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Ashley screamed and came.


My lower body hand been crammed into her colossal, writhing pussy up to my armpits. The yielding sheath of erotic cunt flesh wrapped all around me felt like it was stretched to the limit as the giantess gripped me in her powerful, womanly loins. All of a sudden, I felt the muscly wall of flesh below my knees shift, falling sharply away from me. A surge of thick creamy fuck nectar shot up my legs and sloshed outwards in a torrent all around me. I cried, half in surprise, half in ecstasy as I shot my own load, mixing insignificantly with Ashley's hot wave of fragrant cum. There was a brief, wet gurgle as Ashley's erotic cunt sauce expanded into every space between my diminutive body and filled every space in every fold of her humungous pussy. I was caught in a perfect seal, and as the heaving wall of flesh below my legs continued to fall away, I was simply sucked into the vacuum like a lollipop. Lubricated by Ashley's vast flow of thick creamy cum, the giantess simply slurped me effortlessly through her titanic, quivering vaginal barrel.

With the light gone from my vision and my body fully engulfed by Ashley's gigantic pussy, my erotic wriggling quickly became a panicked struggle to escape. Fuck she's growing again! All I could hear was the churning, sloshing gratuity of Ashley's climax in between earth-shaking strokes of her pounding, fridge-sized heart. But I could feel her flesh wrapping around me, slowly expanding in all directions, and I realized in alarm that any effort to escape was going to be a race against time as I dwindled away in the glorious depths of Ashley's gigantic cunt. I squirmed and struggled with desperate abandon, raking my arms and legs up, down and across the velvety, wet walls of flesh all around me. Pushing against Ashley's goddess-like vaginal walls was proving useless however. I simply couldn't get a lick of purchase, and her enormous, quivering pussy was way too strong for me anyways. I could feel my stamina waning fast in the darkness of Ashley's fuck cave, so I switched strategies, pulling my arms in closer to my chest and wriggling full-body like an eel in an attempt to slip back out the way I came. I thought for one moment that I was making progress as a hot, humid pocket of air gurgled into the space around my head. I opened my mouth wide, gasping for a quick breath, and instead was rewarded with a sudden surge of thick, womanly cum. It filled my mouth and nostrils and I realized that I was now choking on Ashley's fuck sauce, buried deep within her gargantuan throbbing cunt as her body swelled all around me, growing larger and more powerful every second she came. That's it… I'm gonna die in Ashley's incredible pussy…

I was at the end of my strength. My diaphragm was convulsing from the lack of oxygen, and despite the darkness of my wet, fleshy prison I was seeing bright bursts of stars. I desperately fought the urge to inhale, knowing that any attempt to breathe would result in Ashley's thick, hot cream filling my lungs, and I'd be cooked. Just as I was about to black out however, something shifted above my head and with a roar of wet friction Ashley's titanic cunt opened up. Daylight poured into the erotic depths of Ashley's humungous pussy, and I was greeted with a desperately-needed blast of hot, humid air. I sputtered and hacked up a nearly-fatal dose of Ashley's fragrant pussy cream. My limbs shook and threatened to give out on me, but sensing that I suddenly had a chance to escape, I was quick to take advantage. I scrambled forward, trying to push sideways and a little downward on the walls that held me. Ashley groaned somewhere high above, then huffed gorgeously as she felt me struggle deep in a powerful womanly tunnel that was growing roughly as fast as I was scrambling out of it. I couldn't see her face, but I could catch periodic glimpses of the hood of her colossal vagina, some five or so feet in front of me, blooming open like an enormous, obscene flower. Daylight filtered in and I realized that she was prying her own gigantic pussy open her beautiful, chubby fingers. I heard her whining to herself in a loud voice, “Oohhh... Oooohhh, YEAH, OOOHHH…Hnngh… Uhh… Please… UNGH… please stop, Jeff… HhhuhhHHHUUUUGHH Ooohh… I'm cumming through the building… I'm… UNGH…. Y-YES… I'M CUMMING THROUGH THE BUILDING!

I was just about to breach through the vast opening of Ashley's car-sized cunt. Suddenly, a fresh set of orgasmic tremors shook the naked feminine mountain of flesh all around me. I yelped in panic, then shot my body forward, straining like a captured animal fighting for my freedom. I was able to spring upwards and outwards, flailing my arms out, just as Ashley's massive, cum-oozing labial folks slipped through her huge fingers. The mattress-sized beef curtains slipped and pulled back inwards, sucking me down with them! Fuck, she's already bigger than when I went in! I had to make sure I escaped, or I'd have to wait out another orgasm on the inside the giantess' huge, quivering womanhood. Ashley's immensely powerful cunt lips clapped my arms together as her titanic pussy closed again and I was encased in a hot, fleshy prison once more. This time however, I was more ready. Ashley's labia was more savagely swollen, too rigid and puffed-up to suck me in like last time. The towering amazon pumped gallon after gallon of cum past my body, and remembering what I learned about quicksand, I tried my best to remain still and not to struggle against the tide.

HuuuuuUUUUUGGGHHH! Ashley leaned her head back and roared, apparently both frustrated and highly aroused that she was struggling to control her sweet, monumental sex, even with both hands. Tired of fighting against her furious, growth-fueling arousal, she instead decided in that moment to surrender to it. Ashley reached both of her immensely chubby, muscly arms across her grossly-fecund hooker tits. She grabbed her cartoonishly-inflated nipples and began to pull and tease them, then squeeze and caress her mammoth tits in ecstasy. I reached my arms, thrashing them around, searching desperately, blindly for something to grab on to. She's gonna suck me back in… I thought dejectedly. That's it, I'm done for… unless… Suddenly I seized on an inspiration. Ashley's titanic cunt churned and cummed all around me, but somehow I managed to twist my body around without loosing too much ground. I still had to move quickly because I could feel her gigantic body swell almost imperceptibly with each thunderous beat of her mighty heart. I leaned forward and scrambled wildly to grab hold of anything that I could on the impossibly smooth, squelching waxed surface of Ashley's cum-soaked fuck fist. Heaving with all of my effort, I managed to pry myself about a foot or so forward, and blindly I swung my arms upwards towards Ashley's immense, quivering purple clit. Got it! I felt my hands make contact with the impossibly-humungous knob of taught, rigid flesh. Using Ashley's clit as a handhold, I pulled with all of my remaining strength. Finally having something solid to use for leverage, I almost cried in relief as I felt my body slip upwards and outwards, till finally my head emerged from Ashley's colossal, quivering pussy with a wet, cum-soaked slurp. I gulped in deep breaths of air, and while my arms shook from exhaustion, I was able to cling on to Ashley's gargantuan beach ball-sized fuck knob. I had only a short moment to survey they unimaginable scene before my eyes.

Ashley' had grown considerably. Her amazonian frame had all by filled up her basement suite. Her colossal thighs sprawled out to each side, pulverizing both sets of walls between the room and the kitchen/entrance. The giantess had tucked her knees up to her humungous tits, smashing aside nearly all of the first floor in he process. Each of Ashley's gigantic wobbling breasts had swelled up obscenely, and was probably almost the size of her bedroom. They had smashed through the ceiling of the first floor like it was nothing, and now she was caressing and squeezing them passionately with her huge arms taking almost all of the space in the attic.

In short, Ashley had truly grown as big as a house. Her magnificent body had swelled beyond belief with all the ripeness and raw sexual power of a bizarrely over-imagined goddess of fertility. And she was still growing!

My struggles were torture for Ashley. She felt me worm my way through her cave-like pussy with unbridled ecstasy, bordering disbelief. Then I grabbed her clit. I grabbed Ashley's clit! She moaned plaintively for one moment, then her entire body clenched as her clit squirmed wildly, swelling up even more massive and buffeting my face as I struggled pathetically just to keep from being sucked back into her gargantuan cunt. Hrrrgghgh… HoooOOooo… HHHhhrrggghh… Ashley growled humungously. She was torn between the raw sexual delight of controlling someone so totally with her immense pussy, while part of her was still desperately trying to fight my advances, trying not to grow and grow like a runaway train. And yet between her sequoia-like thighs, Ashley's fantasy was playing itself out in spades as her tiny little man dared to grab her colossal squirming fuck knob in the height of her passion. It was too much.

UUUUUGGHHHGH… mmmmMMMMMRRRRAAAH! Ashley bellowed like a monster as a surge of orgasmic growth filled her aching womanly loins. They gigantic, burgeoning giantess flexed her arms and legs all at once in a terrifying display of strength. Like a scene in a movie, the weakened walls and ceiling of Ashley's house simply exploded outwards like it was nothing. YEEESSSSS, AWW… FFFFFFFUUUCK!” Ashley groaned in sexual triumph, no longer bothering to hold back her orgasmic growth. With a vast, erotic surge of growth she swelled up even more enormous than before and stretched out all of her limbs in unabashed exultation. Ashley's colossal, naked body expanded outwards and flattened the entire footprint of the house she had once lived in. I thought for sure she was over 70 feet in height, but her body was so much heavier, thicker, and stronger than I could have ever imagined it might get if she grew out of control. I was clinging onto Ashley's titanic purple clit for dear life, but as she grew, that huge mass of purple fuck flesh was becoming harder and harder to effectively hang on to, and my lower body was still firmly gripped in a tight, cum-spewing mountain of pussy. Ashley didn't seem to notice at the moment. She was to busy reveling in her new-found size and unfathomable sexual power. The humungous chubby amazon ran her hands up and down her sides, squeezing her monumental breasts and sensually teasing the lush folds of her gargantuan pussy lips. She stroked her inner thighs rapidly, then shot her hand back to her crotch, fondling my pathetic, struggling form, and squeezing her hand between her thick, gorgeous thighs. I could tell she wanted so badly to play with her giant cunt with total sexual abandon, but we both knew that my body would be crushed to a bloody pulp with the slightest application of her enormous strength. That internal conflict was in itself a frustration that seemed to be fueling Ashley's magnificent crescendo of arousal and passion.

Glistening in the morning sun, the giantess Ashley shuddered from head to toe and let out an enormous sigh. “Uuuuuunngghhh… Yeaaaahhh… You fucked me so good, Jeff.” Aching with waves of pleasure, Ashley grabbed her gargantuan titties and splayed them out to the side so she could get a better look at my diminutive body, partially buried in her humungous pussy and clinging pathetically to a clit that was swollen up larger than me by this point. I could sense that Ashley's orgasms had begun to wane as she was now speaking more coherently. I'm pretty sure that she had stopped growing as well, for the moment. Ashley batted her eyes seductively at me and continued in her beautifully enriched baritone voice, “You fucked my giant pussy so fucking… Ooohhh… so fucking HUGE! OOOoohhh, yeah… you fucked me right out of the house… Uuuunnnghh… Ashley moaned dramatically and bit her lip. I don't think it had quite yet registered with her that she had just become an unstoppable goddess of a woman. She was still talking to me like I was just some lucky guy that she slept with. The giant horny amazon massaged her titanic breasts and sighed in the erotic afterglow of her epic orgasm. I had no reply to her seductive whispers. I was simply grateful to be alive, and too tired to do much except cling to my gigantic lover.

Slowly, Ashley's colossal pussy began to relax and her insanely strong vaginal muscles began to slacken around me. The torrent of thick, creamy cum slowed to a steady dribble, pushing out all around me. Exhausted, I finally could clutch Ashley's massive clit no longer. I slipped a few inches into the yielding cavern of her overgrown muff and settled there, buried up to my armpits in Ashley's colossal pussy. I felt her mighty hearbeat slow to a lumbering resting pace as she continued to stroke her mammoth tits and sigh happily to herself. In a minute or two, I succumbed once again to exhaustion and despite the drama of the past half-hour I passed out in the lush, beautiful folds of Ashley's gigantic womanhood.

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