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Author's Chapter Notes:

With the introduction of shrinking technology into the Kalos region comes a new reward for victorious women... and a search for new employment for a certain household servant.


Contains: Vore, Butt, Unbirth, Breasts and Humiliation

The Kalos Region set itself apart from the other regions within the International Pokémon League as one where beauty was present in all walks of life.  From the architecture of its buildings to the shape of its borders and all the way down to how the people live their lives, the concept of 'beauty' was a fundamental factor in any decision.  Of course, this included the state in which one maintains their home, since the ugliness of dirt, clutter, grime and damage would reflect on the owners character.  However, for the rich with large coffers and even larger dwellings, expectations for the order in which they kept said dwellings easily exceeded the time they could afford.  Thus giving rise to a service almost wholly unique to the Kalos region and their inborn fixation on beauty and cleanliness, butlers and maids.

While the existence of servant-class workers is by no means exclusive to the Kalos Region, it is far more prolific in the region.  And on one auspicious morning, a certain, reluctant live-in maid awoke early as usual to greet the day.  She had much to do before the widowed Master of the house awoke, but today there was a new task she had to be sure she finished on time.  There was an update for all the League issued navigational devices coming out for the region that will officially allow residents of Kalos to access the 'Shrink Ray' app that was developed and Kanto, and she had to make sure it was installed and hidden from her employer's device and his two son's Pokédexes.  It was an easy enough process, since she had a key to all the locks in the house, and when she finished she returned to her normal duties.  She did, however notice a couple messages and emails on each of their devices from friends and coworkers warning them about the update, but she deleted them easily.  Nothing was getting in her way today, she had waited so long for a chance like this.

It wasn't that her maidly duties were that difficult or anything, sure the house was big and cooking took time but it wasn't anything she didn't expect when she signed her contract, what she didn't expect was the sexual harassment!  It wasn't just the Master either, his sons were no better, likely learning it from him.  Not a day would go by that one of them didn't slap/grab her butt, flip her skirt, press their crotches against her 'accidentally' or other such perverted acts.  It didn't help that she was mandated to follow the Master's dress code, which didn't allow she to wear undergarments!

Had she known her employer was being literal when he handed her the maid clothes and told her that it was the only thing she was permitted to wear while working, she never would have signed that stupid 3-year minimum contract.  But normally you wouldn't think to ask if 'just your uniform' meant you couldn't wear underwear, and the remote location of the manor made it difficult to leave.

Well, that won't be a problem for her much longer, since she's not only the house maid but also the Pokémon Battle instructor for the two sons.  After breakfast she had already arranged for the Master to join in to help motivate his successors, and in less than half an hour she had beaten all of them.

"I see you're not holding back on us today, Miss Ancelina."  The Master of the house commented, short of breath.  "I feel like we should end it here for today."

"As you wish, Master."  The Maid replied, bowing as she recalled her Pokémon.

"How much longer do you think we have before that stupid shrink app thing makes it here, Father?"  The older of the two son's asked, annoyed that he had to participate in any form of exercise.

"Hopefully long enough that we'll be able to defeat our lovely maid."  The older man chuckled, wiping the sweat from his brow.  "Remember, with that crazy law passed the only way you'll be able to defend yourself is by winning."

"Can't we just have her fight for us?  She's our servant after all."  The younger son suggested.  "And it's the least she could do for us after letting her live in our house, and paying her no less."

This was their true nature, entitled, demanding and condescending.  The youngest insisted his father bought her and if she lived in their house she was just another of their possessions.  Kalos law said otherwise, which she had to cite after the third time he crawled into her bed at night without her knowing.

"Let them talk all they want...  You're already in the palm of my hand."  She thought, opening her Pokédex's newly downloaded Shrink Ray app.

"And if she's not around?  What then?"  The Father questioned, not even attempting to correct everything else wrong about the statement.  "When some strange wench or harlot has you it'll be too late."

"Whatever, we live in the middle of nowhere anyway.  Let's just go inside."  The eldest son complained, getting up and heading towards the manor.

"A moment, please, Masters."  The young brunette called to the three men, having selected her settings.  "There is still the matter of payment.  I was victorious in our battle, you therefore owe me."

The older boy turned and sneered at her.  "Payment?  And how do you plan on getting anything from us?"

"I am so very happy you asked."  She replied, pressing the button on her device and shrinking her former employers.  "You'll just have to be my payment."  She grinned with absolute glee when instead of her 'Master' and his two sons, she was staring at three piles of clothing.  Wasting no time, the Maid collected her payments, leaving their oversized and overpriced outfits behind and headed inside.  Entering her bedroom, Ancelina dropped the family of three on her desk without a word to them and sat down staring at them.  They looked confused, they looked scared, they looked in awe and they looked... tormentable.

The two boys began to bicker and it looked like the Master of the house was trying to communicate with her, but they were too small and insignificant to hear.  Not that she needed to, she could guess at what they were saying.  The brothers were arguing over who to blame for not paying attention to when the Shrink-Ray app went live in Kalos and the Father was bargaining for they lives.  He would no doubt try to get her to agree to some ridiculous conditions that favored him and his family more than her, but she already had a plan for this.

"Look, I don't care what you have to say or who you two finally pin the blame on.  Rules are rules and I own you now.  However, our contract is still legally binding and I have to work for you for another 2 years."  She explained, leaning back in her chair.  "And I think it will be far easier to work 'under' you when I can literally keep you under my thumb... or better yet," reaching out, she picked up the older son and created a gap between her rear and chair to toss him into before settling back into place, "under my bum.  Yeah, not as funny when I say it out loud, but you get the point, right?"

By this point, the Father was freaking out, on his knees begging her likely to get off his son.  "Master, I've told you time and again not to baby your son.  He's a big boy who you've never had a problem with touching my backside before.  In fact, I believe your exact words were 'He'll stop when he gets bored.' where they not?  Well today I am feeling generous and will not disturb him while he plays with my rear.  Though, I do believe he much rathers having his hands inside my skirt, does he not?"  She asked with a devilish grin, standing back up and rolling the back of her skirt up, exposing her bare bottom.  Looking back, she made sure her aim was on target and brought her right cheek down on the perverted boy.

"Are you ready to listen to my demands now, Master?  We can't communicate, so you'll either accept what I say or else.  So nod or shake your head to answer me, okay?"

Fearfully, the man nodded his head, holding tightly to his other son to try and comfort him.

"Okay, firstly, you're going to terminate my employment as your maid and re-hire me as the sole caregiver for your sons and yourself.  My severance will be 3 years salary and you will not have to pay me a salary to look after you or your family.  That's all fine, yes?"  She asked, outlining her conditions.

The wealthy man had no choice but to comply, nodding his head.

"Good.  My payment for being your family's caregiver however will be full access and control of your assets, since you're in no position to use them anymore.  Rest assured, I will provide you and your sons with the best quality of life befitting your status.  Any complaints?"  She knew what she was asking for was ludicrous, but faced with the alternative and the perverted old man's nature there was no other choice for him to make.

Nodding his head, the man was truly starting to process the reality of his and his son's situation.  His hired help, the poor, attractive girl he bought, er hired, for his sons now had the power to decide just how much longer they could live.  Slowly, his eyes glazed over and he lowered his gaze to stare at the desk top he sat on, continuing to nod his head absentmindedly.

"Oh, you get it, don't you?  Yes, I own you now, Master.  You and your sons."  Ancelina stated, seeing the submission of her former superior.  "Now, we can work out all the details later.  You go ahead and Rest.  I still need to chat with the boys."

The older man slumped over at her command, falling into a deep sleep, releasing his youngest as he fell.

"As for you... your brother is losing his fight against my bottom.  Think you'd fare any better under my breasts?"  The Maid asked, casting the frightened boy in the shadow of her hand as she unbuttoned her blouse.

As he began to wake up, the older man could vaguely remember what his maid had done to him and his sons and was hoping that it had all been a dream.  However, waking up in the chair in his study was not a good sign.  Not being only a couple inches tall was though.

"Good morning once again, Master.  I hope you enjoyed your rest?"  His maid asked, standing at his side and putting away her Pokédex.

"Y-Yes... I am feeling quite refreshed, no thanks to my strange dream."  The man replied, rubbing his eyes and looking to the lone document on his desk before him.

"Strange dream?  You wouldn't be referring to earlier this morning when I beat you and your sons in a Pokémon battle and used the newly released Molecular Redistributor App to claim you as my prize, would you Master?"  She asked in a natural tone, as if what she said wasn't the most dreaded news for a man in his position to hear.  "Or were you thinking about how your heir vanished under my bare rear?  Would you like to check up on him?  He's stopped struggling quite some time ago, but I assure you he is very much alive."

The man went white as a sheet as she confirmed his fears.  It wasn't a dream!  However, presumably so he could sign the documents in front of him, she had grown him back to normal.  He was free of her control, so there was still a chance.

"No... No, Miss Ancelina.  That will not be necessary.  Y-You seem to be enjoying him for a change.  Now, about these papers."  Much as he wanted to, now wasn't the time to openly resist her, not when his sons' lives were at stake.

Smiling, the young maid leaned over the desk to hand the pile of papers to him.  "Yes, once you've finished signing everything here, essentially everything you own will be transferred over to me."

"E-Everything?  Miss Ancelina, that seems a bit..."  He began, intending to negotiate better terms when she abruptly unbuttoned her blouse and pulled out his younger son.

"Oh no, please continue.  We can work out a better deal if you wish, but negotiating always makes my stomach uneasy.  I think it might be best if someone massages it for me while we talk... from the inside."  The Maid stated, tossing the tiny boy up in the air and catching him with her mouth.  Preparing to swallow, she glanced at the Father and raised an eyebrow questioningly.

The look of utter terror that crossed the old man's face was priceless and without another word he quickly signed and initialed all the appropriate spaces.

Pulling her would-be internal stomach massager out of her mouth, Ancelina took the stack of papers to look them over, set the traumatized boy down on the desk and turned her back on her Master.

The desperate man didn't waste the opportunity.  She might have beaten him in their Pokémon battle earlier, but she was just a young adult girl of average strength.  He could easily restrain her, grab his sons and think of a way out of this situation.  Standing up quickly, he reached out to pick up his saliva soaked son and tackle the treacherous Maid.

However, alerted by the sound of the chair sliding back, without looking back the Maid half sighed.  "Minimize."

Before the man could even touch his son, he was reduced back down to only a few inches tall, falling out of his clothes.  His confusion didn't leave him, even after a hard landing as he looked around to see everything much bigger than it as before.

Movement high above caught his eye as Ancelina dangled his son over her open mouth and dropped him in again!  This time, however, she made a show of swallowing her treat followed by a satisfied sigh and soft belch.  "Hmm... can't really feel anything.  Really thought I would at least get a tickle or something."  She mused aloud, crouching down and plucking her distraught former Master up with two fingers.  "Did you think you were free or something?  I merely had you grow in your sleep.  Now your son will suffer because of your actions."  Moving over to his chair, she roughly sat down and pulled up her skirt.  She could see he was begging again, and crying, but she didn't care anymore.  She got what she wanted, and without responding to him at all shoved him up her dripping pussy.  It had been hard hiding her arousal the entire time, but it wasn't necessary anymore, and neither was he!  The sound of her heated sex swallowing her living toy was almost as satisfying as he felt freaking out in her.  No longer needing to maintain appearances, she continued to play with herself, occasionally pushing the struggling man deeper and deeper when he tried to escape.  "Mmmm... you'll either drown when I cum, or get crushed in my orgasm.  Oh, and I'm pretty sure I crushed your pathetic heir in my ass long ago.  When I said I'd be your caregiver, I suppose I neglected to mention how long it'd be for."  She teased, keeping herself close to climax as the life inside of her began to move less and less.  Tasting her fingers, she decided to drag it out for as long as she could.

After all, it didn't matter when her former Master lost everything since everything he had, right down to his own sons, belonged to her.

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