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Author's Chapter Notes:

Contain's: forced Incest Insertion Macro/Micro Mother/Daughter Mouth play Multiple Prey Yuri

“Come now, Lillie! I’ve told you before, you need to take proper care of your children's needs! We’ve been over this before.”


“B-B-But, mother! These are people! We can’t just, do stuff like this to them!”


“Hush now, Lillie. Don’t be so prudish. These things forfeited their rights to be called people the moment they chose to become Pokémon trainers. You know the rules the official League has set in place. And, I just want my only daughter to be happy~.”


Cringing away from her own mother as the older blonde dangled a naked boy in front of her face, Lillie tried not to stare at the teenager as a bright shade of red overtook her pale features. It had been a little over a year now since the region of Alola became an officially recognized state that the Pokémon League participated in, and with their arrival, came their new policies as well.


Trainers all over their respectful islands took to the new policies enacted greedily, and for that matter, her mother, and the Aether Foundation as a whole joined in as well. In fact, Pokémon, in general, became less of a priority to protect, over the countless men (and in rarer cases women) who had been shrunk and then abandoned.


The grand island sanctuary of the Aether Foundation became a refuge for shrunken trainers. But Lillie knew better. All the staff here were female. The men who had previously worked here, simply vanished. This was no safe haven for shrunken victims. It was a farm, to hold them all. And her Mother knew that which is what led her to this argument now.


Cradling the much younger boy in her hands tenderly, Lusamine cooed down at him softly, as if she were talking to a small pet rather then a human being. “There, there little one. Your new mother will take care of you now. Oh, you’re shivering, let me warm you up sweetie~.”


Looking away as she blushed even redder from her Mothers’ actions, Lillie tried not to stare, but her curiosity got the better of her, as she watched the older woman slowly moving her tongue up and down the helpless boy in her hands. This was too far!


Moaning softly as she played with the tiny trainer from her own personal collection, Lusamine's eyes fell on his smaller form, before she slowly withdrew her tongue, once she felt his orgasm, dripping down her soft pink organ. “There we go, all warm and happy. Just as all my babies should be. Shhh, shhh, go and take a nap now sweetie. Let Mommy talk with her unruly child.” Lusamine finished, before moving her hand down to her shirt, and sliding the panting boy into her tight bra cup.


Purring in satisfaction, blonde woman's amused gaze fell to her own daughter now as she watched the younger girl covering her eyes with a look of dismay over her features. It was so unbefitting for a young lady such as her. “Lillie, dear. Why do you act like this? You’re a trainer to you know. If you have the unfortunate responsibility of shrinking a poor lost trainer, don’t you think you should take care of them once you do? It’s only right after all. These little ones need someone to look after them and take care of them. To love them, and give them endless affection. They’re our babies. Don’t you want some of your own? They’ll change your life~.” Lusamine muttered lovingly.


This was the best thing to happen to the world in centuries. There was never any crime. Fights never broke out. Homeless dropped off the face of the planet. No matter how she cut it, this was truly a remarkable gift to humankind. Not to mention, it gave the older woman a chance to parent all these poor children, who had been lost in the world, until they came to her.


“Listen to me now Lillie. It is our duty to look after our new children in the world. They need us! Here, it’s your turn now. Give this little one some love. He just arrived here today. Wicke found him floating in the waters of Poni Island, alone, scared… lost. Don’t you think he’ll be happier here? In your hands… as, your baby?” Lusamine whispered, her warm breath tickling the younger girl’s ear, as she dangled a small boy, about an inch in height, right in front of her daughter.


Looking at the trainer her mother was holding before her now, Lillie was rendered speechless. Wicke had found this young boy, in the middle of the ocean?! What type of monster would do that to these poor people?!


He looked young, maybe even her age. The poor thing… b-boy! The poor boy! Almost screaming as she watched her mother let the boy drop from her fingers in mid-air, Lillie frantically tried to grab him before sighing in relief once she did.


“See! You have wonderful parental instincts, Lillie! You protected your little one, oh, I’m so proud!” Lusamine cheerfully announced before hugging her mortified daughter into her. Wiggling out of the older woman’s arms, Lillie huffed before looking back at the tiny boy as she checked him over. She couldn’t hear him at his size, but it looked like he was crying.


Panicking as she tried to figure out what to do, the younger girl gently shook her hands in an attempt to rock him. “H-H-Hey now, p-please don’t cry! I promise I won’t hurt you. C-Calm down, please…?” “Oh, sweet daughter… you have so much to learn…”


Crying out in surprise as one of her wrists were grabbed, Lillie was soon drug on her feet as the older woman took her to her porcelain covered bed before forcing the younger girl down onto it. “You can’t plead with your child. You need to have authority over them. Don’t stutter when you ask them to do something. Your little ones should know better, then to disobey their mother.” Lusamine warned, before straddling her own daughters’ waist, much to the younger blonde’s disbelief.


Reaching forward and plucking the crying teen off her daughter’s palm, the older woman looked down at the boy, before an angelic smile fell over her features. “Hush, now little one. Mommy’s here for you. Let me soothe you with my voice~. With my touch~. With, my breath~. With my very, existence~.” She purred, before gently blowing on the inch-tall boy.


Having nowhere to look now that she was pinned down on her very own bed, Lillie was forced to stare forward… as she saw the tiny boy, stop… crying…? ‘I-It worked…?’ Her Mother made him stop crying, just by talking to him? That hadn’t happened when she tried…


Giggling in a tone the younger girl hadn’t heard in a long time, Lusamine's eyes shifted away from her new possession, as she stared back at her own daughter knowingly. “Our children need to know, that everything will be all right. They need to feel safe. They go through traumatic experiences while they aren’t there with is. So, we need to do whatever is needed, to make them feel good, content, and most importantly… happy.”


Shivering from the confidence radiating off each of her Mothers words, Lillie wasn’t sure what to say now. She didn’t like how people were treating these poor trainers… but, the older blonde had just made this one, calm down where she had failed. Did that mean, her Mother, was right then?


Seeing the uncertainty in her daughter's conflicted eyes, Lusamine quietly sighed before moving the tiny boy closer to her pert lips. “Come here, sweetie. Let Mommy take care of all your troubles. You belong to us. Let me and my daughter, please you. A pleased child is a happy child~.” She cooed once more, before pressing the motionless boy into her lips and sucking him in partly.


Looking back at her mother in shock now, Lillie was about to protest once again, before she felt the older woman’s hands, drape behind her neck. “M-M-Mother…? What are you- “Gasping as her lips were captured by Lusamine, the older blonde squeezed her child’s head in place with her arms, as her tongue knocked against the younger girls’ lips for entry? She was kissing her?! But they were related?!


Brushing her daughter’s hair tenderly with her fingers, Lusamine moaned weakly, as she felt the younger girl frantically squirming in place. But she needed to open up to her Mother eventually. And a little coursing would do the trick.


Trailing her other hand down the blondes back, the older of the two took a hold of the smaller girl's pert rear, before giving it a gentle squeeze. Eeping as she felt her ass groped by her own Mother, Lillie’s mouth opened on reflex, but, Lusamine didn’t waste her opportunity, as she shoved both her tongue and the tiny boy into her startled daughters’ mouth, before deepening their kiss.


Shuddering in place as her mom rhythmically gyrated her hips on top of her, Lillie was utterly helpless to do anything, as the older woman moved her shrunken captive around their mouths. She could feel him. Against her own tongue. Pressed into her cheek. On the roof of her mouth. And now, laying in the center of her own.


Breaking her heated kiss with her daughter, Lusamine gasped softly before she panted, her saliva still connecting her to her child’s mouth where their tongues had just danced moments before. She would learn, in time. But the necessary steps needed to be taken, so Lillie didn’t end up like her older brother. She didn’t even know if he was still running around at his original height or not anymore after she lost track of him. And she refused to lose Lillie to anyone else. She, was, HERS!


Breathing weakly, as she felt a gentle movement in the middle of her tongue, Lillie was utterly speechless, by what had just happened to her. “There, now your new baby is sleeping happily instead of crying. Don’t you see Lillie, it’s our purpose as caretakes, to look after all these poor little ones who come to us. Just as you have done now. Go ahead, take him out, and see for yourself.” Lusamine smirked.


Lifting a shaky hand up to her own mouth wordlessly, Lillie reached in gently, before plucking the tiny boy who had been lying on it motionlessly. Was, he still… alive…? Shivering with trepidation as she checked on the tiny trainer, a feeling of utter relief fell over the younger blonde, as she stared down at the unconscious boy. He was just, sleeping. She had been so worried that she had hurt him.


“All tuckered out after playing with his new Mommy. You should put him to bed now dear. He’s tired and needs to recover his energy so we can play with him again when he wakes up. Go ahead, put him where he belongs…” Lusamine whispered, her lips brushing the side of her daughters’ ear, as she gently cradled her.


Blinking slowly as she wondered what her Mother meant, Lillie wasn’t sure what to do, but it seemed the older woman caught onto that, as her hand moved down to her child’s, before she plucked up the smaller boy between her fingertips.


“Fine… I’ll put him to bed for you. You need to learn how to do these things on your own Lillie, or you’ll never make a good mother. I think this little one wants to sleep, in here!” Crying out in shock as she felt the older blondes hand travel up her dress, Lillie tried to inch away, but, Lusamine refused to budge off her daughter, as she moved her hand into the younger girl’s porcelain white, panties.


“M-M-Mother, s-stop!” “No Lillie! You stop! I told you to put your new precious baby to bed, and you didn’t listen. So now, listen to your Mother and let me take care of you. Both of you!” Lusamine barked angrily. Why did her daughter have to be so rebellious?! Her children were so ungrateful! All she wanted was to have them experience a wonderful life, and that meant taking care of little ones of their own!


Crying out as she felt her bare nether lips being forced open, tears began to stream down the younger blondes cheeks before her mouth was captured again by Lusamine as she tried to quiet her daughter down. She would wake the little one if she kept yelling like that! Was she trying to upset him?


Fingering the younger girl as she tried to calm both her daughter and the shrunken boy inside of her down, Lusamines eyes finally softened, as she heard Lillie whimpering into her. There, it was done. Gently petting her child's outer lips once the smaller boy was deep enough inside her, the older of the two broke her kiss with the younger girl before she softly sighed.


“There, no need to fuss. All done Lillie. Your baby’s back inside of you where he belongs, and you get to enjoy this wonderful sensation. I know it’s not your fault that you’re acting like this since you’ve never experienced these joys before. But please, be more open to them, now that I’ve shown you how pleasant they can be.” Lusamine purred, before pulling her saturated hand out of her own daughter's panties.


Panting weakly as she watched her Mother licking her hand clean, Lillie continued to cry, but… it was hard to… since it did feel so good. She could feel him. The shrunken trainer… inside of her. He was moving. And it felt, kind of good… Why… why was she right. This… was supposed… to be wrong…


Hearing the labored moans her daughter was making as she tried to deny the pleasure she had just felt, Lusamine softly sighed before reaching into her bra and pulling out one of the other boys she had on her person. There were many of them. And by the end of the day, they would all be in her daughter, if that’s what it took to show her the error of her ways.


“Just relax sweetie~. Let Mommy take care of you, and then you can take care of your own, as their Mommy. Just, sit still… and let me do what I want, with my precious, precious baby…”



She was her greatest treasure. And she would make sure Lillie knew her love. Even if she had to force it into her!



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