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Author's Chapter Notes:

Contain's: Micro/Macro, Shrinking, Vore, Nightmare play, Cruel Pred, Torture, Scat, Degradation, Underage, and Enslavement.




‘Your Pokémon failed you…’



‘You're too weak…’



‘Just give up… you’ll never beat anyone…’



‘Give up, and serve your Princess…’



‘Only she can make use of your failure…’



‘You belong to her, obey…’




Standing in the center of her chamber, Acerola clicked the middle button of her Pokéball before returning her Mimikyu to its ball. The battle was over, and it was a pretty fun one at that. Shrinking the ball back down before tucking it inside of her patchwork purple dress, the child looked on at her defeated opponent with a cat-like grin spread across her face.



Kneeling on the ground in a state of shock was a young man. He was completely, and utterly, humiliated. He actually surprised her with how far he got. Not many trainers made it to her plateau, let alone ones who had beat the other four members of the elite four. He was by far the closest to having taken her down since she stepped up to become the leagues champion alongside her friend. It was kind of sad. To come so far… and fail, at the final hurdle. And she would make sure he realized that too…



“Hehehe~, that was fun! You put your heart into it, huh? I haven’t had anyone good fight me in months… too bad that didn’t change today.” She remarked with a hint of smugness in her tone. Looking up at the child disbelievingly, the young man was at a loss for words.



He had taken on every challenge with his Incineroar and came out without even losing one Pokémon! The previous members of the elite four had been almost child’s play to him too! Was the level of difference really that far from him and a champion…? If that was the case… then what was even the point of trying to take any of them down!?



‘There is no point… They can’t be beaten. All you can do now is accept your fate. Forget battling. Serve your Princess… She’ll take care of you. She takes care of all her loyal subjects.’



Snapping his eyes a few times as an eerie voice invaded his mind, the young trainer shook his head as he tried to get the strange whispers out of his head. They had been going on ever since he stepped foot into this chamber. Hell, they might have been what made him lose focus on the match earlier. Why, did they keep telling him to serve someone?!



Smiling down at the trainer as his mind seemingly wandered off, Acerola had a complacent grin as she lifted her wrist up and played with her poke-gear. This would be fun. It had been a very long time since anyone challenged her directly. Usually, if she wanted to play with somebody new, one of her friends had to give a loser to her. This one would be special. He would be a challenge, to break…



Snapping back to the present as his world shifted around him, the trainer looked up now as he saw Acerola approaching him, her size now that of a giantess compared to his meager half an inch frame. Shaking his head in fear, the man tried to take a step back and run before tripping over his clothing that hadn’t grown with him.



“Aww, don’t be scared! Acerola won’t hurt you! In fact, you’ll enjoy serving her! I’m a Princess after all! And you’ll be my loyal subject. So, how about it? Want to be my servant? Pretty please?” The purple-haired child asked playfully.



Continuing to shake his head and mumble incoherent words, well, at least for the much larger girl to hear due to the difference in their sizes, the trainer tried to plead with her to let him go and give him another shot… but, the grinning ghost girl was far beyond caring what her subjects said with their mouths. Those were for worship, not for talking with!



Lifting her hand up before shadows began to swirl around her palm, the last thing the shrunken man saw, was a sinister smirk appear over the previously playful one the younger girl had been wearing before. Almost like a mask having been ripped off, to show him what lied underneath it…




“Nighty-night! Sleep tight…”




Firing the black sphere at the diminutive man, the entirety of the shadowy orb absorbed into him before he fell over unconsciously. Continuing to grin as she felt a calm sensation coming off the sleeping trainer, Acerola reached down before picking him up, immediately ending whatever pleasant dreams he had been having moments before.





“I hope you don’t have any, nightmares~.”






_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _





‘You’re just a slave in a world you don’t belong in anymore!’



‘Give up already! Just let someone you use to know eat you and end it all!’



‘Why not let your ex step on you? You’d be better off as a stain under her foot then as a person…’



‘You could toss yourself into a den of hungry Sharpedo and let them eat you too. But honestly, you’re not even good enough to be food for wild Pokémon!’



‘You’re nothing… you’ll never be anything… just curl up in a ball and DIE!’





Running in terror as shadowy specters circled him, the young man screamed as he saw horrific visions of different people he had fought up into this point. Each time instead of winning his battles, he lost them… and saw his untimely demise by the female trainer's hands….



He could feel them…



Bones, snapping beneath skull grunt's leather boots. Drowning in a preschooler’s drooling mouth. Cooked alive in the jungle trial captain’s pot as she boiled him into a stew! Being used as bait on the end of the water trail captain’s fishing pole for Pokémon! He saw, EVERYTHING!



Falling on the ground and crying hysterically, the trainer felt his will to continue slowly vanish, as more and more specters circled around him, their haunting voices filling his mind with more and more thoughts of failure and demise.




‘You only became a trainer because you wanted to be used as an object, huh?’



‘You’re pathetic! You couldn’t even do that right!’



‘Why waste your time… just DIE!’









Hearing the voices slowly die off, the trainer whimpered softly before opening his eyes. The looming specters… were, gone…? Panting as his body shook from the terror he had been subjected to, the young man’s eyes lifted, as he saw a small light in the darkness…



“O-Or… or, what…?” Was this, a way out…? Crawling on his knees, as he tried desperately to make it out of this nightmare he was in, the man’s eyes widened as he saw more and more light. He was getting closer! He was almost there! He was-



Screaming as he suddenly fell through the light before freefalling in the air, the trainer’s body soon impacted with something, soft… and, squishy? “There’s my servant! I was wondering when you’d show up. I’m glad you decided to accept my offer. It would be a shame if I had to put you back with them…”



Looking up as his face turned from relief to sadness, the older man’s eyes looked up at the colossal face of Acerola, staring back down at him with the usual cat-like smile he had been forced to confront through the entirety of his battle with her.



He was still shrunken… and this nightmare wasn’t over. Pouting as she saw the look of dismay written over her newest plaything, the child whined before pointing behind the tiny man. “Why so glum? Wouldn't you rather be here, serving me? Or would you rather let them have you again? I can put you back if you want. I’m a very understanding Princess after all.” The ghost girl grinned.



Looking over his shoulder in silence, the man’s eyes widened as fear overtook him once again. Staring through the black void of darkness he had seemingly crawled out of, many spectral hands belonging to different women waved around snatching at the air, as faint whispers echoed in his ear causing him to curl up once again.
















“How rude… Here, let me help you with them.” Hearing stifled cries behind him, the man looked up once more as he watched the giantess, he was on reaching up before ripping the black hole out of the sky before crumpling it up in her hand. “There, all better now! Those girls didn’t seem very friendly. Luckily your Princess is here to protect you now! Acerola will always protect you…” The purple-haired ghost girl smiled.



Staring back at the child in disbelief, the man’s world soon shifted as the blank room he and his captor had been standing in suddenly became bright and colorful. Wincing as he looked around confused, the scenery around him had become that of a child’s bedroom.



The walls were a bright shade of yellow. Sun shined in from the windows lighting the place up brightly. Poorly drawn scribbles and pictures were taped to walls. And many odd toys littered the ground along with the furniture around it. Where the heck had he been taken to.



‘You’re safe now… so, very safe…’



‘This place is sacred. The Princess takes all her beloved followers here.’



‘You’ll be protected from the mean people outside of here. She’ll protect you.’



‘So, go ahead, and serve your Princess. She’ll love you, just like she loves all her loyal subjects.’




Wincing as voices entered his head once more, albeit, softer, more gentle ones, the man was left in a state of silence now as he watched the giant girl crawl onto a large Pikachu shaped bed before cupping him in both her hands happily.



“Don’t be sad anymore. We met before, but Acerola will do it again! I’m a Princess! My daddy used to rule over the island of Ula'ula. But he’s gone now. So, it’s only me! But, I’m not lonely or anything! I have my wonderful ghost Pokémon to keep me company! That, and all my loyal subjects who serve me! They’re the best! You’ll become one of them to… won't you?” The child inquired innocently.



Feeling an odd compulsion to immediately say yes, the trainer slowly shook his head as reason won out over emotion. What, was this kid even saying?! Serve her? He barely knew her! Keeping her smile the same after her question was rejected, Acerola softly giggled before shaking her head.



“Aww, but why not? Serving me is wonderful! I love all my subjects and they love me too! If you don’t serve me, then I can’t protect you from everyone else! Don’t you know that this world is run by females? If you lose, you’ll be killed! I’ve seen guys stepped on, thrown into blenders, dropped off cliffs, fed to Pokémon, and many other horrible things! It makes me so sad! Why won’t you serve me? I’ll be able to protect you that way… and you’ll be happier than you’ve ever been. I’m a nice Princess… so come on… become my servant, and you’ll have nothing to ever worry about ever again…” The ghost girl whispered, her smile stretching a bit wider now in an almost eerie way.



‘Please serve her! She’ll make you happy!’



‘Serving your Princess is the reason you were born!’



‘You were made to serve… so bow to her!’



‘Live for her!’



‘Die for her!’



‘Give yourself, to your Princess!’




Taking a staggering step back on the child’s hand, the shrunken man continued to shake his head as he tried to rid his mind of the suggestive voices. They were becoming as loud and demanding as the darker tones in the nightmare tunnel he had crawled out of earlier had been.



Frowning slowly as she saw the strong will her newest plaything maintained, Acerola softly sighed drawing his attention back to her disheartened face. “Aww… You’re making your Princess very, very sad. That’s a law punishable by death you know. But, since you haven’t agreed to serve me, yet… I won’t hold it against you this time. But I do need to punish you for being so stubborn. The sooner you accept your place as my servant, the sooner your life will become an endless carousel of pleasure and happiness!” Acerola cried before extending her hand over the bed.



Watching as the child began tipping her hand downward, the tiny man struggled to keep his footing, but she was completely flipping her hand over the bed… Watching as the man started to struggle to hold on, Acerola couldn’t hold back a grin. “Let Acerola show you what life without her protection is really like. You won’t like it much… And soon enough, you’ll be begging me to accept you as my slav-, err, servant. And, I will. Acerola accepts all, who loyally listen to her. Now observe… This is the world you live in now. Get used to it…” The ghost girl muttered coldly, her tone completely changing from playfully innocent, to sinister and harsh.



Screaming as he began to freefall off the giantess’ palm, the shrunken man fell… and fell… and fell… He was still falling! He had hit the sheets, but he fell right through them! Where was he headed! He was surrounded by darkness again! He wanted to go back! Go back to the other place! He wanted…



Crashing into something soft and padded, the shrunken trainer groaned from the wind that had been knocked out of him, but all things considered, he was still alive. Seeing the world around him slowly lighting up, the tiny man’s relief soon turned to horror as he saw what it was, he had impacted with.



All around him were giant grains of rice. Thousands, of grains of rice, all tightly packed, in a bright white, ceramic bowl. But worst of all was the face looming high above him. Grinning mischievously down at the tiny man, Acerola licked her lips before a massive spoon loomed over the edge of the giant bowl.



‘In this world, you're nothing but food… Anyone could use you like a topping on their favorite dish… Your life reduced, to a mere, condiment!’



Shaking his head as he whimpered no, the child seemingly ignored the smaller man’s pleas as she moved her utensil down and began scooping up a spoonful of rice right beside him, before carrying the grains towards her colossal mouth.



Watching in petrified fear, as he saw the large mass of food enter the child’s mouth, before her plush lips closed around her spoon, withdrawing it with nothing remaining on the other end, the shrunken man trembled in place as he saw the delighted face of the giantess, before her pleased eyes locked onto him, and her spoon descended once again.



Fighting against his unmoving form in vain, the shrunken man soon fell over as the large scoop of metal stabbed the uneven ground he was on, before fracturing it and bring up another spoonful of rice towards the younger girl’s face. Though this time, with him, stuck on top of the pile she had collected.



Struggling against the starchy grains as his frightened face met with Acerola’s gigantic one, all color drained from the tiny man as he saw the child open her mouth, before moving him towards it. Screaming for her to stop as he was brought closer and closer to the not so little ghost girl’s colossal, pink maw, his whole world turned dark and humid, as the spoon he was trapped on, entered the younger trainer’s mouth before her lips closed around the utensil once again.



Feeling the ground give out under him before he was dragged down into the moist and sticky cavern, the shrunken man screamed once more, before he was suddenly submerged in thick, gooey saliva and mashed bits of rice, as the child started to chew her food.



Sloshing around helplessly as he tried to avoid the younger girl’s jagged teeth all around him, the shrunken man soon felt the pool of soggy spittle he was swimming in being drawn back, as it dawned on him what was about to happen.



Thrashing wildly as he tried to swim against the thick current of partially chewed food, spit, and mucus, the man was soon brought to the back of Acerola’s pitch-black throat, before he started to fall. Screaming as he was submerged in the younger girl’s food and swallowed alive, the tiny man felt his whole world shifting as he was tightly squeezed and compacted together, his body crying out in agony from what felt like all his bones being crushed together, to the point only his consciousness remained.



Falling into more fluid as an ominous gurgling echoed out, the trainer could still see nothing, but once more, the voices that had been accompanying him against his will since his battle with the younger girl returned… and they were still just as bleak as they had been before.



‘You’re food now… You’ll die in a little girl’s stomach. You wasted your life. You could have served your Princess loyally. Now you’ll just serve her body as nutrients. Enjoy being digested alive…’



Knowing the words were true, the shrunken man softly cried as his body began to tingle all over. He could feel it! Acid, everywhere! Wanting to struggle but finding no way to even blink in his current prison, the shrunken man screamed endlessly as his body melted away, with his consciousness taking a front-row seat, to all the painful feelings it entailed…




_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _




It smelled… horrible.



The pain was excruciating…



It was so tight!








It felt like he had been burning alive for hours before it all suddenly stopped, leaving him in pure, and utter misery. Only this time, a horrible stench, the likes of which he had never smelled before, surrounded him. Was this hell…? Was he dead? What was the point of all of this?! HE JUST WANTED IT TO END!



‘It will end… you’re no longer useful to your Princess, or to anyone else. You’re a waste of life… And you belong where all waste belongs…’



Crying as he felt an inability not to agree with the voices after everything that had happened to him, the shrunken man soon saw what appeared to be light. Was that, the end of his pain!? He wanted to run to it! But he still couldn’t move. The younger girl’s stomach robbed him of that… along with his body no doubt. So, how was he getting closer to it?




Moving closer, and closer to the light, at what felt like the pace of a Slugma on ice, the tiny trainer soon reached it, before he suddenly found himself falling through the air once again. Only this time, he didn’t land on Acerola’s hand, or a bowl of rice. No, instead, he was submerged…



Splashing into a cold pool of water, the man’s vision slowly came back to him, as he stared upward, before a state of despondency fell over him, causing the once prominent trainer, to descend further into despair. White walls surrounded him on all sides, with just an opening over the top. But, hanging down, over the opening, was a large, pale rear.








Wanting to cough and gag from the foul odor the large butt had given him, the gigantic rear end soon rose up, before its owner turned around with an all too familiar cat-like grin spread across her face. ‘So sad for you… to come so close, only to be swallowed alive, digested, and then shoved out like the filth you are. You’re nothing more than a steaming pile of poop… and that toilet bowl you're in will be your grave.’



Smiling innocently down at the trainer, the unmoving man wanted to cry, but… he was just a piece of shit. He couldn’t move. Couldn’t speak. He just came out of the younger girl’s ass for crying out loud! And she crapped him out like he was nothing important…



Bending over slightly and displaying her butt for the trainer to see once again, Acerola sighed contently as she wiped her butt crack with some toilet paper before tossing it into the bowl on top of the transformed man. Peering through the wet paper as it began to sink around him, the last thing the man saw, was the child reaching for the handle of the toilet, before his world started swirling, and he was violently sucked down…




_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _





“Hey? You alright little guy? You didn’t answer Acerola! Wake up!”




Gasping as his eyes shot open, the shrunken man blinked in confusion as he felt his consciousness suddenly returned to him. Furrowing his brow as he looked around the large bedroom he had been brought to before his descent into despair, the tiny man felt a sense of pure, and unbridled relief, as he realized that he wasn’t dead.



He was still here. Still a person… Still, alive. “Hey? Are you going to keep ignoring me? That’s a really mean thing to do to your Princess!” Raising his head as he stared back at the giantess he had been standing on before he had fallen off her hand, the man’s eyes met with Acerola’s vibrant purple ones as a sense of calm filled his very being.



Puffing out her cheeks slightly as she reached her free hand over the man, the child gave him a light bop on his head before she sighed. “So, have you decided yet? Do you want to serve Acerola or not? She’ll protect you and keep you safe! Nothing bad will ever happen to you if you serve me! No more trainers trying to shrink and hurt you. No more people wanting to eat you or step on you. You’ll be with me! And I love all my servants…” The younger girl purred with a wide grin stretching across her face.



‘You know what you have to do... You saw what happened when you tried to survive on your own. You’re nothing. A worthless being not even fit to be food. You’ll be smeared into the dirt. Cooked alive and eaten. Drowned in waste and filth. You’re life's a cruel joke and your existence the punch line! Surrender yourself… and serve your Princess. You were born to serve her…’



Nodding slowly as the horrible memories of everything he had been witness to burned brightly in his mind, the shrunken man fell to his knees before bowing his head. He couldn’t take it. He couldn’t stand, being used and discarded. He needed, a purpose!



‘And a purpose you’ll have. Your Princess loves her servants. You will serve… and she’ll be happy.’



Smirking as she saw the tiny man bowing his head to her, Acerola giggled before the brightly lit room around her began to fade away. Piece by piece the room evaporated, till only the younger ghost girl, and her newest servant remained.



“Good choice. I’m so happy you see it my way! Well… it’s time to wake up now. We’re going to have a lot of fun, I promise~.” She purred, before both she and the tiny man, faded away too…




_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _





Shooting upright as he screamed in fright, the young trainer panted as his head spun around frantically. He… he was, back? Back, here? Back… where it all began. Standing over the trainer she had recently defeated, Acerola wore a smug smile as she saw her new little slave processing all that he had just seen.



“Welcome back my little subject. Are you ready to serve your Princess now?” Looking up at the giant child in all her glory, the tiny man quickly stumbling out from his discarded clothes as he ran towards his new owner. He was more than ready. He was born… to serve.



Giggling as she felt the half-inch man run-up to her bare toes before kissing them profusely, Acerola’s eyes glazed over pleasantly as she raised her digits above him to give him easier access to the crevices that lie beneath them.



“Good boy~. Make sure you eat up! You’ll need your strength for where you’re going. Acerola needs a new servant for her cute little tushy! The last one… retired. You’re stronger than he was though. I just know you’ll be the best little butt slave a girl could ever dream of having!”



Wincing as she let the S-word slip, the younger girl expected her newest plaything to falter at least a little bit… but, he didn’t. He just kept licking and shoveling bits of grime and toe jam into his mouth sporadically. Tapping her chin thoughtfully, the younger girl eventually grinned before she scrunched her toes around the man’s body, and walking back over to her champion’s throne.



Perhaps her nightmares were becoming too strong for the minds of her victims to bare. Though, that was to be expected, considering she used a legendary Pokémon’s traits on herself. There was only so much a mere mortal could cope with when it came to power of that magnitude.



She’d probably have to scale it back a little. She expected to spend at least a full day breaking her new slave… not 20 minutes. What a shame…



But, she’d get over it. Especially once she felt the once-mighty trainer, licking her filthy butthole for the rest of his pathetic life.



It felt good to be a Princess again. Only this time, her body was her slave’s kingdom. And she had many servants living in it.



All would serve the new Princess of Alola. And if they had an issue with her… she had the League to back her up.




Perhaps it was time to tell Cynthia, to initiate phase two of their plan…




But, who knows. The fun was only just getting started~.





To be continued.





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