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Side Chapter: Half a Penny


“Leonard, this way, it’s just in this room.” I said leading him to my invention.

“Max, it’s not theoretically possible to shrink objects, let alone people.” Leonard replied.

“I’ll show you! It’s called implosion fabrication and I can use it on living things! I’ve engineered the jelly to attach itself to living cells on the molecular level. I am going to be the first human trial.” I said proudly.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” He said looking up to me and fixing his glasses.

“I promise you, it’ll work. Just watch.” I reassured him as I began stripping naked.

“What are you doing?” Leonard asked looking away from my skinny white butt.

“I have to be naked for this to work.” I added.

Once I undressed, I covered myself in jelly and then walked over to an ex that I had made on the ground. In front of me was a giant machine with a long laser sticking out the end. I hit the button and the machine began making tonnes of loud noises. Leonard’s face showed disbelief but with some fear. I just smiled and closed my eyes. The loud noises ended and I opened my eyes. Unfortunately, I was still the same size.

“This doesn’t make sense, all my calculations were correct. I don’t understand.” I said frustrated. 

“I have to go Max, Penny is waiting, and you don’t want to keep that girl waiting after she’s had some wine… Go get dressed and I’ll see you tomorrow. Some things just aren’t possible.” Leonard said turning and walking away. 

A few minutes after the door closed, I started to feel funny. I dropped to my hands and knees as pain coursed through my veins. I couldn’t help but close my eyes as the stinging sensation intensified. Then suddenly, the pain disappeared altogether. When I re-opened my eyes, everything was huge. My invention worked and I had shrunk to only half an inch tall. About half a penny in height.

“Leonard! Leonard! It worked, I did it!” I screamed.

No one was there. I looked around the room fascinated by all the huge lab equipment. The dirt and dust particles were now visible like weird shaped soccer balls. I started walking away when I began to feel vibrations through the floor. I hoped it was Leonard making his way back. Instead, I saw Penny come through the door followed by Leonard.

“Penny it didn’t work, Max failed, let’s just go.” He tried to convince her.

“I want to see this shrinking ma-thingy that kept me waiting.” Penny said refusing to go.

“Come on, Max is probably in the washroom. If you get caught in here then I am screwed.” He pleaded. 

Penny ignored him and walked over towards me. She wore tight blue jeans and a low-cut crop top that revealed her jiggling boobs as she walked. Watching her at this size was completely breathtaking. She stepped right over top of me as she checked out the laser. I was scared but also in awe by the blond giantess. She was even more amazing and beautiful than what I remembered.

“Hey Leonard, wanna hear a joke?” She said turning around and smirking.

He sighed and then said, “Sure.”

“A nerd rushed into the doctor's office and shouted, ‘Doctor! I think I'm shrinking!’ The doctor calmly responded, ‘Now, settle down. You'll just have to be a little patient.’” Penny said laughing.

Leonard could help but snicker at the joke.

“Oooo I’m shrinking, I’m shrinking!” Penny said while laying down on the ground to make herself shorter. 

I was caught off guard as Penny laid down right on top of me. Her cleavage was perfectly placed so that I got pressed into them. The warm and soft flesh surrounded me and pressed against my naked body. It felt amazing but I was also terrified at the same time. She could squish me like a bug if she felt me move on her. I decided to stay perfectly still until the right opportunity came. Her flowery scent filled my nose, and combined with her body heat, I felt very comfortable and content.

“Okay, we should go now.” Leonard added in a serious tone. 

“Fine. Sheesh. You would think your balls were the only things that shrunk.” She laughed getting up and almost falling over. 

Leonard was really annoyed as he directed her out the door. They both made their way out and got into Leonard’s car. Once she fastened her seat belt, I decided that I could start making some small movements. She was drunk enough that she would probably think that it was the seatbelt moving and not me. The fatty tissue was hard to maneuver on, every effort sunk into her soft flesh.


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