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Author's Chapter Notes:

After suffering an overwhelming defeat at the hands of the Guardian Deity and Kahuna of Akala Island, the stranded Pokémon from the Shinnoh Region settle in to a new life in a tropical paradise.

Contains: Wholesome goodness.  Rylee is a good girl and deserves headpats :)

The Alola Region had always been the destination of choice for a tropical getaway, no matter the reason.  From sunny beaches to snow-covered mountains, Alola was a dream vacation location.  The friendly locals welcome everyone with smiles and the exotic Pokémon that could only be found on the archipelago draw in trainers and fanatics from around the globe.

One such couple were exploring the wilderness around Akala Island's Wela Volcano Park.  Sitting up on a large rock protruding from the ground, the young girl watched as her boyfriend was laying out some Honey that they bought over on Melemele Island to attract some Pokémon.  "Darling, how much longer?"  She asked, fanning herself and pulling on the collar of her strapless dress to air out her chest.  "I want a cute little Salandit today.  If you don't get me one I'll make you run around the island all by yourself and find a new boyfriend once you 'disappear'."  She teased cheerily.

"I-It shouldn't be long Sweetie, I promise."  The young man replied nervously.  "But please don't joke about things like that, it's terrifying enough when girls stare at me and you're not around."

"Who said I was joking?"  She asked, in a much less playful manner but still smiling.  "You make me happy and get me whatever I want, so I haven't shrunk you yet myself since you asked so nicely.  Upset me and I have no reason to keep you around."

"I promise, I'll get you the best Salandit on the island!  Just be a little patient, okay?"  He assured her, sweating profusely and only partially because of the heat.

"Fine..."  She replied, reaching into her bag and pulling out a small case.  Opening it up, a disappointed expression crossed her face and she slammed the case shut.  "Tch, out of Tinies...  Okay, new plan.  If you don't get me a cute little Salandit I'll have to entertain myself with you.  If you survive I promise to unshrink you though."

Horrified, the young man was unable to turn away from the hopeful gaze of his girlfriend until he heard a rustle in the bushes behind him.  "Please be a good Salandit!"  He prayer silently, turning around hoping to find, ideally, a female Toxic Lizard to appease his girlfriend.  However, the Pokémon that emerged from the tall grass wasn't a Salandit, or even any other Pokémon normally found on Akala Island in the wild, but a Lucario!

It's fur was beautifully groomed and well maintained with a lustrous sheen in the mild sunlight.  Looking around and sniffing, the Aura Pokémon saw the boy holding a jar of sweet smelling honey and licked its lips.

"A Lucario here?  I thought they only show up on Poni Island."  He remarked in disbelief, reaching for his Pokéball as it approached him.  "Does it have a trainer nearby?"  He thought, seeing a pink armband around it's right wrist.  "Well, I'll just apologize to them if they show up later."  He decided, seeing the Lucario getting into a battle stance.  "Go Skrelp!"

She didn't want to be out in the heat, at least not without her Master.  Weather never bothered her when she got to travel with him, and they'd get to play together often.  Then, she took him from her.  That older woman with the dark skin now held her Master captive!  If it hadn't been for that Island Guardian, she was sure she and her Master could have beaten the woman too, even if the other two humans Master traveled with were defeated.

Really, she didn't like the other two that much anyway.  They teased her Master all the time and would pull on her ears, tail and Aura sensors.  The friend of her Master's brother even touched her butt once, but she made sure he'd never do that again.  A small part of her was happy to see them defeated and captured by the woman, since she would have gotten to spend more time with her beloved Master... but then they lost as well and by the time she woke up she was surrounded by her teammates and the woman and Master were gone.

She immediately went and stole her now diminutive Master back from the dark skinned woman, but he disappeared without a trace that night while she slept.  She knew it was that woman again, and sure enough the next day she found her Master sitting on the woman's shoulder again.  When she went to rescue her Master again, the woman stopped her and told her that she couldn't take him far enough away that she couldn't bring him back to her.  The woman then offered her a simple deal, and in the interest of getting her Master back, Rylee accepted.

And thus, she had to tolerate the oppressive heat of the nature park near the volcano as she hunted.  She needed to avoid over hunting certain areas, but the days she comes here she hates the most.  Still, while searching through the tall grass, Rylee's acute sense of smell picked up the alluring scent of something sweet close by.  Following her nose, she found herself stepping into a clearing with a young couple, the man holding a jar of honey.  The smell was so enticing, she licked her lips.

The man turned around to face her and looked surprised.  "A Lucario here?  I thought they only show up on Poni Island."

She saw the Pokéball on the man's hip as he reached for it, so Rylee got ready to fight back.  If everything went well, she could also get that tasty smelling honey!

"Go Skrelp!"  He yelled, tossing out his Pokémon.  In a flash of light, the Mock Kelp Pokémon appeared with a battle cry.  Despite the sizeable height difference, Skelp faced Rylee with confidence.

Rlyee didn't know what to make of the strange, brown and purple creature.  Given it's poor mobility on land, lack of wings and its small fins, she figured it was a Water-type Pokémon in some way but beyond that was a mystery.

[Don't worry.  I know you can handle this, Rylee!]  She could hear her Master encouraging her, like he would have in the past.  The woman might have separated them, but her memories of his instructions were etched in her heart.

"Use Aqua Tail."  The man commanded, initiating the first attack.  His Skrelp awkwardly stabilized itself on its three-fin tail as water gathered around it and launched the small Pokémon towards its opponent.

[He's much slower than you, but we still don't know what it's capable of.  Dodge and use Power-Up Punch.]

Her Master, for as excitable as he could be any other time, could calmly and rationally assess their opponents strengths and quickly think up counter strategies in the heat of battle.  His instructions were always precise, ending matches quickly with minimal damage to her or his other Pokémon.  She easily side-stepped the attack as the airborne Skrelp flipped around and brought a tail of water down where she was.  Clenching her paw into a fist, as an orangey aura enveloped it, she countered with a clean blow to Skrelp's soft body, sending it back towards it's Trainer.

"Wow, that was a powerful attack.  It's definitely not a wild Pokémon."  The man remarked, as Skrelp landed more or less fine by his side.

"Well for your sake, I hope you win."  His girlfriend said, becoming interested in the match.

[Don't let them catch their breath!  Hit them with another Power-Up Punch and follow it up with...]

That was right.  Push the advantage, keep your opponent off balance and think two or three moves ahead.  Rylee wasn't ever going to lose again.  She charged at the man's Pokémon, coating her fist in an orangey aura once again.

"What do yo- oh Trubbish!  Double Team!  Then hit it with a Hydro Pump."  The young man instructed quickly, not expecting the Lucario to attack so quickly.

Just as her fist was about to connect with the little brown Pokémon, Rylee's punch passed right through it was several duplicates appeared surrounding her.  Looking around in a bit of a panic, she saw all the images inhale deeply and reel their heads back in preparation to unleash the devastating attack.

[Keep calm, don't let them distract you.  Focus, use Detect to find the real one, dodge and counter.]

Steadying her breathing, Rylee ignited her Aura and spread it out over the field just as the opposing Skrelp images shot a powerful jet of water right at her.  However, thanks to her increased focus, the lone Lucario felt the position of the real attack and ducked under it by a hair's breadth.  Lunging at the image before it could get away, she threw out a furry fist clad in orange energy and felt it connect!

Once more, Skrelp was sent flying, once again sustaining a bit more damage than last time, but still more than capable of continuing the fight.  "Man, this Lucario is tough, and even with Skrelp's Adaptability this heat is draining most of the power from his attacks.  If only it wasn't a Steel-type, Gunk Shot is our strongest move but it's useless here."  He thought, wracking his brain.

With her opponent on the defensive still, Rylee pressed her attack, chasing after her opponent with a Bone Rush.

"Oh no!  Keep up that Double Team  don't get hit!"  The man cautioned.  Even with the majority of its HP left, Skrelp couldn't handle a super-effective hit at this point.

Under a blindingly fast assault from the abnormally strong Lucario, the man's Skrelp was only able to dodge by the barest of margins thanks to it's Double Team throwing off what would usually be masterfully precise strikes.  Still, the mental strain of narrowly dodging such powered up, heavy blows was exhausting.

"Good, now use Hydro Pump!"  The man called out, seeing the pace of the Bone Rush slowing.

Without missing a beat, his Skrelp hopped forward, avoiding the last strike and positioning itself directly under Rylee's hunched over and slightly winded body.  Puffing out its chest as it drew in what little water it could, a torrential burst shot out of Skrelp's snout and connected to Rylee's stomach, sending her flying high from the impact.

A whimpering growl escaped her mouth as Rylee felt her feet leave the ground, the rush of ascending quickly disoriented her.  For an instant she floated in the air as upward momentum turned to downward pull, the Skrelp directly below her waiting.

"Okay, it can't escape anymore, hit it with Aqua Tail and don't let up."  Skrelp's trainer was eager to finish the battle, hopefully before the Lucario's trainer came along and accused him of bullying the Pokémon.  Water gathered around the Mock Kelp Pokémon's tail once again and it sprung up to meet its free falling target.

[Here they come, hit it with a Meteor Mash!]

Righting herself at the phantom command, Rylee swung a paw cloaked in a steely grey aura down onto her opponent at the same time its Aqua Tail connected with her stomach.  Both Pokémon were sent reeling for the other's attack, Rylee catching herself but landing a bit rougher than she had intended while Skrelp plummeted straight to the ground and kicked up a cloud of dirt and grass.

"Skrelp!  A-Are you alright?"  The man asked.  As the dust settled, the small Poison/Water Pokémon was struggling back to its fins, just barely standing.  "Oh no!  Just a second, I'll get you a Super Potion."  He said, running over to his injured Pokémon pulling an orange and yellow spray bottle for his pack and administering the medical solution.  He could see some of the more serious injuries healing immediately, but his moment of relief was interrupted as a shadow fell over them and a pair of black, furred legs appeared on the opposite side of Skrelp from him.

[Alright Rylee, end this was a Bone Rush and I'll brush you lots tonight!]

Her attack only hit twice, but it was super effective.  The first hit lifted Skrelp off the ground, the second sending him into the rock the girl was sitting on.  For a split second, Rylee turned to smile to her Master, smiling that she had been victorious, but her wasn't there.  She had won on her own, but it wasn't satisfying at all.

"This Lucario definitely belongs to a strong trainer, no wild Pokémon could battle like this."  The man reasoned aloud.

"Well, duh!  Of course it would be since it belongs to Olivia."  His girlfriend stated, sighing disappointedly as she stood up and jumped down from her seat.  "And here you hired me for protection against girls challenging you, now you go and lose a battle against her proxy."  Gently, she picked up his Skrelp and walked over to where he and Rylee stood.

Rylee didn't take too kindly to being called that woman's Pokémon and glared that the girl.

"What!?  What are you talking about?"  The man asked in a panic, his voice cracking.  "Y-You're j-j-joking, right?"

"Nope, kinda wish I was since you're such an easy meal ticket and if I'm being honest I was already planning on keeping you all for myself once you couldn't afford to pay me anymore.  Just look at the emblem on the armband, it's Akala Island's Kahuna's stamp."  She explained, taking the Pokéball for his injured Pokémon from his belt.  "Remember the nice hotel lady that tried to battle you last night?"

"Y-Yeah... and you almost let her."  He replied, recognizing the embroidered pattern on the Rylee's armband.

"Well she told me that there was a Lucario on the island that battles trainers and takes the ones it beats back to Olivia for some reason.  I hear she'll turn you into a piece of jewelry to sell in her store!  Maybe I'll come by to purchase you."  She giggled thinking of the possible accessories he might become.  "Either way, thanks for the vacation and if it makes you feel any better, I'm a little sad to see you go."

"Wait, y-you can't just leave me!  Please, help me!"  The man begged, trying to crawl after her only to have the collar of his shirt grabbed by Rylee.

She had been patient since he had a companion with him, saying a final good-bye was important, but she wasn't about to let her prize get away.

"Sorry, no can do, 'Darling'.  It's super lame to try and take another girl's winnings.  I'll take good care of your Pokémon though."  The girl refused, gathering her things and letting out a sigh.  "And I guess I'll have to catch that Salandit myself.  Bye, maybe I'll see you later."

With that, the girl walked away, disappearing into the tall grass and the man began to fight to break Rylee's grip on him.  However, with his companion gone, Rylee delivered a 'gentle' chop to the back of his neck, knocking him out hopefully long enough for her to get back to Konikoni City.  Throwing the man over her shoulder, and picking up the jar that drew her to him in the first place, she likewise entered the tall grass.

Once again, it was a pretty slow day for Olivia's accessory shop.  Despite her stock now consisting more of Trainer-crystal stock than normal jewelry, they tended to be a bit more pricey.  Still, her store was doing much better since she started shipping internationally thanks to regular orders from Celadon, Hearthome, and Laverre cities and the partnership she had with Elesa's agency.  However, few local customers and a constant flow of foreign orders kept the dark skinned woman plenty busy.  In her workshop, she had just finished receiving the materials for some commissioned items and sat down to get to work.

"I'll get a few custom orders done first and then start working on those gifts Cynthia requisitioned for the Galarian Gym Leaders."  She thought, opening a small box sent from the Sinnoh Region.  In it was a note from the customer.

[I found my boyfriend cheating on me with another girl.  He claimed that she coerced him into it, but she said he had claimed to be single and dumped me because I wasn't into butt stuff.  Well I think I should give it a try now, and he will be the perfect toy in helping me explore its merits.  If possible, I'd like his senses to be as enhanced as possible, so he can properly appreciate what he gave up chasing skirts!  Typing: Rock/Fire (I hear they're warm), Shape: Something that won't slip out, Trim: I have an allergy to gold, so anything but that, Size: 8 inches (a goal to work towards).  Thanks!]

Stifling an amused giggle, Olivia pulled out a naked 2 inch tall man from the box.  "Well, I don't know if you were actually threatened into cheating on your girlfriend or just caught, but either way I'll thank you for the business."  She said, smiling down at him as she picked up her all-too-lazy Rotom Dex and synced the shrunken man to her app.  Selecting her Trainer-crystal settings, she was about to get to work when she heard a commotion out behind her store.

"No, let me go!  Don't do this!"  A man's voice protested and she could tell he had a slight accent in his panicked tone.

"Oh!  Rylee must be here!"  Olivia exclaimed gleefully, putting the man she was holding in a vice and switched the active profile on her Shrink-Ray app over to her favorite trainer.  Pressing the button to activate his Teleport move, the little boy appeared in her hand and she got up to head outside.  "Your Rylee is here so I thought you'd like to see her."  The boy still had yet to develop a fear of the accomplished woman, but his smile only brightened at the mention of his best friend.  Exiting out the back door, Olivia was greeted with the sight of Rylee restraining an obvious tourist, and a pretty cute one at that.

"I-I know, I can get you more honey!  How about it?  Just let me go and-"  The man was trying to bargain his way out, hoping he still had time.

However, he didn't as a pink, high-heeled sandal came down in front of his face.  "I'm afraid I'm the only one with something cute little Rylee here wants."  The tanned Kahuna said smiling down at him.  "He's cute and tiny and riding on my shoulder right now.  Her Trainer."  Motioning to the shrunken boy, she crouched down to get a better look at Rylee's latest catch.

"Please, let me go.  We haven't even battled, so you can't claim me as a prize anyway."  He asked, though despair was slowly sinking in for his situation and the look in the woman's eye wasn't helping either.

"But you fought Rylee, yes?"  She asked back, signaling for the Pokémon currently glaring at her to get off him.  She had already demonstrated what happens if Rylee gets impatient and tries to grab her Master, but that didn't stop Rylee doing her best demonstrations of what a Lucario Mean Look or Scary Face might look like.

Getting up, the man fought the urge to run since he was already unsuccessful at that once before and resolved to trying to settle this as negotiation.  "Well, yes but-"

"And you lost?"  She asked, cutting him off.

"T-Technically speaking, yes.  But I thou-"  He admitted, trying to explain.

"Well then 'we' technically did battle.  That armband she wears represented the authority of Akala's Kahuna, so losing to her means losing to me."  Olivia explained, as if to end the conversation there, and extended a hand holding the tiny boy towards the aforementioned Lucario.  "This one looks promising, so I'll give you two days for him."

Rylee stopped her low growling hearing Olivia's offer and looked excited, holding out her paws for her beloved Master to climb onto.  He wasted no time, jumping from hand to paw with a smile matching his Pokémon's.

"Remember to have him back on time."  Olivia warned playfully as Rylee cupped her paws together protectively and held them close to her chest.

With her objective complete, Rylee glared at Olivia once more before jumping to a nearby rooftop and taking off towards the jungle leaving an terrified man and an empty jar behind.

After their Master was defeated by the intimidating tanned lady, the foreign team of Pokémon found a small cave next to a pond with a waterfall to settle in.  Well, most of them did.  After Grotle evolved into a Torterra he wasn't comfortable sleeping in the dark and instead rathered basking in the sun nearby.  Staravia's nesting also laid unused after he evolved into a Staraptor, flying off North one day saying it would be back sometime, but that was months ago.  Rylee and the rest still believed in their teammate, not one of them would abandon the others or least of all their Master.

Arriving in the clearing, Rylee barked to announce that she had returned, but Torterra simply continued to sunbathe and Luxray was about to go train in the jungle.  She then showed that she brought Master back and they both came running over.  They were always happy when she was able to bring Master back, even if that woman took him away shortly after.  The most important part was that they knew he wasn't being mistreated.

"Terry, you're looking a little thick in your gut.  Are you lazing around all day and not training?"  The boy immediately asked jokingly partially through his Telepathy Ability, equally happy to see his former team.  "And Lucy, your fur looks beautiful as always.  If we get time later I'll give you a tummy rub, okay?"

Terry sheepishly looked away from his tiny Master, he knew he was slacking off on his training but ever since becoming a Torterra bulking up and focusing on defense was more natural for him.  Still, he knew he could stand to move around a bit move each day.

Lucy purred happily at the compliment and attempted to lick her Master like she always used to, but given the size difference he stuck to her tongue and was lifted off Rylee's paws instead!  It wasn't the first time this had happened, nor would it be the last, since it was a habit that was hard to break.  Still, as Rylee quick peeled him of the semi-rough oral muscle Lucy was at least proud that she hadn't accidentally drawn him into her mouth like she did the first time she licked him post-shrink.

With a combination of soft barks and growls, Rylee warned Lucy to be more careful for the thousandth time.  Lucy looked apologetically at the boy and mewed softly.

"Don't worry, I'm happy to see you all too."  The boy assured, wiping the thick layer of saliva from his face, though his custom tiny clothes were now soaked through.  "I guess Stanly still isn't back yet..."

Rylee told Lucy to go train while she looked after their Master for a bit and she could look after him when she was done.  With an eager bounce to her step, Lucy disappeared into the forest and Rylee went over to the pond.  Gently stripping the tiny boy once she was by the water's edge, she rubbed the clothing gently between her paws in the water to wash them.  Once she was done, she laid them out on one of the branches growing from the tree growing on Terry's back as he settled in to resume his sunbathing.

Realizing she was covered in dirt and grime from her earlier hunt and her mouth was slightly sticky from honey, Rylee decided to jump into the pond to clean herself up a bit, and so she could keep an eye on Master while he played in the water.  While washing up, she felt the tiny boy swim over to her and climb her back to her head.

"I'm not much help anymore, but I can at least get behind your ears."  He offered, scrubbing in all the right places like he was always able to do.

Her tail wagged happily in the water as she continued to clean herself, Rylee made sure to not make any sudden movements that might knock her Master off.  Some of the local Chinchou, Wishiwashi and Magikarp visited to play as well, but she had to chase them away for Master's sake.  Well, except for the Magikarps, the only thing dangerous about the Fish Pokémon is the fact that they can evolve into Gyarados.  Even if one accidentally swallowed the tiny boy, it's more likely cough him up just as coincidentally.

As much as she didn't like it, her Master also helped clean in between her toes as well when the time came.  She had witnessed many human girls making shrunken boys clean their toes in various ways in the past and it was always to humiliate them, so beyond how dirty and smelly her feet were, Rylee hated the fact that she allowed her Master to be in such a demeaning position.  He was just so good at getting all the knotted fur untangled and even if she reflexively scrunched her toes in pleasure occasionally, she immediately let him go and made sure he was okay.  He always laughed and was happy he was making her feel good, but Rylee still didn't like when it happened.

After bathing and playing a bit, Rylee shook off as much excess water as she could and laid down on her 'drying' rock.  Despite the relatively short amount of time that had passed since she left, Lucy returned from running her course, out of breath, and insisted on looking after Master while Rylee dried off.  Unlike her own Jolly nature, Lucy was a bit Naive and if not watched properly might end up accidentally injuring Master, like when she almost swallowed him!  However, Master trusted all of his Pokémon and it would take more than almost getting swallowed alive once... or twice... or more to deter him.  It was also clear he had a bias towards spending time with Rylee since they knew each other the longest, so this was an opportunity to bond with the playful Electric-type.

With little say in the matter since she herself did also promise to let her, Rylee cautioned Luxray to be careful and not to eat Master.  Lucy glared back as she picked up the tiny boy with her mouth and ran off into the jungle.  At the mercy of the Alola weather to finish drying off, Rylee drifted off to sleep as she stared up at the clouds floating by.

Hours later and completely dry, Rylee awoke and realized that she now had to brush her fur.  Entering the cave to retrieve her brush, she saw that Lucy was back and sleeping in her bedding together with Master.  It was reassuring to see he was safe and sound, not that she believed Lucy would do anything to him on purpose... though his hair did show signs of having been soaked in slobber again.  Grooming herself back to her standards, Rylee knew she still had some training of her own to do.  As she was leaving, she noticed Master awake and signalling her, wanting to come and watch her train.

She happily brought him along and practiced her fighting techniques, footwork and move precision while he watched and offered pointers and insights on any imperfection he could notice.  It was at times like these Rylee felt the most happy, like how they were before that woman and Tapu Lele ruined everything.  Traveling together, bathing together, eating together, training together, they weren't special occasions she had to trade a defeated trainer for... at least they shouldn't be.

That night Rylee laid awake, curled up with Master and Lucy on Terry's back, and wondered how the Skrelp she defeated was doing.  Did he get treated?  Would that girl really take care of him?  But most importantly... was his trainer as special to him as Master was to her?  If so, then she was no better than that woman, separating partners that loved and trusted one another just to get what she wanted.  Master obviously knew what she was doing but never once reprimanded her for it, he was too kind to.  She knew it was wrong... she knew she was a bad girl, but it was for Master's sake.  There was nothing she wouldn't do for her beloved Master.  She'd fight an Island Guardian, or even the legendary dragons of Space and Time from their home region.  She'd defeat and break up as many teams as she needed, or sell her very soul to Arceus himself if need be, and if even that didn't work...

Still, there was the other part of her deal with the dark skinned homewrecker.  That was her only hope.

Pulling Master closer, she just had to make sure to make the most of the next day.

Hau'oli City

The sun was well in the sky when the first Ferry from the mainland of the day pulled into the Marina docks.  Tourists and returning locals disembarked as well as a fresh group of foreign trainers hoping to challenge the Alola League.  Most were young men, hoping to take the Champion seat for themselves and, if the rumors were to be believed, reverse all the laws and regulations put in place to allow female trainers the right to shrink them if they lost.

One of the passengers stepping off the boat was a woman in her early to mid thirties with long green hair in a very flattering sundress and sunglasses.  In her hand were three would-be Island Challengers that she decided to play with before landing.  "Well, it was a fun little trip to get here, but I didn't leave Sinnoh for a vacation."  She said to herself, putting the boys in her purse for later fun as she heard the flapping of wings above her.  Looking up, the woman saw a Staraptor perched on one of the many street lights looking back at her.  "Alright Stanly.  Where are my boys?"

To be continued...

Chapter End Notes:

So a continuation of my Olivia chapter sort of at the request of Foxinbox.  I did want to write more of Rylee and her Master already, but seeing a bit of interest from a reader had me lock it in my queue.


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