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Power has shifted dramatically in the Pokémon league. As all the regional champion's gather to discuss new rules and policies, the all-female league led by the Sinnoh champion herself, Cynthia, vote on a brand-new law to be implemented. One that will give the women of the world a much better standing in society as a whole.


This is a series of short Pokémon stories featuring the lovely ladies of the series.


Rated: X
Categories: Teenager (13-19), Humiliation, Young Adult 20-29, Breasts, Object, Adult 30-39, BBW, Mature (40-49), Body Exploration, Butt, Couples, Crush, Entrapment, Fantasy, Feet, Furry, Futanari, Incest, Lesbians, Maternal, Mouth Play, New World Order, Nose, Odor, Scat, Slave, Violent, Vore, Watersports Characters: None
Growth: None
Shrink: Micro (1 in. to 1/2 in.), Minikin (3 in. to 1 in.)
Size Roles: F/m, FF/m
Warnings: None
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Word count: 108115 Read: 311390
Published: September 24 2019 Updated: February 06 2022
Story Notes:

Series: Pokemon


Will feature many girl's from all seasons. Review if you'd like to see a certain girl come up in the line-up.

1. Introduction. by Franchise Writer [Reviews - 30] starstarstarstar (2218 words)

Hey everyone! New series I've been meaning to post here for a while now. It's sort of a writing dump really. If I get fun ideas but don't feel like making massive stories to put them into, I write these!

This is a short story series that follows the plot of this chapter. Each one after it however, will be its own standalone story. I plan to use all the Pokémon girl's given time, but I may re-use them depending how I feel.

If you want to see a certain girl being used or a certain fetish to go along with it, please review and request. I won't promise I'll do them all but if you're familiar with my work by now, then you certainly know I'll do my best to try. :)


So please, enjoy the show!

2. Misty by Franchise Writer [Reviews - 1] (1604 words)

Contain's: F/M Female Pred Macro/Micro Male Prey Misty Mouth play Pokemon Shrinking swimming pool

3. Whitney by Franchise Writer [Reviews - 0] (2474 words)

Contain's: Blood Butt crush entrapment Insertion Macro/Micro Multiple Preys

4. Iris by Franchise Writer [Reviews - 0] (2032 words)

Contain's: Anal Insertion enslavement entrapment Macro/Micro many prey

5. Lillie & Lusamine by Franchise Writer [Reviews - 0] (2474 words)

Contain's: forced Incest Insertion Macro/Micro Mother/Daughter Mouth play Multiple Prey Yuri

6. Hex Maniac by Franchise Writer [Reviews - 0] (3762 words)

Contain's: F/m, Underage character's, Breast feeding, Maternal, Infantilism, Lactation, Momdom, Shrinking, and Entrapment.

7. Roxie by Franchise Writer [Reviews - 1] (3411 words)

Contain's: Macro/Micro, FF/mm, Yuri, Filth, Sweat, Waterworks, Scat, Sadism, Torture, Stink, Drowning, Transformation

8. Scientist (Gen V) by NRawkGTS [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (1337 words)

For some, when shrinking technology becomes available it's time to play.  For this Scientist it also means it time for SCIENCE!


Contains: F/m, Vore, Unwilling detainment, Size Altering

9. Acerola by Franchise Writer [Reviews - 0] (4837 words)

Contain's: Micro/Macro, Shrinking, Vore, Nightmare play, Cruel Pred, Torture, Scat, Degradation, Underage, and Enslavement.



10. Liza and Tate by NRawkGTS [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarhalf-star (1608 words)

As the Pokémon worlds only official Double Battle Gym Leaders, Liza and her younger twin brother have a unique perspective of the new world order.


Contains: Unbirth, Humiliation, unwilling entrapment, Pokémon giantess

11. Team Skull by Franchise Writer [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (6764 words)

Contain's: Macro/Micro, Multiple Pred's, Cruelty, Enslavement, Sadism, Lot's of nasty shit, Waterworks, Scat, Snot, Sweat, Futanari, Transformation, and Yuri

12. Olivia by NRawkGTS [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (5419 words)

As a Kahuna, Olivia has much to worry about.  She has to run her shop, manage her Trial Captains, attend to Tapu Lele, make sure the peace is kept on Akala Island and test League hopefuls with her Grand Trial.  Maybe even get a boyfriend!  However, Trial Goers seem to be fewer and further between these days... and decent men even more so.


Contains: More story focused that smutt, but has Object Transformation, Gentle Giantess, Pokémon Giantess, Butt, Entrapment

13. Shauntal by NRawkGTS [Reviews - 1] (3470 words)

Noticing the interests of her audience shifting with the times, the Ghostly novelist of the Unova region prepares for her next hit book!


Contains: Stink fetish, Feet and Armpits, Butt, Entrapment, Vore and Digestion, Enslavement

14. Scientist (Gen V) II by NRawkGTS [Reviews - 1] (4021 words)

As with most of the best discoveries and advancements in the history of science, sometimes the best way to find the solution to a problem is to stumble into it.  Preferably in a dark, abandoned tunnel with no witnesses.


Contains:  Light blood, Vore, Entrapment and Enslavement

15. Preschooler (Gen VII) by NRawkGTS [Reviews - 2] (2664 words)

One man's vacation can easily become a little girl's lunch!


Contains: Underaged Pred, Vore, Entrapment, Butt and Digestion

16. Maid (Gen VI) by NRawkGTS [Reviews - 0] (2621 words)

With the introduction of shrinking technology into the Kalos region comes a new reward for victorious women... and a search for new employment for a certain household servant.


Contains: Vore, Butt, Unbirth, Breasts and Humiliation

17. Liza and Tate II by NRawkGTS [Reviews - 0] (5005 words)

In the face of an unexpected rescue, by an even less expected rescuer, that awaits the Challenger in Mossdeep Gym?


Contains: A LOT of Butt and Farting, some Humiliation and Conditioning with a dash of Vore for fun

18. Mysterious Sisters - Rune & Rime by Franchise Writer [Reviews - 0] (7039 words)

Contains: anal Vore, bad breath, cruel Pred, drowning, gullible pred, hairy pred, incest, multiple preds, poor hygiene, scat, sister/sister, smelly themes, sweat, torture underage pred, waterworks, and yuri.


19. Maylene and Bea by NRawkGTS [Reviews - 0] (2791 words)

Hosting a special guest all the way from the Galar Region, how will Sinnoh's own Fighting-type expert entertain her fellow martial artist?


Contains: Vore, Butt and Furry with mentions of Toilet/Scat at one point

20. Rylee [Lucario] by NRawkGTS [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (4964 words)

After suffering an overwhelming defeat at the hands of the Guardian Deity and Kahuna of Akala Island, the stranded Pokémon from the Shinnoh Region settle in to a new life in a tropical paradise.

Contains: Wholesome goodness.  Rylee is a good girl and deserves headpats :)

21. Pokemon Breeder Gen VI by Franchise Writer [Reviews - 0] (3491 words)

Contains: Macro/micro, Pokemon interactions, Futanari, Cruelty, and Insertion

22. Dawn by Franchise Writer [Reviews - 0] (2676 words)

Contain's: Macro/micro, Entrapment, Footplay, sweat, and sadism 


23. Wicke by NRawkGTS [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (8380 words)

Once focused on rescuing and protecting wild Pokémon, Lusamine shifts the Aether Foundations operations to raising and nurturing the shrunken Trainers in the Alola Region.  However, when approached by Moon and Acerola to become part of the system that subjects those poor, vulnerable 'children' to such cruelty, she has some conditions. Forced to take the role of Melemele Island's only Trial Captain, Wicke brings home a fresh batch of 'sons' waiting to be smothered in love and affection, safe from the women of the world that would torture them for their own amusement.  However, she can only directly raise so many 'sons'...

Contains: Mommydom, Willing and Unwilling Vore, Odor, Scat, Entrapment, Feet, Sweat and Breast Milk


24. Erika by Franchise Writer [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (2268 words)

Contains Cruel Preds, Entrapment, Transformation, and Watersports.




25. Klara by Franchise Writer [Reviews - 0] (4021 words)
Just a quickie I managed on the road awhile back but forgot to upload. I know quite a few people have wanted to see some Galar action, and I promise you, its coming.

Same with the review requests. We've recently added another writer to the series though, so chapters may vary substantially now with 3 of us. xD



26. Team Flare and Malva by 2KFSK [Reviews - 0] (2552 words)

My first chapter entry for this awesome series, focusing on one of my favorite underrated baddies of the entire show! Really hope you all like it ^_^

Contains: Multiple Giantesses, Mass Vore, Crush, Digestion, Feet, and Entrapment

27. Sarah and Harper by Franchise Writer [Reviews - 0] (8921 words)
Back for a new chapter. This ones special though and a tad longer then normal. It was actually a poll winning story over on our Discord Server. If you like what you see, come over and check us out. We do polls every so often and anything can be on there.

This Chapter Contains: Macro/Micro, Loli Preds. Multiple Preds, Uncaring Preds, Entrapment, sweat play, Body Odor, Scat, Watersports, and Grosser Elements.

28. Roxanne by NRawkGTS [Reviews - 1] (5291 words)

Tired of seeing young talent getting snuffed out before they had a chance to reach their full potential, Roxanne goes to confront Cynthia and try to get her to ban the shrinking technology.  When she returns, she’s in charge of a re-education pilot program with a class of shrunken men!

Contains: Not much since Roxanne doesn't want to hurt anyone!