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Author's Chapter Notes:

I'm terribly sorry I've been silent for so long. I kinda lost interest in writing as my life was kinda unstable for a while. But now, I've got a job once again, and I've found some motivation to write. You can (hopefully) expect updates to this story and maybe even some updates on earlier stories of mine. Either way, I hope you enjoy ;)


Heather had been prepping for her son’s birthday for a while now. It had seemed like just yesterday when she held her baby in her arms for the first time. Now, 21 years later, there’s nothing he can’t do in the good ole US of A. It was kinda strange throwing Ed a birthday party when he’s 21, but Heather figured that it’s better he gets wasted on his 21st birthday in the safety of their home rather than going out. Currently in the house was Heather, Emily (Ed’s older sister of 2 years), Oliver (Ed’s younger brother of 5 years), Isabel (Ed’s girlfriend), Amber (Isabel’s friend), and finally Luke (Ed’s best friend since middle school). They weren’t planning anything too big for the party. Emily went out and got a few 12 packs of beer, while heather baked a cake and made dinner. Oliver, Amber, and Luke weren’t 21 yet, so they had to settle with root beer.


It was only 30 minutes till Ed got back from work and Heather finally got the cake fully decorated, the table set up, the beers chilled, and the house tidy. “So you’re sure you don’t just want me to take Ed to a bar or something,” asked Emily. “No, no, I’d rather he be here for his 21st. Plus, He has everyone he could possibly want over here.” Heather responds while pointing to the people sitting on the old living room couch. “Hey, Ms. Miller, would you mind me cracking one of these open” Isabel blurts out while pointing to the chilled case of beers on the coffee table. “Not at all, just try and save some eh?” Heather says sarcastically as the two of them softly chuckle. After opening the semi-transparent brown bottle and taking her first sip Isabel tells Amber, who is sitting next to her, to watch her beer while she goes pee. As Isabel walked to the bathroom Heather looked around and couldn’t see her youngest in the room, but had an idea of where he was. “Oliver, you better get off your brother’s computer!” she yelled into the air. A muffled holler could be heard coming from Ed’s room, “Hold on I got this one last game, then I’ll be out there.” Heather just rolls her eyes and walks over to the cake on the dining room table. As she walks over to it Luke jumps off the couch and joins her. “I can’t believe my Ed is 21 already,” Heather says solemnly. “I’ll be there in a few months ma’am” Luke adds. A grin grows on Heather’s face as she wipes some of her Brown hair out of her eyes, as well as a tear falling down her cheek. “God you kids grow up so fast” Heather spurts out in a shaky tone. “Well ma’am, that’s the way of things I suppose. Can’t stop time” Luke says trying to comfort his friend’s mother. 


At this time Emily walks over toward the two of them talking to each other. “Oh look at you mom, already getting emotional” Emily says sarcastically. Just as Heather was about to respond a strange phenomenon suddenly occurred. The room suddenly turned a shade of green and everyone could hear a loud ringing in their ears.”What the hell is going on!” Heather yells out while trying to cover her ears. She could tell the others in the room couldn’t hear her as they were also covering their ears due to the loud ring. Emily started to walk over toward the side of the dining room table. Then suddenly as she passed by the freshly cooked and prepared hot dogs she suddenly disappeared from Heather’s sight. Heather let out a gasp as her daughter disappeared from existence. Then went Amber, who was writhing on the couch as she cupped her ears. In the blink of an eye, she simply vanished. In front of her was Luke, who was staring back at her trying to tell her something. Between the ringing and the green lighting in the room, she couldn’t read his lips or hear what he was saying. Heather turned her gaze over toward the cake she had made and suddenly everything in her sight turned a bright green and she got the sensation like she was falling forever.


After many minutes of this bizarre event, Heather’s vision had finally started to return, and the incessant ringing had finally stopped. As she opened her eyes she could see nothing but a bright white substance around her as she lay in this strange new place. She could feel it all around her. Wherever she was it smelt a lot like cake. All around her was some substance. It felt almost slimy, but also sticky. She attempted to get up from lying stomach down but whatever was around her made it very hard to move. She ended up just flipping over onto her back and wiping her face off. She noticed she didn’t have her glasses which only added to the confusion. As she wiped the sticky white stuff off her face she got a taste of it. It strangely tasted like frosting. That’s when a loud noise could suddenly be heard coming from the void beyond Heather’s sight. It was the sound of a lock being turned, but it sounded rather loud. Heather yelled out, “Hello, whose their? Where am I?!”, but got no response. Getting frustrated, She pulled all her strength to dig into the ground and try to lift herself up. But as she dug into the floor of this strange place she only felt her hands dig through the squishy ground, giving her no force to lift herself. As Heather writhed and struggled several loud noises occurred simultaneously. Then suddenly a thundering voice Heather recognized as her son Ed echoed out. “Hello everybody, I’m home.” Heather heard from the void around her. Her blurry vision had finally focused as much as it could as she heard several loud thuds coming closer toward her. She used all her might to sit up on her bum. Her back finally gave way and escaped the substance she was laying on. After this small victory a large, ominous shadow loomed over her. She fearfully gazed up and saw something horrifying and comforting at the same time. Though her vision was blurred, she recognized Ed’s face above her. But he was ginormous! She couldn’t even gauge his height before his lips started to move, followed by his deafening voice saying, “Ohh, cake. And hot dogs. Mmm Mmm Mmm, mom sure knows how to make me happy” 


That’s when everything clicked in Heather’s head. The smell of cake made perfect sense. She was on the cake. But how? After that strange event, she doesn’t know how, but she and the others must have shrunk. It’s the only explanation for all this. Her spine shuddered as she looked up at her skyscraper-sized son and realized she was stuck in the cake she made for him. A vision flashed in her head of her son eating the cake, her along with it. Being bathed by his saliva, chewed to a fine red paste by his teeth, swallowed and lead to his stomach, and digested to be shit out later. Heather started to cry, heaving out to her son. His eyes passed right over her and loomed to the direction she was facing. “Well since no one’s here I suppose no one would mind me taking one of these puppy’s” Ed’s voice blasted out. That’s when Heather gasped and thought of what that meant. “Oh no, Emily” she gasped…


Chapter End Notes:

Again, sorry for the lack of updates. So here's a second chapter for you right away :)

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