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Story Notes:

This takes place roughly three months after the first Allison.  






*Squelch* *Squelch* *Squelch*


“Huff, Huff,” Allison breathed heavily as her big brother sucked at her teat.  She could feel his little hands grope her massive, milky breast as he greedily drew from it.  His fingers dug into the soft, spongy flesh bigger than his body and as wide as his little chest.  He was pulling the immense teat, or trying to pull it, toward him.  Allison forced herself to open her eyes and push past the deep erotic pleasure to look down at Mitch.  “Yesssss,” she hissed down at him, “suck that titty.”  Mitch didn’t stop or even acknowledge her.  He just continued to swallow mouthfuls of milk, his cheeks puffed out.  Little rivulets of milk came from his mouth and drops splattered onto his face.  


He sat, naked on her thick thigh covered in skin tight yoga pants.  His right foot was pushing up against her other thigh to give himself leverage.   His extreme nervousness and embarrassment had disappeared as he lost himself in the sweet nectar of her milk.  In between his legs his little pecker had stiffened and his cute testicles rested warmly against her.  Allison couldn’t help herself, Mitch was so compliant she felt she could afford to push the envelop with him.  Reaching over with her right hand, she lightly brushed her fingers against his stiffness.  


To her shock, Mitch didn’t break off from her stiff, milky nipple.  Instead she watched as his wide eyes looked up at her, questioning and pitiful.  “Oooooh, Mitchy, this part of you was looking so uncomfortable.”  Allison cooed down at him.  He wasn’t stopping, but Allison could see it in his eyes.  He’d accepted the breast feeding, being placed nude on her body.  But this, being jerked off on his sister’s knee while it was going on?  That was too much.  He was begging her, his little sister.  Don’t do this.  


Allison’s crotch was soaking wet.  She regretted that both of her hands were busy, one steadying Mitch and the other toying with his cute little manhood.  The right side of her upper lip twisted into a superior, toothy grin.  “Its okay,” Allison cooed as she continued running her index finger and thumb lightly against her brothers shaft.  She bounced her thigh a little, making him squeeze her breast for stability.  “Huhnnnn” she growled out.  That felt so good.  Even when he squeezed her with all his strength, his shrunken arms couldn’t exert enough force to hurt her. She started stroking Mitch faster.  He bucked his hips against her hand and his little body shivered as ropes of cum shot from his pecker.  


Finally, needing to breath, Mitch broke from his sister’s nipple.  Still tasting the sweet honey of her inside his mouth and inhaling her scent all around him, he looked up with feelings of containment and shame.  He’d just sat there, unable to stop sucking his sister’s tit as she jerked him off!  He saw that Allison had removed her hand that was covered in his cum and brought it up to her mouth.  She looked down into his eyes and then she winked.  She stuck the cum covered hand inside her mouth and sucked.  Her eyes closed and she hummed in pleasure.  Her hand on his back languidly stroked him, like a mother would a child.  Mitch blushed furious red and to his horror, already feeling his manhood twitching and stiffening in reaction to Allison.  

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