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Story Notes:
I deleted my last story since I felt it got off on the wrong foot, I deeply regret that now but oh well, what's done is done. All stories are set in the same universe unless I say it's not.
Well, before we start off let me give a bit of a backstory about myself. I was born in the early morning, I don't exactly remember the time. My parents said they couldn't really find me at first and all they heard was a soft crying and screaming sound. Apparently I gave the nurses quite a shock when they saw me. I was oohed and aahed at for awhile in the hospital. Eventually the local newscaster came in and a bunch of cameramen. I wonder why they let so many people see a newborn in the same room, I guess they really didn't care about germs or whatever. It all came to a end when the newscaster got told that he just got news that a group of plumbers just got arrested for planting bugs at the Watergate hotel. Apparently everyone stopped focusing on me and went outside. I was quickly forgotten about.

My parents took me home and treated me like any other child until I was ten. They kicked me out for whatever reason, I never really went to school either. I was homeschooled by my mother until then. I mostly learned everything from experience and some schooling from high schools I've sneaked into around the country. For the last six years I've just been going around the country, trying to figure out life.

Monday, April 11th, 1988

I walk down the side of a highway, it's 3 o'clock in the afternoon. I'm walking in the grass near the shoulder for people can't see me. The Semi Trucks rolling by, sounding like a storm to me. I keep walking, but also turning my head to see the cars passing by also. A yuppie in his brand new E-Class Mercedes flies by by me, the song "Everybody Have Fun Tonight" by Wang Chung blasting out of it. Just because I'm shrunk y'know doesn't mean I don't know modern music, I see glimpses of MTV in people's houses and public areas where's there's a TV. I keep walking for about a hour, feeling kinda hungry while I do so. My last meal being yesterday, a whole McDonald's french fry that fell on the floor when I was inside a McDonald's. I didn't eat the part where it touched the floor, just the top.

Eventually I make it into civilization, Redding, California. I notice that you start to see more houses and buildings. The highway becomes wider and more cars seem to be on it. I stop for second and look for a car I could hang onto for I could go into the city. I wait for about 5 minutes, and then I see a 1973 Chevy Nova with Michigan licence plates. I notice it's not going as fast and I run into the road. I almost get ran over by it's tires, I run and grab onto it's hubcap. I flip a couple of times, but I make my way onto the side of the car. I climb onto the hood. I see the driver, but he doesn't seem to notice me. He seems to be in his mid 20s, in a cut off white T-shirt. His dark black hair slightly going down his back. Some stubble on his face but nothing out of the out of the ordinary.

I climb to the other side of the car hood, for he'll have less of chance of noticing me. The man says "Fuck, I'm almost out of gas" I hear him say through the windshield. I feel the car switch through lanes and he turns onto a exit. I try hiding myself by laying down on the hood and trying to blend in with the color beige on the car. The wind has really taken a toll on my hair. The man gets onto the exit and stops at the stop light. I notice my surroundings, the vehicle to the right of me is a black 1985 Chevrolet C/K, the driver a middle aged Latino man in a flannel shirt, and to the left a grey 1979 Oldsmobile Cutlass, the driver seems to be a teenager with his friend. You can hear "No Sleep Till Brooklyn" by The Beastie Boys out of the passenger side window of the car.

The light turns green and the Nova shoots off, he drives a couple of miles and turns into a Mobil gas station. He pulls into a pump and turns the car off an gets out, I jump off of the car and run across the parking lot. I slide under the the door of the convenience store. There's only 3 people inside, the clerk, and a couple that seems to be in their early 50s. I run into the drink section. The man walks by me, he seems to be wearing a pair of sandals.

"Fred, do you really think we have to go here to get something to drink? There's a Burger King across the street, we could get something to drink cheaper there" Says the lady.

"No, Alice. I don't feel like waiting in line" Fred says, he pulls out a Pepsi bottle. Fred steps on me accidentally, but he doesn't seem to notice and I don't make any sound. I seem to be stuck on his shoe like gum.

Fred and Alice walk toward the counter and pay for their products, I feel pain with each step Fred takes.
They both go to their car, a 1975 Pontiac Safari station wagon. I eventually slide off Fred's shoe. I run near the payphone on the side of the Convenience store. I slow down, and I see there's a girl about my age using the phone. She's slightly tanned and she's in a pair of blue jeans and a striped orange T-shirt. Her hair is light brown.

"So yeah, I'm not going to be back in Texas until like Saturday. We can probably go to the movies or something on later that day" She says, before she hangs up the phone.

Before I can move she sees me, I attempt to run but she takes a huge step and grabs me.

"Oh my god, what are you?" She says, shocked. Her blue eyes are focused on my face, her irises looking the size of a pothole to me.

"I'm a human" I say, I'm trembling. The only time someone has actually noticed me in like, 5 years.

"Don't be scared, I'm not gonna hurt you" she says, I notice her lips turning into a warming smile.

I explain to her my life story condensed into about 1 minute, how I've been kicked out and I've been all around the country.

"Wow, that's crazy" She says, she lays her palm out of me. I stand her hand.

"So yeah" I say, I start feeling more comfortable around her.

"I can take you home and you can live with me and my family in Texas if you want" She says, a couple of specks of her spit land on me, it smells like Juicy Fruit chewing gum.

"Uh, okay. Just remember I don't wanna be found" I say.

"Yeah I know, I'll keep you a secret" She says, she puts me in her pocket.

"What's your name by the way?" I say, sounding slightly muffled.

"Kathryn, but I go by Katie" She says, starting to put her voice in a whisper as she heads to the car.

She gets in the left side back passenger door. As she gets in, she notices her parent's aren't there, she sees them cross the street with a couple of Burger King bags in their hand.

"Don't worry, I'll give you a fry when no one's looking" Katie says, sounding reassuring.

Her parents get in the car and hand her back a bag, the smell of Burger King causing my stomach to slightly growl, but nothing loud enough where anyone could hear.

"Why did you let Derek stay home?" She says, as her dad cranks up the car.

"Because Derek is a grown adult and you're only 17, that's why" He says, as puts he foot on the gas.

"I'll be a adult next year" She whines.

"Let's wait until then, shall we?" Her mother says as her husband pulls out of the parking lot and onto the road.

"And also, I'll be driving nonstop from Redding and back to Dallas, so you're going to wanna get comfy back their" Her father says, adjusting his glasses.

Katie starts on her food as the car goes through the intersection and onto the highway.
Chapter End Notes:
So how's that for a first chapter?
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