives.  They are self explanitory as you read the story.




Debbie pushed her shorts and panties down as she hurriedly spun around to sit on her toilet.  Just as the backs of her upper thighs were making contact with her bright pink toilet seat her asshole let loose a torrent of diarrhea.  A muffled thunder echoed from the toilet bowl below as Debbie finally seated herself completely.


“Ahhhhhh” Debbi moaned aloud as a long continuous sploosh emanated from the water beneath her ass.  A scowl formed on Debbie’s face as she squeezed in her abdominal muscles to help push out the contents of her bowels; thus a longer, deeper, more forceful splooshing continued to resonate within the porcelain bowl.  “Uuuuuuuuu” Debbie gives a long sigh of relief as she felt the pressure emptying its way out from deep within her.


As the powerful spray of Debbie’s diarrhea erupts out her ass like a volcano, the cries of hundreds of little boys could be heard from the growing mound of Debbie’s diarrhea and from the still strong cascade of shit spewing forth from her asshole.  Debbie simple ignores the cries and the wailing.  She has no sympathy for them.  The reality is Debbie hates them, every single one of them.  She doesn’t personally know any of them; but they are boys and they caused her constipation for over a week now.  No sympathy exists for them, only her hatred of boys.


The flow of creamy diarrhea speckled with tiny boys begins to calm down.  She could feel the struggles of many shrunken boys flailing about as they pass through her rectum, the sensation reminds Debbie of the tongues of her girlfriends over the ages and having just now associated her many beautiful lovers with boys sickens her to no end.  Her feelings of disgust for boys made Debbie tighten up her abs and push harder to rid herself of her few remaining human intestinal parasites.


Debbie grimaces as the strong odor of her diarrhea rises up from her toilet and meets her nose.  “P.U.  Damn that shit stinks.”  At the same time she squeezed out short squirts of diarrhea, each one containing over a dozen boys shrieking in terror as they are launched through the gassy air along with a wave of velvety brown crap and into the dark, thickening toilet bowl water below.





One of many boys:


I feel us all moving as one large mass.  I know what’s coming next.  Soon I and all this shit I’ve been eating and buried in for days will go flying out that woman’s asshole again.  The flying part is kinda fun but the coldness of the outside and the smell of so called “fresh air” I can do without.  I’ve come to prefer to breathe with my lungs full of her crap over the emptiness of air.  Each breath I inhale is like my first, I simply never get used to it.  I don’t think any of us do.  Probably part of our punishment, or is this our reward?  We never forget a single moment yet every whiff, every mouthful, the tight confinement of us all crammed up in her bowels, her steamy body heat, the motion within her as she moves about, the constant moans of the other boys, my never ending sexual denial; every moment it all feels as if I’m experiencing it for the first time, again and again.


I eat her shit and eat her crap and eat her poo yet my belly never fills.  My nose, throat and lungs continually fill up with her poop yet I neither breathe out a single chunk nor drown.  I don’t know where her shit goes once inside me as I myself no longer function as I did before I was shrunk and imprisoned here.  Since I was shrunk I personally no longer pee or defecate, though continually erect and hard as a rock I no longer cum, and I don’t seem to be able to die.  None of us boys do so it must be by design.


Now that I am kept here, up inside this beautiful, sexy woman’s hot ass, I appreciatively consume only the scrumptious wonders this woman’s ass offers me and I have come to worship her.  Yes, as odd as that sounds, this woman’s shit has an earthy, dark chocolate taste that is delicious.  The scent of her crap and of her farts are incredible, the smells overwhelm my senses and cause me ecstatic euphoria.  In spite of my longing to cum, I remain constantly frustrated.  All that truly matter to me are seeing her face “so beautiful”, and consuming her shit, “mmmmm yummy”.


Her face, that look she always has on her face when she sees me, rather when she sees us, so many of us.  That look, it shows her divine holiness, she is GODDESS.” I reminisce.


“AAAAA” I scream as light hits my eyes and I feel myself shooting through the air.




“COLD!  Fucking cold ass water.  Damn!”.  I’m guessing I might be in a toilet judging by the dim light, full sun compared to the absolute darkness within her ass, and the friggen cold ass water.  I know my time in here is limited so I try to swim up towards the surface but I’m literally caught in an underwater shit storm.  I swim on as hard as I can, I need this.  As much as it pains my aching cock and swollen balls, I have to lay my eyes upon her.


The loud cries of countless boys hit my ears as I break the surface of the water.  Some of them are crying out their love and devotion to her, some are crying out curse words and hatred to her, some are just crying.  I always find it odd their cries are so much less when we are all jammed inside her asshole.  I’m pretty sure most have come to love the smell of her farts and taste of her shit as I have over time, despite it always seeming new to me.


I look up into the brightness above and see a forceful expulsion of liquid crap and boys exploding out from between her beautifully curved ass cheeks.  “I was just in there.  That’s where I live.  That’s my home.  My Heaven.  My Hell.” I think to myself as my never ending hard-on pulses more intensely.  “I want to go back in.  I need to go back in.  Her asshole, yes HER Asshole. Goddess please let me see you again so I may envision your face while I bask in your shithole.  Please!” I pray to the woman as I lean my head forward and kiss a floating lump of her diarrhea before taking a big bite.


The overwhelming stench of her gas is being diffused with what little fresh air is still remaining within this toilet bowl.  As I lick up the woman’s shit I stick my nose in to get a big whiff of her pure, undiluted crap which plugs up my nostrils so I no longer have to smell the vile emptiness of fresh air.


Bright light floods in as the woman stands up from the toilet, turns around and looks down at what just came out of her ass.  That’s the look!  That look of complete and utter disgust; but not of her massive load of diarrhea, rather of us, of ME!  No, Goddess does not look at me.  Even if she did it would only be unintentional on her part.  She hates us.  She hates me.  She tells us as much on the rare occasion she bothers to mock us all.  We sicken her and she wishes us to suffer.  How many times she’s yelled down to us that her healthy vegetarian diet and the shit her body make of it are too good for us, and she is right. 


This woman, this GODDESS truly holds us as unworthy of eating her shit, even unworthy of being beneath her shit.  I take another mouthful and swallow, then another, whether or not she sees me I must do this to prove to her how right she is about how lowly I am to her as well as how much I relish the flavor.  All about me hundreds of tiny boys are doing the same.





Another of many boys:


The pressure causes my ears to pop.  I’m in a gas pocket.  The stench of her ass gas is constant; but when I feel my ears pop I know I’m trapped in one of her farts.  The diarrhea I’m sloshing around in picks me up like a wave as I am forced through her lower bowels.  A strong roar, blinding light, and a rush of foul smelling gas mixing with outside air hit me simultaneously as she farts me out.  The wave of shit plasters me against one of her butt cheeks.


I’m covered in her crap, stuck clinging like a living turd to her ass.  I open my mouth and scoop in as much shit as I can.  “Ewe!  Uugh!  Hah Ahh Ewh!” I cough in revulsion. My hunger drives me on, one big gulp after another after another.  “Auhhhh, it’s like melted chocolate ice cream, very harsh, intense.


“Sniffffff, ummmmmm, SNIFFFFFFFF, ahhhhhhhhhh…” I hate the awful odor, yet somehow it gives me an incredible uplifting feeling.


Out of the corners of my eyes I see other living lumps of shit lapping up and swallowing down vast quantities of velvety brown nourishment from her ass.  “She must have twenty of us ass-wipes this time.”  I don’t know how many times I’ve licked her ass sparkling clean, how many times I was left inside when she finished taking her dump, or how many times she shot me out her butthole like a cannonball.  We get mixed up in there and end up different places.  On rare occasions she’s farted me out only to suck me right back in before any fresh air could hit my face.


This is hell.  I hate the way she looks down at me and tells me how awful and pathetic I am.  Why doesn’t she ever get old?  Why is she so pretty, so angelic looking?  Why can’t I die?  “This is hell.” I cry to myself as another big mouthful slides over my tongue like cocoa powdered milk then down my throat.  Lick after lick, gulp after gulp I lap up every bit of crap I can find then continue on licking to polish her asshole a shiny pink.


My body feels lite and I begin to shrink down into a sparkling speck of pixie dust.  An unknown force sucks me up her asshole and my sparkling along with a growing number of pixie dust illuminate her pinkish bowels as we travel deep inside.  My senses fully aware of her concentrated fart gas now that I’m back inside her.  Soon we line her bowels with our sparkling forms as we once again transform back into shrunken boys.  I think of her beautiful face, then place a gentle kiss on her, the woman I hate and am nothing to.  I almost laugh “She never made me eat her shit.  She never told any of us to eat her shit.  So why do we all…..why do ‘I’ eat her shit?”







This story really began years ago.  There was a problem.  There was one solution.


An Edwardian city had a population problem; simple stated too many bad and lazy boys.  Those that bothered to attend school disrupted classrooms.  Many roamed the streets, trashing them and pickpocketing strangers.  In gangs, lone wolfs, or simply lost and misguided; there were simply too many bad and lazy boys.


That’s when a peculiar group of women stepped in to remedy this ill.  These women were secretive and had a close relationship to one another, for at the time homosexuality was not widely accepted, especially for lesbians.  They were active in orgies and a lifestyle along the lines of the spiritualists, mineralists, hippies, and vegans that would come generations later.  It was with their rituals as spiritualists and alchemy as mineralists that they discovered the magic of fairies.  Photos of them actually appeared in a popular book of the period, only for the ladies to realize their error in making their presence known publically; they moved quickly to discredit the photos and were soon forgotten.  Some authors wrote stories of their exploits, the women convinced the world they were only fairy tales.  For the most part the women used their powers cosmetically to keep their skin youthful and sexually to boost their orgasms; hiding from everyone their magic.


It was during this time the women realized they could easily turn all the bad and lost boys into pixie dust and send them away to a no man’s land as forbidden and undiscoverable as any fictional distant island of pleasure; Debbie’s asshole.  The selection of Debbie was more of a punishment for her having shrunk then swallow alive a handful of boys after they tried to pickpocket her purse.  Though agreeing the boys needed to be disciplined, the other women felt swallowing them violated their vegetarian ways.  They knew what a public stir photos and stories of their existence had made previously, thus the boys could never be released back into the public sphere.  As a solution the other women turned those boys into pixie dust to be held prisoner eternally inside Debbie’s bowels.  Thus Debbie bore the curse of constipation from all the tiny boys living stuffed up her, as the other women in the group went about collecting bad and lazy boys to export up Debbie’s asshole.  Though most of the boys held captive in Debbie’s ass have been there since that time, on occasion one or more of the women of the group will stop by with a few more specks of living pixie dust to be put away.


Debbie and her tiny boys have a symbiotic form of relationship.  They live as shrunken boys deep within her bowels, they stay there and consume all of her excrement and gas.  Rather than the boys passing waste products of their own they instead produce magical energy for Debbie’s use.


On occasion, like today, the share volume of Debbie’s crap overwhelms the boys, each one her living toilet, far up her asshole.  She simply shits them all out, shrunken boy and crap alike.  Once outside, the boys finish their chore of lapping up every single piece of her shit; and when the last speck is eaten the boys all turn to pixie dust and fly back inside Debbie’s ass to live as shrunken boys again.  Over time the cycle repeats itself.  Over time the cycle never ends.





After what feels like hours Debbie finally feels her lower body is empty.  How she wishes this would last.  There are about two dozen tiny boys stuck to her asshole licking up every morsel they can.  They save her the trouble of having to wipe her ass clean.  There are always a few clinging on that wipe her asshole spotless with their tongues, so much so that now the only time she ever reaches behind her ass is to hold a girlfriend’s head face first in her butt crack.  There are probably two or three times as many tiny boys still in her ass.  One more fart would hurl most of them out but she has nothing left, “Screw them.” Debbie thinks to herself.


Debbie stands up from her toilet and looks down at the active scene within.  She doesn’t care how many boys hate her, worship her, or love her.  Their screams only madden Debbie as they are quickly eating up every single speck of her shit, every chunk, every creamy lump.  Once done, the cycle restarts.


The hate and absolute disgust she has for boys, these boys which constipate her with their mere existence, the complete contempt she holds them in causes her to look down upon them with loathing, revulsion and nausea.


Looking out the window so as to not have to see them any longer, Debbie reaches over and flushes her toilet to remove the sight of boys feasting upon her crap. 


How she wishes they would get washed away in the sewer pipes; but that is not the magic her female friends cast.  Swirling around in a state of limbo Debbie’s diarrhea and the tiny boys separate from all else as the boys sniff in and eat up Debbie’s shit to the last piece.  After a small wait for the boys licking Debbie’s asshole clean to finish, all the boys begin to transform into living pixie dust.  They sparkle like silver and golden glitter as they form a cloud behind Debbie, slowly circling as if a miniature tornado whose tip is focused on Debbie’s asshole.  One glittering sparkle after another sucked up her ass.  Each sparkle a living, shrunken boy returning in perpetuity.  In short order the cloud is gone; every boy has been stuffed back in.


Debbie pulls her panty and shorts back up.  She rubs her tummy, a nice warm feeling settling inside of her as each boy is set in place.  A smile comes to Debbie’s lips, how nice her anal parasites feel at first.  In a few days they will return to their natural state, Debbie’s constipation.



The End

Chapter End Notes:

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