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Author's Chapter Notes:

Contain's: Anal Insertion enslavement entrapment Macro/Micro many prey

“This, can’t… be real…”



Watching in disbelief, as his precious Beartic was being held up by its face, and suspended in midair by a large Dagonite, a young trainer stood motionless, as he watched the dragon Pokémon’s master, simply clapping her petite hands from behind it. How did this child, have such a strong Pokémon at her disposal!? She might have been the Unova League Champion, but this was just ridiculous!


“I dislike people who use ice type Pokémon. They often look down on those who use Dragons, such as myself. To bad though, that you thought my partners would go down to a simple type disadvantage. If you think that’s all it takes to be the reigning champion of a region… then you don’t deserve to even be standing here in the champions hall…” Iris whispered coldly, her calculating eyes looking her newest challenger up and down with abhorrent dissatisfaction.


When she had heard that a new challenger had made it up Victory road, she was excited to meet them in her chambers… but, it turned out to be, just some run of the mill rookie, who stumbled into more than he could handle. This was unforgivable…


“Dragonite, finish it.” Nodding its head aggressively, the large yellow dragon reared its arm that held the other trainers pokemon back, before viciously tossing the polar bear down into the battle floor below. Staring at the other Pokemon's unconscious form, Iris nodded before lifting a small pink heart-shaped Pokeball up towards her own. “You did wonderfully. Even if this was a waste of your talent. Take a rest, my friend.”


Returning her Pokemon back to its ball. Iris began to step forward now in her elegant champions regalia as she stared at the shivering trainer across from her. How did someone like this, make it all the way here? There were countless gyms set up specifically to take him down. Both male and female. She would have to evaluate those in charge of the cities leading up to her plateau. Because weaklings like this didn’t deserve what she was about to do to him.


“You’ve lost, and therefore have to pay the price issued by the league. As for what we charge, your person will do. Congratulations. Your overconfidence has brought your journey to its end. If you had trained more before coming to face me, then perhaps you would have made it past my first pokemon. I couldn’t even call our match one-sided… it was just, insulting really.” the darker skinned preteen whispered distastefully. She hated, wasting her Pokemon's hard labor, on something as trivial as this.


But, it was fine. He would learn his place, at the base of the champions throne, from now on. Perhaps something of her own would even rub off on him. Though, she expected him to eat it if it did. Lifting up her wrist and rolling her regal sleeve back to reveal her pokegear, the trainer across from here visibly panicked before backing up, his pokemon still lying unconscious before him as he tried to retreat from the monotone child before him.


“It’s no use. The minute you came in here I scanned you. Your metrics are all here, and the presets I use on everyone I beat are also active now. So in other words, it’s too late to run. Accept your loss humbly, and live out the rest of your days reflective of where you screwed up. Goodbye.” Iris whispered emotionlessly before activating her app. She didn’t need to waste long explanations on this man. It was beneath her.


‘Forests curse, Growth, Ingrain, and absorb. Everything a growing plant needs to survive a dark and slimy place.’ It took a while to find the right combination of moves she needed to keep her losers alive with, but she had plenty of practice, as her newest recruit would soon come to find out.


Activating her app and watching in silence as the screaming man in front of her shrunk completely out of sight, Iris calmly sighed before stepping past his downed Pokémon, and over to the pile of clothes he had left in its place.


“Come on out now, it’s time for you to go to your new home. I’m sure everyone else will be happy to meet their newest friend.” Kneeling down and rifling through the shrunken man’s belongings, it took a while before the darker-skinned girl found what she wanted.


Standing at only an eighth of an inch, and barely visible, the trembling man could only stare up in horror, as he saw the mountainous form of the violet-haired preteen reaching down for him. Pinching the shrunken trainer between her thumb and index finger, Iris squinted her eyes to get a better look at him, before a smug smile fell across her lips. He was perfect now. The perfect plant type that is.


The man’s skin now had a faint green hue to it, but beyond that, not much else had appeared to change. At least, while he was only like this. Turning away from the former trainers clothing and making her way back to the large staircase that led up to her throne, Iris walked gracefully to her chair, as she prepared to show the latest in a long line of defeated playthings just what she did with losers.


Stopping at the top before a colossal dragon’s head statue which appeared to have been carved out of some form of obsidian wood, Iris lifted the shrunken man up to take a better look. “Do you like it? This is my throne. A good friend of mine had it especially made for me. The back and bottom, are the two jaws of a Dragon, and… that little piece, standing upright in the middle of the seat, is its tongue…”


Peering down at the base of the throne for the smaller man to see, sure enough, was what Iris had pointed out to him. The tip of the Dragon’s tongue was pointing straight upward, and swiveling left and right as if it were hissing. But, the wood looked extremely polished, yet… rough… Almost, like it was moving…


Not having long to admire the strange piece of paraphernalia, Iris’s hand moved him downward toward’s the large spiral tongue of the beast, before his eyes widened in horror. The closer he got to the monolithic tip, the better he could see it now… no, them.


All across the Dragon’s wooden tongue, were people…


There had to be, hundreds! Maybe, even thousands! There were so many people! Gazing out in terror as he saw the waving forms of what appeared to be all men screaming in unison at both him and Iris as they approached, the giantess simply smirked as she admired her work.


“It’s beautiful, isn’t it? I changed them all, just as I changed you. Here, let me show you.” Struggling frantically now as he was shoved toward’s the top of the large wooden tongue, the man’s body finally made contact with the polished wood as he was painfully driven into it. Wheezing as the air was knocked out of him, the tiny trainer screamed in pain, before his eyes widened in shock, as he felt his body, slowly beginning to sink into it.


What the hell was happening to him?! What was she doing to his body?! Struggling even more frantically now as he heard more and more cries echoing all around him for help and mercy, the tiny trainer could do nothing but hang in place, as Iris’s fingers withdrew from his form, leaving him completely suspended from the wooden monolith he was on. No… not suspended… attached…


Looking down at the wood as his mind tried to comprehend it, the shrunken trainer was left helplessly confused now, as he saw his back and legs, literally submerged into the wood. He was trapped. His body was attached to it! And worst then that, he could somehow, feel others attached near him too. They were all connected together now. It was worse than he thought… there were so, many, more…


Moving her hand up to her cheek as she gently cupped her face, Iris purred in satisfaction as she gazed down at her prized throne in bliss. Cynthia was a wonderful friend, and an even greater champion then her. To receive a gift custom built to her preferred tastes, was truly an honor. Especially since she knew what the preteen wanted to do with it to…


Turning her back to her throne and hiking up her dress, Iris grinned now, knowing the sight was giving the tiny trainers beneath her, horrific flashbacks of what was to come. “Take a good look my new seat cushion~. This is your fate. The fate, of all who lose to me. Go on, admire it. Admire, my perfect ass~.”


Gazing up in wordlessly, his voice long having abandoned him after the horrors he had been brought in to, the defeated trainer was helpless as he stared up in shock, from the sight of the preteens bare, and round ass, hovering above him. She didn’t have anything on beneath her dress…


As the dark-skinned giantess drew her rear closer, a foul smell began to linger in the air, causing the tiny boy to cough. It smelled rancid! Looking up with tears in his eyes, as did the countless other poor souls attached to the child’s special throne, the newest addition to Iris’s collection tried desperately to free himself, but, it was as if his body had dug roots into the wooden dragon’s tongue… No, it wasn’t a tongue. It was so much worse…


Positioning her asshole right above the tip protruding from the middle of her seat, Iris smiled crookedly before lowering herself onto it. It was time to take her seat and put her collection back to work, where all toys belonged.


Hearing bloodcurdling screams radiating all around him, as heat and nauseating fragrances overtook the entirety of the giantess’ throne, the shrunken trainer from before, could only join in, as he wailed for Iris to stop. But, she wouldn’t. She never did. In fact… she couldn’t even hear them.


Moaning softly as a small hiss escaped her throat, the dark-skinned Dragon Master clenched her anal cavity around her thrones dildo as she gripped it tightly. It was always rough at first. But after using it every day for over a year now, she had grown accustomed to it. And better yet, she would grow into it more, as time went on.


Hilting herself at the base of her chair before bouncing lightly on top of it, the younger girl panted happily before her hand moved down to her saturated quim. This was how she spent most of her days. Playing with her precious anal toys, and making sure to feed them properly. Speaking of...


Smiling weakly as she tried to force her colon to comply with what she wanted, Iris began to grunt softly, before a light fart escaped past the plugged ring of her anus causing her to sigh contently.


She had changed them. All of them. The men who came to challenge her were now part plant type. And her ass gave them all they would ever need to stay alive in their dark and smelly environment. Sometimes if she had to go to the b athroom, she didn’t even get up. She would just fertilize her pets and continue on with her own pleasure. And it made her even hornier when that happened.


Bouncing a bit faster now as her breath came out in short gasps, Iris moaned happily as she road her Dragon’s mouth in bliss.


It was good to be the champion. And even if it bothered her, she was eager to teach her newest toy, just what was in store from him.



No one escaped from her ass. And it was all they had to live for, from now on…




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