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You were sat on a small pillow in the living room, reading from the worst book in the history of the world. Your head began to get heavier and heavier as the words on the page began to blur into something that looked like hieroglyphics. The summer air was pleasant and cool, and you could smell freshly cut grass through the window. 


“Maybe I could just rest my eyes for a few minutes, Ill come back to studying when I’m a bit refreshed” you think to yourself. You shut your eyes and lay your head down.


Suddenly you are surrounded by what feels like a dense fog. The cool summer air, replaced by a hot, heavy, cloud. The fresh cut grass smell, replaced by the stench of what you can only assume is a dead animal covered.


“Jesus Christ, Ashley what the hell did you have for lunch? Your breath smells like a fart that has B.O.” You shout up to your sister while flailing your arms widly to try to clear the air. 


“Oh really? Like a fart with body odor? Would you like a fart for comparison? Or maybe you want to take a dive in my pits and tell me if you can smell some BO?” Ashley looks down at you, with her curly brown locks falling into her face. She laughs her own absurd proposal, and trys to get the study session back on track. “You need to be studying, because it’ll be a cold day in hell before I drive you to campus because you failed out of the last class you need to graduate.”


“Oh I see, and how is a burp in my face supposed to help me study?” You reply somewhat bluntly. “It’s getting hard to breathe down here, let alone read the world’s most boring book.”


“No one said the book for Intermidiate Thermodynamics was going to be a thrilling read. And think of the burp like smelling salts. I saw you nodding off and though I would help.” Ashley giggled again at her joke.


“Oh smelling salts that’s very clev-” You were cut off by a loud stomping and a voice approaching from another room.


“Did someone say that they needed some smelling salts?” Suddenly from around the corner your younger sister comes bounding into the room wearing what appears to be the outfit she wore to soccer practice. Oddly enough though she’s only wearing one sock. That is not a good sign.


Suddenly she winds up and launches a large black ball from her hand directly towards you. You are frozen in place and can’t make any movements  in one direction or another. You brace for impact and shut your eyes, waiting for your fate. Oddly enough you are never hit by the meteor of foot odor that your sister lobbed towards you. When you open your eyes, you see that Ashley caught the sock and swiftly threw it right back at Megan. Miraculously your guardian angel of a sister has rescued you from a smelly punishment doled out by your not so angelic little sister.


“Gross Megan, that isn’t funny you're feet are seriously disgusting. Why are you even still in your practice clothes and why haven't you showered yet?” Ashley takes a small whiff of her fingers after touching Megan’s gross socks and proceeds to wipe them off on the carpet.


“Well I heard you say that Max needed some smelling salts, so I thought I would help out. I’ll just drop him in here for 10 minutes or so and he’ll be wired for a few hours. In fact I would even be willing to let lil’ Maxxy sleep in my socks if he asks me really nicely.” Megan flashes a goofy smile and some large puppy dog eyes. 


To an outside observer Megan is a sweet looking, young woman who looks to be as nice as humanly possible. However you knew better than that. Ever since you were shrunken down four years ago, something evil seemed to have surfaced in your “Little” sister. It turns out that she has some sort of fascination surrounding RPs (Reduced Persons), and you were the focal point of her curiosities.

On the other hand Ashley was always nearby to keep you safe (from Megan’s sweaty feet as well as real world dangers). Since the two of you were twins,  you had formed a very special bond and spent a good deal of time together, even before you shrank to 3 inches tall. You were a junior in high school when you shrank down and Ashley took it upon herself to make sure you graduated, and even helped you fill out the college application forms that helped you get into the same program that she was in. You didn’t really believe that you had a real future as a chemical engineer, but you figured that since RPs didn't need to pay tuition, you might as well get a degree. 


Now you were very happy living with Ashley, going to classes together, and making plans for both of your futures. However you were less than thrilled about the fact that Megan had moved into the apartment with you and Ashley. Now you're constantly looking over your shoulder to make sure a ball of smelly laundry wasn’t going to land on your puny body. 

Realistically though things like that didn’t happen, at least not anymore. Ever since you and Ashley moved out of your parents house, she has made things very comfortable for you and even laid down the law with Megan about picking on you. Aside from the occasional prank like a burp in the face, you feel like you have a good handle on your life and it doesn’t look like that will change anytime soon.




Chapter End Notes:

Please let me know what you think. I'm getting used to how the site works and I had to retype the chapter after it was lost. And I'm still figuring out all the formatting.

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