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Author's Chapter Notes:
Even before I discovered the GTS fandom, I had been fascinated by rapid growth of living beings, especially people. This is my contribution to this fandom. Please note that there is nudity in this piece as well as implied sex. However, the story is really about destruction and a woman that kept growing up, and up, and up...






This is the story of a woman. Her name was Kate, and she was not happy. She had long, dark hair, fair skin, and had freckles. She stood at barely 5 feet tall, and while she had a pretty enough face, she felt she could not complete with other women. She had small breasts, a C cup, which further made her feel insecure. Nevertheless, she managed to find herself a boyfriend in the form of Robert, an athletic blonde-haired man who she was madly in love with. She was driving to his house, and was hoping that she could surprise him with some cookies she had brought home. She had a lot planned for this Friday night.



She knocked at the door. No one answered, so she looked under a nearby turtle statue and found the house key, right where Robert always put it. She sighed. She told him that it would be simple for someone to take it and break in, but Robert was absent-minded enough that he needed the hiding place so he wouldn't be locked in. She turned the key.


She gasped. Robert was laying on the couch in the living room, but someone was with her. She was about 5'8", with blonde hair, tanned skin, and large breasts. They were kissing. Kate threw the cookies at the couch, hoping that she could hit her unfaithful boyfriend or that bitch he was making out with. "You son of a- I thought you loved me!" "Kate?" asked Robert. "Why'd you do it, Rob? What does she have that I don't?" "Look, I'm sorry. " "Don't try to buy my sympathy. You and I are through, Rob! " She stormed out of the house, throwing the key into a pile of dog droppings. She put the turtle statue back on it, though.


That night, Kate cried herself to sleep. Most of her dreams revolved around humiliation, nightmares, and betrayal. There was, however, one dream. In the dream, she was 100 feet tall. Down below her, at her feet, was Rob's house. She cackled. Rob was below her, pleading for mercy. Kate, however, would have none of it. "Am I tall enough for you, now, Robby? Am I tall enough for you? It's too late to beg for mercy. " She crushed Rob like a bug.


Almost immediately afterwards, she found herself in what looked like the vacuum of space, with no stars or any objects except for one. A man, clothed in a brown robe, was standing in front of her. He was about her height, with bright yellow glowing eyes and was wearing a gold amulet. The amulet had two gemstones embedded in it, a ruby and a sapphire. These were the eyes of what appeared to be a dragon-like creature. The man spoke in a low, reverberating voice.


"Greetings human. Do not be alarmed. I am not, like most of your mental constructs, a mere figment. I come from another dimension, a plane of spirits where my people possess vast power and knowledge. However, we became bored with our- " "Wait, wait. You had vast power and knowledge and you got bored with it?" "That's my story and I'm sticking to it. We have turned our attentions towards the dreams of mortals, and indeed, it has become akin to your 'television'" "I see. What do you want, weirdo dream dimension thingy?" "To tell you the truth. I've always had a… 'thing' for short women. Judging from your dreams, you must be mad at a boy. Cheated on you, did he?" "Yes. That bastard. " "I've always wanted to experience sexual relations with a human. In exchange, I will grant you a wish. " "A… wish?" "We aren't supposed to interfere, but I don't really care what happens to your dimension. As long as your dreams are still entertaining, I don't really mind. " "Very well. I can't turn down an offer like that. " The being disrobed, as did she. Several minutes later, they were done. "How'd you like it?" she asked. "Quite weird. I didn't actually like it that much. Too much physical contact involved. " "That's kind of the point. " "Yeah, but…" Kate coughed.


"Oh, right, the wish. Very well. What do you want?" Kate thought back to the dream. She remembered what it felt like, to crush someone under your feet like that. Might this stranger have the key? "I wish… to be a giantess! " "A… giantess?" "Yes. Like my dream. Can you do that for me?" "A bit of a simple wish. You truly desire physical size?" "Yes. I'd like it more than anything. " "Very well. I happen to know a spell. It causes unparalleled growth in living beings as well as dispensing with the need for basic dietary and respiratory needs. If it works as intended, you'll never have to eat, drink, or breathe. " "I accept. Cast the spell"


The spell was surprisingly not very flashy. In fact, nothing at all seemed to happen. "Is that it? " "Yes. That's it. You'll feel the effects as soon as you wake up. It will work gradually, but deliberately as you increase inch by inch. Au revoir. " the being said. Kate woke up. "What a funny dream…" she muttered to herself. "Is it just me, or are my clothes tighter?"

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