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Author's Chapter Notes:

In the face of an unexpected rescue, by an even less expected rescuer, that awaits the Challenger in Mossdeep Gym?


Contains: A LOT of Butt and Farting, some Humiliation and Conditioning with a dash of Vore for fun

How?!  How was it possible?  He just saw Liza out on the battlefield with that overpowered Medicham that was planning on pleasuring itself with him.  How could she be the secret savior?  No, now wasn't the time to figure that out, this had to be some kind of trap, but a few panicked glances confirmed that there was nowhere else to go.

Seeing the talented Trainers behavior, the Mossdeep Gym Leader motioned for him to be quiet.  "Shhh, hold on a second.  I know we look alike, but in case you haven't noticed..."

Focusing on the person in front of him again for a moment, the Challenger saw the person he believed to be Liza motioning to the side of their head and after a moment of thought he realized that Liza's signature pig-tails were missing!  "T-Tate?"  He whispered with bated breath.

"Took you long enough.  Now, let's get moving before one of your friends notice you're missing.  I know this must be hard for you, since I don't think any of them stand a chance against Maylene's Medicham, so you'll probably never see them again."  Tate said, turning around in the crawl space and checking his PokéNav.

"What?  That's Maylene's Medicham?  The Sinnoh Fighting-Type Gym Leader?  No wonder it's so strong."  The boy replied.

"Yeah, she's visiting for a few days.  Too bad for you and your fri-eeeends~!"  Tate again extended his condolences, reaching back to grab his rear and moaning erotically.

Maybe it was because the younger Gym Leader looked and sounded so much like his sister, but the Challenger felt like Tate's voice was more on the feminine side of the spectrum, and thus a bit arousing.  It didn't help that with their positions and surroundings he was forced to stare at the other boy's surprisingly small, round butt.  Just seeing how much Tate's fingers sank into the soft flesh through his loose pants was stirring thoughts and emotions in the boy that he shouldn't be thinking, especially not when fleeing for his life!  "A-Are... Are you alright?"  He asked, snapping out of the almost hypnotically swaying and squirming before him.

"Y-Yes... I'm fine... now."  Tate panted, looking back with an adorably vulnerable blushing smile.  "Sorry about that... I could feel you're friend squirming in my butt through our Twin Telepathy."  He admitted.

"What?!"  The was a terrifying thought.  "Wait, doesn't that mean Liza could find out about you helping me right now?"

"Possible but unlikely.  Thoughts are more difficult to pick-up on the further apart we are and even then we have to open our minds to each other.  Feelings are much easier... and constant.  Which is to say, I've shared all the sensations of not just your friends, but all the other trainers defeated here in Mossdeep."  He explained, trying to compose himself and continue along the route, though there was a fidgeting motion in his hips that drew the Challenger's gaze.

"You two... share everything?  Pain, happiness, sadness, everything?"  He ventured to ask.  When he first heard about Liza and Tate's Twin Telepathy, he thought it was a convenient cheat that gave them an unfair advantage in Double Battles.

"Pleasure and fear too, yeah.  It's the only reason the two of us are still running the Gym."  He admitted.  "No fun feeling the fear of a boy you've shrunk."

"So what?  Big Sister Liza protects you from all the crazy women in the world?  Sounds like you've got it lucky."  He replied, half-jealous.

"Lucky?  I guess to you it might seem like that, but the reality of it is much more... ominous."  Tate corrected, freezing for a moment and noticeably clenching his butt cheeks.  "Mmmm... oh, he's... he's putting up quite the fight in there..."  He explained, but as he relaxed his muscles, his stimulated anus was unable to hold back the pocket of trapped gas from bursting free, right in the Challenger's face.  "Oh my Arceus!  I'm so sorry.  It slipped out!"

Reeling back from the fart, the boy wasn't able to hold his breath thanks to the inconvenient timing just as he finished exhaling.  However, despite the offensive reek of the odor, there was something comforting about it... it was kind of... nice?  "N-No problem man.  It's not your fault."

"Well hopefully I won't blast you again with my 'Sweet Scent'.  But this is something I just have to deal with now... bad enough our 'first kiss' was a shared experience out of nowhere."  He complained, opening his PokéNav again before continuing on.

"So, what?  If/when she gets frisky in bed with someone..."  The boy inquired, following with his eyes locked on the petite, more feminine butt almost in his face.

"Yes... the pleasure will be shared.  And I do mean it when I say I'll enjoy it too, at least physically."  Tate explained.  "Just like how we both experience the same fear and dread, I feel the same pleasure.  Can you even imagine what that is like?  Despite the terror of being subjected to the same acts, we share the satisfaction of a morsel struggling down our throats, trainer's final gasps in our rectums, the crunch of a body under our feet.  Every time, it feels better and better, and now sometimes I just go along with it just to get that thrill again... at least, when I know there's no chance to fight it."

The Challenger wanted to denounce Tate for what he just confessed.  He enjoyed it?  If that's the case then he was no better than his sister or any of the other women!  But, at the same time he felt a bit sorry for him.  It wasn't his pleasure he was feeling, it was Liza's.  How could he fight against something like that?  Acceptance when there was no other option was likely a defense mechanism to keep his sanity.  Besides, right now he was trying to help him, which showed he wasn't a complete lost cause.  "And the Resistance?  You joined to hopefully put an end to this madness?  Who's in charge?"

"Sorry, but until you're safely out of the building I can't risk telling you anything."  Tate replied.  "In fact, if we get caught I'll be forced to abandon you to avoid suspicion, understand?"

"Y-Yeah, that makes sense."  The Challenger admitted.  The fact that a Resistance was able to form at all was a small miracle, but if information got to the wrong people, like Liza, then it could be squashed, figuratively and literally, faster than the fastest Deoxys forme using Agility.  "Thanks though... I don't think I could have beaten that Medicham either."

"Well, once we get through there I'll be sure to make sure you get to where you belong."  The Mossdeep Gym Leader assured, checking his PokéNav once more and motioning ahead to a section of the crawl space that narrowed significantly.  "There's a switch on the other side that opens the path a bit more, making it harder for people to escape.  I should be able to squeeze through though."  He explained, as they approached the bottle neck.

"Okay, is there anything I can do to help?"  The boy asked, getting a bit more anxious now that freedom was so close.  He was confident when he and his comrades entered the building, but after getting locked into the challenger's box and seeing Liza dominate her matches, he felt like he'd never see the light of day again.

"Just sit tight, this shouldn't take long."  He assured the potential Recruit, passing his arms and head through the small opening with some difficulty at his shoulders.  However, as Tate attempted to pull himself the rest of the way through, his midsection got stuck in the hole.  He tried to pull harder, kicked and squirmed to get himself free and even tried to pull himself back, but it became evident that he was well and truly stuck.  Worse yet, the switch was just out of reach.  "... O-Okay.  Is that offer to help still good?"  He asked reluctantly, more than a little embarrassed.

"What do you need me to do?"  The Challenger asked.

"I'm going to need you too... push me through."  The Gym Leader admitted with a defeated tone.

While it seemed to be the more sensible option, there was only one problem with it.  "Um, you do realize that means I'd have to be pushing on your-"

"Yes, I have noticed that."  Tate interrupted, slightly annoyed.  "Just... be gentle, okay?  It might be unpleasant but I have to get you through here."

"Okay, here goes.  3... 2..."  The boy counted down, placing his hands on Tate's backside.  For a second, his focus wavered as his hands registered the elasticity and firmness of the buttocks in front of him.  Inadvertently he curled his fingers tighter, feeling them sink into the surprisingly plump rear and admired the more defined shape of it with the fabric stretched tighter over it.  If he was being honest, it felt more like a girl's butt than a man's and the longer he held it, the more infatuated with it he became.  Forgetting to even put any strength behind his arms, the Challenger instead leaned forward, bringing his face closer to the vulnerable rear.  Before he even realized it, he had buried his face in the pert glutes and inhaled deeply.  The strangely alluring scent was still lingering in Tate's clothing.

"Hey!  What are you doing back there?"  Tate's embarrassed voice asked as he shook his hips in an effort to dislodge the boy from the humiliating position.  However, all that accomplished was slapping the boy in the face a couple of times with his butt cheeks before the boy backed off on his own, though his hands were still groping him.

The Challenger was just as shocked when his senses came back to him.  Did he really just shove his face in another man's butt like that?  What was wrong with him?  He couldn't even tell how long he had been doing it.  It seemed like Tate shook him off in an instant, but the pleasant memory felt like it lasted an eternity.  "S-Sorry.  I... I slipped.  I was in an awkward angle."  He apologized, pushing the Gym Leader properly this time.

"It's alright, I was just shocked was all."  Tate said, slipping through the opening enough to reach the switch.  Once flipped, the bottleneck opened considerably, to about the height and width of the crawl space.  There was enough space to stand on the other side too, with a single door exiting the room.  "There will be a door that leads outside on the other side of this door."  Tate explained, dusting himself off and pulling the wedgie the Challenger had given him out of his butt.  "Don't do anything the Attract Liza's attention and you should be home free."

Maybe it was because he had given up hope for a moment back in the challenger's box and Tate had given him hope again, or the weird infatuation he felt grew now that he felt safe, but whatever it was that stirred in the Challenger, Tate looked more adorable than a Ralts and he couldn't help but hug him.  "Come with me.  We'll find someplace your sister will never find you, and one day we can fix this messed up world."

Tate offered the Challenger a soft smile but shook his head.  "Thanks... I would, but we can sense each other's general direction constantly.  Like breathing we don't play much attention to it, but if we focus on it..."

"She could follow it no matter how far?"  He asked, to which Tate nodded.

"So get going.  Your future awaits."  The Gym Leader encouraged, motioning him towards the door.

Stepping forward, the Challenger steadied his breathing as he gripped the handle.  Once he calmed his nerves, he gave one last look at Tate before slowly opening the door to what looked like the common area for the gym staff.  The room was empty and like Tate said there was a door on the other side with light flooding in from the outside.  Slowly, he stepped forward toward his freedom, his pace quickening as his elation rose until he was practically running by the time he threw the door open to the blinding radiance of an outside he thought he'd never seen again!

...As well as a Medicham he had never wanted to see again smiling gleefully at him!  "Medi-chan.  Psychic."

Instantly the Challenger's hope shattered and he plummeted back down into the dark pit of despair as a force took hold of his body before he could even try to run.  "Nooooo!"  He cried out as several sets of laughter erupted from behind him.

"Took you long enough to get here."  Liza teased him as the Meditate Pokémon brought him back into the room and on the couch he saw Liza accompanied by three other girls.  One he recognized as the famous Barefoot Fighting Genius, Maylene, but the green haired girl in overall shorts and the blue haired girl with freckles were unknown to him.  "Maybe you shouldn't have had your face buried in a butt for over half an hour."

"Half an hour!"  The young man thought, glancing over to Tate as he joined the others.  His supposed savior smirked at him and stuck out his tongue playfully.

"Well, I'm sure you're confused, but maybe this will help you figure out what's going on."  He said as both he and his sister began rearranging their respective hair styles.  Liza tucked her pigtails back into her bun and Tate pulled pigtails from his bun.  "See?"

The boy couldn't believe how stupid and gullible he had been.  Literally the most classic of things to do with a similarly looking twin sibling, swapping places!  It wasn't Tate that rescued him from Liza, he was with Liza the entire time.  "B-But... But how?  Males can't use the shrinking app!  How did they pull it off?"

"Oh, you look confused still.  Or are you thinking about something else?"  Liza asked, holding out a hand to her brother.  He handed over her PokéNav was well as about half a dozen of the shrunken trainers he beat.  "You can keep the one in your butt Tate, but where's that cute one I said I wanted?"

"Oh right, sorry Sistress."  Tate replied, reaching into the from of his pants to pull out the second vanquished trainer.  "Here you go."

"Thank you, you did well today little brother.  So well, I'll let you choose your reward!"  She praised, patting her twin on the head.

"Oh, well... a-are you sure?"  He asked timidly.

"Of course!  Don't be shy, who do you want to play with?"  She encouraged, smiling sweetly.

"W-Well then... I think Medi-chan deserves some fun too.  I don't think two playmates are enough and she worked really hard."  He said, looking at the somewhat fatigued Pokémon.  She didn't have any injuries or anything, but she did just go through 19 challengers by herself.  Medicham smiled at the suggestion.

"Awww, aren't you a little Bounsweetie.  Is that okay with you Maylene?"  Liza asked.

"Of course!  Proper relaxation after a workout is the key to building strength.  Just go easy on him Medicham.  Tate might be a boy, but he's Liza's brother and more importantly he fought alongside you today."  The pink haired girl consented.  The Psychic/Fighting Pokémon squealed happily and released it's telekinetic hold of its captive.  Pulling down the rings of her pants, she pushed the bulky challenger she had wanted out of her rear and he fell to the floor unmoving with multiple broken bones and his neck bent at an unnatural angle.  "Oh, was he not as much fun as you were hoping?  Don't worry, she only does that to challengers.  She's actually very adept at controlling her strength."  She explained as her Pokémon picked up the broken body of her unsatisfying toy and tossed it out one of the open windows in the room.

"He just didn't know how to please her.  My Tate won't disappoint."  Liza said confidently, taking her brother's hand.   "Minimize.  Isn't that right, my itty-bitty, Bug-Type of a brother?"  Sitting in the palm of her hand, Tate nodded enthusiastically and held his hands out towards Medicham.  The Pokémon responded by using her psychic powers to bring him over to her waiting, slick anus and let out a satisfied moan as she brought him inside of her.  "Oh, and here's something from me Medicham.  Thank you for helping out today."  Liza added, holding the trainer that was riding in her brother's underwear up to her mouth.  He squirmed and panicked when he saw the Meditate Pokémon lick her lips, but ultimately couldn't fight the powerful tongue that pulled him into the dark abyss he'd never escape from.  With her treats secured, Medicham picked up a disc case labeled 'TM08' and left the room happily.

"I thought you liked that one."  The green haired girl commented, though still giggled seeing Medicham push her treat around a bit before swallowing him as she left.

"I did too, but I found a better toy."  Liza replied, disappearing and reappearing butt first into the Challenger's face as he was about to reach the door he had been slowly moving towards since everyone's attention was turned away from him.  "You weren't thinking of leaving, were you?  You know you're happiest with your face in my butt, so why leave?  By now you have to know I was lying about a Resistance.  Like any of you men could escape us girls long enough to organize something like that, and even if they did do you really think they'd be able to beat any of the Regional Champions?"

It was hard for the young Challenger to focus on what the petite psychic girl was saying.  There was something about her that demanded his attention.  He wanted to touch it, to please it, to give everything he had to it and if his will power slipped for even a second he figured that would be it.  She already used that against him in the crawl space, stalling for time by trapping him with her soft, sweet smelling rear.  "Y-Yeah!  Of course they could."  He said defiantly, backing away from the tempting tush.

"And how would they do that?"  The green haired girl asked.

"Train in seclusion like you did?"  Maylene added.  "You still lost even after coming here with teams built to counter Psychic-types."

"I didn't lose yet!"  The Challenger declared, bracing himself against a wall to try and stand, but Liza stood menacingly over him with an amused smirk.

"I suppose you're right, but you did run from your challenge which means I could disqualify you right now if I wanted.  Which, in case you were wondering how that works with the rules, means you lose by default."  She explained, placing a foot on his chest and pushing him into the wall a bit more.  "However, that would be boring.  So how about a little challenge with your freedom on the line.  Win and I'll let you leave, no strings attached.  I won't track you down or try to add you to my collection unless you pick a fight with me."

"And what about them?"  He asked, motioning to her guests.

"Mallow, Lana, Maylene, you girls will let this little guy go if he wins, right?"  She asked.

"This is your gym, we'll respect your decision Liza."  Mallow replied, with the other two nodding in agreement.

"Satisfied?  Now, don't touch my butt."  The Psychic Gym Leader said as she eyes shone an unnatural pinkish light.

Once again the boy felt a force wrap around his body as she was picked up off the ground and his face brought just inches away from Liza's pert little rear.  "What's going on!?"  He asked, struggling and finding her neck and arms weren't being controlled as he was forced to follow behind Liza as she joined her friends.  "How are you doing this?  How did you do any of this?"

"Oh right!  I never did explain, did I?  Well first, I'd be careful with how you move down there.  All you have to do is not touch my butt for an hour and I'll set you free.  Should be easy, right?"  She said giggling, wagging her butt in his face, teasingly hooking her thumbs in the waistline of her pants and pulling them down slightly to show off the tops of her panties.  "But when you fail, feel free to really bury your face in there, I won't mind one bit.  It's always nice to feel someone playing with your butt while feeling like you're in one.  Honestly, if you men just accepted your new roles in society you'd learn to enjoy it like my brother did."

"Oh?  He's always enjoyed it did he?  So then what you said before was a lie?"  The Challenger asked angrily, trying to distract himself of the perfection that was Liza compact little tush.

"So you want to know about that next?  Okay, but it's not that complicated."  Liza replied, crossing her legs and sitting in mid air, moving her soon-to-be pet directly under her.  "Long story short, yes, at first I tried to shrink and play with Tate but the fear he felt was so unbearable I gave it up and changed him back, but that didn't stop me from using it on challengers like you.  Tate objected, of course, but rules are rules and I used them to have all the kinds of fun Tate wouldn't let me have with him.  After a while, I could tell he was enjoying feeling it too, so I started getting more and more intense until one day I stopped accepting challengers and left Tate to run the Gym."

"Why would you do that?  Wasn't it 'fun'?"  The boy asked hatefully.  Liza's response was one of a gas attack straight up the boy's nose thanks to his positioning, and once again an overpowering desire to shove his face into her butt crack returned.  He remembered what it was like before, so soft, so warm, such bliss.  Bending his neck, he inched his face closer to her backside, but stopped when he noticed her guests had repositioned themselves to watch him struggle!

"Sorry girls, I didn't think this would take so long."  Liza apologized.

"Oh no, take your time.  This is fun to watch."  Mallow giggled, crouching down to better see his expression.

"Yes, I love witnessing contests of will!"  Maylene agreed.

"My sisters always end up breaking the boys I bring home before I can do anything like this.  This is good reference."  Lana said, intently observing.

"Ok, as long as you girls are having fun.  And as for you, have another dose of my Sweet Scent."  Liza said, producing another strong fart right in the Challenger's face, doubling down on its effectiveness.  "Now where was I?  Oh yeah!  So I stopped shrinking trainers for a while, despite how fun it was, because I knew if I waited long enough, Tate would miss the pleasure more than I did.  After all, as a girl I could have multiple orgasms in a row before I'm satisfied, but you boys are satisfied with each one and get more sensitive as you go!  How do you think Tate fared once the tiny-play stopped?  I'll give you a hint, the number of times he tried to masturbate increased exponentially, but it was never enough.  Then, finally he came to me with a couple of trainers he beat and asked me if I wanted them.  I told him I would, but only if he joined them.  He obviously agreed and the rest, as they say, is history.  There's really nothing like experiencing both sides of playing with shrunken people."

"S... So, y-you broke him..."  It was a struggle to focus his thoughts on something other than Liza's enticing butt.  The pleasant smelling, rancid farts were robbing him of his senses.  If allowed to wander, he thought of being wrapped in the marshmallowy flesh and possibly even being allowed to lick her tight little anus.  Why did he even come to challenger her again?  "Butt... But how did he shrink us?"

"Simple.  I remotely activated it when he signaled me.  It's not something he can do by himself, since apparently Sabrina can't get one of her people to make exceptions in the system for certain boys to use it themselves.  Or at least that's what May told me when I asked her to ask for me."  Liza explained.  "Was there anything else you wanted to know, or would you rather focus on your challenge?"

"Yeah, jus-just one... last thing I c-can't figure out."  The boy admitted, clenching his fists tight to keep from reaching out and groping her dainty butt.  It was likely the only thing that mattered anymore.  Why did she pick him?  "Where will you stick me?"  However, a slip of thought mixed up the wishful thought he was trying to repress with the question he wanted to ask... as he nose made contact with her pants and pushed deeper into her tight crack.  "N-No!  No, wait!  I... I didn't-"

"Too late.  You touched my butt, so you lose."  Liza exclaimed happily, dropping her waist a bit more to really shove his nose right up against her puckering rosebud as she used the psychic force holding him to compress his chest and squeeze all the air out of his lungs.  As he inhaled to replenish the air in his lungs however, she released another Sweet Scent fart directly into his respiratory system.  "Since you seem to like it so much, I've decided you'll be my butt slave.  You'll get to live in the back of my panties, licking my butt and smelling my farts all day every day.  You'll also be spending a lot of time inside my cute tush too."  Pulling out her PokéNav, Liza opened the Shrink-Ray functions and got off her new toy.  "Any last words?"

That last attack shattered the Challenger's sensibilities, the only thing he could think about was Liza's butt.  He couldn't remember why he came to the Gym anymore, it must have been to see her butt.  All that training he did?  An unimportant blur of time he only wished he could have instead spent with the butt he should have submitted to all along.  There was a point in time when he thought he hated Liza for what she had done to him... but what was it?  Did he even hate her?  No, that couldn't be right, she was the only thing that mattered to him... He must have hated not being with her, her and her glorious, divine butt.  The best parts of today were with her butt in his face, so living in her butt must be the path to a happy life and she was just trying to show that to him.  Why fight what makes him happy?  How could he be so ungrateful?  Last words?  No, these were the first words to commemorate entering the best part of his life.  "Thank you."  He whispered softly with the happiest of smiles on his face and tears of joy welling up.

"I see you finally understand.  Good."  Liza said back, shrinking him without hesitation.  Grabbing him out of the air, she released him from her telekinetic hold and stuffed him down the back of her panties, pushing him until she felt his breath on her back door.  Flexing her cheeks a bit, she took a moment to enjoy him licking her delicate flesh before looking at her guests and all of them bursting out into laughter.

"I can't believe he thanked you!"  Mallow said holding her sides.  "He did realize he was going to spend the rest of his life in your butt, right?

"Oh, that never gets old."  Liza admitted, rolling in the air as she levitated.  "You should have seen him ogling my butt before.  Even though he thought I was Tate, I don't think he even remembers that he pulled down my pants for a bit when he started playing with it!  It helped stall for enough time to get everything in place, but still."

"I didn't know you could do something like that with them!"  Lana was more amazed by the conquest of the boy than anything else.

"Well, Cute Charm can make Pokémon not want to attack the ability holder by making them fall in love for a bit.  He just happened to fall for my butt!"  Liza explained, pulling out the other shrunken trainers that Tate and Medicham defeated.  "Now then, Maylene has to go back to Shinnoh tomorrow to prepare for her Galarian visitor next week.  Thanks to Olympia's warning we were able to collect so many toys so let's have some fun!"

The girls agreed and they spent the rest of the day making sure the only way any of the challenger even left the building that day was in or on one of them.

Liza and Tate - The End.


"Boss.  Mossdeep Scout with a report.  Do you read me?"

"Mossdeep Scout, have you made any progress on making contact with Tate?"

"Negative on contact, but the target is the focus of my report Boss."

"Very well, what's the report."

"Among the challengers of Mossdeep Gym today, there was a group of 20 powerful trainers.  However, they were all wiped out by Tate disguised as Liza using Shinnoh Gym Leader, Maylene's, Medicham.  He did so willingly and handed over the defeated trainers in exchange for a reward.  I can no longer advise trying to enlist his aid to our cause."

"Hmm... so she corrupted him then.  That's a shame.  I was hoping to use Tate to reason with his sister and join us.  Unlike any other female trainer, Liza would know the fear of men but I suppose that either isn't the case or she overrode his fear with her pleasure.  No matter, pack up and return to base.  I'll assign you a new mission after you've rested a couple days.  Good work Mossdeep Scout."

"Thank you Bo-!"

"I knew I heard a guys voice in here.  Not sorry little guy, but I'm hungry and it's been like a whole day since I last digested one of you.  Well, down the hatch!"  *GULP!*  "Hmmm, yup.  He was a fighter.  Keep it up in there.  Huh, what's this emblem on your clothes little snack?  A rainbow colored 'R'?"


"Damn... he was a good man."

To be continued?

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