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Story Notes:

This is my first ever commission! My "client" said that it'd be ok for me to post it so I hope you enjoy!!

Author's Chapter Notes:

I'm branching out and doing a lot of different stuff for this story, so I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

     With a head of neat-looking brunette hair and body that just wouldn't quit, Homura Shizuka is a teacher at Hanichi Public Highschool. At school, she upheld a casual yet strict policy on teaching, in which well-behaved micro and normal students would be treated with kindness and respect. Though it wasn't always like this. 

     Among the many teachers of Hanichi Academy, she stood out the most. But, it wasn’t her looks or personality that made her unique, it was her past. Contrary to what many believe, Homura Shizuka was anything but a normal teacher.

-7 Years Ago-

     "I don't get why you had to quit, Reina!" She said, complaining to her friend on the phone. It was clear that she wasn't exactly happy to hear that her best friend had just resigned from her job after less than a year. 

     "You wanna know what I don't get? I don't get why you quit haven't done the same!" She yelled, clearly disappointed in her. "I get that it pays well, but there's no way it's worth it! Sure they might be criminals, but these are living breathing humans we're talking about?!" 

     "If bringing a few bugs to justice puts food on the table then I don't mind it at all." She said sarcastically, looking at her emails to see what her next assignment was. 

     "It's not about the money and you know it! You're just using that as an excuse to get your sick kicks!" Hoping to reason with her, she continued to criticize her life decisions. 

     "You're one to talk, Reina! Have you forgotten the fact that we've been working together in the same job for the past 7 months!" She scoffed yelling at her on the phone. "You think just because you've got some part-time teaching job you can lecture me about this stuff?!" 

      "It's called having a heart, Homura and you should really consider giving it a try." Disappointed in her friend, Reina decided that there was no point in trying to reason with her. Homura's mind was set and there was nothing she could do to change that fact. "Look, if you ever want to go back to being friends you know who to call." She hung up, leaving Homura with a disappointed sigh which would be the last thing she'd hear of her for a very long time. 

     "Damn that girl!" Clenching her fist she angrily put her phone away before heading to the location of her next ‘target.’

     If it wasn’t clear already, here’s a little background on her very questionable career. Homura Shizuka ‘humanely disposes’ of law-breaking micro citizens under government authority. She’s pretty much a bounty hunter for micros who break the law. And typically, you’d assume that the micro person would have had to commit some heinous crime in order to justify such harsh punishment, however, contrary to what some would believe there were a lot of minor crimes that would warrant a cruel execution by the hands of an agent like Homura. Stuff like tax evasion, theft, fraud, vandalism, sexual harassment… etc. This was mostly due to the lack of humanitarian micro laws that were present at the time.

     Upon hearing a light ‘buzz’ from her phone, Homura was informed of her next ‘target.’

     “Kei Hakusashi, age: 16. Charged with 11 cases of sneak photography.” Surprised by how young he was, Homura felt a slight feeling of guilt that lasted for only a second. It’s not like she cared that much. Nothing could dampen the pleasure she experienced after a kill. To Homura, micros were nothing but pests. Deep down, she was repulsed by Reina’s sudden change of heart. She couldn’t stand it. Those feelings of frustration only deepened her desire to kill. She wanted to take her anger out on something, anything. She wanted to project her feelings onto something and her target was the perfect canvas. 

     From that point onwards, the individual known as Kei Hakusashi was a dead man walking, and the last thing he’d ever regret was crossing paths with Homura on a bad day.

     A few minutes later, and Homura had finally made her way to the location that was marked in the email she received. Presumably, it was the area in which the target took most of his pervy photos: the walkway directly outside of Otogaksei Private Academy, an all-girls school known for having an incredibly wide range of smokin’ hot babes. It used to be a hotspot for gropings and sexual harassment, but thanks to an increase in security, the surrounding area became a lot safer and less perverse. However, for obvious reasons, no security precautions were put in place for micro citizens, making it so micro perverts could safely and inconspicuously partake in perverted actions like sneak photography, stalking, and sexual harassment of other micros.

     “The only thing left to do is wait…” Homura mumbled to herself. Waiting by the school gates she witnessed all the carefree students walk by completely unaware that some perverted little bug was taking sneak photos of their private areas and selling them off for a profit. It was honestly despicable, though, it’s not like Homura could judge. Her job was murdering people and she took pleasure in it! But, in Homura’s eyes, the bugs that sauntered below her ankles were nothing but inconsequential creatures that she didn’t even consider people, let alone humans. It wasn’t only the micro criminals she despised, regardless of age, or gender, bugs were bugs and nothing could change that fact. 

     At the corner of her eye, she saw it. A small flash of light hidden between the minuscule space between the concrete tiles that lined the walkway outside the school. It was the perfect place for pervy pictures and pristine panty shots.

     "Otogaksei? More like Sexygaksei, hehe?" He pointed his camera upwards getting a nice photo of every girl that walked overhead. Homura wanted to take action but it was far too early. She had to wait, not only for the witnesses to clear out but for the pervert to exit his peeping hole. 

     After almost an hour the students had finally cleared out and Homura's target was finally satisfied and ready to leave. From there, she finally made her move. 

     Creeping towards him Homura promptly knocked him off his feet with a light tap from her sandals.

      "Dang you really are young aren't you…" Kneeling down to get a better look at the micro, she saw him shivering and shuddering from absolute terror. It seemed as if he could tell that Homura wasn't exactly the most micro-friendly person. As she stared down at his miniscule body, she could almost the tiny beating of his nervous heart. 

      "G-Good afternoon. How may I help you?" Trying to avert his gaze from Homura's menacing presence, he slowly and fruitlessly tried to back away from her, hoping that he'd be able escape. 

      "I heard that there's been a multitude of sneak photography incidents in the area. You wouldn't happen to know anything about them, would you?" She stared intensely at him. Her gaze filled the little boy with unparalleled amounts fear. At this point he knew there was no other option but to high-tail it and run as far away as he could, but there was no use. He was paralyzed with terror and no matter how much he tried, his legs wouldn't move. Even if they were relatively unknown, Kei knew all about the murderous 'crime fighting' government executioners that would go around killing micros like bugs, and it didn't take long for him to deduce that Homura was in fact one of them. 

      Falling to his knees, he merely awaited her swift and painless justice. However, that was far from what Homura had in mind. Quick and painless weren't in her dictionary and she wasn't going to be making an exception for someone who still had a whole life ahead of them. 

      "What's wrong? Here let me help you up." Grabbing the boy's arm with her fingertips she brought him up to her face and roughly threw him onto her palm. As the boy grabbed his arm in pain, she realized that it probably hurt a lot to be hoisted by only your arm for an extended period of time. "Sorry! My bad. Here, I'll make sure that it feels a little better." A sinister smile appeared on her face as she grabbed his arm once again, and slowly put more and more pressure on it until it had been completely crushed as a tiny red stain on her thumb and index finger.

     "AGGHHHHH!!!!!!" He yelled out in pain grasping at his arm as it vigorously gushed with blood. The pain was indescribable, and all he could want at the moment was the sweet release of death. 

     "My bad. I may have gone a little far with that 'massage.' We should probably get that cut washed before it gets infected. Gimme a second, I think I have the perfect thing for that…" Bringing him closer to her face, Kei could feel the uncomfortably warm air that circulated throughout her body. That warm air only got warmer and warmer as Homura opened her mouth towards him. 

      ‘It was finally over…’ He thought accepting his sad demise at the immense hands of Homura Shizuka. Tipping her hand over, the miniscule little bug that once was Kei Hakusashi plummeted straight onto her tongue and in an instant every single part of him was slathered and drenched in the viscous clear liquid that was her saliva. It was overpowering. From the scent to the heat, every single second that he had remained on her tongue, was a struggle to stay conscious. Now Kei had to focus on not drowning as well as his intense blood loss. It was horrific.

      “I’m sorry…” He tried pleading for his life but it was far too late. He began to see the light, and he desperately reached for it hoping to bring an end to his sad existence… However, to the young micros dismay, this ordeal was far from over.

      “Giving up already? Pathetic! I won’t let you rest until justice has prevailed.” She swished his pathetic body around in her mouth, coating him with a disgusting amount of gross saliva. This was hell. At his current state, all he could do was sit there and submit himself to her mercy before inevitably experience the sad release of death as he slowly bled out in a puddle of dribble. 

     As light filled her mouth once more, Kei knew that he could do nothing to save himself from her. And as he slowly dripped down a stream of saliva, he found himself on her palm once again. Drenched in her saliva, all he could see was a vague image of the merciless goddess that had judged him. Her cheeks were beat red from the intense pleasure. She knew how much he was suffering and reveled in his pathetic despair. You could almost hear her degrading chuckles as she watched Kei struggle to rid himself of the saliva that covered him from head to toe. 

      He wanted to beg for his life once more, and maybe have a chance at a normal law-abiding life but it was clear that something like that would never happen, especially after crossing paths with the one and only Homura Shizuka. As his vision went hazy, from exhaustion and blood loss, he had finally given up hope of survival. It was over and there was nothing he could do. His life flashed before his eyes, and he desperately raced towards the light hoping that the sweet release of death would have him before the devil woman in front of him had a chance. 

     As he closed his eyes, all pain faded away and at that moment, there was nothing. No warmth, no pain, nothing. Compared to what he had just gone through it was ecstasy. Now free from the torture, Kei thought back on his life of perverted deviance and optimistically faced his regrets. 

      "In my next life, I'll be a good person. I swear." He smiled… but little did he know, for better or for worse, Kei Hakusashi was still very much alive and breathing. 

       "I'm not gonna let you die that easily." She looked at him not with arousal, but with anger. Her eyes burned a hole straight through his despairing heart. It baffled him, how was he still alive?!? He thought to himself over and over and finally realized why. 

      Looking around, he saw that they were no longer in the same place. It was an apartment, her apartment. He looked down at his body, and found that his wound had been been amateurishly treated to a degree that brought him no relief or joy. He knew the only purpose for stopping the bleeding was so that Homura could toy with him more without worrying about some arbitrary time limit. However, this was a double-edged sword. Stopping the bleeding may have given Homura some more time to play with her prey, but it also gave him some hope. Hope that maybe he could escape. And that's exactly what he did. 

     He was on a bedside drawer, and to his immediate right was a small gap between her bed and the drawer. A gap so small, that it would take time for a normal person to casually reach in between. It would be impossible for him to just slip by unnoticed and thankfully, he was granted the perfect chance. 

     "Bzzzztt!!" As Homura's phone began to ring, she turned away for just a second to answer it. That gave him more than enough time to make a quick dash into the gap. From there, he'd finally be able to relax and hopefully escape. 

     "Seeya!" He jumped off the edge, sliding on the bed sheet until he got to the bottom, in which he landed on a slightly moist fabric surface. It was too dark to see and Kei had the faintest idea of where he had landed. But from the feeling alone, he could tell that it definitely wasn't carpet, or a loose blanket. However, for some odd reason, it felt oddly familiar to him. And as he realized where he was it was too late. 

     The strange fabric that he was standing on began to cave him, slowly suffocating. Every breath he took was filled with a gross scent that reeked of bleach and ammonia. It was a sickening smell that was none other than the pleasurable secretions of a woman who had a little too much time on her hands. Yes, he had landed in her discarded panties, and in any other situation this may have been a good thing someone like him. But, it was extremely obvious as to why this was an awful outcome. 

      "I was gonna torture you some more, but this is way too poetic." She said balling up the panties with Kei inside. "The pervert who spent his days taking disgusting photos of girls, ends up crushed to death in the object of desire. That's irony right there." Chuckling with a sickening tone she squeezed harder and harder until Kei was slowly crushed to death. As the pressure was finally released all that remained of the boy was a grotesque red stain and the vague remnants of splattered limbs and organs. To Homura, this was exhilarating. Seeing how easily he was snuffed out brought her more pleasure than you'd think. And the simple action killing him got her so… hot and bothered. The pleasure was so intense that Homura could no longer contain herself, and as she stared playfully at the stained panties she knew exactly what to do for the remainder of the night.


Chapter End Notes:

Did you enjoy? Do you have any comments or concerns? Consider leaving a review! I love reading feedback so if you have any, it'd be very much appreciated :D


This story is something I'll be doing on the side so don't expect it to be updated frequently. Furthermore, I don't plan on having a cohesive story, it's more like every chapter will follow Homura as she tortures and kills a micro. 


(BTW Homura is @Mc_AssaultRifle's OC)

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