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Author's Chapter Notes:
This chapter contains multiple giantesses, implied vore, masturbation, oral sex, giantess sex with tiny people, and a bunch of words. Like a lot of words, d00d.
"Didi, what have you gotten yourself into?"

There was a stifled response, gagged squeaks and shouts as the titanic prisoner looked on expectantly, waiting to be freed. Without a word, the second giantess crouched down, reaching a long, dark finger towards the tight cables, plucking playfully as they reverberated metallic sounds. Her focus shifted, looking over her captive compatriot as if she had been wrapped up like a present under the Christmas tree, fixing her gaze upon the restrained giantess's throbbing erection.

"Looks like you've all been having a bit of fun with my girlfriend." The giantess said as she turned to meet her new tiny friends. The group, startled by the arrival of the second giantess, regrouped at the van that had brought them all, trying to furiously pile in and flee before their reckoning was delivered. Headlights blazed as a tiny engine ignited. She stood to her full height, staring at the group through her voluptuous cleavage, an unamused look on her face. The driver threw the van in reverse and floored it, hoping to make a quick escape. She scoffed, placing her enormous foot behind the reversing vehicle as it slammed into her, sending the passengers that were too rushed to buckle up tumbling about as the van came to a complete stop. The free goddess reached down once more, pressing her knuckle into the hood of the van, crumpling the engine like tinfoil, ensuring there would be no further escape attempts.

"Get on out here, little idiots. We're not done." She said plainly, almost bored. The crowd emptied out of the totalled vehicle, huddling in a terrified mass, fearful that any further move would be their last, any step out of line would make them a target for the goddess. Resting her hands on her hips once again, she surveyed the rig that bound her partner.

"Credit where credit is due. This is pretty clever." The giantess laughed, impressed at the ingenuity of the insects beneath her.
"I didn't think any of you were capable of this sort of thing, you're all too weak." She dismissed, her powerful taunting echoed across the neighbourhood. A woman in the group collapsed to her knees, sobbing in inconsolable fear which brought a grin to the giantess' face.

"Tell me." She asked, picking up an errant tow truck, inspecting the writing on its side.
"which one of you set this up? This must've taken some co-ordination to pull off."

She dropped the truck, plummeting into the pavement below, punctuating her question. Her bound partner, Didi, thrashed slightly, hoping to remind the standing giantess that she was still restrained.

"In a minute, babe." The free giantess reassured cheerily. She loomed over her captive audience, stepping closer as she boxed them in between the van and her own two feet. The sobbing woman began to wail in fear as the imposing figure above them made her move. For this, she had made herself the giantess's target. A powerful hand reached down towards the group, casually brushing people aside as though she was turning the page of a book, until her reach was unobstructed. She gently tugged at the arm of the hysterical woman, pulling her to her feet before scooping her up in a massive hand. The woman screamed and begged the group to help her as she was lifted high into the air, coming face to face with the hereinbefore unknown goddess. The gigantic woman smiled softly as her tiny toy struggled and screamed.

"It's pretty drafty up here, huh?" The giantess asked playfully. Her tiny captive didn't seem to appreciate the attempted levity and continued to cry. The giantess rolled her eyes.
"I'll set you back down on good ol' terra firma, all you need to do is tell me who did all this. I promise."

The woman stared into the intense eyes of the giantess as she sat in a massive palm 100 feet above the ground, hypnotized in fear, tears streaking down her flushed face. She continued to sob, believing she was already resigned to the worst outcome possible. A stain on the pavement, crushed in the giant hand, eaten. She had read stories, written some too. For as long as she could remember, she fantasized about this. About towering gods and goddesses and tiny worshippers. She wanted to be both but fate afforded her the opportunity to be the worshipper, a possibility she had long thought impossible but here she was, staring her wildest dreams in the face, distraught at how quickly those dreams became a nightmare.

The giantess gently rocked her hand, sending the tiny woman tumbling over on the massive palm. She scrambled to keep her footing and not roll off onto the hard ground below, once again erupting in terrified tears.

"Well? Give me something to go on, sweetie." The giantess asked again, regretting her choice of interrogation partner. The tiny woman covered her ears at the sound of her captors command, screaming back as best she could.

"We didn't do it! We didn't do it! Please, we just wanted to see her!" She pleaded with all the gusto her little lungs could afford, her titanic captor looking unimpressed with the answer she had given. Giving a quick glance at her girlfriend's still throbbing erection, the giantess smirked.

"You've done a bit more than see her by the look of it." She said, amused by the situation.
"So, what? Are you a bunch of little perverts?"

The sound of the clanging and rattling of a tool chest falling over interrupted the giantess' questioning. Looking down at the source of the commotion, she saw a tiny man in a big trucker hat trying to make his escape.

"Looks like you're off the hook." The giantess said to the tiny woman with a smile. She gently lowered her hand to the pavement, the tiny woman wasting no time to jump off and once again be on solid ground. The giantess began to pursue the fleeing man, turning back, locking eyes with the woman.

"For now." She added playfully.

Free to focus on her new target, the free goddess acted with swift precision. Her new prey approached a tow truck, furiously flipping through a key ring, desperate to find the appropriate one that would lead to his vehicular salvation. Feeling hot breath on the nape of his neck, Beck turned to face what would surely be his doom. Like a lioness, stealthy and quick, she snatched the man up before he even fully turned around.

Didi, seeing the orchestrator of her captivity in the hands of her partner delighted the goddess to no end, regretting only that she was incapable of delivering a smug 'I told you so'. The free giantess sat down next to her, once again using her shapely legs to box the strange group in.

"I'm surprised you went for the truck! It didn't work out for these guys." The giantess said, pointing at the huddled people. Beck struggled against the closed hand of his gigantic captor, her grip nearly suffocating him. She watched him squirm with fascination as if this was the first tiny human she held in her hand. The sensation of power over another sentient being never got old.

"Well, like I said, credit where credit is due mister... I'm assuming Beck." She said as though she were reading a retail worker's name tag before continuing.
"Didi's gag, how do I get it off?"

"I can remove it!" The old man said through laboured breath and gritted teeth.
"I can remove all of it if you let me!"

She smiled at his proposition. She imagined him so proud and victorious at what he managed to do. She revelled in his defeat, happy to take the satisfaction of a plan perfectly executed away from him. He would remove the restraints, in time, for now she had other plans.

"Start with the gag and we'll go from there." She winked, dropping the man five feet onto the pavement below. Beck quickly rose to his feet and hurried to the truck controlling the gag, wincing in pain with every step, his ankle twisted from the drop. Morgan was surprised at the spryness shown by the man that must've been in his 60's, amazed that he moved so quickly against his apparent injured. Stepping up to the controls, once again, the mechanical whir of machinery churned and the gag became loose. The free giantess pulled it from her captured partner's mouth, her spitting and choking at the residual metallic tastes.

"Holy shit, Morgan, where have you been?" Didi asked weakly, partially hoarse from her previously futile attempts to scream.

"YOU didn't want to go to Great Wolf Lodge!" The new giantess accused playfully.
"Seriously, out here in the sticks when we could've been fucking up a water park together."

Didi smiled, as did Morgan, reunited at last in an hour of need. Morgan leaned in close, giving her partner a quick peck on the forehead before the two locked lips with a passionate kiss. After a few seconds of tender silence, Didi spoke.

"So you gonna let me out of here or what?" Tugging her arms against her restraints. Morgan smiled devilishly.

"Certainly, in a bit, but these people came all this way to see a show.." She said running a finger seductively down Didi's chest.
"And when am I ever gonna get to see you all tied up like this again, baby?"

Before she could protest, Didi found her view obscuring as Morgan swung a mighty leg over her partner's body, hovering over her like a voluptuous sword of Damocles. Bracing for what came next, Didi breathed deep as Morgan lowered herself curvaceous rear onto her face. The blonde giantess once again finding herself unable to speak.

Morgan moaned softly, wriggling her hips to find the perfect spot upon her partner's face as she felt a tongue begin to glide along her labia. Before her lay Didi's bound body, glistening with sweat, her magnificent cock beckoning someone, anyone to bring her sweet release. Licking her lips, Morgan felt like she was at a buffet, so many choices of where to begin. She moved a delicate hand down Didi's side, running up along her hip and gently caressing her stomach. Morgan moved a single finger down into Didi's crotch, dragging it up along the length of Didi's penis, feeling her partner buck beneath her at the slightest sensations. Morgan pondered a moment, her glorious hazel eyes transfixed upon the group of people that stood frightened but no doubt turned on. She leaned forward, dragging her tongue from the bottom of Didi's stomach to the head of her cock, maintaining eye contact with as many members of the group as she could. Didi moaned a muffled moan from between her partner's thick thighs, Morgan smiled a sultry smile.

"You all look so sad standing there, don't you want to help the big girl get off?" She cooed. There were murmurs among the crowd, nervous deliberations about whether or not complying would spare their lives. Not long after the chatter had started, a woman, the same woman that had wept in the hands of the giantess that now towered above them all, broke the ranks to running towards the two giant lovers. Standing between Didi's massive legs, she looked up as Morgan stared down at her with a warm grin. The woman, shaking and unsure of what to do next, knelt in reverence to her masters. Morgan scoffed again, gently plucking the tiny woman up once more and placing her at the base of Didi's penis.

"See, it wasn't a trick question, guys." Morgan explained, eyeing up the rest of the group, shifting slightly to allow Didi a generous breath.
"You perverts are here to worship us, right? Here to worship my girlfriend's giant cock?" She said, diverting her full attention to tiny woman dwarfed by her girlfriend's throbbing erection.

"So get to it."

The group scattered sheepishly, many untrusting of the offer Morgan had given them but fearful of whatever consequences would befall them if they refused. A group headed to Didi's chest, climbing up her ribs with the help of one of Morgan's fingers. More went between the bound giantess's legs, clambering up to Didi's penis to join the lone woman that lead the initial charge. The select few that had been lubed up, shivering in the cold night air, returned to the intimidating maw that was Didi's asshole. Resolute in their duty and passion, they dug their way in once more. If tonight was their last, condemned to their fate by the goddesses they worshipped, they could think of no better way to die.

"You freaks are fucking weird." Morgan declared, fascinated as she watched a young woman willingly crawl into her girlfriend's ass crack. She surveyed each of the groups working tirelessly to pleasure the captured giant while she, in turn, worked to pleasure Morgan, lapping and licking at every inch of pussy her position afforded her. Gasping as Didi's tongue grazed her clitoris, Morgan licked a long finger and began to gently massage her own nipple, high above the group of tiny sex toys. Far away, at the end of a long and beautiful leg, Morgan watched a lone man hug, fondle, and kiss Didi's massive foot, a foot that had crushed untold scores of helpless people, likely still caked in dirt and viscera of the unlucky victims felled by her powerful soles.

She found their goddesshood intoxicating. Their power over the world they formerly lived in was a taste too sweet to describe but this was wholly different. These devoted few beneath her enjoyed their passionate work. They were circumstantially terrified, sure, but Didi and herself were the stuff of their dreams. They were not forced, or at least not as forced to take part in the giant lovers' tryst like the people the two had played with before. These little ones willingly came to have their way with Didi and were certainly enjoying themselves now.

Didi's tongue made another, long, passionate pass at Morgan's clitoris. The dominant giantess ran her hands along the curves of her massive body and down her thighs before they began to roam. She scanned the dutiful workers, looking for a lucky soul to be her plaything. A few of the enraptured worshippers noticed the tremendous hand that seemed to float above them, aimlessly reaching and roving and withdrawing as Morgan assessed her options. Spying a particularly cute specimen, the giantess plucked a man away from Didi's penis by the collar of his jacket, bringing the tiny man to her face. He yelled in protest, flailing as he dangled high above the earth, held in place by the strength of his sturdy jacket. Morgan simply smiled, gently adjusting her grip to comfortably hold the fearful worshipper. She raised her free hand, holding a solitary index finger, presenting it to the man. Like the blade of a shovel caked in the grit of their destructive antics, Morgan carefully hooked her fingernail into the waist of the man's pants, tearing the feeble garment and the underwear beneath away with the slightest tug. Amused at her handiwork, Morgan smiled at her little toy, his minuscule penis fully erect and wanting of his goddess's touch.

"No offense, but you don't exactly measure up." Morgan teased, nodding to the monolithic cock below.

"Don't feel too bad about it, dear. I'm not a size queen." She said with a wink, gently tracing a mighty finger along the underside of his penis. Her touch lit him ablaze, almost cumming as his wildest fantasies were coming to life before his very eyes. Morgan chuckled, bringing him to her massive mouth and kissing him with lips that covered half of his body.

"Some practice before the real thing." She cooed, gently wrapping her soft lips around his cock. The tiny man fought to stay conscious, the warmth and intensity he felt amplified by his deepest desires coming true. Slowly, Morgan rocked the man back and forth, his legs dangling as he was made to face-fuck his goddess by her own powerful hands.


Down below, Didi continued to happily lap away at her partner's pussy, enjoying the pleasure and company of her own worshippers. She felt the tiny steps as someone traded off of her breasts to go worship her cock, bemused that her tiny lovers seemed to be working in shifts, swapping around her body like thrillseekers hoping to sample every attraction. Curiously, however, she felt the tickle of the man at her foot, still rubbing and licking every inch of her dirty soles, steadfast and unwavering in his position.
"That's some dedication." Didi thought to herself, twitching her toes in response to the man's stimulus. She felt hands reach up towards her powerful toes, arching her foot to give the man some purchase. He jumped, hanging from her big toe. Didi rocked her foot gently, unsure of what the man wanted or how he found this sexually satisfying with only the sensation of the man's tiny penis dragging along her sole while he swung as an indicator of his pleasure. She felt him pull, trying to bring himself between big and middle toe. Odd, she thought, but she decided to indulge the dutiful tiny, squeezing her toes together as he brought himself between them, locking his head firmly between the two digits. The smell must have been horrendous, not that he could do much breathing being smothered by her powerful toes, yet he didn't seem to be fighting it. There was no pounding of fists against her feet in protest, but instead a motion that Didi couldn't fully make out until she felt the warmth of a minuscule cumshot. More or less everybody had already came on her, and there was enough wetness coming from Morgan's pussy to fill a swimming pool, but this one lone man, so far away and alone from the rest of the group of perverted little weirdos stood out to her. Even after he had cum, he did not fight to break free of Didi's hold on him. Assuredly he was suffocating between her toes but made no effort to escape. Did he want this? To die at her feet like so many before him? She pondered his fanaticism, briefly considering increasing the pressure of her toes, popping his head like a cherry tomato. She had taken the lives of so many, but she had never given any one as much thought as the pervert that masturbated onto her foot.

Her grip relented as the tiny foot fetishist fell to the ground, grasping for air, coughing and sputtering, blue from his suffocation. For the first time since he had begun worshipping her foot, Didi could not feel her tiny man. She jostled against the restraints, hoping to find him somewhere, fearful that she had released him too late. Suddenly, thankfully a tiny hand rest itself upon her ankle, supporting the man as he sat against her leg, slumped over and exhausted. Didi let out a sigh of relief as best she could from between Morgan's thick legs, surprised at her own capacity for compassion. She scrunched her toes, hoping to convey some sort of message to her tiny, tired lover.


Morgan spread her tiny's legs open and lapped at his cock, her tongue bathing the man's entire lower half in warm saliva. He was in heaven. He could see straight, he couldn't hear a thing, he was pretty sure he'd died. All he could feel was the bliss of a blowjob only a 112ft giantess could give. Devilishly, Morgan moved the man above her head, his feet dangling over her open mouth as she playfully batted at his feet with her tongue. Coming to his senses, the man looked down, startled by the change in elevation and the scene below him. Now that he was aware, Morgan slowly began to lower the man into her mouth. He screamed, begging her to reconsider. Morgan only giggled, gently closing her lips around the man, carful to keep her teeth away from the delicate man. She had stopped lowering him into her mouth, his cock resting against the pertness of her soft lips. He was confused, already anticipating a brutal bisection from Morgan's powerful jaws, but he only felt the plush warmth of her lips as they surrounded him with an airtight vacuum. Morgan reached down to her pussy, giving Didi another brief reprieve while slicking her finger with the juices that coated her submissive partner's face. She raised her hand back up to her mouth, gently pressing a pretty finger against the tiny man's hardon, striking the top of his cock softly. The man gasped, his fear once again subsiding, the potent feelings of lust flushing through every fibre of his tiny being. He could last no longer.

Morgan felt the warm splash upon her upper lip and giggled a muffled laugh as she retrieved her tiny lover from her mouth. Wordlessly she licked the man's cum from away, setting him down gently on he pavement below before blowing the satisfied tiny a cheeky kiss.

"Thanks for the warmup, hun, but it's time for the real thing." She purred, giving her tiny man a wink as she shifted atop Didi's face. Didi had heard what Morgan said but, unable to see past the inviting pussy and asshole of her girlfriend, was unaware of what she was talking about.

Without warning, the tinies servicing Didi's tits found themselves pinned to the giant's soft chest, beneath the hefty bulk of Morgan's considerable belly as she brought herself forward. Didi's view shifted as her partner leaned inward, more pockets of air afforded to her as the night sky came into view. Morgan loomed over the group that worked tirelessly to worship Didi's massive penis, eyeing them hungrily as they stared up in hesitant awe.

"Time for the show you all came to see!" Morgan exclaimed, trying her hardest to be sexy for the group below. She raised her hand to her mouth, spitting a large gob of saliva into her palm. Placing her palm on the tip of Didi's cock, the restrained giantess bucked as Morgan's hand wrapped around her throbbing hard on, slowly pumping as saliva mixed with precum. Morgan laughed. The group could not take their eyes off the enormous display, even the tiny foot worshipper had been roused back into action, stroking his own tiny dick as he watched the gigantic 69 begin to unfold.

A long tongue snaked around Didi's towering penis, gliding up and down the shaft like a figure skater on fresh ice. Morgan savoured every inch of her girlfriend's cock, loudly slurping as her fervour ramped up in intensity. Her tongue retreated, a beautiful hand once again taking the mighty penis, stroking quickly as she kissed Didi's inner thigh. A particularly intrepid worshipper was standing between Didi's legs, watching Morgan kiss and lick her partner while jerking the enormous member. Morgan locked eyes with their voyeur, recognizing her as the woman she had held, terrified and teased prior. The small woman still emboldened by her gigantic mistress's prior command.

"You've really come around." Morgan said between passionate kisses of Didi's shapely thighs, fully maintaining eye contact with woman before her. The woman said nothing, staring intently at the display that lay before her in reverence, perhaps in envy. Still, the cards had fallen where they were meant to and she was here to witness her lifelong fantasy be realized. She removed her pants, slipping some lacy panties down past her ankles, and began to masturbate for her goddess.

"That's my girl." Morgan purred, raising her lips to Didi's cock. Without a word, she plunged the mighty penis into her mouth. Didi convulsed in a fit of pleasure as Morgan bobbed up and down upon her cock. Straining against the cables that kept her neck anchored, Didi dug her face deeper into her partner's pussy, drenched in the sticky-sweet nectar that flowed from within. The two giantess's moaned in harmonious pleasure, their lovemaking sending shockwaves throughout the earth beneath them as the smell of their passion filled the quiet suburban street.

Morgan was on fire, her lust fuelled by her audience. A few of the group took the giantesses' cue and stripped completely naked, fucking one other on the grassy boulevard beneath the moonlit sky in a ceremonious orgy for their gigantic voyeurs. A tiny man grunted loudly as he thrust his cock into the pussy of a female colleague, her moaning breathily in rapturous response. Everywhere, the unmistakeable sight of wanton pleasure and unstoppable sexual euphoria permeated the unassuming street. To Morgan, there could be no finer sight.

Morgan pressed her crotch firmly into Didi's face, feeling her bound partner buck with every lick of her throbbing penis. Didi was reaching her limit. Morgan knew her partner wouldn't be able to take much more, no matter how much she slowed down. Deep within herself, the free giantess felt her own limits approaching. The flood of pleasure was strong enough to knock her off her feet had she been standing and the waves flowed in from every side. Her bound girlfriend wrapped up like a present, happily eating her pussy. Her dutiful worshippers pleasuring themselves in the honour and awe of the two heavenly goddesses. A fat cock to lavishly suck. This was bliss unlike any Morgan had ever felt, and it had built so strongly, ready for sweet release.

Didi convulsed, coughing as Morgan shifted off of her face. She could feel an orgasm fast approaching as she gasped a few deep breaths of the cold night air, unable to do anything but sit tightly, bound by her restraints as the warmth of pleasure took hold of her. Morgan rolled off to the side, flattening a truck as she plunged a free hand into her sopping pussy, running the other along Didi's ribs. Didi could barely turn her head to look at her partner, glistening with sweat under the soft glow of the moon as she finished herself off, only hearing the soft moans and grunts as Morgan's fingers slid in and out of the tremendous vagina. A few brave worshippers took notice and approached the masturbating giantess as if to offer themselves to her as well. Morgan smirked, but was too busy trying to come to instruct them, focusing only on chasing her orgasm as Didi rapidly approached her own.

"I think the big girl's about to blow." Morgan said, directing her audience back to the bound giantess's throbbing erection. Didi was breathing heavily, moaning with a rhythm that pulsed within every inch of her body that burned with passionate intensity. It was coming fast.

Like a rocket, globs of warm, sticky cum shot out from Didi's monolithic cock. She had never felt an orgasm as intense as this. Ahe twitched and bucked for a good long while as she ejaculated, sending showers of her jizz raining upon the neighbourhood and voyeurs below. Morgan, seeing the fireworks pop off, began massaging her clit with her free hand, cumming I'm tandem with her restrained girlfriend, the two goddess's writhing in pleasure as the neighbourhood rocked gently under their tremendous mass. Morgan collapsed as Didi lay, still bound by the cables and chains, the two panting from exhaustion and sexual satisfaction as their euphoria slowly faded into the night.

For a moment, the two giantesses sat in silence, the only sounds coming from the groaning restraints and the meandering of the strange group. A young woman, completely coated in Didi's cum, wandered by Morgan as she blindly attempted to remove the warm substance from her body. Morgan deftly snatched the tiny woman off the street, screaming in terror as she was brought to the giantess's maw, fearing her life was about to be violently ended by the gnashing of giant teeth, only to be lazily licked clean by Morgan's playful tongue.

"Frosted tinies." Morgan chuckled, licking her lips.

"Dude I could crush a bowl full of frosted tinies right now." Didi offered weakly, feeling the weight of her exhaustion.

"They're grrreat!" Morgan exclaimed, letting out a hearty laugh, shared by Didi as the two enjoyed the awful impression. A few more moments of silence hung before Didi spoke up.

"So, like, now what? I mean, let me out, obviously. But what do we do with the little ones?" A few of the tiny group perked up nervously, realizing that the they were being discussed.

"I dunno." Morgan said drowsily.
"All told, they were pretty cool."

"Yea. Hey what happened to the trucker guy?" Didi asked. Morgan yawned, slumping an arm over her partner's chest.

"I lost track of him a while ago. He probably fucked off." Morgan guessed, too tired to bother looking for him. Didi, feeling the sleepiness creep over herself, also felt too tired to bother enacting her furious wrath that was promised. She looked to the crowd, as best she could still bound by the cables and chains, and said an absent-minded goodnight before unceremoniously dropping her head to the pavement. Morgan yawned once more, considering what do with her dutiful worshippers. It would be easy enough to finish them off, but the two had grown fond of these people in an unexpected way, their bizarreness endeared them to the giantesses in a way that gave them value in the pair's eyes. Value that would ultimately spare the group from a violent end that had befalling so many before them at Morgan and Didi's hands.

"It's been fun, little loves. Maybe we'll do this again some time." The free giantess pondered, fighting to keep her eyes open.
"Now fuck off, if I see y'all in the morning, I'm eating you for breakfast."

Upon declaring her sleepy threat, Morgan blew a hazy kiss to her partner, which Didi reciprocated, and the two drifted off to sleep on the quiet Oakdale street under the moonlit sky. They'd untie Didi in the morning.
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