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Author's Chapter Notes:

As a Kahuna, Olivia has much to worry about.  She has to run her shop, manage her Trial Captains, attend to Tapu Lele, make sure the peace is kept on Akala Island and test League hopefuls with her Grand Trial.  Maybe even get a boyfriend!  However, Trial Goers seem to be fewer and further between these days... and decent men even more so.


Contains: More story focused that smutt, but has Object Transformation, Gentle Giantess, Pokémon Giantess, Butt, Entrapment

It was a perfect day in the Alola Region.  The sun was shining high in the sky, the heat managed expertly by the soft sea breeze blowing over the islands and occasional clouds providing shade were necessary.  It was days like this that made it easy to understand why the Alola region was known world-wide as a tropical paradise.  Tourists came from all over on vacation, business or personal journeys all the time, though with the formation and official recognition of the regions newly founded Pokémon League also came a new type of visitors.

Of the four major islands of Alola, Akala was the second for aspiring Trial Goers visit on their journey to challenge the Alola League... or at least they would if the League challenger boom wasn't immediately followed by the Molecular Redistributor boom and the sudden disinterest in traveling to challenge Leagues.  Some Trainers still seek to challenge regional Champions, though most would rather beat and shrink careless/weak male trainers for their own convenience.  This lead to most trainers not even making it past most Gym Leaders or Trial Captains, though rarely a talented trainer will get through.  However, Elite Four members, and in the case of Alola Island Kahuna, can go weeks without a challenger appearing before them now.

And so, with an abundance of free time on her hands, the dark skinned Kahuna of Akala was taking a break from running her jewelry and accessory store to walk around her hometown of Konikoni City.  Much to the fashion of her hometown, Olivia's outfit revealed ample amounts of her well-toned, curvy body with accessories of leather and stone all over her arms, legs and hanging off her neck.

"Not a decent man in sight..."  She sighed under her breath as she took a seat on a public bench after walking for a while.  So far all of the men she had seen were accompanied by another girl, which meant they were taken and being protected.  "Is it too much to ask for a good boyfriend?"

"There you are, Island Kahuna Olivia!"  A young male voice declared loudly from behind her.

Turning around, the young Kahuna saw three boys, one just barely old enough to be a Trial Goer by the looks of it, the other two a few years older.  "Yes, may I help you?"  She asked, standing and strutting around the bench with her usual confident.  Looking around, it didn't seem like they were being escorted by a girl.

"We're on our Island Challenge and have enough stamps to challenge you."  The same boy announced, not intimidated by the powerful steps of the older woman.  "Are you ready to battle?"

"All three of you defeated my three Akala captains?  Usually Mallow would be putting you to work gathering ingredients by now or Lana would be using you as bait.  You must three must be pretty talented."  Olivia praised in a naturally alluring manner with an amused giggle.  "It's too dangerous to battle in the middle of the city.  Follow me, I'll take you to the Ruins of Life."

Turning and walking towards the city limits, Olivia pulled out her Rotom Dex and sent a quick message to her Trial Captains.  [You girls let these three beat you?]

[Well... We've been getting to have all the fun lately, so we decided to let a few get to you every now and then.]  Mallow replied.

[Yeah.  Besides, I told my sisters they need to stop play so rough with their toys or I'm going to stop bringing them home... I'm tired of cleaning up the mess.]  Lana added.

[Right?  Well you deserve to have some fun too Olivia, so we won't be too greedy.]  Professor Brunet agreed.  [I think the young one will turn out to be very pure.  Make sure to send us a picture when you're done.]

[Oh, thank you girls.  Okay, I will.]  Olivia messaged back, putting away her Rotom Dex as they exited the city.

"Was that a Rotom Dex?"  She heard one of the boys ask as he walked at her left side.  He looked up at her with an excited expression, like a Lillipup waiting for a toy.  "I thought they were rare!"

"They were rare, until Alola joined the International Pokémon League and developed closer relations with the other regions."  She explained, happy to engage a child's curiosity.  "Our little Ghost Princess worked out a deal with the Sinnoh Champion to get more Rotoms shipped here."

"Cool!  Can I see it?"  The boy asked, almost trembling with excitement.

Reaching down and resting a hand on his head, she pulled out her Rotom Dex again.  "Rory, wake up and say 'hi'."

"Zzzt... Zzzzt... Good morning, zzzt."  The Pokémon possessed data bank buzzed to life, blinking a few times to focus its visual processors.  "Mm-hmm?  Are Zzezez children lozzt, or are zhey going to be added to you colleczion?"  It asked matter-of-factually.

The comment seemed to unnerve the boys a bit, since they've seen what happens to male trainers when they lose.  But if they could make it to and beat a Regional Champion and get to a League meeting they could get rid of that new law that was messing up their lives.  At least, that's what the woman dressed in black with golden hair told them.  They chose to come to Alola because the League here is still relatively new, and so far the Trial Captains and Kahuna were pretty easy to beat.

"They're challengers Rory.  They beat Lana, Mallow and Professor Brunet."  She replied, praising the boys efforts so far.  "It's been so long since I've had a challenger too, this might get a little rough."

Hearing her praise, the boys regained some of their confidence and the youngest boy reached up and grabbed Rory.  "Wow, so cool!  A Pokémon that can talk!"

"Hey, hey!  Handzzz off.  Bzzt!"  Rory complained as the boy looked it over.  "You'll be in Olivia'z colleczion soon enough, zzzt.  I don't need to make nize with weaklingz."

"We're pretty strong I'll have you know."  One of the other boys argued.  "My Honchkrow is really dependable!"

"And I'm training a Gible, a Dragon-type which are known for being the strongest!"  The other added.

"Oh, that's pretty impressive!"  Olivia commented, gently taking back her Rotom Dex before it could say anything else to scare them off.  "I've heard even Cynthia had trouble training her Garchomp back when it was a Gilbe and Honchkrows are proud and stubborn Pokémon."  The path to the Ruins of Life was a little difficult to traverse and she noticed that the youngest one was starting to lag behind.  Smiling, she offered him a hand but when he took it she picked him up off the ground and sat him on her shoulders.  "And how about you, who's your most reliable Pokémon partner?"

"Mom said that when I was born, the egg she had been caring for hatched into a Riolu.  We were basically raised together and always played together."  The boy explained, embarrassed to be carried by the woman he was about to challenge but too fatigued to ask her to put him down.  "Mom always said she was more my Pokémon than hers, so when I became a trainer she let me take her with me.  I was even able to evolve her into a Lucario!"

"It takes a lot of trust and love for a Riolu to evolve, it's proof that you are a great trainer."  She complimented.  "I've been with my Lycanroc since it was a Rockruff, those kind of relationships are the best, aren't they?"

The young boy smiled brightly and nodded eagerly.  "Yeah, Rylee is my best friend!"

It wasn't much longer before they had arrived at the entrance to the Ruins of Life, the stage where the Kahuna of Akala Island perform their Grand Trial.  A clearing before an elevated rock face with a cave leading deeper inside.  Setting her passenger/challenger down, Olivia walked over to stand in front of the entrance and turned to face the three boys.

"These are the Ruins of Life, the resting place of one of the guardian deities of the Alola Region, Akala Island's very own Tapu Lele."  She announced, motioning to the rock face behind her.  "As the Kahuna of Akala, I was chosen by Tapu Lele herself and as such you could say that I am testing your abilities in place of the guardian deity herself.  Since there are three of you and only one of me, you will each choose only a single Pokémon and I will test you in a Triple Battle.  Are there any objections?"  Producing three Pokéballs, she waited for her challengers to decide.

"None."  The eldest looking one declared, sending out his Gible.

"Big Boss, you got this!"  The other boy said, releasing an undersized Hounchkrow.

"Oh, I see now.  Murkrow evolves immediately after touching a Dusk Stone, this one must be pretty low level and that's why it listens to him."  Olivia assessed.  "That Gible doesn't look much stronger either, maybe on the cusp of evolving but it's still lacking just a bit."

"Okay Rylee.  We got this!"  The youngest boy said, calling out a powerful looking Lucario with a beautiful coat of fur.

"Oh!  Now that is a beautifully groomed and trained Pokémon.  The care and effort he put into her upbringing is apparent without even fighting."  Impressed, Olivia was a bit conflicted about beating such a promising younger trainer.  After all, fewer people are getting their Pokémon license to challenge Leagues and would instead prefer using it to get their hands of the shrink-ray technology in the standard issued digital assistant device of their region.  However, it had been months since her last real challenger and they always did make for the best stock.

"Rylee, cut that out!"  The boy giggled as his Lucario began licking his cheek.  "We'll play after, okay?"

"Great! We're gonna give you guys everything we've got! And my partners are all adorable, rugged little Rock-types!"  She said, tossing out her three Pokémon, however one of the Pokéballs was knocked back at Olivia as a shadow descended from the sky and took the center position.

"Tapu Lele!"  The intruding Pokémon announced its presence, a humanoid torso and arms sticking out of a pink shell-like body with markings on it.  At either side Olivia's Nosepass and Boldore stood ready to battle but visibly confused.

"Tapu Lele?  You want to fight these challengers?"  Olivia asked, shocked that the usually cunning and mischievous guardian deity wanted to battle.

"Hey!  You said you were using your Pokémon!"  The oldest boy complained, seeing the legendary Pokémon on the field.

"Yeah, that's cheating!"  The other likewise complained.

"Tapu!  Ta ta ta, le tapu.  Tapu Lele, lele pu ta ta le pu le."  The pink Pokémon said.

"Well, she is the island's guardian deity."  The dark skinned woman replied, shrugging her shoulders.  "If she says she wants to battle, I can't say no.  However, Tapu Lele you need to listen to my instructions.  Understand?"

"Tapu tapu!"  Tapu Lele replied, nodding its head.

"Alright, since Tapu Lele is a bit stronger than the average Pokémon, I'll only attack with her 5 times.  If your Pokémon get knocked during the battle you lose the Grand challenge, and of course you still need to defeat my adorable Nosepass and Boldore to win."  Olivia stated, modifying her normal rules to accommodate her guardian deity's selfishness.  "And I know why you want to battle Lele, but you'll only get to take one of them, okay?  I'm running low on stock."  She added in a quieter tone so only her team could hear her.

"Letapu pu tapu..."  The pink deity sighed, nodding in agreement.

"Good, then are the challengers ready?"  She asked.

While she wasn't looking, the three boys had huddled up and discussing battle strategies.  After a few more moments, they lined up behind their Pokémon again.  "We're ready!"  The Gible trainer announced.

"Then let this Grand Trial, begin!"  Signalling the start of the battle, Olivia delayed her instructions for a moment, it had been a while since her last Grand Trial and she didn't want to end it too quickly.

"Gible, target Tapu Lele with Sand Tomb!"  The young leader of the trio ordered, sending his Pokémon charging forward first.

"Hit Boldore with a Power-Up Punch Rylee!"  The youngest commanded, his Lucario moving much faster than the stumpy Gible and connecting with a powerful punch before Olivia could issue a counter-attack.

Quickly assessing the combat strength and potential battle plan of the youths Olivia began to fight back, though taking a Power-Up Punch was an unexpected and damaging blow for Boldore.  "I don't think so!  Boldore, ignore Lucario and hit Gible with a Mud-Slap, Nosepass use Thunder Wave on Lucario."

"Honchkrow, Sucker Punch."  The third boy immediately followed up the Kahuna's retaliation with his own attack.  Moving so fast that it seemed to vanish, the undersized Big Boss Pokémon appeared next to Olivia's Boldore as it was reeling back to attack, striking with its wing.  However, despite the damage the Ore Pokémon took from the Fighting-type attack previously, it continued its attack and threw mud in the approaching Gible's face.

Luckily for the challengers, Gible was just able to use its Sand-Tomb before getting hit by the Mud-Slap, catching Tapu Lele in a whirlwind of sand restricting it's movements and vision.  Unfortunately, some of the mud from Boldore's attack got into the Land Shark Pokémon's eyes.

Seeing the electricity sparking around the Nosepass, the youngest boy quickly called out to his Pokémon.  "Rylee, dodge!"  Thanks to the timely warning, she was able to avoid the paralyzing attack.

"Hmm... that could have gone better."  Olivia said nonchalantly.  Her team definitely came out of the first exchange worse than the challengers, but this wasn't too bad.  "Boldore, target that Gible with Headbutt.  Nosepass, use Rock Slide."

"Watch out Gible, use Iron Head on that Boldore.  It's on its last legs."  The oldest boy ordered.

"Honchkrow, evade and use Icy Wind."  The second boy called out.

"Rylee, use Bone Rush to get in close and take that Nosepass down!"  The youngest one commended.

The boys were at a disadvantage, having called their attack just a breath behind Olivia.  Honchkrow took the attack the hardest, unable to fly properly in the hail of falling stone and the damage caused him to flinch.  

Gible weathered the attack better, avoiding all the bigger rocks and met the Boldore with its attack.  Both Pokémon collided and flung the other back, but Gible's Iron Head was super-effective against Olivia's Boldore.  Normally, the damage sustained by the Ore Pokémon would have knocked it out, but sensing the excitement to finally battle after so long from Olivia, he dug deep and endured the attack.

Rylee charged the onslaught of debris, forming a long bone-shaped staff of energy and used it to deflect the projectiles as it went.  One of the bigger rock slipped through her defenses and stuck her in the head, but she was able to resist pausing from the pain and thrusted her staff into the Nosepass, sending it flying back.

"Okay, enough is enough."  Olivia said, seeing both her Pokémon struggling to stand.  "Tapu Lele, Dazzling Gleam."

As if to signify it was truly entering battle, waves of psychic energy flooded over the battlefield and the whirlwind containing the Legendary Tapu Lele was blown away.  The bright pink Pokémon began to glow as it unleashed its attack.

"Rylee!  Detect!"  The youngest boy managed to yell out as he covered his eyes from the sudden flash emitted.

The other two however, were unable to do anything in response.

When the light faded Tapu Lele floated with some light damage from the Sand-Tomb but was otherwise fine, with Nosepass and Boldore just barely standing.  Honchkrow and Gible were both down, unable to continue the battle leaving Rylee to face off against Olivia and her team.

"What was that!?"  The Honchkrow trainer questioned in disbelief.  "That Pokémon is too powerful!  This isn't fair!"

"Yeah!  This 'Grand Trial' is a scam!  I doubt even your Champion could beat it!"  The team leader agreed.

"But you two still agreed to battle with her included."  Olivia replied with an unamused sigh, holding up her Rotom Dex.  "You could have backed out and tried again some other time, so you can only blame yourselves.  Rory, just shrink them for now.  2 inches should be fine."

"Roger that.  Bzzt."  The floating device replied, opening the shrink-ray app and adjusting it accordingly.  "Told you you'd be part of her colleczion."  It added, before aiming it's camera at the boys and shrinking them without delay.

"R-Rylee!  Power-Up Punch!"  Distracted and focused on collecting her prizes, Olivia had accidentally allowed her focus to slip from the battle, and in that time the youngest boy launched a desperate attack.

Turning her attention back to her sole remaining opponent, she saw his Lucario send her Nosepass flying past her, knocking it out.  "Lele use Extrasensory to get those other two before they run off."  She said, seeing out of the corner of her eye that the other two boys had crawled out of their clothes and were running towards the tree line.  "You didn't even hesitate after your teammate were shrunken.  I admire your courage ki-!"  She began to compliment until she could focus on the young boys distraught and tearful face.  There was fear of course, he likely understood how likely it was that he'd have lost if not for Detect, but there was more.  Rage, sadness, grief, and an intense hunger for victory were clearly reflected in his eyes.

"Again!  Power-Up Punch!"  He cried out, and his Lucario responded in kind, lunging at the barely standing Boldore with righteous wrath.  Her beloved trainer was desperate and afraid.  It was her duty to protect him.  The Ore Pokémon didn't stand a chance and was swiftly defeated under the heavy, furred fist of fury.

"Lele, Nature's Madness."  Olivia ordered calmly, calling back her Pokémon to rest.

Levitating with the two vanquished boys floating next to it, Tapu Lele's eyes began to shine as she swept her arm out in front of her.  "Tapu..."  The air began to tremble as the guardian deity gathered its power and a sphere of light surrounded Rylee, "...Lele!"  She cried, causing the sphere to burst into rays of radiant light and collapse in on itself, blasting the Aura Pokémon off it's paws and flinging it back.

"Rylee!"  The boy cried out, running into the Pokémon's path to catch it only to be sent flying with it by the force of Tapu Lele's attack.  Trainer and Pokémon hit the ground hard and slid to a halt with the boy cradling his Lucario's head.

"It's over, boy."  Olivia stated in a concerned, almost proud tone.  "Had you faced my Lycanroc instead of Tapu Lele, you might have been able to win.  Your Rylee is very well trained, one of the best I've ever seen... it's almost a shame you had to be defeated here.  Without trainers like you, the Leagues may fall out of practice and I don't know what will happen after that.  Your teammates had some interesting moves taught to their Pokémon too... it really is a shame."

Rylee opened her eyes and saw her trainer bruised and beaten protecting her head.  He was still breathing and he cracked his eyes open, looking into her's.  He wasn't broken yet, he hadn't admitted defeat, they could still fight.  The anger, rage and sadness inside of her boiled over and something inside her snapped.  Slowly picking herself up, Rylee turned to face Olivia and Tapu Lele, her Aura seeping from her every pore.  Glancing back, she received a nod from the young boy.

"Won't give up until the very end?"  The Akala Kahuna asked rhetorically, smiling softly at her challenger.  These were the types of trainers she loved to face the most and she couldn't be sure how many more would make it to her before something in the world changed.  It had to change, with women shrinking, and in most cases eating, men without remorse of concern there was no way the world could stay the same.  This kid was a dying breed, so she had to make sure she made the most of both this battle and him.  "Very well!  Tapu Lele, Moonblast!"  She commanded.

"Lele!"  The Land Spirit Pokémon cried out and looked up at the daytime moon, she called down a portion of its power causing her scales to glow an intense white-sliver light.  Focusing the energy of the moon into a sphere, she launched it towards Rylee with shocking speed.

"Detect!"  The young boy yelled.  "And then..."

Sharpening her senses through her Aura, Rylee charged the ball of Fairy energy and at the last moment read the flow of wind to dodge that attack with as little movement as necessary.  Not slowing her charge for an instant, she lunged at Tapu Lele and reeled her fist back waiting for her next command.

"You won't dodge this one!"  Olivia declared, having already seen that they knew Detect and anticipating their move.  Tapu Lele had already charged a second Moonblast and was preparing to fire it, but then...

"... Meteor Mash!"  Their ace-in-the-hole.

A steely aura enveloped Rylee's fist and she swung it forward with the speed and force of a meteor.  It connected with Tapu Lele's face, sending her spiraling back and causing her to drop her two tiny captives.  It was a clean hit and super-effective after powering up with three Power-Up Punches and STAB, there was no way even a Legendary Pokémon could shrug something like that off.

And she couldn't.  Tapu Lele took some serious damage from that hit.  Had it been a critical hit that one blow would have knocked her out... but unfortunately she was still more than able to fight.  Taking aim, she launched her second Moonblast at the unprepared Rylee.

"D-Detect!"  The boy tried to call out the move in time, but because he was unprepared for the guardian deity to take the hit so well he was half a breath behind and his Pokémon was already flying over him by the time the command left his lips.  "Ry... Rylee!"  He cried out, summoning the strength to scramble to his feet and run over to his fallen friend.

"Rory."  Olivia ordered.

"Roger. Zzt!"  The possessed electronic replied, shrinking the boy before he reached his Pokémon.

"Thanks Rory."  The dark-skinned woman said, putting away the device and picking up the two boys Tapu Lele dropped.  "Good job Lele.  That one I want, so which of these two will you take?"  She asked, holding up the older boys.

Pouting, Tapu Lele pointed to the young boy's discarded pile of clothes and rubbed her cheek where she got hit.  "Lele, le tapu pu pu."

"Sorry, not this time."  Olivia said firmly but kindly.  "I'll ask my Trial Captains to save 2 trainers they defeat each and give them to you, how about that?"

Squealing happily, Tapu Lele did a backflip before flying off taking the Gible trainer with her though Olivia was sure she didn't pay attention to which one she took.  Before she disappeared from sight, Olivia saw the happy deity close herself up in her shell with her newest toy.

"Okay young trainer, let's head back to my shop, shall we?"  Olivia asked, rummaging through the boy's clothes to find him but they were empty.  "Tsk... ran away and let his Pokémon behind?  I thought he was bette-"  She began to chastise her defeated challenger, looking around since he couldn't have gotten too far, when she spotted him embracing his Lucario's paw crying.  Smiling, she could at least understand his actions, if not his words.

He was likely apologizing to his Pokémon for losing, sorry that they would have to part under the given circumstances.  All the memories and time they spent together getting stronger could only get them this far and he had gotten her so heavily injured in losing.

Olivia waited a few minutes for the boy to calm down before approaching and kneeling down.  "Are you done?  I need to get back to my shop."  She asked gently, holding out her hand for him to climb onto.

The boy hung his head and was about to climb onto the giant woman's hand when he jerked his head up and looked past her to his discarded clothing.  Jumping down, he ran back to his former possessions with Olivia following close behind unconcerned since he didn't seem to be running away.  Revealing the four Pokéballs on his belt, he input the button sequence to release his Pokémon, a Staravia, a Grotle and a Luxio in addition to his Lucario.

"Ah, I see.  If you didn't release them they'd be trapped in their Pokéballs forever."  Olivia realized, again impressed by his magnitude of care for his Pokémon.  "Maybe I won't make him into regular stock.  He's a real diamond in the rough, it'd be a waste not to treat him as such."  She thought, reaching down and picking her prize up.  "As you're likely aware, your trainer here lost his Grand Trial and, as per League rules, is mine to do with as I wish.  You are all free now."

The young boy's other Pokémon wanted to fight for their beloved trainer, but the air of confidence around the dark skinned woman made them submit to her declaration.

"Good, try to get along with the other Pokémon on the island."  Olivia said, bidding the now masterless Pokémon in the clearing farewell as she headed back towards town.  On the way she used her Rotom Dex to give the boy the Telepathy ability so she could ask him a few questions, mostly about their battle.  She noticed that all of the Pokémon the boys used had moves that they normally couldn't learn and wanted to know how such young and inexperienced trainers got them.

Perhaps it was his naive youth to what kinds of horror usually befall defeated male trainers, or a lack of comprehension to the concept of 'death' at such a young age, but since Olivia was still treating him kindly and gently the boy was willing to converse with her without hatred.  Besides, the battle was hard fought, he and Rylee did their best and he lost.  He explained that his mother was once a talented Ace Trainer that retired and got married young and had bred Rylee with several moves she could only learn from outside her species.  She apparently settled on Meteor Mash because it was stronger than Metal Claw but more accurate that Iron Tail.  As for the other two's Pokemon, his mother eventually became a Move Tutor from their home and taught Icy Wind to Honchkrow and Iron Head to Gible.

As they walked and talked, Olivia settled on the settings she was going to apply to both him and the Honchkrow trainer.  She was genuinely enjoying her talk with her newest toy as they were just entering when a blur of blue and black rushed passed her accompanied burst of wind.  The young boy that was on her shoulder vanished, and standing before her was an enraged, wounded Lucario whose fur at the extreme ends of her paws and aura sensing appendages on its head were turning reddish.  It's fur was stand up on end and it's orange-tinted eyes were practically glowing with menace.

Recognizing the odd appearance of the Pokémon she knew to be Rylee, Olivia was shocked at the development.  "Is she... trying to Mega-Evolve in order to protect her trainer?  She obviously can't without the proper stones and a trainer to connect with, but..."

Rylee broke it's angry glare at the woman that stole her beloved trainer away and opened her paws.  Softening her features, she looked down at the shrunken boy before closing her grasp back around him.  Glaring once more at Olivia, Rylee ran off, jumping up to the roof tops to head back towards the forest.

"Interesting, but you're too late Rylee."  The island Kahuna stated out loud, glancing in the direction the Pokémon had run off before calmly walking back to her store.  Sitting down in her workshop, Olivia pulled out the Honchkrow user and tied his arms and legs together behind his back to form a ring-like shape.  She then pulled out Rory and pulled up the shrink-ray settings.  She set his typing to Rock/Dark with the ability Clear Body and gave him the moves Harden, Rock Polish and Shell Smash.  "Hmm... you might be a bit too small."  She commented, adjusting his size until the ring he formed was 4 or 5 inches wide.  "That should be good enough.  Harden."

At her command, the boy could feel not just his muscles tighten up, but his skin and as well.  It was uncomfortable in various ways, to say nothing of the agonizing position she had forced him into.

"Harden.  Harden.  Harden.  Harden.  Harden."  She repeated again and again, causing the tiny boy's body to become stiffer and stiffer until he couldn't even wiggle in the slightest.  He had stopped breathing since neither his muscles nor skin had any flexibility left to them, but he quickly realized that that didn't matter to him any more.  He was a primary Rock-type and last he checked rocks didn't need to breathe, eat, drink or even sleep!  Picking him up, Olivia hit him on the corner of the table she sat at a couple times and held him up to inspect him.  "Good enough, now lets see your luster.  Shell Smash."

The boy couldn't understand why she'd give him that move, he didn't even have a shell or exoskeleton.  However, in response to her order the boy heard a loud 'crack' and could feel his skin began to crumble!  This came with the benefit of giving him back some of his mobility, but he had no time to be happy about it when his skin was falling off.

Using her hand to brush off the excess flakes of skin and strands of hair, Olivia appraised the jet-black, crystalline form revealed under the boy's hardened skin.  There were a few minor flaws but he was more than good enough to put in her shop.  "And now for the finishing touches.  Harden, Harden, Rock Polish."  She commanded, robbing him of any flexibility once more and causing a translucent force to polish his crystal body to a mirror finish.  She spent another half hour or so decorating him and securing his bonds with bands of white gold.  "It's not much, but even one Trainer-crystal product can keep the stop in the black for a whole month."  She told herself, grabbing a premade price tag and tying it to the boy.

She took the new product to the shop floor and found a place to display it before continuing her shift.  After she closed up shop, went upstairs to her room and got ready to sleep, Olivia flopped down on her bed and pulled Rory out of her pocket.  Switching shrunken trainer profiles, she pressed the remote signal on the youngest boy's Teleport move, summoning him to her hand.  "Did you really think I'd let you go that easy?"  She giggled, seeing his confused reaction to the sudden change in scenery.  "You impressed me today little guy, so I'm not going to just give you up."  She hugged him tight into her chest and began to drift off to sleep.  "I'll have to do something about Rylee tomorrow... maybe she'll accept coming here to live with me..."

Later that night, Olivia woke up realizing she forgot to send a picture of her newest product to her Trial Captains.


Ruins of Life - Inner Sanctum

Tapu Lele returned to her inner sanctum after a long day of flying around her island pulling pranks and playing with the newest toy her Kahuna got for her.  Well, she would have liked to play with her toy, but he was annoying and hateful, yelling at her and futilely hitting her.  She was sure the last boy she beat would have been much funner to play with, though she would have had to punish him for hitting her with a Meteor Mash before she'd forgive him... but it was also a battle so she would have only used her hair or armpits or something light like that.  The mean boy that she got?  At first she was only going to shove him into the spongy folds of her inner shell right behind her butt, but he was too annoying so she shoved him between the buttcheeks she usually keeps hidden.  He wiggled like mad in there, which tickled and was fun, so she thought about letting him out tomorrow so she could try to play with him again.  If he was still mean, then she'd shove him deeper and after that he'd become food and she'd get Olivia to get her a new toy.  Maybe she could borrow that funner, cuter looking boy.

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