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Story Notes:

Hey guys and girls, this story is just basically following Alma, a character from my previous story, as she finds out about the people shrinking all over town.

The alarm clock rang about through the bedroom reading the 5:45 in a bright red light in the near pitch black room. The ringing was cut short after a few seconds when a dark brown hand hit the snooze button. The woman in bed protested to herself getting out of underneath the warm blanket and off of the soft king sized mattress below her large two hundred fifty pound self. ‘Do I honestly even want to go in for work today?’ Alma asked herself as she began to roll out of bed and reached to turn on her bed side lamp, inevitably decided to go because she needed money to pay for her appetite. As she stood up, she began to admire her naked figure in the full body mirror on her wall. Alma was a black women in her late 20’s, she had long black hair and light brown eyes and even though she stood at only 5’2, she is a big girl with an even bigger appetite. She was known for stealing and eating people's lunches if they left them in the fridge for too long or if it was left unattended on a desk, and all that food had gone either to her large stomach or to her large round ass. As she finished up admiring herself, she made her way over to her shower and made her way into the shower. She was enjoying her hot steamy shower, feeling the water run down her curves as she thought about how she should probably begin her search for a better job soon. Alma had been jealous of those cam girls who made money off of just eating lots of food in front of a camera and wanted to get into the business but realized that she would have to have a decent amount of money saved up to pay for the food for a few videos and hoped they got enough exposure to gain some money and with how close she was to not being able to pay for the apartment already she didn't want to risk it just yet. As she finished up her shower she continued to think something she was truly envious of, those girls who would pretend to be giantess and play with and even eat tiny people and record and sell it, she just loved the idea of having a shrunken person as her own little plaything ever since she was about twelve when she used to eat little bugs pretending they were humans and getting paid for it would be a dream come true for her. One time she even ate her friend's pet goldfish when her friend wasn't in the room with her, she chuckled at the thought of that childhood memory, she just loved the power of living things being consumed by her ravenous digestive system. That's why when she heard about people around town shrinking out of seemingly nowhere the other day she was shocked beyond belief and made it her goal to find a few of the tiny people and make them her own personal property to do with as she pleases. As of yesterday she had already found two shrunken people around her town on Wednesday here is that story leading up to this Thursday morning.



Wednesday morning; the dark clouds cast overhead the strength of the storm was at its peak as there was nearly a half a foot of rain and Alma was dressed in some grey sweatpants and white tee shirt. She was just relaxing enjoying the peace in her small living room just eating a bowl of cereal and watching YouTube on her phone trying to enjoy her rainy day off when she got a notification about a shrinking outbreak as she began to read further she heard the ringing of her door bell. Alma was surprised as she wasn't expecting anyone to be coming over to her place, especially not in this cold weather. Alma was greeted to the site of no one in front of her door as she opened it, yet as she began to shut the door she heard it ring again. Alma peaked her head out the warm dry apartment into the cold air to see what looked like a little pale bug on her door bell but before she could crush it with the shoe, upon further examination she saw it looked..human.


Alma picked the little thing from off her doorbell so she could bring it inside and inspect it more to see if it truly is what she thought it was. As she made her way to her kitchen she noticed how whatever she was holding was cold and wet from the rain but extremely soft and unmoving.


Alma put the little thing down and with a better view from the light noticed it was a little shrunken women, she had pale white skin and long black hair, relative to her height which was probably no more than half an inch and was completely naked. For Alma this was a dream come true, she had a tiny person all to herself. ‘ She was probably trying to escape from the cold by coming inside,’ Alma thought as a smile grew across her face, ‘well you're in luck little girl I know just the way to help warm you up.’ The unconscious little shrunken woman was placed in the center of the chair Alma was previously sitting on and if she had been awake at this point, she would have screamed as the gargantuan giant's ass had fell upon her. Alma had half expected the tiny woman to be nothing more than a red stain on her ass. However she was surprised to feel the little tiny trying to move only to struggle under the weight of the big black giantess.


“Well aren't you a little fighter?” Alma chuckle to the girl beneath her, “well let's see how you handle this,” she continued as she began grinding her ass to further smear the little women to test her durability. After a moment Alma felt a shift in her bowels and soon let out a thunderous fart from her bean burrito dinner last night and that poor unfortunate girl happened to be right under her brown asshole.

The little white girl had been warmed up but was now unconscious again due to the horrid smell of that woman's fart.


Alma stood up, laughing as she imagined the torment the woman was going through. She looked back to see the tiny woman had passed out yet again and had reached to pick her up when she realized this little woman was easily small enough for Alma to be able to swallow her whole and finally act out her lifelong dream. With that, Alma licked her dark plump lips in anticipation of this little morsel that swung a little as she was gripped by her legs over the gaping dark tunnel that would lead to her slow demise. Before the little girl ever woke up, Alma already had her in her mouth.


Alma wasted no time sending her plummeting into the back of her dark, hot mouth and sent her now struggling meal where it belonged with a wet gluck.


Her little snack was dragged backwards and down, entering her esophagus in a torrent of shared saliva. Unable to stop her descent, the muscles sucked and squeezed, immersing the tiny woman in a powerful grip that drug her down. Alma’s head still tilted backwards, eyes focused upwards, Alma sighed as her meal descended. Alma’s index finger now traced the arrival of her stomach's latest tenant. A small lump within her throat, it inched downwards, and she pressed the pad of her finger against the bulge, urging it to continue towards consumption. Her esophagus worked its passenger onwards, and she began to disappear, lost from her neck and hidden behind her large tits. A small sphincter inside opening to greet her, Alma felt the tiny shift deep within, followed by her satisfying plop into her stomach. Her hand lay flat, just below her left ribs, palms resting gently to feel for motion. As the meal within her moved, her stomach reacted, immediately recognizing that a new victim had arrived. It began to squeeze and excrete its juices, an acidic slime that would soon melt the occupant. In doing so, it squelched and rubbed, and Alma moaned vibrantly. With a cute belch that brought back the taste of the little woman on her tongue, Alma brought her hand up to cover her mouth in a shy gesture even though she was alone. Her gullet closed tight and pushed its meal downwards further, sealing its fate within her unforgiving spiraled innards along with the rest of her cereal.


Alma patted her gut while relaxing in her chair watching YouTube yet again, the gurgling had stopped over the last hour. She was already feeling hungry again, the struggling morsel she'd had earlier hadn't even dented her appetite. She belched; the last remnants of that girl were now padding for her belly. Still being hungry Alma decided to order some McDonald's, as she placed her order online she couldn't help but think about how she just couldn't wait to find another shrunken person, it hadn't even came across her mind that she had no clue how or why they had shrunk, just the fact that she enjoyed that they did.


It wasn't long before Alma’s food had arrived. A tall, brown haired woman dressed in yoga pants and a grey v-neck that showed off her ample chest had knocked at Alma's door to deliver the bag of food she had ordered.

As Alma opened the door, the woman handed her the bag and made her way back to continue her deliveries. Alma, with the food in hand, could already smell the fries as she made her way back over to her chair. As she opened the bag up while sitting in her seat, she couldn't believe her luck. She found another tiny naked woman holding onto one of the fries. “Awww well aren't you adorable,’


A gigantic face loomed over the shrunken woman, filling her vision, while dark, hungry eyes stared at him from beneath a curtain of black bangs.  Pink lips still glistened from her licking them, and her nostrils flared as though she were sniffing the air. “I like the way you smell,” she remarked. She parted her lips and stuck her inside, keeping the woman pinned between her fingers until she was on her tongue. Then she let her go and slowly drew her fingers out of her mouth, kissing their tips when they exited. The shrunken woman was wiggling on her tongue, trying to get free from the abyss she had been dropped into, but Alma had no intention of letting her go.

When she grew tired of the flailing she raised her tongue to the roof of her mouth, slamming the tiny woman into her palate hard enough to stun her.  Slowly she ran her back and forth against the ridged surface, feeling her bump against the protrusions. She rolled her quickly with the tip of her tongue a couple times, then let her drop away from her palate.

Before she hit the bottom, Alma slid her tongue back over her, slapping her down into her frenulum.  She flattened her tongue, covering her entirely and keeping her pinned in the soft tissue. She struggled weakly against her, unable to overcome the power of her tongue while she laid in a deepening pool of her saliva.

Though her feeble struggles amused the giant woman, Alma had to lift her tongue off her. She tilted her head back, and the tiny person rolled to the top of her gullet. Her saliva rushed around her and the chamber opened, sucking her down with it. Her thrashing continued all the way down her throat, bringing a smile to Alma's face, and she even continued when she was inside her stomach until the rest of the food Alma ordered began falling on her in wads of chewed food. The woman's last thoughts before slipping into unconsciousness, had simply been about if she hadn't fallen into the bag after shrinking at her job. Leaning back in her chair, she closed her eyes, gently stroking her belly as she thought about how the two little woman now in her gut, becoming a part of her.



She smiled and reached her hand down between her legs as she began to think about how she could only hope to find some tinies over at her job...


Chapter End Notes:

Hey I hope you all enjoyed this little story of mine, and as always if you have want ideas feel free to leave a review, also would you guys like to see Alma's pov of what happened in the office with Alex or no?

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