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After the shrinking virus swept across the globe and reduced the male population to the size of bugs, women were forced to pick up the slack and assume roles which had traditionally been performed by men. This was true from the deserts and jungles of Africa, to the cold northern Tundras. But some men did not take these changes very well and tried to carry on as if nothing had happened, despite the fact they were now too small to do anything and had to rely on women for their survival.

And so it was in a northern town in the Arctic circle when the tiny shrunken men of the village decided to set out on an adventure into the frozen tundra, just as they used to do when they were normal size men. There was no snowmobiles designed for tiny bugs, so the men had to set out on foot, and could not make much progress because their legs were very tiny. After a few days the men became lost and scared and wanted to head back to the safety of the village where the giant women could protect them, but snowstorms had covered up their footprints and they did not know how to get back. They were running low on food and they were shivering in the bitter cold. It seemed like they were going to freeze to death.

Suddenly, off in the distance was a faint hum which grew louder as an enormous snowmobile raced towards them...


Kate was riding in her snowmobile to the forest to gather some firewood for the village. This was normally a task performed by one of the men, but after all the men shrunk and couldn't perform their functions anymore, she claimed the snowmobile for herself, and became the lumberjack (or lumberjill?) for the village. She could swing an axe just as well as any man could before they all shrunk, so the village wasn't suffering in the slightest due to the lack of full sized men. As a matter of fact, Kate would do the job in just her panties because the cold air did not bother her at all. The men had always had to bundle up in warm clothes when they left the village, but the cold air actually felt good on Kate's bare legs. Her pussy radiated heat like a furnace inside of her panties. The cold Arctic air was no match for the warmth of her mighty vagina.

Kate was keeping her eyes open for any sign of the men who had wandered off from the village and were now lost and without female protection. Her gut instinct was that they would probably end up devoured by wild animals or freeze to death, if they haven't already. She did not have much hope of being able to find the missing men. She did not know which way they went, and they were so teeny tiny that it would be hard to spot them anyway, but she was going to try to keep an eye out just in case.

Fortunately, the men were wearing tiny red snowsuits which made them easy to spot against the white scenery. Kate couldn't believe her luck. She brought the snowmobile to a halt just as she just narrowly missed crushing them under the treads. Stepping down from the video, Kate stood towering over the tiny men and leered down at them.

"Well, well. What do we have here?" Kate said, placing her hands on her panty-clad hips. "The ladies back in the village have all been worried sick about you, and so they sent me to go out and save your candy asses. You're very lucky I found you before you ended up swallowed whole into the belly of a wolf, or frozen into tiny man-sicles!"

The tiny men's spirits rose at the sight of their colossal heroine and savior. Ever since the virus caused all the males to shrink, Kate had quickly established herself as a sort of bad ass in the village. She was a fearless lumberjill who felled trees while wearing little more than a pair of panties, and brought back the firewood that kept the village going. Now her reputation as a bad ass was elevated even further by being the rescuer of the village's men. The tiny males ran over to her boots and began to hug and kill them out of gratitude of being rescued from certain death.

As much as Kate loved having her boots worshipped, she knew the men were still vulnerable to the bitter cold, so she had to act fast to get them someplace warm before they succumbed to frostbite and hypothermia. She also still had to cut down some trees for firewood, which put her in a bit of a dilemma. How could she keep the men warm in the meantime? She wasn't wearing pants so she didn't have any pockets to keep the men in. Although...

A devious smirk spread across her face as she squatted down and  pulled her panties down to the snow. "Hop on in, boys! Don't be shy!" Kate bit her lip as she watched the tiny men clambor their way into the gusset of her flimsy panties. These were very skimpy panties and she wasn't sure if she would be able to stow all of the men inside them, but she would try to do her best. Had she known this would be an issue she would have worn some granny panties or boyshorts instead so that there would be more material for the men to be contained in.

Kate began to pull the panties back up to her crotch. "Don't worry boys, my kitty is glowing red hot and you'll be bathed in her womanly warmth soon enough!"

Unforunately, there turned out to be a few too many males for the skimpy gusset to handle, but Kate was not deterred. "Okay, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but some of you are going to have to ride in the back. Don't worry! My butt crack is very warm and you'll be safe, it just might be a little smelly is all." Kate's face blushed red from embarrassment over the self awareness of how stinky and sweaty her ass was.

All of the males wanted to ride in the front, bathed in the warmth of Kate's kitty. No one wanted to ride inside of her sweaty butt, because of how stinky it was, so they had to draw straws to decide the two unlucky men who would be huffing her cheesy ass fumes for the next few hours. The two men crawled into the rear of her panties dejectedly. Kate carefully adjusted her panties so that all of the men were securely in their positions in either her crotch or her crack and re-mounted the snowmobile.

Kate knew the men inside of her crack were gagging on the smell, so she tried to work fast with chopping down trees and loading up the lumber. Even so, her work caused her butt crack to get even more sweaty and stinky and she felt very embarrassed and self conscious.

Meanwhile, the men riding in the front were very warm and cozy as they basked in the warmth radiating from the fire of Kate's womanhood. Unlike in the back, the smell in the front was a very mild, and even pleasant, musk. The tiny men wanted to express their gratitude to Kate for saving their lives, so they began to kiss and lick her feminine folds reverently. They did this as Kate was chopping and loading up the wood, but it wasn't until she began driving back to the village that she noticed what the tiny males were doing inside her panties.

Parking the snowmobile, Kate pulled back the panties and peered down at the men licking and worshipping her pussy. Seeing the giant face looking down at them, the men stopped licking and became nervous that Kate would be angry at them. But instead she smiled down at them. "You want me to cum, do you? Well, you puny little runts are gonna need a helping hand to get the job done" Kate reached into the panties with her hand and began to play with herself, while the males sat back and watched in astonishment. After a few minutes of masturbating, she climaxed and turned the panties into a swamp full of hot sticky goo.

"Look at this mess you boys made," Kate scolded the tiny men all covered in her cream. "What happened here is our secret, okay? Some of you have wives and girlfriends back in the village, and they don't need to know about this, Capiche? Now clean me up!" Kate ordered, as she snapped the panties back into place and continued driving towards the village.

The tiny men had been low on food for several days, so Kate's lady cream seemed very appealing to them, and the men began to gulp it down greedily until their tiny bellies were all full to near bursting with it. Kate had not only rescued them, and gave them warmth, but also provided them with a tasty hot meal too!

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