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Author's Chapter Notes:

Contain's: F/M Female Pred Macro/Micro Male Prey Misty Mouth play Pokemon Shrinking swimming pool


“Now, Gyarados, use Hydro Pump!”


“D-Dodge it Oddish!”



Watching in horror, as the onlookers in the packed crowd of women cheered loudly in approval, the trainer who had challenged the Cerulean Gym Leader, Misty, was helpless as he watched the fiery-haired tomboy laugh in triumph as his Pokémon shot past him and out of the ring completely. The fight was over.


Falling to his knees as his eyes beaded in shock after what had just occurred, the trainer was rendered speechless now. He didn’t know she had a Pokémon as strong as that at her disposal! This… it was a setup! When he had first entered the gym, all the rookie trainers he encountered all used Magikarp or Goldeen!


But, Misty was no ordinary trainer… and now, he knew what was about to happen. It was the same thing that happened, to every trainer who lost. Cash was no longer the preferred currency of the world. And the stories he had heard, seemed to be true, as he watched the preteen pointing her Pokegear in his direction.


“P-P-Please, wait!!! I-I can pay you cash! I have the money! I-I’ll pay you double the losing fee! N-No, triple! Wait, don’t do this!!!”


Ignoring the pleas from her downed opponent, Misty’s eyes gleamed with mischievous as she shifted the small, digital dial on her watch, to half an inch, before activating her Poke app. “Sorry, but you lost fair and square, even with the type advantage on your side. You deserve everything that happens next~.” She winked before sticking her tongue out playfully at him, her fans screaming wildly in approval as they waited for the upcoming show, to begin.


Watching in shock as the world began to change around him, and his body slowly started to diminish, the trainer tried to run to the door, but he didn’t make it more than ten feet, before he tripped over his baggy pants, and completely disappeared inside of them.


Crossing her arms silently, Misty pointed to the trainer’s outfit before one of her fellow swimmers went over to it and fished around to find the young trainer. After a minute, he soon surfaced in her hands, the audience applauding happily as they sat in eager anticipation.


No one ever came here to watch people battle anymore. It was always for the show, Misty put on with her defeated opponents. It changed depending on what gender the loser was, but more often then not, it was a show to behold. As this one would no doubt be as well.


Gathering up the boy's clothes in her hand before tucking them under her arm, the young swimmer waved back to Misty as she pulled the hand that held the trainer back, before she threw him as hard as she could, into the far end of the pool. It was time for the show to begin!


Drinking in the cheers of approval from her fans, Misty gave them a bow, before dropping the white towel she had draped over her shoulders to the side of her feet. Stepping to the edge of the pool to bend over it, the redheaded preteen flashed a cheeky smile, before she dived forward, and submerged herself in the pool, cameras everywhere locking onto her as she swam with the grace of a mermaid, towards her destination…


Sputtering from the water he had choked on after being thrown into what felt like an ocean, the now naked and afraid boy looked around frantically as he treaded chlorinated water. Everywhere he looked, all he could see was water! The edge of the pool, it was too high to see beyond it!


All he could see past it… was the rabid circle of women in the audience, screaming hysterically, and pointing at him. This, it was wrong! Why did they throw him into the pool?! Gritting his teeth as he looked around, the fearful boy began to swim in a random direction, as he tried to discover some way to get out of here. He was going to drown if he tried to stay in there too long!


Every little ripple of the water, however, felt like a large wave batting him around, further sapping his already depleted strength. Why, did he feel so heavy?! What did the Gym Leader do to him with her app? He knew it could alter peoples bodies, but, he felt like the water was trying to suck him to the bottom!


Crying out as he thrashed his arms in a weak attempt to stay afloat, the loud scream of women grew in octive alerting him, to something else. Looking around in confusion, a sight soon froze the boy in his tracks, before it dawned on him why everyone was suddenly louder.


“N-No, g-get away from me! SOMEONE, HELP ME!!!” Turning away from the site of a swimmer quickly barreling toward’s him in the water, the shrunken boy cried in terror as he tried to escape the oncoming person, but, he didn’t even make it a foot in the water before the giantess was upon him.


Screaming as he waited for whoever it was to collide with him, the boy was soon left, confused, as he watched the giant form, suddenly submerge… before the water began to calm. Attempting to peer down in the dark blue waters he was in, the naked boy gulped fearfully before he felt a sudden pressure rise beneath him…


She was under him…


Screaming as much as the crowd did as Misty surface, all eyes fell on the smaller boy, now floating inside the redheaded mermaid’s mouth, as she captured him from below as she surface. Keeping her head tilted upwards as she held her prize in her gaping maw, Misty looked to her fans as she drank in their cheers and applause. She had definitely outdone herself with this catch. And, she was going to have fun playing with him before she ended their *private* show.


Thrashing wildly in the tomboy’s mouth as he felt her large tongue wiggling against the bottom of his feet, the challenger cried helplessly as he tried to swim away… but, there was nowhere else he could go, as he looked on the colossal walls of Misty’s cheeks.


It was like he was caught in a dome, and the only entrance and exit were above… and below him. Trying to climb out of the larger girl’s mouth, the boy didn’t get too far before the tongue that had been teasing him prior smacked him off of her cheek. She wasn’t about to let her prey get away.


Pointing to her open mouth, Misty continued to wave her hands as she tried to raise the audience’s excitement before she pointed down at the pool. Immediately boos rang out amusing the redhead. She already knew what they wanted. But she wanted to hear it.


Tapping her chin in mock thought, Misty looked around at the other women, before her finger slowly trailed down her neck, before finally settling on her white one-piece swimsuit’s belly, as she gently drew small circles across her navel.


Hearing screams of yes and cheers of do it, Misty quickly shrugged her shoulders, before chuckling through the water in her mouth. Her fans had spoken. To bad for the little guy. She kind of thought he was cute. Oh well though… maybe next time.


Watching as the now warm water he was wading in began to slowly bubble and shrink, the shrunken trainer tried to climb out of the larger girl’s mouth once again, but, as it had before, Misty’s tongue batted him down… this time, however, he didn’t surface, as a current now began to pull him down much to his horror.


Screaming as his air escaped his lungs, the trapped boy was slowly pulled down, before darkness overtook him, his last visions being, the pearly teeth of his captor, closing, and sealing his fate within the tomboy's athletic body…


Gulping as she swallowed her prey, pool water and all, Misty made a show of doing it slowly, as she pulled bit after bit of the water in the back of her mouth down, until finally she felt the tiny lump of the boy, vanish down her throat, the cameras on her specifically zooming in on her neck, as the women in the crowd screamed happily as they partook in the trainers demise to.


Sighing as her mouth was vacated from her guests sudden, departure, Misty grinned before bowing to her fans once more, before swimming back to her podium. Crawling out of her Olympic sized swimming pool and battle arena, the Cerulean Gym leader stood on her feet as one of her swimmers ran up to her before trapping her jacket back around her affectionately.


“Thanks~. I hope you liked the show. Now, send in the next one.”


Hearing more cries of approval as the entrance gate to the gym opened up, a boy in his late teens was quickly shoved in before it shut behind him leaving him locked, in a cage full of predators. Licking her lips as her hand gently rubbed her stuffed belly, Misty let out a soft burp to herself before pointing to her newest meal- C-Challenger, before nodding her head.


“Thank you for coming~. You’ll be the 20th trainer to face me today. Welcome to the Cerulean Gym, and, good luck~





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