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Author's Chapter Notes:

Contain's: Macro/Micro, FF/mm, Yuri, Filth, Sweat, Waterworks, Scat, Sadism, Torture, Stink, Drowning, Transformation

“Come on! We’re going to be late to Roxie’s poison show!”
“I know, I know! I’m coming already! Do you think we’ll get to participate?! I’ve heard these things can get pretty nasty!”
“I hope so! It’s been so boring since all the trainers stopped showing up. Where do you think she gets her, *fans*? Hehe.”
“Who knows. Here it is! Let’s head down, I can already hear the music playing! This is going to rock!”
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Sitting in silence as sweat dripped down her petite frame, Roxie’s eyes were glazed as she leaned back in her backstage prep chair preparing for another night of rocking out. Things had picked up substantially since the new laws for trainers were implemented. As it were now, life was pretty friggin awesome!
Smirking as she dangled a tiny, naked, male over her face as she drank in his terrified expression, the pale-haired punk rocker chuckled darkly to herself as she pondered whether or not to add him to tonight’s show or save him for the next one. It was going to be a hell of an event considering it was the last one for the month. She had gotten back from her Sinnoh tour not too long ago, and her fans were as siked as she was to be playing back in her own digs again.
Which lead her to this.
*Knock, knock* “Roxie! We’re on in five! Have you worked up what you needed for the show?! The place is packed as all hell! I hope you’re ready to spit some poison!”
Giggling as she heard her partner and fellow guitarist on the other side of their dressing room, Roxie finally nodded as she flung the tiny trainer up before snatching him out of the air. “I’m coming, Billy! Just getting our newest fan ready for the show!” She called back jokingly before looking down at the Poke-gear strapped to her wrist.
“Guess what little guy? You get a front-row seat for what’s about to happen. I hope you're ready. It’s about to get a whole lot messier than you’re used to. And since I had to smuggle you here in my boots earlier, you know you’re in for a fun show! You ready to rock?!” She laughed before activating her watch, the usual setting already in the place she used for all her *fans*.
Crying out as his body began to alter itself, a faint tinge of green overtook the man’s skin before roots extended out of the bottom of his feet. Licking her lips as she saw the horror written over the older man’s face, Roxie tossed the shrunken man in the air again before leaping out of her chair and snatching him up again before she grabbed her guitar and headed out.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Sauntering up to her stage as she heard her fellow guitarist hyping her up for the crowd, Roxie’s eyes lit up in delight as she felt the sweltering heat of the hundred-degree room. The entire place was insolated, and designed to let none of the air escape. Heat, smells, sweat… it all stayed down here. And that was what made this place, a poison show!
Smirking as she lifted up her signature, Scolipede guitar, the little Rockstar raised her hand up, before swiping it down in one swift motion causing an echoing chord to ring out silencing the entire room in one fell swoop. Down here, she was a goddess. And her word was law. The crowd, her followers. And her *fans*… the entertainment.
Swiping her hand down once more, chords rang out as Roxie ran forward before leaping out above her stage. Landing with a crash causing sweat to ripple off her body before falling down onto the grated stage floor, the white-haired deviant lifted her gaze up to the crowd as she drank them in.
Immediately screams of applause rang out as what had to be hundreds of nearly naked, or in some cases, completely naked women bounced up and down waving bright purple glowsticks in the air. It felt good to be missed. It felt good, to be back home.
Lifting her strumming hand up as she showed off the tiny trainer she had held captive backstage, the younger girl soon grinned as she heard even more cheers and cries ring out. “I TAKE THAT AS A YES! LET’S GET STARTED THEN!” Tossing the green-skinned trainer high into the air, Roxie’s hand reached up to grab him, before shooting down at the last moment so she could strike another loud chord on her guitar.
Plummeting downward and out of the sweat giantess’ hand, the shrunken trainer slipped passed the open grates on the ground before colliding hard beneath the stage. Crying out in pain, as the noise rang out high above him, sounds of pain and agony soon drew his attention causing him to go pale, as he gathered his barrings, and saw where he was…
All around him, were countless other trainers, as far as the eyes could see. There had to have been hundreds of people. And they all looked, horrible… Their skin was a sickly green, much worse than his own. Nausea and pain were written across their bodies, and they all look weak and frail. Almost like they were dried up husks or mummies! What was this nightmare?!
Attempting to get up and run to one of them to check on him, the trainer soon found, that he couldn’t so much as lift one of his feet! Looking down as the horror continued, the man found his green soles, had planted roots into the ground… the dead, ground.

This wasn’t a floor at all… it was dead grass… What was going on…?
Strumming her guitar as she sang loudly, Roxie danced atop her stage exuberantly, as sweat was flung off her body in every direction. She had gone on stage with only a skintight pair of mesh black short-shorts, and a matching tank top. Her outfit was designed to show off as much skin as possible, while also causing her to sweat up a storm in the humid room. And the results were already showing. It was beginning to stink like hell!
Bouncing up and down as she laughed to her beat, the crown all continued to match her moves as she looked to her fellow guitarist, Billy Jo. Smiling back at her friend sadistically, the older punk rocker danced her way to the back of the stage, before pausing to let Roxie take over the beat as she activated the stage’s main function.
As the mechanical gears began to turn, the raven-haired guitarist spat on the ground before sauntering back over to her friend’s side before joining her once more. Basking in the excited screams, all eyes left the pair of rockers as the stage began to open up to displace a large, glass terrarium.
Inside, was a massive field, of dead grass. And of course, sprouted across it, were the many *fans*, as Roxie playfully called them. They were all on stage and got a front-row seat for the two girls to water them~. This was the poison show. And for the unfortunate grass type trainers beneath the stage, they just happened to be weak to it.
Leaping up and slamming her bare feet back down, sweat riveted off the young girl in spades and fell onto the trapped trainers far beneath them causing them to cough and gag as salty fluids began to saturate their rooted bodies. There was no nourishment in the land they were attached to… and their bodies absorbed whatever their two tormenters gave them against their will. Combined with the heat and lack of sunlight… and this was a place worse than hell.
Laughing happily as they danced in tandem and ground their sweaty bodies into one another, both Roxie and Billy Jo panted in delight as they looked back at one another licentiously. And it seemed their suggestive act was as contagious as they were.
Hearing waves of moans ringing out from the crowd, both rockers smiled as they saw many of the women matching them as they ground into their neighbors and made out on the floor in front of them. Things were heating up, and they had only just started the concert.
Turning her back to the crowd so only her friend could see her, Roxie took off in a loud solo as she looked to the raven-haired girl in front of her. ‘Open the floor!’ The pale teen mouthed before a wide grin spread across her face.
Laughing silently amongst the loud music, Billy Jo nodded before dancing her way to the back of the stage once more. Waiting for Roxie’s signal, the older girl soon pulled down a large lever once the teen had finished her solo. It was time for the real fun to begin. These poor plants needed to be watered!
Hearing a loud rumbling all around them, cries of misery rang out amongst the shrunken trainers being held captive beneath the stage. They knew what was about to happen. This stage was built after they came here… It was designed, to torture them.
Hearing cheers of approval and some gasps of surprise from the newcomers out on the concert floor, Roxie’s eyes lit up as she watched the panels resting beneath the metal covering starting to slide out and completely open the bottom half of the ground. It was identical to the one on stage with only a grate to support the many women standing above it. And right beneath it, was a large tub, meant to collect everything that was flung off the various bodies high above it.
“COME ON LADIES, GO WILD! COME ON, LET'S MAKE THIS PLACE TOXIC!!!” The teenager screeched before blushing faintly. Hearing cries of laughter and more cheers of delight, the pale-haired teen turned her back to the crowd with a somewhat embarrassed expression as pee began to leak out from her skin tight shorts as it dribbled down onto the tiny trainers beneath her.
Following suit with her fellow rocker, Billy Jo pulled her jeans down with a sadistic smile before squatting over the stage herself and letting her bladder go. The crowd had to be given a little push sometimes. Laughing in hysterics as she sprayed a group of withered older men who had been under there stage for months, the older rocker stuck her tongue out once she was done before dropping a final wad of spit atop there heads to finish herself off.
Pulling her jeans back up before going right back to dancing and playing her guitar, both rockers looked to the crowd in delight as they saw them all following suit like sheep in a herd. Standing, squatting, laying on the floor, everyone was doing there part now as they spit, peed, and in some cases even crapped on the grate, letting whatever filth come out of themselves only to all slide down the murky plastic to be collected in the large tub underneath them.
Keeping her hands firm on her instrument as she strummed it rhythmically, Roxie waited till she saw most of the crowd either exhausted or finished with themselves before she moved over toward’s the back of the stage, a large set of stairs leading to the top of the ramp over her pedestal where she had leaped down from in the opening.
“IS THAT IT?! ARE YOU GIRL’S READY FOR THE FINALLY?!” Pausing her music as she lifted a hand to her ear, the younger teen smirked as she heard a unilateral chorus of cheers. It was time to finish off the night and give her fans what they really wanted. Everyone always came for the music, but they stayed to see the show that followed during it. And it was time for the curtain call.
“ALRIGHT, YOU ASKED FOR IT! LET’S POISON THESE CROPS!” She screamed before leaping back down on the stage, her Scolipede guitar slamming atop a massive button concealed behind the front of the stage. Instantly, the tank, now wobbly from it’s murky brown and yellow contents, suddenly lurched forward, before falling over beneath the stage.
Screams rang out as all the women rushed to the front of the glass to get a better view, their eyes lighting up as they watched the horror and screams echoing out from the trapped grassy people right in the path of the now rushing water.
Struggling against his roots as he watched the inevitable tidal wave of filth headed his way, the newest addition to the understage looked up at Roxie with pleading eyes, but… his gaze was only met with lust, as he saw both Roxie, and Billy Jo with their hand’s down each other’s jean shorts. They were getting off to this… as was everyone else.
Looking back at the wave of murk that instantly overtook the dead grass, every trainer who had been imprisoned there, were soon submerged underwater. Hearing screams erupt from the crowd of horny sadists, Roxie couldn’t help but grin as she pulled her hand out of her friend’s saturated panties.
“Alright, I’d say that about wraps it up. Close it off for me, will ya? I’ll be backstage.” Roxie chuckled before throwing her guitar over her back and walking off the stage. She was exhausted after tonight. And she’d need some rest, now that they would be headed out the next day to another region. Lots of shows, and even more little *fans* to invite. She couldn’t wait.
Looking back at her friend lustfully, Billy Jo licked her lips in anticipation for their night, before looking back down at the submerged trainers beneath her. Their bodies writhed and small bubbles of air continuously surface beneath the filthy wastewater. Thanks to her friend’s tech, these little shits would absorb everything they drank, and it would both nurture them, and rot them from the inside out.
But they wouldn’t really be a toxic duo if they didn’t poison a few people in the process. Smirking as she sauntered back over to the control panel, the older woman tapped a few levers before shutting the glass display much to the crowd’s dismay.
“SORRY LADIES, THE SHOWS NOW OVER! THANK’S FOR ROCKING OUT WITH US! WE’LL BE BACK IN UNOVA NEXT MONTH! WE’LL SEE YOU ALL THEN!” The raven-haired rocker screamed before tossing her mic on the floor and making her way to the exit stage door… however…
Stopping next to the control panel right as the grates all closed up, one final sadistic smile fell over the older woman’s face, before she hit a large red button, with skull and crossbones over it. She needed a little something to help her friend get off after all…
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Flopping back into her dressing room chair as fatigue set in, Roxie sighed before laying her head back and taking a load off. These new shows were friggin awesome! But they were a hell of a lot more tiring. Hearing a light knock on the door right after she sat down, the teenager groaned before calling whoever to was to come in.
Stepping Into the room before shutting the door behind her and locking it, Billy Jo silently smiled as she looked back at her friend panting exhaustedly in her chair, sweat, and other bodily fluids saturating her glistening skin giving her alabaster complexion a rather shiny tone to it. She looked, delicious~.
“Hey, girl~. Great show tonight. I think that was the biggest local crowd we’ve ever had. I think we should celebrate~.” The older woman purred. Smirking as she bared her fangs to her friend, Roxie opened her eyes to address her, before feeling a heavyweight dropped on her lap, trapping her in place.
Grunting as her friend sat on top of her, Roxie’s nose twitched as she smelled the older girl’s sweaty body. God, she smelled great! Licking her lips in anticipation, the younger teen leaned up to lick the raven-haired rocker’s cleavage before her head was smothered in it forcefully.
Motorboating her friend in her sticky bosoms, Billy Jo snickered in amusement as she playfully flicked the pale-haired girl’s ear as she spoke. “I closed the base of the floor before I walked off stage~.” Growing stiff as she heard her friend speak, Roxie soon panted inside her friends’ breasts as she shivered from the thought.
All the trainers they stuck into the dead field, were attached to the ground. However, there was a metal bottom underneath them, that could be opened or closed to let out excess water… amongst other things. And she had closed it. Leaning up slowly as she looked into her friend’s eyes, Roxie quivered down as she saw the vicious smile the older girl wore.
“Those bugs will be drowning in our concert waste for a month~. There was at least a foot of it! Even if they tried to drink it all, they won’t even make it go down an inch!” The older girl cackled happily. Wiggling her fingers down her skintight shorts, Roxie panted happily as she began to finger herself. That sounded, so, friggin, HOT!
She kind of wanted to go back and watch… but, it didn’t look like her fellow rocker was going to allow that if her hands had anything to say about it. Snaking her fingers beneath the younger girl’s sticky clothing, Billy Jo licked her lips now as she felt the teenager’s stiff nipples poking her nails. She was definitely in the mood to fool around, now that she knew about the torture, they were putting their *fans* through. But, why not add a little more on top?
“Hey, Roxie~. How about we do a cacoon? I’ve still got some shitty trainers from Sinnoh we can use… I haven't washed it~, and my sleeping bag’s still wet from the last time we used it~.” The raven-haired woman whispered huskily into her friend’s ear.
Biting her bottom lip as she began to get wetter, Roxie inevitably sighed before nodding her head. “My bed or yours?”, “How about we do it in the van? We can keep the smell in that way~.” Growling as she felt her cunt twitching against her fingers, the younger girl nodded lustfully before shoving her friend off of her.
“You got five minutes to set it up! FUCK I’M HORNY! COME ON, GET GOING!”
Laughing at her friend’s temper tantrum from her teasing, Billy Jo quickly left the dressing room as she went to collect the things they would need. It was going to be a very long night, and if they weren’t careful, one of them might get heatstroke as they played… again…
Flopping back into her chair, hot and bothered now rather than just hot, Roxie looked up at the ceiling with an amused smile plastered over her face. She loved the cacoon. It was just her and Billy, naked and wrapped in each other’s arms inside of an extremely woolly and soggy sleeping bag. Sweat, filth, and funk were all they had to work with… Well, that, and a few dozen shrunken people running around like bugs inside of an oven. Heh, she loved it when they accidentally walked near one of their butts. Anything was fair game, even sticking a few into each other’s filthy crevices if they caught one.
Fingering herself as she waited with anticipation, the teenager sighed contently as she waited for her friend to return.
Tonight, was great, just like every night.
And she couldn’t wait for her next concert. She was going to rock the shit out of Galar…

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Might make a sequel...

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