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Author's Chapter Notes:
/AUTHOR'S NOTE/: I can't edit the tags without crashing my browser. This story contains; Giantesses in the 114-120 ft range. Giantess lesbian intercourse. Mentioned or implied violence. Body worship via tinies. A giantess with a penis.

They didn't know where she came from or who she was but for the better part of the last two days, she'd been tearing up the greater Spokane area and was headed their way. Despite her size, nothing seemed to slow her down. Police, army, nothing. The residents of the sleepy suburb of Oakdale, Washington, gathered at the local hall to discuss the coming cataclysm. Some people decided to flee, perhaps the most reasoned plan floated by the assembly. Others wanted to batten down the hatches and hide, try to hold out as if this 120ft tall woman was a tornado.

"Tornados don't think. They don't target. They're forces of nature, exacting the will of the land." A solemn voice declared from the back.
"You can hide from her all you want, but if her recent endeavours have been any indication, she's going to level this town before she decides to move on."

The gathered residents murmured worriedly before a man behind a podium, a local community figure, hushed the crowd.

"What do you suggest?" The figure asked, fearful Incredulity hanging off the question. The lone man stood for a second, head down as a large trucker cap, emblazoned with the words "BECK'S RIGGING AND TOW SERVICE" obscured his face. He lifted his head to meet the crowd, revealing a grizzled gray beard and tired leathery face. He grinned.


The world from a birds eye view was a different one. The change in perspective was dizzying and the vertigo brought her more discomfort than the tiny bugs that were trying to stop her but she acclimated quickly, assuming her goddesshood with a frightening ease.

She didn't want it to be this way, she simply wanted to have fun with the world below but the retaliatory efforts against her meant that the time for pleasantries had long passed. At first she felt no glee as she stepped on homes, crushed the toy cars, and smeared the tiny bugs into the pavement beneath her beautiful soles, but in time, she came to enjoy it. Savour it. Crave it.

She stood 120ft high, her gorgeous blonde hair tumbling past her shoulders and along her slender back. Her power juxtaposed her softness. Her smooth skin, her pert breasts, her soft round bottom, her shapely legs. She was a vision of unstoppable feminine beauty and power, a fact she revelled in when she used her enormous cock to wreak havoc on the world below. Her curious feature was one that she was proud of. It was a beautiful penis to be sure. A perfect balance of length and girth, a pleasing shape, and some big soft balls that swung free and defiant of those who were intolerant of her biology as she made her way across the hapless state. She couldn't care less what the insects thought of her now. She was here, unapologetic and brazen as she strode with indomitable confidence, her wrath in tow.

She had taken her time to clean up some of the surrounding structures on the outskirts of Oakdale before heading deeper into the suburb. The residential areas of town basked in the green splendour of the Washington state with rows of trees lining boulevard upon boulevard that shrouded the streets below. The roar of an engine caught her attention. A toy truck, fleeing at the sight of her. She grinned, giving chase with all the force her powerful legs could muster. The truck took a sharp turn down a street of quaint homes and she followed intently, tracking her minuscule prey as best she could through the thick layer of trees that brushed against her shins. She caught fleeting glimpses of white paint and chrome through the brush, quickening her pace to pounce upon her prey, ignorant to the trap that had been prepared.

More engines flared, toy trucks she couldn't see roared to life, pulling the steel wires taught, tripping the titaness. She spun as she fell, crashing her back into the pavement below. Confused, she wrestled to regain control and spring to her feet when the sharp surge of electricity shot through her massive form. Instantly, the entire neighbourhood's electricity was routed into the fallen giantess's snare. She spasmed violently as the street lights flickered, bulbs shattering in a spray of glass that rained onto the street below. With every fibre of her being, she furiously fought the paralyzing sensation the surge wrought upon her body, drifting slowly into unconsciousness as she writhed in pain before she closed her eyes and slept.


Had they won? Was she dead? The people of Oakdale cheered as the rampage of the giant girl had seemingly been ended. They checked her vitals quickly, easily finding the pulse of giant girl. She was alive, unconscious but for how long? Francis Beckett had accounted for this and enacted phase 2 of his plan. Every vehicle in the suburb arrived along with his fleet of towing vehicles. All manner of cable and chain were fastened to the sleeping titaness, binding her to trucks, trees, houses, and even the earth itself as anchors were bored deep into the ground. The people held their breath and prayed that these restraints would hold, god help them if they didn't.


Her head was pounding like it was the Monday morning after a weekend bender. Her body felt sore, her muscles ached as if they had been scrambled from the inside. Rousing from her induced slumber, she tried to stand, feeling only the sensation of cold steel straining against her gigantic figure. She opened her groggy eyes to see the inspect the source of her captivity and decide upon whom her wrath should fall upon. Turning her head, she spied a massive tow truck with the words "BECK'S RIGGING AND TOW SERVICE" painted in bright yellow along the side. Several other machines of similar origin surrounded her, each one fastened to an ankle or wrist. Lifting her head further, she felt the steel wire and chain press deeply into her soft skin, almost tight enough to choke her as the restraints around her neck groaned with each movement of her inquisitive head.

Her struggles had not gone unnoticed. The victorious people of Oakdale had camped out around their captured prize, standing vigil. Many gasped, some screamed, as the titaness regained her consciousness, now fully aware of her current predicament.

"You little shits better let me out of this or you're going to WISH YOU WERE NEVER BORN!" The bound giantess screamed. Her voice brought a few people to their knees at the sheer volume of her command. Some deliberated before the man in the large trucker cap pushed through the crowd to approach the angry goddess.

"I'm afraid that's out of the question, little lady." The insect spoke, his words infuriating her more with each syllable.
"Besides, unless you want another pull off the power grid, I think you're in no position to be making demands."

She stared at this man, this pest that dared approach her, with a glare that would make even the sternest of souls shake with fear. He had nerve, she wanted to break it.

"You're the dipshit that set all this up, then?" She inquired, deep blue-green eyes as large as dinner plates staring the tiny man down.

"Yessiree, ma'am. I'm Beck. And you are...?" He asked back.

"Unimpressed." She retorted.
"You think I can't bust out of this? You must really be stupid or have some kind of death wish." She said dismissively, hoping her smugness would sway her audience as the nervous residents stared on at the exchange.

"I'll tell you what." She continued. "If you let me go, I won't fuck up everybody in town. I'll be merciful, my punishment will be swift and indiscriminate but I'll leave with a few houses still standing. If you don't untie me in the next 30 seconds, I am going to break out of these wimpy little holds and wipe this whole county off the fucking map. Agreeable?"

Her threat wasn't empty. She had a mean streak a mile long and would be more than willing to exact her wrath upon the insects that were burdening her. Beck merely walked away into the crowd, grinning a victorious grin. Concerned people approached him, asking him what they should do.

"She's bluffing. She's a worse liar than I am." Beck declared confidently.
"If she makes a move, the straps will hold, and if they don't, we'll hit 'er with some more juice."

She was furious that this insect turned his back to her. She was furious that she was being dismissed so easily. She was furious that he might be right. Even if she could break free, the ad hoc electrocution was unbearable. She was tough, almost damn near invincible. She happily shrugged off small arms fire and military ordinance like it was nothing, a glancing shell from a tank leaving so much as a welt on her skin. But for as little damage it did, she felt it all. Acting without fear of serious injury helped her fight through the pain, but the electricity was so much worse than anything she faced before. They couldn't kill her, at least, she didn't think they could, but the pain of trying was real. She had to try and break free. She had no other choice.

"Y'know what? Fuck 30. 10..9.." The bound goddess began to count with as much menace as she could muster.


Three outcomes were possible. Best case scenario, the tiny people caved under her threat and relented.


Second best, she could break free and exact her swift and terrible retribution upon her captors.


Worst case, her efforts to achieve her freedom were for naught and she received another powerful jolt.


A brief moment passed as the giantess stared down the tiny people who had subjected her to this cold steel bondage. Furious at their unwavering decision to leave her restrained, she thrashed at her chains and cables wildly, pulling and stretch in every direction she could. The force was violent, shaking the very earth beneath her beautiful body as she tried to escape. Trees were ripped loose from the soil, chains groaned and snapped, but it was to no avail. There were too many restraints. Too many anchors weighing her down, even for her tremendous size and strength. Furious and desperate, the captures goddess cried out.

"When my girlfriend gets here, you fuckers are DEAD!"

A few of the crew once again looked to Beck, puzzled at what her warning had meant. He simply shrugged it off. She had already proved to be a liar, this was nothing more. Having seen enough, he flipped the switch, once again routing the electricity into the thrashing titaness. She roared in pain as she convulsed, slipping into unconsciousness once more as her last agonized cry echoed across the quiet suburb. Shaking his head as he smiled a satisfied smile, Francis Beckett ran a hand along the giant girl's thigh, his mind racing at the possibilities. He had captured a unique, lucrative prize indeed.


The sharpness of the evening air snapped the giantess to her senses. Slowly, she stirred once more, surveying the scene around her for a second time. As night fell, the streets seemed to have been evacuated, her body walled in by some canvas covered fences. All sorts of trash and garbage littered the street around her, balloons tied to street lights and mailboxes lazily drooped as their helium had long since bled. People had been here, they had been celebrating. She turned her head, fighting against the restraints that held her neck as she tried to process all the information in front of her. Her eyes landed upon a sign painted on a large sheet of plywood. "TAKE A PICTURE WITH THE GIANT WOMAN $20!!"

She wanted to scream, to have her wrathful frustration be heard, but couldn't. More cables and metal had been stuffed into her mouth like some sort of makeshift ballgag. She couldn't speak, she couldn't yell. She fidgeted uncomfortably in her restraints, feeling a curious sensation ripple through her abdomen. Looking down, she saw sheets of tarpaulin covering her naked body, perhaps in the vain attempt to give the giant girl some modesty. The cold sheets tickled her skin.

Her anger had reached a fever pitch. She had been made a trophy. A freak show attraction, profited upon by the very people she was meant to rule. She envisioned the day's events in her head, sickened by the throngs of insects that flocked to see the mighty giantess so utterly humiliated, content to take pictures with the murderous beast that had killed thousands, but god forbid they see her naked.

"She's awake." A familiar voice said in the distant darkness. Illuminated by the embers of a fading cigar, Beck sat at the controls of a tow truck, watching.

"Thank you so much, Mr. Beckett. We cannot begin to express our gratitude enough for this opportunity." An unknown voice proclaimed.

"Certainly, I hope she's worth every penny." Beck retorted.

She jolted against the restraints as he spoke. She was not some property to be sold, least of all by him. She glared, her deep blue-green eyes shooting daggers at the old man as he simply sat and stared back.

"She's spectacular." The unknown voice said, coming into view. Slowly, a man approached the trapped titaness, several more people, men and women, trailing behind.

"Don't worry, my dear, we're going to be gentle." The man spoke. She couldn't fully see the group, but they didn't look military or police. No uniforms of any kind, only a few balaclavas obscuring the faces of some of the people. The man, presumably some sort of leader, walked up to her, laying a hand gently on her side. She revolted at the touch, furious that this insect would dare lay a hand upon her. But the man was not content to just touch the giantess. Reaching along the tarp, the man climbed up onto the goddess's chest, bringing himself face to face with the giant girl.

"You are absolutely gorgeous." He said in stunned amazement.
"We cannot believe you're real. We're.. We're part of a club, I guess you could call it. We enjoy exploring certain.. 'Adventurous' fetishes and niche kinks. You, you are the stuff of dreams, my dear. Mr. Beckett, please undo her gag."

The old man hopped off his seat and went to the control panel of the tow truck keeping her gag taut. Quickly, the wires and straps loosened, the metallic taste that had polluted her palate lingering. She stared at the strange man atop her chest, uncertain of what would come next.

"Please, don't worry. We're going to make this as pleasurable for you as it will be for us." The man said gently. She spat in defiance, thoroughly covering the tiny man in a thick gob of saliva. He wiped the mess clean from his eyes and sighed.

"Mr. Beckett. You can put the gag back in."

Sure enough, the whir of motors began to churn as the cables pulled into the giantess' face. She tried to resist, but the cables dug into her closed lips. Relenting to the mechanical tension of her restraints, the trapped goddess cried out, only muffled gasps escaping her soft lips.

The leader hopped off her body, wiping more spit from his hair as he signalled for the group to begin removing the tarp. One by one, bodies flocked to her chest and crotch, undoing the fastenings that kept the sheets of cold material tight against her naked form. With a heave, the tarp that covered her chest was pulled free, her soft, luscious breasts gleaming with cold sweat in the moonlight. Her nipples stood firm, the briskness of the night air grazing them gently as they stood proudly, jutting towards the heavens as the heft of her bosom swayed from side to side. Soon after, the material covering her crotch had been pulled away. A few in the strange group gasped, though it was not a gasp of disgust. This was a gasp of enraptured awe. A gasp of desire, a gasp of lust. One of the tiny people reached out and touched the head of her soft cock, sending a ripple through her enormous body as her penis twitched from the stimuli. She felt a warmth rush over her face, a rosy blush filling her cheeks. She was embarrassed. She couldn't let these insects have their way with her. She had to resist.

The leader, having wiped clean the spit from his face, took a long, lasting look at the naked goddess as she lay bound, bathed in moonlight. He took one more longing look before waving his hand, his followers spreading out around her massive body. Two people, a man and a masked woman, scurried up her ribs, carefully treading towards her exposed breasts. Three more, two men and a woman grouped around her massive soft cock, preparing. Without warning, they placed their tiny hands upon her luxurious form, tenderly kneading and rubbing every inch they could reach. Cold hands caressed her hard nipples. The giantess bucked slightly, causing her sizeable cleavage to sway. The people on top of her tits gripped her nipples tightly, holding on as though they were riding a bull. The suddenness and intensity of their tiny grip caught her off guard, stifling a soft moan to the best of her ability as her sensitive nipples continued to be serviced. She fought hard, trying to suppress any outward expressions of pleasure, to not fold to these tiny people, but her penis, like some phallic judas, became her betrayer. Slowly but steadily, blood filled the enormous member, engorging and hardening before the eyes of the gathering that filled the street. With incredible strength, it knocked a masked man over as it stood proudly, fully erect and taller than everyone there like a pink monolith dwarfing it's worshippers below. One man fiddled with his pants, desperate to shed them as another man and a woman embraced her towering cock. The giantess shuddered, their tiny bodies, small as they were, squeezed against the girthy member. She felt the softness of tiny, full lips as the woman below began to passionately kiss the giantess's enormous dick. The now pants-less man began to masturbate in a frenzied reverence before climbing up the bound goddess's hips, crawling delicately across her sort pubes.
Every touch was a tiny burst of pleasure, like pin pricks straight to her nerves. She tried to imagine the punishment she would exact on these creeps if she were free, the thoughts of her viscousness swirling in her head but always seeming to give way to her more carnal feelings as her thoughts wandered. The desire to carry out her wanton lust flooded her mind. She could not suppress her urges, her louder moans giving her euphoria away.

She was completely helpless, in the hands of her tiny captors and enjoying it.

She had pleasured herself with her prey before. Grabbing handfuls of people to stroke her glorious cock with. Stuffing tinies up her tight asshole. Throwing them in her mouth, gumming them playfully with her giant tongue. She wasn't totally cruel either, she would rip away the pants of her victims, agnostic to their gender, and lap away happily, pleased at her ability to seemingly bring the tiny dicks and pussies to seemingly orgasm with some degree of skill. Perhaps this was karma, she thought. Perhaps her deeds caught up to her and this was the retribution she had earned. If her punishment was to be pleasured by tiny weirdos, at least it was one she could be content with.

A few more approached with a large container of some kind. Several of them stripped naked and began applying the contents of the container to their skin, smearing and spreading it to every crease and fold they had. She couldn't fully see what they were doing. Through her cleavage and past her cock, she saw them approach her crotch. She felt tiny hands dig into the cushion of her ass cheeks and pull, trying to spread them open as best they could while she lay flat on her back. She felt the wet coldness of the intrepid tinies and whatever they had covered themselves in as they wriggled deep into the soft crevice of her bottom, inching closer toward an unknown goal. The giantess was puzzled by this endeavour but struggled to focus on their actions over the cacophony of sensation that coursed through her body as her dutiful worshippers continued their work.

The giantess's ass pressed firmly into the paved street, giving the brave souls little purchase as they worked to crawl deep between the bound titaness' cheeks. It was sweaty and claustrophobic. Every slight movement above resonated here where the goddess rested most of her weight. Fighting trough the fear and unmistakeable, overpowering musk, the woman leading the way prepared herself. Arching her tiny hands as if she were an Olympic diver trying to slice through the water, the little woman pressed against the giantess's tight asshole. The bound goddess squealed in her gag, both delighted and surprised, realizing now what their strange motives had been. They had lubed themselves up and were climbing into her ass! Why? How could that be enjoyable for them? She pondered the bizarreness of these people further as she felt the elbows of a young woman pass into her anus. Taking one heroic breath, the tiny diver plunged headfirst into the giantesses asshole, kicking her legs as she tried to wriggle deeper. The man following behind the first anal diver grabbed her ankles to help guide the tiny woman, his own erect penis throbbing in anticipation of his turn.

The giantess couldn't think. Every second, tingles and shocks of pleasure shot off from all over her body as these tiny people worshipped every inch of the goddess. Her nipples, now serviced by a flock of tiny boob-lovers, stood tall and hard as they kneaded and licked every inch of her perky titties. Her mighty cock twitched and pulsed as more of the group hugged, tugged, and caressed the massive member.
Constantly she heard the grunts and moans of another tiny worshipper, collapsing in rapturous orgasm as they came in tribute to their captured goddess. Sweat and cum mixed in sticky swirls all along her body, her own dick leaking from the excitement. Down between her massive ass cheeks, more brave souls took the plunge into the titaness' booty, a full crew of helpful worshippers now pushing and pulling the human dildos in and out, hoping their best to stimulate their goddess. Tiny hands brushed her prostate as she bucked again, held tightly by her steely restraints. She gagged and gasped and twitched with every sensation barraging her from every side. She wanted to burst free and take her cock with both hands and masturbate until she couldn't see straight. She wanted to cum. So badly. So desperately. She wanted release.

"And just what do you think you're doing?" A voice boomed, startling the would-be worshippers. Beck jumped off his perch and ran to a floodlight, shining it down the street, hoping to catch a glimpse of the source of the hefty inquisition. The light scanned until it found giant feet, trailing up to knees, then shapely hips, plump stomach, large breasts, and finally, beautiful face. Hidden in the dim light of the moon, partially covered by mottled tree coverage stood another giantess, her dark skin catching the light of the celestial body above, showering her in an ethereal glow. His heart sinking at the realization that the captured giantess' threat of backup hadn't been empty, Beck was incredulous as to how she managed to sneak up on them, fearful as he saw the glint of her beautiful hazel eyes, flitting back and forth as she looked over the situation below her. Her gaze locked with those of their captured prize, the bound giantess vocalizing desperately at the newcomer. She smirked, hands on hips as she approached the scene.
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