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My mother told me and my siblings bedtime stories of our ancestors. How we were descended from gods that once walked across the mortal world, gods that could pluck a great dragon from the sky and swallow them whole. They were said to have eaten the magic of the world itself. Ancient humans would have been the smallest of ants to them. And like ants, many were forced to live deep underground or within mountains to avoid being trodden upon.

No one knows what happened to those original titans. Perhaps they moved on to another world to consume, but we do know they left behind a few of their colossal children. While godlike beings in their own right, each generation lost a bit of stature. Over time, the initially seldom perceived humans went from being the size of flightless gnats to eye-catching snacks that were actively hunted.

However, not all giants hunted humans. Some thought it their mission to guide the intelligent little creatures, protecting them as long as they stayed in their domain. It was probably the only reason humans survived as a species at all. Regardless, for most of history the majority of humans were slaves or a food source for the giants.

A respite came for more humans when the giants became too numerous for the world to support them. Giants fought and killed each other over food. Many starved. Adding insult to injury, a rare giant disease began to spread, dwindling the population to a mere handful. Even those that survived the disease found that it manifested in their children, often making them much smaller and more susceptible to dying of old age in a couple of centuries.

Taking advantage, humans experienced an explosion in their numbers as the bodies of fallen giants helped provide rich nutrients to the dusty ground. They eventually acquired more advanced technology, ultimately inventing weapons capable of mortally injuring giants. Their spreading cities worried less and less about giants seeing them as a feast. All the while, most giants being born simply resembled slightly larger humans. Their time of supremacy had ended.

In the last five centuries, the last giants died off one by one. Finally, one was left. At three hundred and fifty feet tall, Frank Strider did not have a giantess to have has his own. At least, not until he turned thirty. He received word that a young girl in the south was growing to full giant size. A last gasp for his kind. He sent an invitation down to her family. They agreed to let him meet her when she turned seventeen.

Of course, the budding giantess herself had some say in the matter. Too excited to wait much longer, the sixteen-year-old Jessica convinced her parents to let her see Frank early. The two last giants met and quickly hit it off. Frank owned the last giant farm located near his home, which was carved into a mountain range. On the huge swath of land he raised thousands of elephant sized cows and some crops.

Over the next few years, Jessica actually surpassed Frank in height by fifty feet, and the duo had lots of earthshaking sex. A giantess was not often fertile, so it took several years for their amorous deeds to produce children.

I came out at the same time as my sister, except I was still inside a large amniotic sack. You see, while Rachel came out at twenty-five feet long, I was not so lucky. I was a measly thing at four feet long. My protective sack had to be carefully opened by the human doctors present during the birth. My parents named me Ryan. With my mother’s womb still very receptive, my brother was born ten months after the twins. Alex was luckier than me, for his size matched my sister’s.

Since it was how I grew up, being raised by a family so much bigger than one’s self didn’t strike me as especially odd. Not at first, anyway. It helped that my parents did not treat me with contempt. I wondered whether it would have been different if I was an only child, but I also figured they were happy that my mother could conceive at all with the limitations the ever present disease placed on them.

My siblings also didn’t give me too much of a hard time. Of course, there was a lot of teasing, but nothing malicious. My parents reinforced the idea that I was still Alex’s older brother and should be treated as such. Making sure more than anyone that I was involved with games and activities was my mother and sister. I suppose the girls simply couldn’t help thinking of me as adorable. That attitude kept me close with them, but it didn’t exactly encourage me to see myself as a real giant.

Thankfully, I was at least much more durable and stronger than a regular human, meaning neither they nor I were too worried about getting injured if I was handled too roughly or was accidentally dropped from a bit too high. Still, to make certain my brother and sister had good control over their considerable strength, our parents gave them live human prisoners to practice with.

Mom and Dad took advantage of an old deal between giants and the human leadership. In exchange for not eagerly killing any human that looked at them funny, human governments from around the world willingly handed their most violent prisoners over to the giants to do as they pleased. This meant a fairly steady supply of snacks and slaves every two or three months.

I vividly remember as a hundred foot four-year-old girl played with a man about my size. As one would expect, she innocently treated the live person as though he were a doll. The man screamed and begged, but with our mother’s serene face looming far above, Rachel was encouraged to experiment. Bones cracked as my sister twisted his limbs. He vainly tried kicking her when she put his legs in her mouth and sucked them like two reedy lollipops. She liked his taste, but she preferred to use him like a toy until he passed out. From there I humorously saw him fly after a frustrated Rachel threw him far away.

Another human had the misfortune of being pulled by both Rachel and Alex. A bloody mess erupted from the torn body. As we matured, the games with the humans became more complicated. Freeing groups of human prisoners into the area and hunting them was basically a fun family affair. I couldn’t eat or squish them, but I still had fun tracking, catching, and bringing them to their ultimate doom.

I really liked bringing those I found to Rachel. She enjoyed involving me in their myriad of deaths by asking me what I would like for her to do with them every step of the way.

“What do I do with this one, brother?” asked the new teen.

She sat cross-legged with the middle-aged, chunky man dangling upside-down near her face. A yellow shirt that showed her stomach and pink shorts covered her athletic, two hundred foot tall frame.

“Well, the last guy was pretty straightforward, sis. Take your time with this one. What did he do?”

Rachel shook her prey. “What’d you do, little guy?”

“N-nothing! I swear! Please, let me go!”

The young giantess rolled her blue eyes. “Little guy is being troublesome, Ryan. Can I just eat him?”

“If he’s not going to play along, sure.”

Hearing me, the prisoner said, “No! I’ll play along! I-I killed a couple of cops!”

“Oh, so you’re like one of those old timey outlaws!” said my sister. “Were you on a horsey?” She giggled as she bounced the inverted outlaw on an imaginary horse. “Oopsie! I guess you wouldn’t ride them like that.” She flipped the dizzy man over. “Okay, mister outlaw. Time to undress you.”

Her nails nimbly tore off his dirty orange jumpsuit. When she wasn’t being careful, those same nails often acted like swords, slicing and dicing pieces of skin and appendages with ease. This man was lucky she was actually paying attention. She sniffed the naked man.

“Smell good, sis?”

“He’s okay.” We all heard her stomach grumble.

I laughed. “Your belly seems to think he’s better than that. I guess it’s time for a growing girl to get her nutrients.”

Without fanfare, she shoved his screaming form between her lips. I heard his muffled pleas as his legs flailed in midair. He might as well have been fighting a twister. She chuckled at his pitiful attempts to free himself. He begged for some kind of mercy, but his heart wrenching exclamations only upped the amusement. She relished the power she wielded over her sentient meal. Her jaw and cheeks moved faintly as the giantess’ mouth suckled on the human candy. He must have choked on her saliva, since his protests lessened to little more than a gurgle.

After a minute, she pulled him out to get a look at him. “How clumsy of me. It looks like I sucked out his eyeballs.” She shrugged and put the entire coughing man back in his soggy cage. Her snowballing suction placed an incredible amount of pressure on his frail body, likely shrinking it as she sucked out blood and his other fluids. After only a few seconds of it, she said, “Aww, he died. Do I chew or swallow whole?” She opened her mouth wide to give me a glimpse of the dwindled body on her half-rolled tongue.

“Eh, if he’s not awake, it’s better to get all the flavor you can. Chew.”

She smiled while closing her deadly maw. She crunched the limp bag of bones with her powerful teeth, which, appropriately, were about the size of tombstones. He wasn’t going to come close to satisfying her epic hunger, but this was more about further solidifying the relationship of a brother and sister. The crunching noise was soon subdued as the human became nothing more than a fine paste.

After she swallowed every last ounce of the former human, I asked her, “How was he, sis?”


Along with Jessica, Rachel enjoyed keeping me in her soft, toasty hand as she slept. I mostly liked it as well, but since my sister also preferred long slumbers, I often had to stay trapped in her grip for a couple of hours until she awoke. Mom was better at sensing when I was too sweaty for my own good.

Playing or sleeping on the giantesses’ bodies was innocent at first, but as I hit fourteen and fifteen, I began to notice more and more how Rachel’s body was developing a lot like Mother’s already erotically curvaceous figure. When I discovered masturbation, it was the image of Jessica’s bouncing, jiggling tits and swaying, round ass that prompted the most cum out of me. Rachel’s still slimmer frame was not far behind, of course.

Additionally, my other senses became more attuned to the sounds and smells of recent sex between my giant parents. The sexually active couple usually made love away from home, but as we grew older, they seemed to care less that their children were close by. They were not prudes to begin with when it came to how well they covered up, except now we were attaining more than glimpses of giants in the nude.

The first true example that my parents had shed practically all pretense of keeping modest occurred not long before I turned sixteen. I had worked extra hard on the farm that day, doing the kind of work that a real giant found too delicate and that our human workers found too tough. My mother, walking past, spotted my fatigued self and scooped me up in her loving hand. After giving me some food to eat, she brought me to her room. She sat on her stone bed, which was overlaid by numerous custom-made fabrics several feet thick.

We simply spoke for a few minutes. That is, until my father entered the room. The bearded man was completely naked, his shorts at his feet. Unable to help my eyes, I saw his primeval cock at its fully terrible size. It bobbed up and down as he stomped over to my mother, vibrating the foundation of our mountain home. The electric lights flickered at his approach.

Jessica, curling her hand to protect me from a fall, said in a giggle, “Frank! I have our son in my hand! Calm down!”

My father grunted a chuckle of his own. He forced his giantess backward as he did not stop his charge at all. I heard them sloppily kissing from my warming hand-prison. A short while later and they were moaning. I was shaken around a bit as my mother moved, though I was largely immobile since her grip was somewhat tight. It did not take them long to transition into proper fucking. I heard as the rock that made up the room groaned and cracked as the smacking of partially wet flesh progressed faster and faster.

It all suddenly stopped when Dad growled out a long groan. Mom briefly held me tighter while she moaned for the same length of time. A loud thud came when a giant’s body collapsed on the bed.

“Whew!” said Frank. “I needed that! I’ve been holding it in all day.”

“Poor baby,” said Mom. “I bet you still have too much in you. Let me take care of that.”

Her body shifted. When she finished moving, her palm opened up. I was dropped on to the fluffy sheet, instantly cooling me. A quick glance showed that Mom had positioned herself to face Dad’s hips. She pushed back some of her golden rays of hair and dove her head down to the wet, half limp dick of her husband. Her pouty, dark pink lips kissed along the long shaft. At the rounded peak, her mouth opened, sucking in the expanding tip.

I was left in stunned awe at the vision of the horizon-encompassing blowjob. My hardness was so sensitive that I blew a load when my tip twitched against my boxers. I got hard again, mimicking Dad’s own member as it grew back to fill his wife’s mouth. The greedy side of me wished one of them took the time to take off Jessica’s shirt. In any case, despite how often Mom must have done this, the giant offered his many gallons of white seed within a couple of minutes. My mother gladly gulped the offering into her gullet.

As Mom licked and smacked her lips clean, I noticed Dad’s gaze on me. He said, “Your mother is one fine whore, isn’t she?”

The giantess playfully slapped my father’s slightly spherical but still solid gut. “That’s because the only thing useful about you is your dick. What’s a big girl to do?”

That event helped spark the last of my puberty. In the next six months I grew a foot and a half, putting me at twelve feet tall. That added to my bulk as well. Moreover, my hormones increased with my size. Unlike Dad, I did not have a woman who could so easily satisfy my urges. At one time I may have been small enough to fuck a regular sized girl, but now that I needed the release, my cock was way too big to fit in the roomiest human vagina.

The best I could do was catch an amatory romp between my parents to feed my mental lust and inspire my hand. They knew I sometimes watched their erotic display, and never did they say anything against it, and as much as I wanted them to, neither one invited me to join them in some way. Worse yet, someone I thought might help ease my sex-based loneness was interested in a man closer to her size.

Alex was looking and acting more like Dad every day. And just as Mom got a kick out of it, so did Rachel. They were off alone together more often and for longer periods of time. They were touchy-feely and whispered often. I foresaw a future where not only were my siblings fucking like overgrown rabbits, but perhaps they would join in on our parent’s favorite pastime. The idea both excited and depressed me. Maybe I could join in some “small” role, but I would be closer to a toy to pass around than a lover.

I didn’t try getting in the way. The last thing I wanted was to be seen as resentful to the people I loved. I could not risk them pushing me away in favor of maintaining an unabated happiness that burst with immeasurable pleasure. I needed to grin and bear it, as it were. Easier said than done.

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