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Luna leaned into the mirror as she checked her lipstick in the women's bathroom, touching up the sharp curves of her black lips against her pale skin. She smirked as she leaned upright and lightly ruffled her raven black hair, enjoying how it framed her face and made her lips and eyes pop. A thrill ran through her, head to crotch, at the thought of alluring Sebastian with those eyes tonight. She'd been told by one of the other women that he'd be attending her promotion party tonight, although she wondered why that'd been a source of merriment for the other women who'd overheard.

She'd had her eye on him ever since they'd joined the intern program together, a timid but handsome man who'd graduated the same year as her. She'd heard he had a girlfriend, but that just made her flirting all the more fun. From the way his eyes ran down her body every time they crossed paths, she thought she was on his mind as much as he was on hers. With all the alcohol flowing tonight, she hoped she might entice him into a little private time away from the others.

Luna tweaked the straps on her form-fitting black dress, letting one strap hang a little loose on her shoulder, teasing the prospect that her straining bust might burst free at any moment. She put her phone on silent (she didn't want any calls from her boyfriend interrupting tonight's fun), then twirled on her high heels and walked out of the bathroom.

The boisterous noise of the finely-decorated restaurant hit her the moment she stepped out, the drinks had already started flowing and her friends from her office were especially excitable tonight.

"Lunaaaaaaaaa!" they exclaimed as she sauntered towards the six attractive women huddled around the private booth they'd rented for the night. They shifted around the large sofa circling around the table to make room for her in the middle. Luna squeezed herself between the crossed legs of her friends and the table edge to claim her seat, sinking into the soft velvet with a soft moan. It was nice to be off her feet with these heels.

A cocktail glass with a cherry on a stick was immediately pushed into her hand as the women raised their drinks.

Abigail, her supervisor at work who was dressed in a short strapless dress, lead the chorus of congratulations. "To Lunnnnnnnna! Congrats on getting through the intern program, the newest member of our family! Drink!"

Luna and the others all tipped their heads back and downed their drinks. Luna shuddered slightly at the bitter alcoholic taste of her cocktail, but enjoyed the tingling warmth in her belly. She hoped this might calm her nerves, she didn't want to seem over-eager if Sebastian turned up.

Luna scanned the faces arrayed around her before turning to Abigail with a whispered "um, is this everyone for tonight?" She tried to act disinterested in the answer.

Abigail returned a mischevious look. "Oh, there's one more coming. Sebastian, I think?" Abigail's eyes sparkled as she saw the slight flush on Luna's cheeks on hearing the name. "I think he's being prepared right as we speak."

Prepared? Luna furrowed her brow. Was Abigail drunk already? Luna tried to give a half-smile back, unsure what all the giggling was about as a couple of the other women flashed Abigail a wicked grin.

Abigail shushed their giggling before resuming. "So... glad the internship is over?"

Luna sighed with relief, feeling some of the tension inside her ease. "Oh yes! I've wanted this so bad! Finally, an actual salary!" She shuddered as she thought of the cheap dingy apartment she was renting at the moment. "I can finally move somewhere nice, maybe with a balcony?"

Abigail laughed, "oh yes! A balcony is a wonderful tease. I've attracted more than a few meals through some late-night sunbathing, topless of course. Draw a man's blood down below and he'll ignore that predatory look in your eyes."

"Predatory eyes?"

Abigail flipped a stray hair from her face, leaning towards Luna she shook her chest playfully, causing her ample breasts to wobble dangerously against the straining cloth. "How do you think I grew these babies? A girl needs protein! So I always take any opportunity that presents itself. Employee underperforming? GULP! Late pizza delivery boy looks more appetising than the cold pizza? GULP! There was this one cute guy on the subway, thought he'd be safe traveling later at night..." Abigail leaned back and licked her lips, gently stroking her belly as her eyes glazed over and she seemed lost in her memories.

Luna felt her cheeks burn as she watched Abigail absentmindedly lower the hand rubbing her belly, moving past her midriff...

Just as her fingertips curled under the hem of her skirt a soft voice interrupted "are we ready for the meal tonight?" The waitress asked as she studiously kept her gaze high.

Abigail jerked to attention and blushed as she pulled her hand back onto her lap. "Oh yes, I'm starving! Serve him up." The waitress bowed and swiftly departed.

Abigail looked back to Luna with a smirk. "Have you ever partaken in the carnal flavours?"

Luna lowered her gaze and modestly shook her head a touch. "Oh, no! I don't think I could ever eat a man. Digest a living and breathing person down to my shit?" Luna felt a little shiver run down her, was that disgust... or excitement?

Abigail licked her lips, "you're missing out."

The excited chatter around the table stilled as the waitress brought over a covered silver platter and placed it in the center of the table. The women arrayed around the table leaned in. The waitress looked to Abigail who nodded, then lifted the domed cover. Underneath was a single large white ceramic plate with a border of ripe strawberries and chocolate sauce all pointing inwards to the figure of a tiny naked man, no more than 6" tall, laid out on his back with his hands and legs bound with a sprig of mint leaf. His modesty was barely maintained by a thick dab of whipped cream running down his body.

The other women all cooed in excitement as Luna gasped in surprise. She ran her eyes all over the tiny man, soaking in his attractive physique as her heartbeat got faster. She found herself automatically licking her lips at the sight, even as her mind told her she should be horrified. It took her a few moments before she focused on the man's annoyed-looking face, her stomach quaked when she recognized Sebastian.

"W-w-what?" Luna stammered in confusion.

The other women wasted no time, reaching in, they each took a strawberry before dipping it generously into the whipped cream atop Sebastian, smearing it all over him and exposing a little more bare skin when they pulled it away with a giggle. Abigail seemed to take special delight in twisting her strawberry into the mound of whipped cream that covered his crotch, smirking as she watched him squirm against his bindings. She brought the strawberry back to her ruby red lips while locking eyes with Sebastian, wrapping her lips wholly around the strawberry and slowly sucking on it before eating it whole. Luna watched the lump of the strawberry run down Abigail's throat as she moaned softly.

Abigail gave Sebastian a wink before turning to Luna and resting her hand on Luna's bare thigh. "This is your special promotion treat. He's all yours." Abigail lightly squeezed Luna's inner thigh. "Have some fun tonight."

Luna clasped her hand over Abigail's, halting its upwards movement as she desperately tried to buy time to process the events happening. "Mine? You mean I should eat him? I can't eat a whole man!" It'd be wrong to take pleasure in digesting a man surely? To devour him and own him forever, body and soul.

Abigail gave a crooked smile as she answered, "it's in the intern contract. Those interns which don't get promoted... get eaten."

Luna jumped as a shiver of fear ran down her. "WHAT? Was that in my contract too?"

Abigail laughed, "Of course! Did you not read it?"

"So... Sebastian would have been the one eating me if he'd been promoted?"

Abigail smirked as she looked down at Sebastian, almost pitying his niavity. "Look around the table. You might notice a pattern with our hiring policy. The male interns are for entertainment only. And with all this talk of equal rights, we need plenty of male interns to balance out all the full-time female staff. No man is going to compete with the hunger a woman has to succeed, and for other things..." Abigail took a finger that still had a little whipped cream on it and slowly sucked on it suggestively.

"Buuuut" Abigail purred, "if you don't want him..." Abigail got up off her seat and leaned over the table, slowly opening her mouth and letting her tongue hang out as she lowered her head down to the struggling form of Sebastian. As Abigail bent forward, Luna's eyes were automatically drawn to the flash of pink under the hem of Abigail's skirt as her bent form exposed her underwear. Luna raised a surprised eyebrow at seeing a small wire run from under Abigail's panties to a small battery pack strapped to the top of her thighs.

But she couldn't get distracted, with a surge of anger at her choice being taken from her, Luna slapped Abigail's ass with enough force to make sure Abigail knew she was serious. The slap echoed around the table as Abigail shot upright with a gasp.

"No! He's mine..." Luna smirked.

Abigail shot her an annoyed look, but as the other women cheered Luna on, she sullenly sat back down and crossed her arms. Luna leaned against Abigail, slipping her hand between Abigail's tightly closed thighs and whispered into her ear "turn on that vibrator and enjoy the show."

Looking flustered, Abigail turned her face away from Luna as her cheeks reddened.

With the excited eyes of the other women on her now, Luna felt a little nervous shiver run through her as she rose up off her seat and leaned over Sebastian, the shadow of her form slowly eclipsing him as she pondered what to do with him.

Sebastian offered a half-hearted smile back, "Oh hi Luna... I don't suppose you'd be interested in an assistant after your promotion?"

Luna brought a finger to her lips, "Hmmm, my assistant? Would you have offered me that role if you'd won promotion?"

Sebastian's gaze ran down her chest, getting a good view down her cleavage as he licked his lips. "Err... of course!" His attempt at a smile faltered as he saw Luna's expression darken. That look, she recognized that look. It was the same one he'd given her whenever they'd crossed paths in the office. All his compliments on her figure, his teasing about his taste for dark-haired girls. He hadn't been flirting, he'd been eyeing her up as dessert!

She shot Sebastian an angry look. "So... Sebastian. You thought you'd be dining on these tonight?" Luna brought up her hands and squeezed her breasts together, her nipples almost popping out of the dress. As much as Sebastian might want to deny it, he couldn't stop his body responding. Still smeared in whipped cream, his cock swung upright, a small glob of whipped cream flying up to land on Luna's lower lip. Luna grinned down at him as she slowly licked her lower lip, never looking away from Sebastian as she swallowed the whipped cream.

"Delicious... I think I want a little more" Luna whispered in a sultry tone.

She lowered her head to the table, opening her mouth wide and letting her tongue hang out. She felt a shiver of anticipation run down her as the tip of her tongue ran up between Sebastian's shivering thighs, wiping up the remains of the whipped cream. The contrast between the cool whipped cream and Sebastian's hot skin left a delightful tingle on her tongue. She ran her tongue up his body, his legs, his crotch, pushing his cock down forcefully as she ran her tongue over it, then moved up his chest and finally coating his face in a thick layer of saliva.

Luna leaned back up, wiping off the whipped cream smeared over her lips. "You're delicious Sebastian!"

Luna's almost jumped as the watching women giggled in response, reminded her she wasn't alone with her prey. She caught fragments of their chatter, which condiments went best with different types of men, whether eager or reluctant prey was best, and speculation on when the next batch of male interns was starting. She let their voices drift over her, ignoring them as she refocused all her attention on her prey. He might have had a name once, but now he was only food. He was all hers now, and from the anxious look he gave her, he knew it too.

Luna slowly lowered herself onto the table, feeling her hardening nipples brush against the hard surface and her crotch grind against the table rim. She slinked herself forward like a snake towards Sebastian's bound form, her mouth opening wide and her tongue drooping down low and skimming the surface of the plate. Her tongue slipped under Sebastian's feet as she pulled them into her mouth, her lips closing around his calves with a wet smacking sound.

She smirked down at Sebastian as she felt him wriggle slightly in her grip. "Maybe we could work something out?" He asked. He nervously squeaked as she slurped in his thighs. Her lips stretched to take in his hips as she felt the top of her lips run up against his erect cock. She giggled a little, this wasn't the kind of blowjob she'd envisioned giving Sebastian tonight. The vibration of her laugh ran through Sebastian's body, giving a quake to his voice as he continued to make offers. She parted her lips slightly, stretching wide to squeeze in his erect cock in before resuming to work more of him into her mouth.

Luna felt Sebastian's legs slip and slide against the back of her throat, trying to push but only slipping deeper as they rubbed against the warm slick flesh within her mouth. With more than half of him secure in her mouth, she raised her head up at an angle, lifting Sebastian into the air and letting gravity pull him in deeper. Inside her mouth, she thrust her tongue roughly up between his thighs and stroked the tip against his cock as Sebastian's voice turned into groans of pleasure.

Sebastian's wriggling form was starting to become a nuisance; Luna wanted him to know who was in control here. She softly gripped down with her teeth, her incisors pressing into Sebastian's soft belly and holding him firmly in place. He wasn't going to be wriggling out of this.

Luna took a few moments to enjoy the situation, she had all but Sebastian's upper chest firmly within her mouth. The only place he was going now was her belly. With confidence surging through her, Luna delighted in playing with her food. She ran her tongue underneath his ass and firmly pressed him up against the ridge of her mouth, squeezed him tight, feeling his cock poking against her. She loosened the pressure, then squeezed again, loosened, squeezed. She felt Sebastian begin to thrust his hips rhythmically in time with her, seemingly unaware that with each thrust into her mouth, Luna slipped a little more of his chest into her mouth.

Luna's lips were just beginning to touch Sebastian's neck when she felt him shudder and moan. A wave of salty flavouring filled her mouth as her lips curled into a smile around what was left visible of Sebastian.

The other women laughed, "you got the salty dessert Luna? I love it when they cum, makes them so much more relaxed when you swallow them down."

Luna's cheeks flushed a bit in embarrassment, but she felt pleased at having manipulated her meal into cumming so quickly.

Luna tilted her head back fully. Sebastian gasped and managed a ragged "w-wait" before she pressed one of her fingers on his head and pushed down, slurping up the last of him. Her food didn't get to decide when she ate it. She began swallowing forcefully, working Sebastian down into her throat. Sebastian's hips and wide shoulders visibly showed on Luna's neck as she worked him down into her belly. She closed her eyes as she focused only on the sensations of swallowing her prey. She ran one of her hands down her belly and started rubbing her crotch while the other stroked her throat, feeling Sebastian's struggling form and helping push him further down.

Luna felt her crotch warming up as Sebastian curled up within her belly, his large form struggling to fit in such a small space. She gasped for breath as she felt herself building to orgasm, the hand stroking her crotch slipped under the hem of her dress and into her panties. She'd just eaten a whole man. Someone who just hours ago had been a coworker. Someone who had hopes and dreams. Now he was only hers, his only dream was to be digested. He was in her belly and he'd never be coming out. She was going to digest him down to nothing and enjoy last every moment of it.

A sharp slap on her ass brought her to a sudden climax as she arched her back and squeaked a soft scream. A giggling cheer from the women around her brought Luna's attention back to where she was. The hand furiously rubbing her clit froze in place as she opened her eyes and saw the flushed and excited expressions of the women around her. A couple of them consciously had their hands hidden under the table rim, fingers pressed deeply into unseen places.

Abigail leaned back into the sofa, "I didn't think my slap was hard enough to evoke such a strong... reaction."

Luna fell back into the sofa, her hair slightly disheveled and a bead of sweat running down her forehead as her stomach contents moved within her.

Abigail smirked at her, "So you could never eat a person huh? But I guess he's doesn't count as a person if he's just food in your belly now."

Luna grinned back. "He was amazing, a lovely mix of sweet whipped cream with salty cum." She thought of Sebastian inside of her at that moment. Wondering if he could hear her discuss him how he'd tasted.

Abigail nodded in agreement, "A little cum flavouring always goes a long way."

"Excuse me!" A formal sounding voice interrupted.

Luna looked over to see the waitress holding out a little red velvet bag. "Your meal's possessions," she said as she handed Luna the bag.

Abigail clapped her hands together. "Oooh I wonder what you got?" Turning to the waitress, "did you dispose of his suit?"

The waitress nodded. "Yes, Ma'am. Burnt in the trash."

Abigail gestured to the bag, "Go on then, let's see what mementos you got."

Luna, still a lightheaded and feeling a little uncertain about what was going on now, emptied the bag out onto the table. A phone and a couple of cufflinks fell out.

"Oh cufflinks!" Abigail exclaimed. "I always love keeping them as a little reminder of the men I eat. I've got a little display box I keep in my bedside cabinet for whenever I need some *me* time." She winked at the other women as they laughed.

"Oh a display case?" One of the other women chimed in. "I keep mine inside a hollow dildo, although I've been running out of space in there recently."

Luna let them talk as she took the phone into her hands. She turned it over, it was the latest model. She'd keep this! As she examined it, Luna jumped in surprise as the phone came to life, vibrating in her hand as the words "Incoming call. Julie - Girlfriend." A profile pic depicted Sebastian standing next to a cute, preppy looking blonde woman. Luna hesitated for a moment, was this her responsibility as the one who ate him? She accepted the call. "H-h-hello?"

"Who is this?" Came the sharp voiced reply. "Where's Sebastian? I thought he was working tonight?"

Luna's felt a little unsure how to answer. A dainty burp answered for her. "Oh! Excuse me... Sebastian's a little indisposed at the moment." She grinned and rubbed the bulge of her belly, squeezing it and feeling Sebastian squirm inside.

"Is he cheating on me? You bitch! PUT HIM ON THE LINE NOW!"

Luna's compassion dried up at the hostile tone. With a smirk, she lowered the phone and pressed it against her belly just as her stomach rumbled.

After a few moments Luna brought the phone back up to her ear. "Did you have a nice chat?"

"Did you fucking eat him?!?! I'd been fattening him up all month for my birthday party next week and you just swoop in now?! THAT'S NOT FAIR YOU BIT..." Luna ended the call with a self-satisfied laugh.

"It seems I got to you just in time Sebastian" Luna murmured as she resumed stroking her belly and feeling Sebastian struggle to get comfortable.

The phone began vibrating again. "Incoming call: Julie - Girlfriend."

Luna had a naughty thought... she shifted in her seat, coming closer to the table so her hips were hidden. She lowered the phone under the table rim and up between her knees. She felt its cool metal brush up between her inner thighs, up further, under the hem of her dress and finally pressed against her panties. Luna gasped in pleasure as she pressed the phone firmly against her clit, feeling the vibrations run through her entire body. She closed her eyes and moaned. Her breath quickened and her heartbeat spiked as her passions rose.

Luna let the rest of the room fade from awareness, focusing only on the feel of Sebastian squirming in her belly, his firm body squeezed tightly on every side by her stomach, the stomach acid beginning to do its work and tingling against his skin. The acid must have burnt through the restraints already as she felt him change position so his hands could grasp his cock as he began masturbating inside of her. Luna felt herself getting lighter as she neared a climax. She felt her whole body tighten and clench as pleasure ran through her body, her belly squeezing Sebastian tighter into a ball as he came inside her. Luna gasped for breath as she opened her eyes and looked bewildered at the waitress leaning towards her with an expectant look.

"Did you enjoy your meal?" The waitress asked with a smirk.

Luna took a moment to catch her breath before replying "Oh, *gasp*, yes! He was so stimulating!"

The waitress smiled, "That's wonderful news, I hope you'll come again."

Luna looked to the other women who immediately nodded back. She shot the waitress a wicked grin. "Oh yes, we'll definitely come again."

The next morning Luna was dressed only in her white tank top while sat in her bathroom, trying to squeeze out the hefty remains of Sebastian. She groaned as she felt the bulk of his remains pass through her while gently massaging her clit with a finger.

"Damn, you're harder to shit out than swallow down" Luna muttered to herself as she felt him leave her system. She'd thought the amount of cum she'd swallowed last night would have eased his passage. A mix of Sebastian's as he'd continued to masturbate inside of her, and the eager contribution of Luna's boyfriend who had been so pleasantly surprised with how horny and eager she was to swallow down his seed last night, unaware of what was in her belly.

She gazed down at the pair of cufflinks she had in her other hand. She grinned as she thought of the possibilities for them. She wanted something to remember how enjoyable this night had been, the first of many.

"I think I'll turn these into a clit piercing, so I can remember him every time I touch myself" Luna whispered to herself as she resumed masturbating. Absentmindedly, she wondered how many calories her boyfriend might be.

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