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We arrived at Ashley's place about half-past midnight. She lived in a basement apartment suite not far from the bar we had been drinking at. Ashley and I had continued chatting through the cab ride, coyly and excitedly talking about this and that and nothing at all. We were going home together- neither of us could say it, but it was the first thing on both our minds.

Ashley ducked slightly as she passed through the threshold to her cozy basement suite. I sensed her change gears immediately as she adjusted to her space and resumed her at-home, comfortable vibe. She immediately kicked off her heels and piped up, “So, here's my place...” She gestured accommodatingly, “Make yourself at home!” Something about the way she said it convinced me entirely in that moment that she meant it. As though a veil had been lifted, I got the sense that Ashley had come right out of her shell.

I glanced around and found a good spot near the entrance to deposit my backpack. Ashley's place was nice. Nothing fancy or particularly new as far as floors, cabinets, and furniture go, but her apartment was tastefully lit and decorated. It looked like she had lived here alone a good amount of time and now I was seeing her style shine. The entrance opened up into the a large, well-equipped kitchen. A partial wall separated that from a large den area with a few unmatched wall hangings and some blankets folded up on a big comfy couch. The couch and a couple of bean bag chairs were clustered around a big flat TV screen on the wall above a cabinet with a DVD player and a playstation. On the far side of the den I spied the bedroom. From what little I could see from where I sat, Ashley had a huge bed with a large burgundy duvet and matching pillows. More red-colored fabrics hung from the walls and ceiling and there appeared to be some kind of lamp left on that dimly illuminated her personal sanctuary.

Ashley leaned on the table counter and paused to watch me take in my surroundings. Liking what I saw, I spoke up, “You've got a really nice place, Ashley. It must be expensive to rent this out by yourself.”

Ashley shrugged her broad shoulders. “I moved into this place when I graduated high school. Rent's stayed the same, so I guess I'm lucky.” She batted her eyelashes at me. “I'm going to make a vodka soda, Jeff. Do you want one?”

I chatted with Ashley while she poured out the drinks. She was really enjoying this, showing her apartment off to a handsome stranger. As she puttered barefoot about her kitchen, Ashley would lean against a counter here or bend low to show off her large breasts and ass. The woman I met a couple of hours ago didn't seem half as bold, and I marveled at the comparison. Ashley's confidence was growing by the minute, and I could tell it made her feel sexy and charming. She handed me a vodka soda while I flattered her on her hospitality. I thanked Ashley and offered my glass up in toast. She eagerly clinked hers against mine. Ashley's fat lips wrapped around the edge of her glass while she drank but she kept her eyes of me. They twinkled in anticipation, and I winked back as I took a grateful sip.

“Hey, that's good,” I smiled. I raised my eyebrows as innocently as possible and added, “I'm thinking of rolling up a joint as well. Do you mind? I'd be happy to share!” This could be a tricky moment, but I got the sense from Ashley that she would be cool. I was just having a really good time, and would often smoke weed if I was drinking, partying, or getting laid. Especially it would be nice to get a little high since we were just chilling out in the privacy of her home.

Ashley seemed to be taken slightly by surprise. “Oh… yeah, that's totally fine, go for it!” She contemplated it for a moment longer, then reassured me, “I don't know if I'll have any, but I don't mind at all, provided you don't fall asleep on me.” Ashley's lips trembled as she finished speaking, as though she realized that she might have said more than she'd planned. A slow, sultry smile spread across her face though, and she reached out with her free hand and touched my arm. I looked up into her eyes, feeling the electric sensation that something was about to happen.

Ashley stepped forward slightly and leaned in for a kiss. She moved slowly, almost uncertainly, and I decided to let her lead, rather than get wrapped up in my own rising excitement. Ashley closed her eyes and placed a soft, delicate kiss on my lips. Feeling me return her favor, Ashley's hand moved a little lower and grasped my forearm. She leaned in more, pushing against my skin with the fabric of her dress as well as the warm, bare flesh of her exposed cleavage. She pressed into me, wrapping her luscious lips around mine more assertively now and pulled a deep kiss from me that lasted a good few seconds. I placed my hand on her thick waist and clutched her slightly. I felt my face go flush as the moment passed, savoring her seduction. Ashley pulled back, and I watched with some degree of enjoyment as she unfurrowed her dark eyebrows and opened her eyes a little drunkenly. A big grin broke out over her face, almost so big and sudden as to be a little embarrassing. Ashley let go of my arm and turned slightly away. She cleared her throat and muttered, “You go on ahead, make yourself comfortable. I'm going to get out of this dress...”

Ashley's grin returned, and I caught her side-eye twinkling in my direction. Then she promptly spun the rest of the way around and padded barefoot into her bedroom, carrying her drink and giving her hair a flick as she went. I wiped lipstick off my mouth and shuddered involuntarily. Things were moving fast, and it was going to my head already. Oh right, I was going to roll a joint. Probably not the best idea at the moment as I was already feeling decently inebriated. I scolded myself internally all the way to my backpack where I removed my grinder and rolling papers. I took off my shoes and entered the big living room. With a satisfied smile, I moved aside a folded blanket and sat down heavily on the couch, using the coffee table as a rolling surface. As I went to work rolling up my joint, I could hear sounds from inside the room. A water tap turned and I heard running water. A few moments later I heard the sounds of container lids being twisted off and set on a hard surface. More water, this time with some splashing. I gathered Ashley was probably removing her makeup and getting ready for bed… and getting ready for me... My hands trembled slightly as I worked. I could hardly wait.

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